Does Sanders Commings have a short-term memory loss problem?

How else to explain this quote?

“Any time you can make a team one-dimensional, the momentum shifts to you that much more,” Bulldogs cornerback Sanders Commings said. “We always play Tennessee in the middle of the season, and we always seem to be in midseason form. We’re always clicking, and hopefully we’ll shut them down again.”

Dude.  Dude.  Duuuuuude.

“Clicking”?  As we like to say in these parts, I do not think that word means what you think it means.



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42 responses to “Does Sanders Commings have a short-term memory loss problem?

  1. joyridingdog

    Ya’ll know what causes,”Short Term Memory Loss”? I can tell you.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    Cornerbacks have to have short memories.


  3. Spike

    Sanders, bro, shut up. Ditto for the rest of the team.


  4. Bubs

    It would appear to be more long-term memory loss, no? The last 2 years we have absolutely shut them down with the blowout win in Athens in 2010 and the win in Knoxville last year that only looked respectable because of a late Tennessee garbage TD. ’06, ’07, and ’09 were awful losses, but they even out with our wins in ’08, ’10, and ’11.


  5. Krautdawg

    In his defense, we held UT to 14 or less the last two times Commings played them. And like him, I have suppressed all memory of the ’09 game to places unreachable even by hypnosis. After all, it’s not Commings’ fault that “midseason form” used to mean getting stomped by UT before squeaking by Vandy.


  6. Dawg93

    In his defense, he was in high school for those first 2 games. I think his comments are more about what we’ve done the last 2 years since that’s when he’s been a bigger part of the defense than he was prior to that.


  7. IndyDawg

    NOW I’m worried! I’ve got Munson and Papa Dooley ringing in my ears and it won’t stop.


  8. Jeff Sanchez

    I still can’t wrap my head over 2009.

    Catfish Crompton in shit-brown pants morphing into Joe Montana and bootlegging his way into a 20-27, 300+ yard day.

    Unreal. It was the final, public nail in Willie’s coffin, and no one could deny it after that.


    • gastr1

      Sanders should tweet instead about how our defense has a history of laying down against Tennessee, mid-season or otherwise. And that goes back a ways.


  9. Rick


    I am sick of the lies on this blog.

    We took Lane Kiffin to the woodshed in our only opportunity to do so. I remember it distinctly.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hey 19….thanks for the worry food….after reading some of the posts on earlier topics, it is obvious we need help at Worry, big time.

    No Steely Dan needed.


  11. stoopnagle

    Oh, Jesus. Did he not hear the story about ’04?

    Grantham needs to get in that ear, man.


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    And now, for the question of the day….who has the advantage in the rain?
    Big, fast receivers? Clicking corners?

    Should slow the receivers? Make footing harder for thrower?

    Rain….the great equalizer.


    • Cojones

      Is rain predicted or are you into Advanced Worrying? If so, it could be a shootout with the passing game uppermost.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        There is, apparently, some indication there could be rain.

        However, if it does, a coach’s best friend is still his mudder.


  13. hunkerdowndawg

    It seems appropriate to add more weight to the relevance of the Grantham era which coincides with the SOD era. What happened under Willie, stays under Willie.


  14. Nate Dawg

    Ugghh. Can’t you just think this instead of saying it? What good does it do to give the enemy any shot in the arm.
    Man, I’m glad I’m not Scorp J3 right now, I can hardly concentrate on my basic life responsibilites as it is!


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Man, you just have to re-order your basic life construct.

      Managing the Kharmic Bitches, deflecting hubris and worrying IS a job.

      I appreciate your concern, but in light of the babbling bubalahs of delusion, Sanders Comings is not even worth a minute of worry time.


  15. Steve

    martinez. Martinez!. MARTINEZ!!!


  16. bulldogbry

    2009, I was only able to listen to the game in short periods. After it was over I called my Vol buddy and asked him what the hell happened. His response was, “you know, I seriously DON’T know”.


  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    Senator, at Commings’s age, anything longer than 30 seconds is long term memory.


  18. Skeeter

    Are we so good this year that this kind of thing is all we have to gripe about?


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Let me handle this one….

      If we are it is only in the minds of a few, there is nothing else because we have not played anybody who is in any way our physical equal.


