Does this mean we should like him now?

James Franklin got the number of the truck that hit his team last Saturday.

“I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now, and I thought that was as impressive of an offense as I’ve seen in terms of a veteran quarterback, physical offensive line, physical running backs and speed on the perimeter as well as size.”

Of course, I can’t help but notice he didn’t have any compliments for Georgia’s defense.


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33 responses to “Does this mean we should like him now?

  1. ScoutDawg

    He couldn’t really say we sucked after that ass whippin’ huh?

  2. Derek

    He’s gonna need a bigger boat.

  3. AusDawg85

    Wonder how if felt to pull that anchor out of his ass.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      roger that….I suggest we save Franklin’s self-serving bullshit for next year, consider it filed for use before we have to go up there.

      • Cojones

        Happy B’day to You,

        Happy B’day to You,

        Happy B’day Dear Munsonesque Worrier,

        Happy B’day …..Wait a minute….It doesn’t quite work that way , does it? And for some reason, I’ve had Caddy convertibles and good-looking women on my mind all day.

    • heyberto

      The metaphor of him as the anchor, and it’s skipping along the bottom as the boat is being pushed backward by Grantham seems appropriate.

      • 81Dog

        for some reason, this reminds me of the scene in Weekend at Bernie’s when they take Bernie water skiing. In this scenario, I would say Franklin is Bernie.

  4. Ralph

    Let him put the anchor down, he will go around in circles.

  5. Cosmic Dawg

    Despite the chippiness last year I’ve never been able to manufacture a good hatred of Franklin like I have some of the other characters. There’s a video out there of Franklin surprising a walk-on with a scholarship that is pretty endearing.

    • Bob

      Agree Cosmic,

      The guy is fighting for his players and for a program that has been down since the 1920s. I thought his antics last year were immature and unbecoming a head coach. But still, there is something about a guy who will stand up for his players, particularly in a heated moment like last year.

      And I don’t think he was trying to endear himself to anyone with his comments. I thought they were pretty gracious and very complimentary, if somewhat obvious to most observers.

      • Uglydawg

        I agree..although I understand the animosity some feel..But Franklin could have said nothing.. We complain when people low-rate the Dawgs, we should appreciate it when people, esp. rival coaches, compliment the Dawgs. Anyway, Vandy’s on the shelf for a year.

        • BMan

          Don’t go all mushy now folks. His team played a dirty game last year and he seemed to actively defend it. Now, I don’t despise him like Corch or anything orange, but I despise him just the same.

          I’d rather he just say that if they find his pride somewhere in Sanford Stadium, could they please return it to the Vanderbilt Athletic, er, intramural department, attn: James Franklin.

          • adam

            I’m never going to like a head coach who went screaming after Shawn Williams. Shawn has had a rough go of it, he loves UGA, and he’s been a great player for us. He’s a damn good dawg. I’m not cool with a grown man screaming at him for talking trash. If his team had managed to win the game, he wouldn’t have felt the need to say a word. And that says it all. He’s petty and childish. I’m glad we took him behind the woodshed and stomped his ass into the ground.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              “Shawn has had a rough go of it, he loves UGA, and he’s been a great player for us. He’s a damn good dawg.”

              I’m not arguing against any of this. And it is 100% irrelevant to what happened at Vandy last year.

              I don’t know what went down there, and I’m pretty sure most of us here will never know the story and the motives of all the actors, exactly. I’m not sure what Shawn Williams was doing, but I bet he wasn’t running humbly off the field like the gentleman we expect him to be. It’s not Franklin’s job to know the difficult past of every Bulldog player.

              Listen, this could be way generous on my part, but it honestly felt like to me that Franklin was doing what any of us would do if we saw a neighborhood kid acting out throwing apple cores at our mailbox or whatever. Franklin was mad, yes, but I didn’t get the feeling he was out for blood, but just to give Williams a piece of his mind and take up for his own players.

              I was embarrassed for us, not Vandy. Again, not sure what was said, but it’s equally likely that the Vandy narrative is right and ours is wrong. It would not surprise me if Grantham played the part of the parent giving the principal hell because he criticized his darling, instead of grabbing Williams and making Williams go shake some hands.

              Think of how this story would change in your mind if Georgia had lost and some Vandy player had been skipping along our sidelines showing his ass. If Grantham had called that player out, we’d be praising him for his “fire”.

              I thought the whole thing was overblown, anyway.

              • adam

                If we had managed to lose, and a Vandy player was talking trash, and Grantham yelled at him, I’d be embarrassed. But that’s not even the same situation. Franklin is the head coach. He’s not a coordinator or position coach. He’s the head coach of an SEC program and he yelled at an opposing player for talking trash. I’d heard that he was calling Shawn a “piece of shit” but who knows? He could’ve been calling him a “big ol’ meanieface” and it would still be inappropriate. An adult should be able to handle some trash talk. I can guarantee that #36 wasn’t the only one talking trash on either sideline. The late hits don’t justify it either. If Richt had gone after Logan Stewart after the game for his cheap shot on Kwame, we all would have been incredibly embarrassed. But he didn’t do anything of the sort. That’s just not how a head coach acts.

                Here’s how you shut up a trash-talker: you beat him. The reason it got so much press is that our coordinator got into a shouting match with their head coach and looked like he was about to throw punches. I’m glad it didn’t escalate any more, since that would’ve cost Grantham his job. Think about what might’ve happened had Franklin been closer to Shawn. Could’ve been his Woody Hayes moment.

                And my point about Shawn Williams being a DGD wasn’t that Franklin should know every player’s backstory. That was just another reason to dislike Franklin for going after him.

          • 81Dog

            exactly, BMan. It’s not that Franklin is a “competitor,” or that he’s “trying to change the culture at Vandy” that makes him an ass. It’s the chop blocking, chippy, cheap shot BS style of play he’s decided will show everyone else in the SEC that Vandy is an opponent to be feared.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              I didn’t see any of that on Saturday, and in either event I’m not sure that he has “taught” his team to chop block last year, a lot of times that’s just what frustrated players do when they can’t defend. Did you seriously see a “cheap shot” team last Saturday?

    • Spence

      I can never support anyone who who wears small wire rimmed light sensitive color changing glasses. I have my principles.

  6. eagledawg

    Wow, 3 hours and 15 comments in and I’m the first to utter: “I blame Bobo”.

    • Dawgaholic

      I think it’s fair to say Vandy dropped anchor in Sanford stadium before promptly being knocked right in the middle of it.

      • 81Dog

        oh, Vandy dropped something alright, but it’s the kind of thing you wouldnt want to find floating in your punch bowl, if you know what I mean.🙂

  7. HiAltDawg

    Senator, more than likely Coach Franklin couldn’t say anything since Jarvis Jones’s #29’s balls were still in his mouth.
    I’ll burn in Hell for that one!

  8. rugbydawg79

    “Don’t Stumble stay Humble” great words from Mac

  9. Spike

    But we delivered the bomb….

  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Possible alternate headline … Franklin fingers last week’s game …