Observations from the 45: fergit, hayll.

Georgia football, you magnificent bastard.

If the evening started with some question in the minds of the Bulldog faithful about how South Carolina’s strong showing against Missouri might affect the pecking order in the SEC East, the Dawgs saw that bet and raised it decisively with their most dominating win since last year’s blowout against Auburn.  If anything, last night was even more lopsided.  Auburn at least showed a pulse until the Michael Dyer fumble turned that game for good, while Vandy never demonstrated that it stood a chance.

The much ballyhooed Franklin-Grantham rematch was reduced to a stubborn, bizarre battle of wills on the field, as Franklin elected to keep his starting offense on the field long after good sense dictated he should and Grantham matched that by leaving his starters in.  The result was over three hundred yards of the most meaningless offense you’ll ever see, as Georgia kept Vanderbilt out of the end zone, aided by the most enjoyable reversal of a ruling on the field I’m likely to experience this year.

It was just an average day for the offense.  Of course, when you’re ninth in the country in scoring offense and thirteenth in total offense, your average turns out to be pretty damned good.  Good enough, in fact, to knock the Commodores down from eleventh to thirty-second in total defense.  Bobo detractors, your man with the crayon is directing the SEC’s best offense.

Details?  You want details?  Okay, here are a few things I saw last night:

  • I don’t know how astounding Marshall’s touchdown looked on the broadcast, but believe me, live and in person, it was incredible.  Good balance, great burst to get past the line and then another gear to get through the secondary.  Just jaw-dropping.
  • Of course, if I was wondering if I’d see a more amazing run… well, I don’t know if Gurley’s TD that wrapped up the night’s scoring was more amazing, but, damn, it was something else, capped by a beast of a stiff arm on the safety.
  • One reason the running game was so effective was that Bob Shoop picked the poison of keeping Georgia’s offense from beating Vandy deep by keeping both safeties back.  As the game developed, that strategy had to be abandoned.  Not that it helped much.
  • Aaron Murray:  twelve pass attempts out of the gate, twelve completions.  So much for those early game jitters.  By the way, anybody out there still want to swap him for Mettenberger?
  • Marlon Brown, you’re making me love you more every week.  Aside from the smoothness and speed in the receiving game, Brown did a tremendous job blocking on the Mitchell reverse.
  • Speaking of blocking, it’s almost scary to see how much Gurley has improved in pass protection in a few short weeks.
  • One trouble spot on defense is that Branden Smith struggles with big, physical receivers.  Jordan Matthews had a good game and much of that was at Smith’s expense.  One benefit of getting Rambo back next week against Tennessee is that will allow Commings to move back to corner to deal with those kinds of wideouts.
  • Artie Lynch, you get that nice a play run for you, you gotta catch the ball.
  • Jordan Rodgers looks like a much more polished thrower than he did last year.  Why exactly is there a quarterback controversy at Vanderbilt?
  • I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but every time Vanderbilt ran the option, it was to the side opposite where Jarvis Jones lined up.
  • Great crowd last night, and it had an impact early on, as the Commodores were penalized twice on their first possession for false starts.
  • That being said, to the people within earshot who actually complained about the playcalling when Georgia was backed up after Mitchell’s questionable decision to field the punt at the two-yard line, you folks need an anal-cranial extraction, stat.  By the way, that series resulted in a 96-yard touchdown drive.
  • I guess with all the new attention on targeting, SEC refs don’t have the time to bother with holding.  It’s worse this year than ever.  Maybe they should outfit Jarvis with a tearaway jersey.
  • One thing Grantham made certain wasn’t going to repeat was Georgia getting gashed by a running quarterback.
  • Kickoff coverage for most of the game was superb.  One other reason Vandy’s yardage was so meaningless was that it struggled with field position through the entire first half.
  • I hope that’s the last time Marshall Morgan handles a muffed snap like that.
  • Jordan Jenkins is going to be the next defensive star.  Bank on it.
  • Another solid game from Amarlo Herrera.
  • There were a couple of darts thrown to Gurley and Marshall to get them out in space that turned into nice gainers.
  • I love it when Jenkins or Geathers suddenly bursts through the offensive line and goes after the man with the ball.
  • The offensive line continues to grow.  Yes, the backs can make the line look better than it is sometimes, but 300 rushing yards still speaks well of the line’s effort.  There’s still work to be done handling the blitz, though.