  19. This Tenn team is not even close to the teams of 2000- 2009, whose more experienced players were mostly recruited by during Fulmer era when they were really a more dangerous team.


    • RocketDawg

      As someone who grew up in the Dooley days when we almost never played UT, to the years when we lost to them EVERY STINKING YEAR, to the Donnan days where the students rushed the field after a 21-10 win over a HORRIBLE UT team, to the Greene to Haynes play that I missed because I was somewhere over the Pacific in an airplane, to the debacles of ’04, ’06, ’07, and ’09. I will as a fan NEVER take UT lightly.

      That being said looking at things from a purely analytical point of view I ask myself these questions:

      1) UGA Offense vs UT Defense-With UT going to the 3-4 this year and the fact that they really haven’t been able to stop anybody outside of Ga State this year I have to give the advantage here to UGA. Weapons at every skill position and the O line has been blocking really well the last two games. If they keep Murray clean then I think we win big.

      2) UGA Defense vs UT Offense-Tyler Bray has a big arm and the Patterson/Hunter combination are probably the best NFL ready receivers in the SEC. That being said, Bray is easily rattled by pressure and has a little bit of quit in him when things start going bad. If Jarvis and the boys can pressure Bray into an early INT or two then I think he’ll quit. On the defensive side of things, getting Tree and Rambo back will give Grantham that much more fleixibilty to blitz and call combination coverages in the secondary. It also puts Commings and Mitchell out on the taller receivers and allows Smith and/or Swann to play the nickel. If we can stop the run with the front 6/7 then I think we will get at least 2 INT’s and win.

      3) Special Teams-Our Kick and Punt coverages have been good all year, the two area’s of concern are punt return and extra points. UT has a decent kicker but if I remember correctly he doesn’t have much range and is inconsistant on the longer stuff. At worst this is a push.

      Barring a complete meltdown, turnover fest (which is always possible) Tennessee will have to play the best game that they have ever played under SOD and we will have to sleepwalk our way through this one for them to win.

      My prediction is UGA 38-20.


  20. Hackerdog

    That was before Grantham.


  21. Macallanlover

    I think this team has done an excellent job of keeping their mouths shut, particularly during the game. Commings comments could have gone unsaid but he has a limited vew of UT, and that has been favorable, so his comments are in the “really stupid” category. I feel JJ pulled him aside after that and has him focused again. UT has some dangerous receivers but not as many weapons as we do. I think we can back up his comments but fully expect UT to have some success in passing the ball, no need to poke the bear nor run our mouths after the game. Play focused, get the W and let’s start thinking about SC. Very important two weeks here, let’s not stumble and let’s stay humble. Our job is not even half way done yet.


  22. Am I being Scorpioish to worry about such a thing as…Rambo, Ogletree, Commings, etc. trying to make up too much lost time in one game? Penalties or being lured out of position could cost us big. I hope CMR hasn’t lost control of the defense’s emotional focus.
    As far as the rain goes…I’ll believe it when I see it…and I have seen rain. I just hope my grandchildren get to see it someday. If it is wet, the field will soak it up like a sponge. The ground will not be soft, but may be slippery. If that’s the case, the inside running game gets very important.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ug it will be interesting to see how Ogletree and Rambo deal with the “hitting a defenseless player” laws….they have been practicing with the ones, so I have no doubt they have been made aware they have to be carefully destructive.

      Forecast, according to Weather Underground is 20% rain, but the Worriers Anonymous site says about 50%. It is difficult to predict rain for Saturday on Wednesday, but I have people.


  23. joyridingdog

    Rain… I remember a game against GT in Athens in 1975 when Tech had no chance of winning, (like Tenn). Those damn lizards swam their way to Victory. We stayed in the stands when everyone bailed. I became deathly ill for two weeks.


  24. rugbydawg79

    Lets not stumble and lets stay humble–just perfect Mac-just perfect


  25. Dawg19

    By the way…Commings may have been channeling this from a previous life…


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ah man, what a glorious day to be in Sanford Stadium. I took four avid UT fans with me… it was so peaceful on the ride home. Two of them fellers still don’t speak to me.

      Glorious, just fucking glorius.

      Almost worth suffering through John Ward.