Mike Bobo is offensive.

Honestly, when’s the last time you heard Georgia players talking about their offense like this?

Senior receiver Marlon Brown recalled the summer practice when Bobo revealed the new wrinkles.

“When he called ‘rifle,’ I was like, ‘We’re doing rifle this year? We’re going four wide this year?’ And everybody was real happy,” Brown said, grinning. “At first, I thought he was experimenting, but when we kept doing it in practice, I was like, ‘It’s in the playbook now.’ And in the second half at Missouri, we started calling it a little more, and it started working.”

Then came the pistol formation the following week against Florida Atlantic.

“It was out of nowhere for us,” Brown said. “We were walking through the plays, and Bobo signaled some signal, and I was like, ‘What was that?’ (Bobo said) ‘It’s the pistol.’

“ ‘Like pistol, with the running back behind the quarterback? OK, it’s something different.’ ”

So, Brown is asked, what’s gotten into Bobo?

“I don’t know, but I like it, whatever it is,” he said.

And this?

“You run an offense based on what you have,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “And if we have tons of receivers, which we do, you want to spread teams out and be able to use your weapons. And if you don’t have a lot of receivers, you know you’re gonna have to be in the I. I think right now, we have so many options, so much talent, he has the ability to spread things out and try new things. And we’re trying stuff all the time — (Monday) we were trying new things.”

And this?

Even the Georgia defensive players have taken notice of the new offensive chicanery.

“Coach (Todd) Grantham is having to reel us back in because we’re tilting to the side, trying to see what’s happening,” linebacker Christian Robinson said.

Of course, it’s way too early to assert that the page has been turned for good, but I would think even the most rabid anti-Bobo partisan would have to admit the results to date are a cause for optimism.  (Along those lines, check out Brian Fremeau’s scoring margin numbers.  See a team better than Georgia’s 90.6 on offense?  Me neither.)

Okay, maybe not the most rabid partisan.

Tyler (Athens,Ga)

David What kind of discipline will Mike Bobo get for the recruiting violation he committed recently? Hopefully he will get fired.

Keep on keeping it real, Dawgnation.


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  1. joyridingdog

    It is time to stop Bobo Bashing! Let’s give the boy some credit. After all; the players are behind him. We have to have total unity here. It is good KARMA!

  2. bulldogbry

    So wait. Does this mean we can’t complain when/if he runs Harton up the gut on a 3rd and long? I’m confused. I’ve always liked Bobo, but this year Dawgnation has finally talked me into seeing just how useless he is.
    /sarcasm (as if that’s really needed)

  3. Bobo The Clown (Mike's alter ego)

    I’ve been unemployed so far this year but I could get the call at anytime.

  4. NateG

    Guys, let’s get real here. We’re only using the no huddle, Rifle and Pistol formations to cover our asses because Mark Richt doesn’t have the discipline to keep guys like Crowell on the team. You think Saban has time for that shit?

    P.S. LOL sarcasm

  5. Andre Ware

    They are scoring too fast….defense is getting tired.

    Bobo’s fault.

  6. joyridingdog

    Stop it! Positive statements only until after the Game.

  7. Brandon

    I have always been of the mind that whatever legitimate gripes people may have had with Bobo they paled in comparison to our coaching problems on the defensive side of the ball with Willy Mo, that Bobo had generally done a good job scoring points considering the pressure he was under to score all of the time and that Bobo was a better playcaller than Richt was in any event. All good coaches evolve their philosophy over time, Bobo appears to understand that you can’t stay static.

  8. Dboy

    I think having a experienced QB that clearly has full command of the offense is allowing Bobo to do this (experienced and can direct many complicated moving parts within the offense). A game experienced QB is something we haven’t had at UGA since Stafford left. I can’t see these creative plays / spreadesque strategy working so well with at first or second year starter at QB (think joe cox or murray, in year 1 as a starter, where we struggled to execute basic offensive plays well and not throw INTs, yikes).

    • Cojones

      Dboy, you should be a doctor since you’re the first person to put your fingers on the true pulse that’s been there for years. It has been difficult to get that point over when they lose a game because of the small kids running in circles playing Vampire. If you had posted that logic last year, you would be cussed out or worse by egotists that have created the negative Richt and then Bobo memes. They won’t admit being wrong, just that now Bobo has changed their mind by better play-calling. They will even credit themselves for the change, but the coaches have ignored the pome ‘d rue all along, so no kewpie doll for them.

