Smart football

Sure, Al Groh deserves a lot of the blame for the Miami loss.  And the genius didn’t help himself with that YOLO fourth-and-one call in overtime.  But none of that would have mattered but for this:

That’s the football equivalent of an own goal in soccer.

I’m savoring my walk through of StingTalk later, that’s for sure.



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49 responses to “Smart football

  1. bulldogbry

    Worse than what that LSU kid did a few years ago when he downed it at the one.


  2. Spike

    Good thing they have such high academic standards there or they would get some dumb jock football players admitted.


  3. jaxdawg

    That’s about where Jasper’s “fumble” occurred. Serves them right.


  4. SouthGa Dawg

    No blame falls on CPJ for any of this. It’s all someone else’s fault.
    Signed, Mark Bradley


  5. BMan

    Here’s a good one from StingTalk:

    “Face the fact…Tech has been sub par since they took away the business school in the 50s and started making everyoone take 3 Calc classes and real science…
    so it doesnt matter what coach you have…what scheme you run…you will always start off with a huge handicap.”

    Yep, now they’re forced to get smart guys like Reggie Ball and such.


  6. Will Trane

    Nothing slows an offense than a defense that puts a focus on a QB. Think Todd Grantham told us that. If he did or did not his defense sure seems to do that, especially Jarvis Jones.
    Watched some of the Carolina vs Missouri game on film. The play of the Missouri QBs was almost hard to watch. Same thing with Vandy. Now maybe their QBs are struggling, but all four of those QBs have some history. But most recent history seems to be the haunting of Jarvis Jones and company. If Jones was held once, well, those little yellow flags would have been green by the end of the game.
    Let’s see how the defense goes against Bray and Dooley. Jarvis Jones is a perfect fit for TG’s defense. Probably difficult to set the box on TG’s defense, your QB finding Jones, watching the play clock, and knowing in your mind the LBs are coming on a mission.


    • 81Dog

      the more decisions a QB has to make, the greater the chances he makes a bad decision. The faster he has to make said decisions, the greater the chances he makes a bad one. Jarvis Jones is a one man quarterback centrifuge. If I was Tyler Bray, I’d be sleeping very badly this week.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Does Bray see his receivers as windshields?


      • The Lone Stranger

        Bray will probably drink it off. I weep for the Urnge Hordes as they file in to Sanford this week because Bray is the less mobile than either of those tomato cans Vanderbilt trotted out on the field last nite.


  7. The other Doug

    I didn’t know Reggie Ball had any eligibility left.


  8. Irishdawg

    Christ am I tired of hearing Techies talk about how they’re lofty academics are why their team sucks. As if GT players were all warrior poets and not SEC rejects who are subject to the same athlete academic standards that LSU players are. If Reggie Ball or Demaryius Thomas took one calculus class there, I’ll fly a rocket ship.


  9. Remo Gaggi

    The Genius and Corch Fish Fry should never be included in the same sentence. Mark Bradley should have an intervention… right now. Genius my arse.


  10. you ladies sure are concerned with what georgia tech does, huh?


  11. Irishdawg

    “you ladies sure are concerned with what georgia tech does, huh?”

    You mean losing? Not concerned so much as amused.


  12. Scott

    My favorite Stingtalk post of the night:

    “The Safety Call was a 9 point swing at least…
    16 at most. Why make that call on the field? I just don’t get it…would people really have complained if they didn’t make the call? It’s obvious that he was trying to get the touhback. A safety is a reward for good defense. This was just like giving someone the shaft with no apparent understanding of why the rule exists?”

    So the refs are to base penalties on whether “people really have complained” and not call a safety unless the defense is truly deserving of a reward? Sounds like these techies need to stick to their Thermodynamics textbook.


    • Why not put 25 players on the field…it should be OK if you’re just trying to get a touchdown. Goodness, these hard-asses refs need to take some sensitivity training.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    CAPTION: On your mark. Get set. Doh!!


  14. FisheriesDawg

    “That’s not going to happen. We outstrip them by 500% in terms of endowment and much more in terms of economic effect in Georgia. We could easily buy them.

    If GT really wanted to succeed in football, they could be a contender every year. We are no different in terms of resources than academic powerhouses that are also football powerhouses – UTexas, Michigan, Notre Dame. However, I think it is a fact that we JUST DON’T want to win.”


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I found this while following on your post at Stingtalk. It was in a thread about the post game PJ interview on youtube that was pulled.

      “They showed a clip of it on ESPN this morning, you could see CPJ fighting back tears in his eyes. Looked like my kids right before the belt is about to hit. The clip they showed had him talking about how tough a loss it was but that was it. Not the entire clip, just enough for ESPN to make the point about how crazy a game it was. ”

      “It would appear that the strain is more than he could bear.”


    • Cojones

      If they don’t care about football, why did the NCAA penalize them for cheating?