Bottom line:  we got that complete game we’ve craved.  And as we hoped, this is a formidable team when it’s clicking on all cylinders.  Even better, the defense gets Ogletree and Rambo back this week.  The next step is maintaining focus.  We’ve seen before what we thought was an unstoppable Georgia squad slip on the banana peel against UT.  The Dawgs need to stay on top of their emotions, prepare well and take it to SOD’s bunch.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a replay to watch.


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87 responses to “Observations from the 45: fergit, hayll.

  1. Skeptic Dawg

    Dallas Lee played a terrific game. The lone weak spot is still Theus. The kid is simply not ready for SEC football. Not saying he will not develop, he just has a long way to go. And the extra point mess is going to cost us a big game down the road. If it is not a ball clanging off of an upright, it is a botched snap. This needs to be corrected now. Overall, great game with very few issues.

    • WF dawg

      Agreed on Dallas Lee, from what I could see. And Theus’ growing pains make me even more in awe of what Trinton Sturdivant did by playing so well at LT as a true frosh. Just a shame how his career panned out. We really could have used him during some of those lean years.

  2. adam

    As someone who has complained (with reason!) about Bobo historically, I’m really please with him and the offense this year. Calling a pass on 3rd and 9 back at our 5 and getting the first down… Absolutely beautiful. In years past, we would’ve run the draw and punted it away trying to avoid a potential disaster. The offense is running with a purpose and it’s so great to see. These past 2 weeks are the best I think I’ve seen from Bobo. That’s really the ideal situation for Georgia. Hope we can keep it up. And the defense, which looked insanely dominant yesterday, is about to get much better. Oh man.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Bingo and AM seems to having taken his game to the next level

    • Brandon

      And Bobo looks much smarter when he has a defense to back him up, was anybody bitching about playcalling on the fifth offensive series of the game when we were finally stopped. No? Well somebody would have been if the score was 28-28 or we were losing 35-28 that has been the situation Bobo has been in multiple times in the past when the Bastard had to score on literally every series.

    • TCD

      I’d also point to that as confidence in our O-line. When they’re protecting well for Murray, you can risk the pass without huge fear of a disastrous play.

    • mg4life0331

      Oline can fix a lot of things.

  3. RP

    I noticed Beard in there quite a bit at LT despite the fact Lee was playing. That could be great news if he’ splaying well enough to get time there.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    “Bobo detractors, your man with the crayon is directing the SEC’s best offense.”
    Well played sir.

    • 81Dog

      I’m sure our best fans are still correctly predicting his play call 90% of the time. Not that the ability to do so seemed to help James Franklin much last night.


    • Cojones

      And I’m going to remember Adam’s words of approval in calling a pass on 3rd and 9 from our own 5 yd line. When that gets intercepted, it’s on Adam for the risk. Hell, I didn’t think that I knew football, but I find out I know a helluva lot more than the chronic complainers that used to be on here. They don’t stay turned very long as a measure of their football “knowledge”. Just wait, they will be back with insane arguments again when things go wrong because they never could understand what goes on when times are bad.

      Their platitudes while the sun is shining don’t hold water, similar to their complaints.

      • Brandon

        Yep, their idea of a bad “play call” is simply one that does not produce the desired result, their world is a simple one.

      • adam

        I was just demonized for being happy we did something aggressive on offense. Awesome. I just prefer the 96 yard TD drive to the short run on 3rd and long followed by a punt. I bet I’m not the only one.

        I get that you’re just trying to argue with me, but you’re being silly.

        • Cojones

          Of course I am! What made you think I wasn’t? I’d watch that drinking on these bright winning weekends since it can make you paranoid and project your demons to others. I just never seem to know when to put in the funny face since it’s use could be interpreted that the recipient of your words isn’t very clever.🙂

  5. sectionzalum

    i was giddy watching those big runs. that’s some goooood eatin’.

    am i alone in worrying that we are likely to get a couple of punts blocked against better teams?

  6. What fresh hell is this?

    Great stuff, Senator.

    I was thinking about the Mettenberger/Murray comparison last night and feeling giddy. Mett had himself a big old bowl of fumbalaya before the barn game. By the way, LSU should strike no fear in our hearts….but for 3 dropped td passes and poor S&C we would have wacked them last year.

    Two weeks ago I was disappointed in the play of Connor Norman at safety.
    Last night he was a wild man on the punt coverage team. What a DGD.

  7. gastr1

    The broadcast repeatedly illustrated Chris Burnette’s fine work pulling into holes between the tackles and providing the creases for the running game. Looked pretty good to me.