      It all came down to being in the arena, not the simplistic play calling and MM QBing displayed by some. I objected to the coach character assasination going on as if some just wanted to jump on the bashing bandwagon even though they didn’t know crap about CFB. In fairness, most were trolls who Blutarsky got under control with the sockpuppetry rule (it was not explicit when we came on here, but he emulated Emmert and usurped the power due process that was alluded to in the Blogging Agreement Section.🙂 ).

      Patience was requested since some of us knew that a venerated SEC coach like Bobo or Richt had legitimate reasons for the downturn many were not willing to look at and concede. The biggest block to that was the “In the arena” point that Richt made that pissed the egotists off because, there, he had them. Their embarrassment was translated into vitriolic bashing and some faces are still red. Most of my objection against that bashing wasn’t so much for the coaches as it was for the recruiting process. Other schools put the little teenage noses on the fan blogs as to how bad their own coaches were such that at least two 4-star players stated that is why they didn’t pick UGA over schools like Stanford. There were others who didn’t know whether Richt and/or Bobo would be here after they signed up. Even players who were lifetime fans didn’t sign up.

      This year, Blutarsky has put everyone’s noses into the appreciative and coach-validating articles and stats about our full coaching staff and helped the coach-divisional blog crap dry up. We all are approaching the same page of logic used to appreciate and cheer like hell for all the personalities and undercurrent stories that accompany our team. It’s all just a lot of fun with these puppies and grown dogs prowling the field and sniffing the blood scent of the hunt this year. Now if everyone could just stand by them in the down times, we would have it all.

      No legitimate fan gripers were alluded to or hurt in this post. This is a humane blog.🙂

      • joyridingdog


      • Cosmic Dawg

        Cojones you are one of my favorite posters, and I agree that vicious attacks on our coaches are unwelcome anywhere. As long as the coaches are part of this program, we should give them the benefit of the doubt and give them credit for putting in the hours and trying their best. Even when they’re not doing a very good job, they’re not being malicious, it’s not because they hate us fans and want to see us suffer, they’re just struggling, like we all do.


        I have never understood why you think it’s okay to be analytical as long as the results of the analysis are positive. According to the logic of your statement above, if we haven’t been in the arena, can’t understand what we’re seeing, but that applies to praise, too…because we don’t understand how it works, we can’t know if good outcomes are strategery or simply dumb luck.

        So any analysis is invalid because we’re laymen, and no more comments section at GTP is necessary…

        • Cojones

          Good post, Cos. Several of you have cut into my posting because I enjoy your well-written opinions and have nothing to add. My overall process here is to get fans to let coaches coach without nipping aggravatingly at their heels, let administrators charged with the responsibility do the hiring and the firing (that’s what we hired them for), and let fans enjoy all the side dishes at the picnic without someone shitting on our tailgate.

          Even litter mates disagree in the dog kingdom and our snarls usually aren’t rabid, but in the end we all are fans to the hilt. I have not enjoyed this blog more than I do now, not from posting, but from reading all the good incisive comments that come from so many varied alumni and fan minds who make this blog special. Kudos go to the Senator and all the contributors on here.

          The reasons for the positive-ended analyses is to counter what I read as negative-ended analyses that, to me, are incorrect. That’s it, plain and simple.

      • You’ve ignored a number of posts I’ve written over the years about Bobo’s maddeningly inconsistent playcalling. It’s got nothing to do with the arena, I’m afraid. It’s more about Bobo trusting Bobo’s instincts.

        This year has been a refreshing change – so far – and I’m happy to give credit where credit’s due. But history tells me to wait a few more games before declaring that Bobo has turned over a new leaf permanently.

        • Brandon

          Senator, I very much respect you still “owning” your past criticism of Bobo, even though I disagree that he’s been that maddingly inconsistent. My position on Bobo has been that the “playcalling” that some seem to fine so questionable is more of a function of our terrible defensive play, in that our bad defense put undue pressure on our offense and magnified every offensive series out of proportion, every failed attempt to convert a third down was so much worse because we so needed to score at every opportunity to have a chance to win because we knew the other team would come flying down the field. You also have been quick to point out facts that were inconvenient to the bashers as well, to me you seem like you try to sit on the fence on a lot of issues and play devil’s advocate sometimes as well. Maybe you do that consciously or its just my perception but either way you run a good blog.

