Stonin’ the (red) zone

One reason the defense has been in more control of things than perhaps the yardage stats show is because of a pronounced improvement in the red zone.  In 2011, Georgia’s defense was last in the SEC in opponent red zone conversion percentage.  The defense allowed scores over 90% of the time it had to defend inside the 20.  Georgia was also last in TD percentage.  This year?  Seventh in score percentage and second in TD percentage.

There’s good news on offense, too.  Georgia leads the conference in TD percentage this year.  The Dawgs have scored a conference tops 15 touchdowns in the red zone, out of 16 scores.


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  1. gastr1

    I look forward to both of those tests versus more stout competition, but the early returns are good to see.

  2. fetch

    Scored 15 TDs and allowed 4, that’s pretty good.

  3. Florida’s performance against Kentucky should be disqualified as an outlier (or “outlayer”, who knows?) If you saw the game you’d understand. Kentucky would have fared better if they had not even shown up.
    We’re going to find out this week.
    Tennesssee is going to throw the ball deep a lot. That’s Bray’s forte and they perceive it to be UGA’s weakness. The return of Rambo and Company can only make this defense stronger.

  4. watcher16

    are we still blaming Bobo?

  5. Sir Csra

    This next game scares me. This situation sort of reminds me of the 2004 season when, after we had just plastered LSU in athens the week(s?) before, an inferior Tennessee team jumped out on top of a superior, but flat Georgia team that could never recover. We had a good team that year, and really, a pretty good season too, but had we not lost the game it could have been special.

    Can someone tell me how this is different so I can feel better about this week?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      The 2004 UT team lost to Auburn in regular season and beat Florida and Alabama.
      Georgia in 2004 lost to Auburn in regular season and beat Florida and LSU.

      2004 UT played Auburn for the SEC championship and lost … again.

      The 2012 Vols’ loss to Florida nine days ago was the team’s 12th consecutive loss to a ranked opponent, including an 0-for-11 stretch under third-year coach Derek Dooley. The Vols have lost 18 of 19 to Top 25 teams since 2008.
      2012 vols does not equal 2004 VOLS. 🙂

    • Debby Balcer

      We have that year to talk to these players about and you know Coach Richt will remind them plus you have two hungry defensive players returning. They won’t be playing flat. Plus all of the disrespect from the media will be used to remind them of the importance of the game. our team our time no regrets.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I think we were our own worst enemy in 2004. The LSU team was defending national champs and had absolutely pummeled us in the dome 9 months before. When we beat them soundly I think our guys thought they could throw a helmet on the field against UT and win.

      In 2012 I don’t think a team gets high and mighty after whipping up on Vandy (except for Duke or Wake).

  6. Macallanlover

    I worry a little every week, excep the non-football days like FAMU, Charleston Souhern, etc. I even worry a little about GT, GSU and other mid-major teams that have a long shot at beating us occasionally if we don’t show up. But mostly I reserve my concern for conference games, they aree what really matters. Vandy and UK usually get a small worry nod from me, but mostly I am looking forward to bigger games, like Auburn, or Florida.

    Most of my concerns entering the season, OL primarily, but also STs, have been addressed favorably. Not saying we have a dominant OL but after four games I have to say we are already ahead of last year. Not great, but we are much better on the OL and the STs are as consistent as I would wish but most of these are only going to get better.

    My only concern as I look at the YT and SC ganes is pass coverage. Way to much cushion being given. A patient offense, with an accurate thrower, can keep the chains moving. We will get beaten deep again on deep throws but they do not concern me as much as the dinknand dunk variety that both Bray and Shaw are capable of killing us with. Hopefully the reurn of Rambo, but, especially Tree in the middle LB spot will tighten up this gap in our coverage. Other than that, we look pretty damned solid in 2012. This is the beginning of out biggest test, win the next two weeks and we will play Bama in Atlanta

    • Cojones

      Mac, I’m sure you have noticed that FU’s QB has progressed significantly in the last three games. They are more than two weeks away in our schedule and now they are tougher than UT and SC. Unless you think that LSU was that bad against Auburn, there may be a D arising from that bunch coached by someone you may remember. Teams change and a bunch of SEC teams have changed for the worse while we have gotten better. There is nothing preventing them from becoming better again.