  8. Brandon

    Richt needs to get members of the 2004 team to practice this week to speak to the team about UT.

    • Frankly

      For goodness sake people, this is about the tenth time I’ve read someone refer to the 2004 scenario. This is not 2004 and Vandy is not a reigning national champ like LSU was.

      Secondly I just don’t think Tenn is that good. We should know from experience how far a team can go with a good QB and two good WR….not far. They can’t even claim a strong defense at this point.

      • Brandon

        Tenn wasn’t that good in 04 either, or rather weren’t a team that should have beaten us. You always have to be worried about the psychological angle, especially with 18-22 year old kids, if you can bring an old player or two in (someone these kids can relate to) and make the danger of a let down real to them it only helps.

        • adam

          I think our team will be pretty pumped up. Especially the two starters we get back. And the crowd in Sanford should be pretty pumped. UT is always a big game.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Only SEC team to beat the 2004 UT was Auburn. Auburn also beat Georgia. UT’s win over UGA put them in the SEC championship game against the barners. You got be a little good to get to that game sir.

      • Dave

        yeah – the reason people mention 04 is it was one of the more more inexplicable losses that cost that team a shot…..Any east SEC game is a HUGE deal and needs to be treated as such regardless of the level of th team.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    I caught that “Tennessee banana peel” thing you did there amidst all the gushing about beating Vandy.

    If you think that lip service to worrying about Tennessee will cause me to take the week off…Not So Fast, Bluto.

    Brandon Smith….big receivers.

    • Brandon

      We must channel our inner Munson/Dooley to the zenith this week, the poormouth game will have to elevate to the level Dooley demonstrated that time when he worried all week about the other team “having the best inside kick team in the country”.

      • Brandon

        “Onside kick” not inside, damn phone

      • Slaw Dawg

        I’ve been trying to channel my inner Munson/Dooley all season, and then it gets closer to game time and I mentally shrug and say “You know, I think we’re just gonna whip these guys” and go with it. This is as good a Dawg team as I’ve seen and I’ve been there for some of the very best.

        On the play calling front, I dunno that Bobo is doing much that’s different. He’s just got the personnel to make it work. It helps a helluva lot when you’re at least 3 deep with RBs who can actually hit the hole hard AND break some tackles. There’s a big as Hell difference between the Carlton Thomas thing getting you 6 inches and the Todd Gurley same thing getting you 4 yards. I would say we have at least 3 SEC caliber RBs, but the fact is that we have at least 3 Vince Dooley era UGA caliber RBs, and buddy, that’s should worry the s__t out of our opponents, because it comes with a Richt/Bobo era QB and set of WRs.

        But what should put actual FEAR in their hearts and that of their QBs is as ferocious and talented a Dawg D as I’ve seen, and one led by a DC so amped that he drops the F bomb on nat’l TV when his team has a 5 td lead. Any QB with human emotion may suffer visions of growling 350 lb noseguards pushing toward him and hear # 29’s rapid footfall on his blindside well before toe meets leather.

        I like our chances this Saturday, and I ain’t afraid to say so!

        • Cojones

          And I like it when you bring the past up to date for those with poor memories. Some of the crazies that we have argued with for two years can’t understand that the level of play by each player for every game is the solution, not player and coach bashing.

  10. Brandon

    By the way, that Michael Stipe UGA commercial is badass.

  11. OKDawg

    Excellent, complete game. Offense was razor sharp. I credit Bobo AND player execution – not mutually exclusive…amazing! ST has been solid and defense has been stout, with its best days ahead. Bring on the Vols.

  12. tbia

    You must sit in 132. The screaming at Bobo after the second down running play from the 2 was ridiculous. 98 yards later, vindication was had.

    • 81Dog

      Come on, now. You KNOW Nick Saban would have called a touchdown play in that situation. They NEVER get stopped.


  13. Dawgfan Will

    I don’t think a tearaway jersey for Jarvis would be a good idea; the first time it came off, all of the women in the stadium would be overcome with the vapors and instantly impregnated. Hell, so would the men.

  14. Russ

    Brock Huard wasn’t bad as an announcer, and I can watch Maria Taylor on the sideline all night.

    • Noonan

      There was one play where we had a third-and-one. We rushed for two yards and one of the clown announcers noted: “That was a win for Vandy’s defense”.

      • Fuelk2

        He was correct. One of Vandy’s best plays of the night.