          • If by “sit on the fence” you mean “see a lot more gray than black and white”, I plead guilty.

            • Brandon

              What is that most basic theme of law school? “Certainty generally is an illusion and repose is not the destiny of man” or something like that. There is some black and white though, you didn’t have to be Oliver Wendell Holmes to see that Willie was in over his head as a DC but a lot of people didn’t, predictably a lot of people seem to think Bobo has “changed” now that we have a defense.

        • Ausdawg85

          ^THIS. Bobo is looking great with a vastly superior running game, experienced QB, solid receiving corps, top 10 D, improved ST, and an HC that spent more time on looking at the O plan over the off-season. (insert honest standing ovation here).

          Let’s see how this plays out when we face some tougher teams and adversity before we bestow OC of the year accolades upon him.

          • Agree totally.

            But there are two specific things I’ve seen that give me grounds for optimism. First, against Missouri, Bobo went to the four-wide stuff at the end of the first half when he needed to jump start the offense. That’s not news, but him sticking with it in the second half because it was working was.

            Second, that third quarter against Vandy – instead of settling for grinding out a game with a 27-3 lead, he kept things open and punched the lead out by another 3 TDs before pulling in the reins.

            Like I said, it’s not definitive. But it is different from what we’ve been used to seeing.

      • rugbydawg79

        Cojones–you and Mac–really make this blog special-I said years ago that CMB being a coaches son a great HS QB and a Great UGA QB–knows more about football than all the bloggers in the world–Thanks for telling it like it is–all together now–Gooooo Dogs

        • Cojones

          Thanks. The straight give and take on here is reflected no better than Blutarsky’s and Brandon’s comments above.

  9. 81Dog

    oh, Lawd. Clearly, Mark Richt has lost control of Mike Bobo. The horror, the horror……

  10. Gravidy

    I would hope Tyler’s chat comment was a joke. The sad part is that it is very easy to believe he was serious.

    • Cojones

      Luginbill’s was worse a little further down. He is truly a Shite-head (a blog terrorist).

      • Cojones

        I offer up my naivete and no one bites. Of course the Luginbill comment with a Bristol, Ct address is fake, but everyone is Mr and Ms Nice today.

  11. I’ve not been the biggest proponent of Bobo’s play-calling, not because he lacked the ability to call good plays. It was because he would call the same five plays for three straight quarters, call one play that works like a charm and shows how good he could be when he wanted, and then would go back to calling the same five plays for the rest of the game. This was coupled with a defense that was often sub-par and struggling, which made the conservatism on offense all that much more irritating.

    However, this year, the defense has been outstanding, so while the offense sputtered out of the gate a little, the defense held up well. Then, when the offense got going, Bobo has been unleashing the hounds, so to speak. It has been fabulous to watch… and, some might say, a little over due.

  12. joyridingdog

    Better late than never! Love your image; it screams, “Screw you guys, I going home.

  13. Careful Brad

    Where have you gone Skeptic Dawg, The Bulldog Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well why not? Those lyrics were fine and the harmony was on… but those guitar runs? OUTSTANDING. They just don’t build songs like they use to.

  14. Rebar

    The Bobo bashers who are now praising him really make me laugh; I guess they think he went to OC school over the summer and learned something. Any Dawg fan who griped about the playcalling in the past overlooked the obvious handicaps Bobo had to deal with, i.e., poor offensive lines, running backs who couldn’t pick up blocking for the quarterback, receivers who dropped balls. This year is showing what Bobo can do with an experienced Murray, a developing line, and backs who want to be good.

    • joyridingdog

      Amen Bro! Ain’t that the truth.

    • To play devil’s advocate…

      Bobo was in charge of not only the personnel on offense, but instructing proper technique in blocking, receiving, and “not being a dumbass.” If he had to deal with those handicaps, they were handicaps that occurred under his management. Players had some complicity, but part of being in charge is taking the criticism when things go awry.

      • Cojones

        The logic of your criticism can be extended to all CFB teams, There has been no good reason to single Bobo out, then or now.

