“That run… that was, like a sign of greatness. Really to my eyes I felt like that was kind of Herschel Walker-ish.”

Before you tell Tavarres King to shut up with that kind of talk, take a look at this morning’s SEC individual rushing stats.


Year: 2012 Thru: 09/22/12 Minimum: Pct. of games played 75
Rank Player Pos Cl Gm Carries Yds Tds Avg YdsGm Natl
1 Todd Gurley, Georgia RB FR 4 44 406 6 9.23 101.50 27
2 Mike Gillislee, Florida RB SR 4 69 402 5 5.83 100.50 29
3 Ladarius Perkins, Mississippi St. RB JR 4 57 389 5 6.82 97.25 33
4 Alfred Blue, LSU RB JR 3 40 270 2 6.75 90.00 40
5 Jeff Scott, Ole Miss RB JR 3 31 268 3 8.65 89.33 43
6 Rajion Neal, Tennessee RB JR 4 80 356 3 4.45 89.00 45
7 Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M QB FR 3 38 262 5 6.89 87.33 48
8 Kenny Hilliard, LSU RB SO 4 47 343 6 7.30 85.75 51
9 Zac Stacy, Vanderbilt RB SR 4 46 341 1 7.41 85.25 52
10 Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina RB JR 4 69 320 6 4.64 80.00 61
11 Kendial Lawrence, Missouri RB SR 4 45 291 4 6.47 72.75 77
12 Tre Mason, Auburn RB SO 4 53 275 1 5.19 68.75 84
13 Raymond Sanders, Kentucky RB JR 3 26 201 1 7.73 67.00 92
14 Keith Marshall, Georgia RB FR 4 42 264 3 6.29 66.00 97

Sorry if that’s a little hard to read, but Gurley has rushed for more yards than Florida’s Gillislee, despite carrying the ball 25 less times.

Those numbers are a little crazy.  In a good way, of course.


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60 responses to ““That run… that was, like a sign of greatness. Really to my eyes I felt like that was kind of Herschel Walker-ish.”

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Look, since TK never got a chance to see Herschel at Georgia live, if what he means is that Gurley’s run pays homage to the Legend of Herschel Walker, I got absolutely no problem with that……for that run.

    Unfortunately, that was last week.

    Now we got Tennessee, all those future NFL Stars, NFL system…Todd Grantham may have the right attitude.

    I gotta say this, we stuck a Anchor Up They Dam Ass, we did that thing.

    Now, to give it any meaning at all we gotta maybe cost Derek his job.

    Are we man enough?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      At this years end UT will be done paying the Pumpkin King, their AD, and basketball and baseball coach. The buyout for SOD is 5 million at the end of the third year. They were 4 million in the red and have cut that much from their athletic dept budget. They just can’t win. Anyway will the Harley Casanova be ready at end of this year? I think SOD lasts through next year. The buy out is more palatable and they can save up for Petrino. SOD really has paralleled Shula at Alabama.

  2. gastr1

    “You’re not going to bring that kid down tackling above the waist….[watches replay of Vandy DB tackling, getting steamrolled]…No sir.”

    –(smartest thing said all night) Brock Huard

    • Brandon

      Maybe it was partly the game, but Brock Huard was decent I thought, first time I’ve paid much attention to him.

    • Biggus Rickus

      He runs through thigh shots a lot too. Shawn Williams was right. He reminds me a lot of Trent Richardson. Except he has more speed once he gets into the secondary.

  3. BMan

    Hey Vandy, Gerry DiNardo called, he wants his “culture change” back.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      A poster named Ben said, back on the game thread, a thing that needs repeating about the Great Culture Change at Vandy.

      “I’m a sailor in the military and Anchor Down is a pretty stupid thing to use as a theme. Pretty much saying let’s stay in the same place and slowly turn in circles.”

      Now it is time for Tennessee.

  4. Brandon

    Best thing I’ve heard is Gurley (No. 3) + Marshall (No. 4) = Gurshall (No. 3-4), haha.

  5. HahiraDawg

    Random thoughts from the 8 yard line:
    – I got a huge chuckle when I heard the Gurshall comment on the radio. Seriously those are some huge numbers you have there Senator, and Marshall’s average last night I believe was nearly identical to Gurley’s.
    – Mal Mitch is making me nervous, all over the field…DB & ST.
    – I was disappointed in two things: lack of making turnovers and not being able to see Justin SW fly down the field at least once.
    – What a phenomenal beat down and enjoyable day/night in the Classic City!

