Having some fun

Louisiana-Monroe, while putting another scare into a BCS-conference team last night, introduced a funky wrinkle into the mix – a two-quarterback passing game out of the zone read.

No kidding:

It freaked Baylor into calling a time out.

The only thing I can’t understand is why Spurrier didn’t think of it first.


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20 responses to “Having some fun

  1. Derek Masi

    I’m sure Bobo came up with it and sent it to Monroe.

    Senator snark hahaha.

    Onward, 9-3 awaits. Must stay balanced.


  2. JasonC

    I believe there was a HS coach/team that caused a stir for doing the same thing about 1-3 years ago.


  3. tbia

    I said years ago we should do it with Shockley and Greene. The exact reason was that the other team would BURN A TIMEOUT.


  4. fetch

    I won’t be surprised to see ULM hang around for a few years. This kinda exposure has to have an effect on recruiting, maybe they can snatch a few low hanging fruit from the LSU cherry tree.


    • gastr1

      It remains to be seen if they’re even the best in their own conference, though. Arkansas State and UL-Lafayatte likely are better than ULM.


  5. NolaDawg

    Unrelated, but pertinent to several of your previous posts, per Phil Steele on his Friday Musings:

    “Last year coming into the season I rated Georgia as my #1 special teams unit in the entire country due in large part to their K Blair Walsh who I put on my All-American team. In his three previous seasons with the Bulldogs, Walsh had connected on 55 of his 68 career FG attempts (81%) so it was shocking to me that he would go on to miss FOURTEEN FG’s last year connecting on just 60% of his attempts which cost them in two of their four losses. Now this year, Walsh is kicking for the Minnesota Vikings and I have read several articles talking about how Walsh is one of the greatest kickers they have ever seen. He has already hit on all six of his attempts so far including two from 50-plus so the question I have to ask a long with all other Bulldog fans….what the heck happened to Blair Walsh last year!!??!!”

    Oy. Hopefully that’s fixed, and hopefully it doesn’t matter either way today. GO DAWGS!!! GATA!!!


  6. Dawgwalker07

    Am I the only one who’s glad we don’t have to play ULM this year? Not that I’d think they’d beat us but man would that be a tough game.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Spurrier may have thought of it, but rejected it. Spurrier is actually very conservative compared to some of these folks today….he just knew what to do with first and bomb.


    • gastr1

      Spurrier is just lazy. He invented a way to defeat blitzes and flood zones and has been riding on that ever since despite that defenses have long since caught up with. His name alone allows him to recruit decent players and decent assistant coaches.

      It seems to me that the most obvious result of his dearth of offensive innovation in the last 15+ years is that he now has a defense-heavy, run-oriented team and he can’t recruit a remotely decent passing QB.


  8. El Dawgo in El Paso

    That is just not fair. Cheating like that I would normally have relegated to the likes of Auburn, not ULM.


  9. Gravidy

    Kevin Carter, analyst on SEC Network pregame show, said Jarvis Jones shouldn’t win the Heisman because the “Heisman has to do with how you lift your team, how you lead your team and the importance of you to your team”. Ummm, OK.

    Look, I’m not saying Jones will win the Heisman (he won’t) or that he even necessarily SHOULD win it. But saying he shouldn’t win because he doesn’t lift his team and isn’t important enough to his team reveals Mr. Carter to be, well, ummm… an idiot.


  10. sectionzalum

    any coincidence that the auteur has resurfaced during Vandy gameweek?


  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The 2 QBs in the game at the same time in a shotgun formation (termed last night as the “Warhawk”) is the best innovation since the “Wildcat” and we will see a lot more of it in the future in CFB. You need 2 QBs who can both run to make it work and ideally one righty and one lefty.


  12. 81Dog

    looks like the A11 to me. Some HS runs it and didnt lose a game for years. It’s kind of crazy.


  13. BOBO really invented it but unable to decide when is the right time to actually use it.


  14. ScoutDawg

    CMR has lost control of FCS.


  15. bulldogbry

    Spurrier making two quarterbacks happy? I think you have your answer…….