      • Exactly, because clearly just getting better and smarter at his job (and likely talking to others in the business to get better at his job) didn’t happen, and in the case of what’s in the parentheses, doesn’t happen EVERY SINGLE SUMMER.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Bobo was pushed very early and very fast. Shoved into a role as O
          coordinator before he had the pipes for it, he has been compared and contrasted to those coaches further along the coaching curve than he. I like the story line and I’ve met his Dad -and- you have been very results oriented. Fair enough. I can’t doubt your loyalties or personal investment in time and effort to your University. In my household you and CC are what my kids talk about….. but so are Bernie and GTP. We all have our favorites. I hope Mike can eventuallly meet your expectations for a O coordinator. This is his stage… this year… the time is now.
          Just typing.😉

    • 81Dog

      say so, sir.

  15. I think MARK RICHT having more time to do RESEARCH on what he termed as recent football trends is now bearing fruits with these new formations.

    • Spence

      Your point may be overstated but you make an interesting argument. It’s difficult to assert the contrary, that Richt’s having extra time to be involved in the offense has hurt the team.

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    Bobo understands the significance of hat choice, calling the game from the sanctity of the booth, ignoring ignorance and scoring touchdowns.

    A flashback…Bobo on the sidelines on crutches in the Dome…Hines Ward at qb….”Throw the ball, Hines….throw the ball….throw the ball…..ahhhh man.

  17. mwo

    I read a post on here a couple of years ago that said Bobo was a great OC until UGA went up against Spurrier, Saban, etc. They cited a lot of stats that seemed to prove the statement. The poster claimed Bobo was trying to outcoach the other coaches. It made sense at the time. i wonder if Coach Richt has become more hands on or hands off as of late. Whatever they are doing, it sure seems to work.

    • James Stephenson

      Except the last few years, moving the ball on Spurrier has not been the problem, hell last year, Bobos O was light years ahead of Spurriers.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Hell, it was so good, it was scoring for us AND them.😉

        • James Stephenson

          Well there is no question, that there were some bad decisions by our young QB. However, even with all of that our O beat that SC D like a rented mule.

  18. Here’s a novel idea. Bobo is getting better with experience.

  19. Macallanlover

    I have always been more of an “execution” guy than a “play calling” critic, but I do like the increased flexibility I see in formations and willingness to attack all areas of the field, at any time. It certainly helps to have the depth of talent we have, and a defense that doesn’t have us working out of a deep hole on the field very often. Particularly impressive is the production we are getting in the red zone, that TD percentage is as good as I have ever seen for a team.
    It is still too early to annoint any of them but this offense will test any defense I have seen. The question to me is what will we do when we get frustrated by an “off day”, being down 2+ TDs, or face a really stout defense? I expect that a couple of times this year, I have confidence in our group and think other teams are feeling more fear when they face us than vice versa. Nice position to be in. I respect several teams, but I ain’t skeered of any of them.

    • PNWDawg

      “The question to me is what will we do when we get frustrated by an “off day”, being down 2+ TDs, or face a really stout defense?” – Good question.
      Paraphrasing what you said I believe solid execution makes play-calling look good. On the other hand, good play-calling can lead to better execution. My football IQ isn’t quite high enough to always judge what calls are appropriate but I’ll “blame” Bobo for a job well done. Also, one of the more reasonable criticisms of Bobo is his tendency to take the foot of the gas when we have a lead. With our talent at running back I don’t see that becoming quite the issue. Just like Grantham needed the right players for his defense it appears Bobo finally has the right personnel.

      • Cojones

        Mac, going further, I believe a great deal of not covering the field has to do with what Murray has been facing and the tools he has this year. Doesn’t it make sense to say that Murray got what was presented and what was covered well was the places we didn’t go, therefore creating the image of the coach not calling those plays? That’s the way I have viewed it .

        • Macallanlover

          Not sure Cojo, we had lots of deep speed with MM and AJ, speedy RBs. solid slot man with Charles, a reliable TE, and usually a FB that could run and catch. We seemed to have all the ingredients before but never but them out in the right combination, or at the right time. Something looks different this year, it could just be everything slowing down for AM, but some of it is clearly Bobo’s fault for getting too far ahead of our competitors. Hope he hets to play chess with Lil Nicky in December!