  6. This Vandy game was BOBO’s fault as usual. I am now absolutely depressed.

  7. Chuck

    Much as I love Gurley – and Marshall and Malcome for that matter – I realize how great HW really is. Statistically, we might have a 3 headed HW, but HW and his line did it all the time, by himself, when there wasn’t much else for the defense to worry about. I like TK, too, but ease up a little bit there.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I don’t know man….that one run there….I thought about Herschel, course I am a certified Looney Tune who is probably destined to spend his life dreaming of Herschel running over Bill Bates.

      That one run there was kinda Herschelish…and if TK is saying, and he seems to be, that one run gave him a flash of Herschel he has seen on film, I kinda get that and find it ok.

      And trust me Chuck, I am most assuredly not one of those who sees running backs do Herschelish things very often.

      • gastr1

        The biggest difference still between HW and a great back like Todd is that unbelievable speed HW had at that size.

        • Chuck

          Oh yeah. Can’t recall HW getting caught from behind, and not many when someone had an angle on him.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Well, of course, and, in case it is not clear, I am most definitely not saying Gurley is the next 34. All I am saying, ultimately, is that TK was not nuts for seeing a little bit of 34 in that one run.

          • Cojones

            I said the same thing during real time play. I had to explain to the wife what I had exclaimed during the run and she replies with,”Who’s Herschel?”. I’m beginning to suspect that Scorp has gone over to my wife’s culture.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Do it a few times against Bama in Atlanta, and then maybe we’ll talk. Maybe.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Of course you are fundamentally correct, although I don’t understand the Bama-Atlanta reference, because now begins the stretch I call “THE BIG WORRY” and it starts with Tennessee.

      I am officially worrying about Tennessee now….thanks for the wake up.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Not assuming that we’ll make it to Atlanta, by any means. Just saying that the Gurley-Walker comparisons would sound at least a tad bit more plausible if he could do the same against a truly stout defense. And looking at the schedule, Bama’s the first (and probably only) defense we *could* face this year playing at that sort of level. South Carolina is close.

        • HahiraDawg

          UF’s defense is good, real good.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Tennessee’s defense is the only one we will see next week, ergo I am only worried about Tennessee’s defense and here’s why:

            They got an older fat guy running it, they got a pretty good line of scrimmage, they got some good athletes who are adjusting to a new DC (the fat older guy). Each and every day in practice they get a full dose of the vertical passing game at its best, since they don’t hit Bray in practice.

            I hope no one is prepared to argue we have played a defense that is better than Tennessee’s could be if they play well.

            • The Lone Stranger

              What’s your tag-line this week, SJ3? — I think you must work in a mention of “The Slacks” to ward off any possible complacency ahead of the Big Urnge tilt.

            • Cojones

              It’s their OC we are worried about. Murray will take care of their D. And the old fat guy didn’t have a “K” on his shirt, did he?

  9. rugbydawg79

    Thank you SJ3 for keeping everyone grounded–you are dang right we better be worried about Tennessee–They are the next game-I have been guilty of looking ahead to fla because I want that one so bad-but the only way this is gonna work is to take em one game at a time–Larry would be proud of you

  10. ANOTHER “next herschel walker”, lol.

    that makes about a dozen, right? …washaun ealey, caleb king, isiah crowell, todd gurley.

    that’s quite a track record.

  11. jaxdawg

    does anyone have a video of the run King is referring to?

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Reckon there is any fan base in the known world more starved for a real runningback than Us?

  13. Gurley and the other UGA backs, wore Vandy down to where they didn’t “want no more”. In this way, this backfield does resemble some of the great ones from the eighties. Worley, Hamton and Tate…..and they are still so very young. I’d also say that Gurley might not be Hershal Walker all over again, he may very well be Marcus Lattimore. This guy is going to wear defenses down.

    • gastr1

      Bringing a fresh Todd Gurley into the game in the 4th to keep a drive alive and protect a lead is going to be one hell of an asset.

    • WF dawg

      Right. While Herschel comparisons seem premature, those with Lattimore, Richardson, et al, don’t anymore.

    • Will (the other one)

      In slightly drunker moments this weekend I had the “this is like when Arkansas had McFadden and Jones” thoughts.

  14. hunkerdowndawg

    Has anyone seen Gurley go to the helmet tap that our last couple of “feature backs” were so fond of doing? Didn’t think so. Give the man the football… it ain’t heavy.