      You usually are logical in your approach on football matters and see these road hazards I have mentioned, but you may have tapped that second bottle of Macallen a little too early. We don’t carry snakebite kits just for the helluvit, rather they are to be used (along with liberal amounts of alcohol) for that terd (apologies to Turd) game that refuses to flush out of sight and smells to high heaven. We have been on the receiving end of official (ref) malfunctions that were whistled in our favor. We have yet to experience that blind largess crashing in on our heads. We have been lucky with injury and sing about our team as if they are indestructible.

      Back up, take another pull on the sauce and pour the koolaid back into the big container. That shit will rust your insides and cloud your judgement. After a koolaid flameout we have to drink booze just to get back on track. You are building a tidal wave of worries that will take someone we know to the floating funny farm while he drools all over his past game programs. We don’t want that, do we? Do you want the kids from Dawg Vent to come ripping through here with heinous laughs that will occupy the whole blog space if we lose? Wouldn’t you rather power back, wait patiently to see if we win and then put a frog gig into their crotch? Jus askin.

      • Macallanlover

        Not so fast my friend, I have watched the FU QB improve the last two weeks and have upgraded that October 27 game. Plenty of time for that later as I have the next two Saturdays on my official worry list and stick by my “if you win these two” prediction that we will be in Atlanta if we win those two. Then I have a bye week before I begin to worry about beating an FU team that looks much better than they did the first two games. But UF will lose at least two SEC games, as will SC, imo.

        After the next two weeks we will know a lot more about UGA and FU. I like what I see now but always assume we will not go unbeaten, just very tough to do that with all the factors that can intervene, even when you may have the better talent and coaching.

        • I do not blame you for a bit less than optimistic view of the Dawgs because of their past history. What I have observed though in the last 4 games is these current players are like experts in their field that goes to their offices open their portfolios and accomplish the day’s work then straight back home. WHY???? The one and only thing so different is there is less chest pumping particularly in the defensive side, all (particularly their leader Jarvis Jones) seem just ready to concentrate and proceed with next task. THERE SEEM TO BE A VERY DIFFERENT CULTURE OF THE DAWGS THIS SEASON.

          • THERE IS DEFINITELY NO DANCING IN THE SIDELINES. No need for END ZONE CELEBRATIONS. And the fact the UGA is still underrated by most MEDIA big mouths despite AP rank, will keep the players hungry. The more they are underrated the better for the team as a whole. Think of that 2008 season which I will call disastrous. Being preseason No. 1, the team did not play well from their first game on. Likely they felt entitled to win by just showing up and not playing as they are ranked or even better.

          • Macallanlover

            Actually I am not tempering my feelings based on “past history” at all, UGA owns the past history and I expect to win most years in jacksonville. Only the weak UGA fans fell for FU fans dictating how to view the series. You cannot slice a specific period of the total with out allowing for other “limited views” that contradict their distorted POV. Anyone that feels this series isn’t competitive, and sweated by both teams every year is clueless.

            My comment only reflects an upgrade of their chances based on improved offensive performance. I still think UGA has a better offense, by a good bit, and a better defense. I give FU an edge in STs. I remain optimistic at this point, which doesn’t matter until we know which players will be healthy, and how the next 2-3 games work out.

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  8. Willie Geist, a Vandy grad, gave a nice shoutout to Athens and the Dawgs this morning!

  9. Cookie Monster

    I was at the 2007 UT Knoxville debacle and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team so unprepared to play. I haven’t fully taken a swig of the kool-aid yet, but this year/team seems to be focused. Seeing Washington getting on a player that was late getting on the field and costing us a time out was the kind of attitude we have needed.

    My main concern is special teams. PAT’s are a reason to hold your breath and one day a botched hold on a PAT may cost the game. We can’t afford to just give away points.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      One time during the Donnan era, I got to Knoxville so early I watched the team get off the bus.

      I almost went home then, but suffered through the first half. Beat the hell out of the traffic.

      • Normaltown Mike

        97 or 99? 99 was the dreadful Quincy Carter interception clinic (a preview of SC 2K).

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          That sounds right…it was raining, too. I don’t think I have ever seen a team less ready to play a big game, and it was painfully obvious from the stands. Four of us Georgia folks sat there in the drizzle until we just could not ignore the obvious anymore.