          • BMan

            Thus far, one of the things that looks different is the O-line and a proto-type badass RB. I expect them (OL) to get tested a LOT more in the coming weeks, but they’ve been better thus far. Gotta imagine there were times the last couple of years where a deep throw might have been in order but the O-Line couldn’t protect long enough. I think Will Friend is adding to the positive change, and if I’m not mistaken, he was pretty much a Bobo hire. I know Richt makes the final choice, but he was strongly preferred by Bobo. Personally, along with growing into the job, I think that things have just aligned in such a way that we have a “design meets execution” thing going on, and Bobo has all the toys, gadgets and tools to make a really nice offense.

            • Macallanlover

              Good post. I agree, Friend seems to be doing a great job with the OL (which is very encouraging for the future). They aren’t dominant, but doing a pretty solid job with few “breakdowns”, and could be much better by the end of the year.

              There is no doubting the quality of our running backs this year but the difference to me is they have holes to hit this year…and they are exploding through them. We haven’t given RBs much room to run in several years, this year they are getting past the LOS before getting hit and giving them a chance to make cuts to break big plays.

              • Cojones

                And so far, the O line has remained relatively healthy when compared to the last several seasons. If we had a couple ofmajor injuries, all hell would break loose because no one seems to visualise the cascade of events that then envelope the team and the coaches.

                • Macallanlover

                  So true, we are thread bare but the longer we go along, many of those players forced into playing will become more acceptable depth than they would have been otherwise. I realize this doesn’t put us at the level of the really good OLs in the country but we have some things going for us to compensate: better/deeper RBs than all others we face, an experienced QB with a bevy of receivers, and a defense that should be bale to bail us out a little when we get stuck. All that may not overcome an Alabama edge at OL, but we are getting better line play than I had expected and a slight dip wouldn’t upset the balance of power much. Fingers crossed though, if things hold together this could a reasonable chance to hoist another SEC flag.

      • Macallanlover

        Not so sure that coming off the pedal in the 2nd half with a big lead is CMB’s call. That seems more a HC decision to me, and while I agree sometimes we did that too early, I do like not kicking the other guy while they are down. I support letting the backups in and running the offense though, that is an easy position to defend and difficult fore the opposing coach to criticize.

        My concern about what happens when things are going well is based off the experience that folks that have had it easy and every roll coming up 7s tend to get knocked off balance the first time they face adversity. I will say it looked like we were out of rhythm in the 1st half against Mizzou and Murray looked very cool at the controls, like he knew we would figure the puzzle out soon enough. Really liked that because we will face more tough times.

  20. ScoutDawg

    If you think a proven QB developer, trained under CMR is not going to start getting feelers to be a HC soon, well you are going to be surprised.

    • James Stephenson

      Not too mention how good a Recruiter he is. If I was in charge of hiring a small school Coach, I would talk to him. But I have a feeling he is going to do what Richt did, wait for the right job to come along. Lets hope it is not Auburn or UT.

  21. Governor Milledge

    Mike Bobo has lost control of Mike Bobo

  22. sniffer

    So, what’s the over/under for Murray staying another year? Anyone want to venture a guess? I think he stays, but I also thought Bobo was the problem all along, so, there’s that.

    • Careful Brad

      I don’t think there is any doubt that Murray will stay. He is more Greene than Stafford in the eyes of pro scouts.

  23. Agrarian

    Since Bobo was promoted to OC I’ve thought that until CMR follows the lead of his mentor, St. Bobby, and turns the on field operation (on the practice field, in the film room, and in the game itself) completely over to his co-ordinators we will never know how good or bad Bobo is as an OC. Instead of trying to be Nick Saban with his hands on everything at once, maybe CMR realizes that it would be best for the team and for him (in terms of job security) to let his staff do the work and he will still get the credit for achievements of the team, just like Bobby did at FSU. From his demeanor on the sidelines, it seems to me that CMR is more the emotional leader of the team this year and leaving the details to the staff. If so, he has wised up and realized both his strenghts and his limitations, which is the ultimate good thing. I know this year I find myself not being the cynic about this team like I have for about the last six or so years, and I know that I’m elated about it.

  24. Normaltown Mike

    “when’s the last time you heard Georgia players talking about their offense like this?”