        • Chopdawg

          You guys gotta sign up for XM Radio, get Scott Howard’s PBP on the XM & pause the TV broadcast just a couple seconds to sync it up, turn the TV volume down. Didn’t work in Mizzou (only the home team feed was available) but worked great last night, got us a big win. Also this doesn’t work on the regular radio ‘cuz the radio’s ahead of the TV feed.

    • Heathbar09

      He has a major west coast bias. He’s a Washington grad and loves him som USC. However, I will have to agree, he wasn’t that bad last night. I’ve heard much worse.

  15. The Lone Stranger

    So do you think UT was simply playing possum with little Akron last night? Clearly, they are lying in the weeds before they strike out with that focused and deadly passing game before turning the 2nd half over to their back-breaking defense! [enter sarcastic voice-over]

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Well, Lone, let me put it this way….Buffalo, FAU.

      You got yer big, fat Terry Bowden and his Zips, and you got Georgia and others coming up…now I am certainly not saying SOD gave one of his historically-based sandbagging lectures, but I suspect the full concentration of the Vols was not pointed at Akron.

      So, yes, it is certainly possible there was some weed-lying going on up there in Neyland Stadium.

      One would also assume the kharmic significance of a win over Georgia in the town where he grew up, where his daddy achieved some measure of success (and, for that matter his momma), does not escape Punkin Pants.
      (Thanks for the pants thing from whoever on this blog came up with it…I promise to use it more.)

      I just hope we can shake off the post Vandy excoriation giddyness by say Tuesday.

      • S.

        “I just hope we can shake off the post Vandy excoriation giddyness by say Tuesday.” I think that Rambo and Ogletree will take care of a lot of that with it being their first game back.

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    How bout this…..let’s turn them pants brown.

  17. If he keeps calling games like this against SEC defenses, I’ll be the first man in line to “blame Bobo” for the success of the Dawgs on offense!

    • Minnesota Dawg

      +1. As a sometimes critic of our play calling in years past, I’m thrilled to admit that the play calling over the last couple weeks has been fantastic. Got a long way to go, so let’s keep it up!

      Seems that Gurley and perhaps Marshall have that special, intangible quality in RBs which is often underrated–a relentless determination to get into the endzone when a chance presents itself. If we stay healthy and keep our heads on straight, this could be the start of something special.

      • Cojones

        I’m glad you play callers are on this since we couldn’t have won any games without your input. Oh…..but we have….and you didn’t.

        • Minnesota Dawg

          Ok, thanks for your input on that input. You’re such a special fan! And in the middle of the night, too. You’re extra, extra special. But perhaps you could use a few more hours of sleep to mollify your tendency to be a contrarian, shit-stirring prick.

  18. mg4life0331

    Mark Richt has clearly lost control of the play calling. 10 years ago we woulda kicked field goals. Its amazing what a sufficient Oline can do.

  19. Lr

    Can’t even imagine if Crowell was still here too.
    I Blame Bobo for not doing this year in and year out !

    Good Dawgs, Damn Good Dawgs.

  20. Timphd

    All this happy talk is wearing me down. Pessimist by nature. Can only enjoy the win a few minutes before worrying about UT. Hope I am very wrong, but I don’t trust these guys to keep heads on straight yet. Wins over UT, SC, and FU would help my confidence. Of course then there is Auburn to worry about.

  21. “Wins over UT, SC, and FU would help my confidence.”…..I would hope so! It that happens, break out the champaign because the Dawgs are going to ATL for the SECCG!. All three are doable, two out of three is likely. Anything less is a dissapointment to me.

  22. Steve Shaw

    “Holding? We don’t call no stinkin’ holding.”

  23. I like this “new” Vandy team.

  24. Dead on as usual Senator. For those that like kool-aid here is a stat for you. Alabama has rushed the ball exactly 2 more times than UGA this season yet we have yet we have 154 more yards rushing than they do thanks to averaging a full yard more per rush than they do. They have not had a game with a ypc average at what ours is for the season despite the fact they have 3 preseason AA’s on their OL. Only Ole Miss at 5.7 ypc approaches UGA’s 5.95 per carry.

  25. Looks like all Franklin has managed to do with his tough talk is make sure no one overlooks Vandy.

  26. If DOOLEY indeed has a Pandora’s box to surprise UGA, HE should have used it against FU at HOME with the crowd advantage. The team sure can score well but I will still bet on UGA slowing them down and win. I do not believe a bit and quite stupid that he will wait for the UGA game to use a secret plan ON THE ROMANTIC IDEA, that it will be sweeter being a UGA grad and son of a previous coach.