    Hines Ward 1997…


  25. Rhymer Dawg

    My issue with Bobo has been the desire to seek balance for the sake of balance, to outsmart himself, and to come out at half time with a vanilla offense. I am a bit skeptical but this year has been pretty awesome to watch.

    I don’t know what happened. I think the coaches talked to Gruden over the summer. Does anyone else remember that? Anyway, I so want to root for Bobo and I really want this offense to be the offense that can compare to Grantham’s D.

    Could you imagine if we had Oregon’s Offensive power with Alabama’s Defensive Prowess…..? To be honest with you, this year I think it is possible to have both.

    If Bobo has really turned himself around then I will eat crow every day for a year.

    • Cojones

      I’ve put this question before, but it bears repeating. So now do you think we have a chocolate O?

      • shane#1

        I don’t buy thew balance for the sake of balance argument. Defenses adjust, if you are gashing a defense with runs they put more men in the box. Hit them for gobs of yards with the pass their safeties drop back into coverage. It’s simply a matter of how many are in the box and what type of coverage you see. You also have to keep in mind that those sneaky old DCs disguise defenses. Part of the fun of football is the cat and mouse game between the offense and the defense.

    • adam

      Bobo went to SanFran and worked with Harbough this summer. Seems to have learned a few new tricks.

  26. joyridingdog

    CMR is right on in his role. A great Head Coach delegates well. Everything is starting to fall right into place for winning the SEC and may I dream the Nat’l Championship?

    • Cojones

      I wouldn’t throw water on your parade especially since your first two simple sentence statements are well-founded.

  27. The other Doug

    Bobo seems to have turned the corner after the Boise State game. Since that game I can’t think of a game that his play calling and game plan weren’t good to great.

    • Cojones

      Maybe it’s you that has turned the corner.

      • The other Doug

        Do you think he did a good job with the game plan and play calling against Boise?

        • Macallanlover

          I don’t know, frankly none of us do, but that was a very expereinced group of 5th year seniors who were very disciplined, and understood their defensive scheme. To me it is too simplistic to say we didn’t move the ball so the OC is a dummy. Bobo called the first half against LSU and had 2 TD passes dropped, the 2nd half we never moved the ball. Does that mean he had some LSD at half and went brain dead? Did LSU make great adjustments and we had no answer for the new matchups they gave us? Or did we not execute?

          Bottom line is we did not produce/succeed. Blaming the OC is one of only several choices I would consider. Looking at the body of work for CMB over several years it is hard to make a case that he is a weak link. I hope this is a case of him getting better as he has grown over the years in the job. There is a pretty qualified OC as his boss and he doesn’t seem to have lost faith in him.

          That doesn’t mean fans can’t express concerns over play calling, they always will but I will challenge anyone that doesn’t believe it is a results based discussion. Fake punts look stupid when they don’t work, but are brilliant when they do. Same with trick plays, play action passes, and fake dives with a wide pitch on short yardage situations. Make the 1st down or TD and you are the next Paul Johnson, but fail to convert.and you had better stay off Al Gore’s playground. Same call, different result.

          • The other Doug

            I get your point. I thought Bobo did a good job against LSU. I bet those receivers dropping the ball wasn’t in his plan.

            Against Boise he widened the gaps on the line and tried to spread them out instead of road grading them with our bigger line. That didn’t work so good.

            • Macallanlover

              Fair observation, certainly having the much bigger line should give you that edge and it seems to be a good attack point. But we had a bigger line last year than every team in football, college and pro, and we were not able to move people back. I don’t know, perhaps he saw at practice that we didn’t have that “burst” on the first step, or couldn’t get the lower leverage needed. For the past two years we have seemed unable to make short yardgae gains against even the 1AA teams, maybe that drove him to think we needed to finesse, or isolate them. Either way, this line looks better to me so far, even without the NFL draft choices.

  28. Peteydawg

    If for no other reason to quit bobo bashing I point out his career with us. Not that talented but damn he’d take some shots and lead us back in games

  29. Brandon

    What is that most basic theme of law school? “Certainty generally is an illusion and repose is not the destiny of man” or something like that.

  30. Cojones

    Sometime take a look at what the Bobo-coached O did to the reigning SEC NCs for 4-5 years straight and keep a straight face when you type that he couldn’t beat the big ones. They looked pretty damned big at the time.