As gestures go…

this one is pretty much pitch perfect.

The University of Georgia home radio booth at Sanford Stadium will be named Saturday for the late Larry Munson, legendary voice of the Bulldogs for 42 years. The “Larry Munson Broadcast Suite” will be officially recognized before the start of Saturday’s Georgia-Tennessee game, which kicks off at 3:39 p.m.

A plaque will be placed outside the Larry Munson Broadcast Suite that reads: “Dedicated to legendary Bulldog play-by-play announcer Larry Munson who served as the voice of the Bulldog Nation from 1966-2008. His dedication, loyalty, passion and extraordinary delivery over 42 years endeared him to Georgia fans in every city, state, and nation around the world, always urging the teams, and fans, to ‘hunker down you guys.’”

Well played, folks.  Well played, indeed.


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24 responses to “As gestures go…

  1. Spike

    “… He’s running over people…”

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hear, Hear!

  3. toggle

    Fitting tribute. Glad “ole Lady Luck” sent him our way.

  4. Chopdawg

    “Dawgs’ defense stiffening just enough, but not enough.”
    “Butler’s sick, pale as a ghost.”
    “Holy smokes, I saw Robinson’s folks in the lobby of the hotel today. And he missed his first two tonight.”
    “Leavitt had it blocked, but it went over! It went over!”

    Kudos to whoever can give me the four games those Munson calls came from.

    • Russ

      #3 was from Kentucky 1978. I listened to it on a car radio outside of Young Harris, GA. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Number 2 is the ’84 Clemmons game where Butthead “kicked it 60 yards plus a foot and a half”.

      • BMan

        Is #4 against GT in 76?

        • Chopdawg

          #1 1978 Auburn 22-22 tie, the last couple minutes of this game is some of the best Munson ever
          #2 2004 Florida State Citrus bowl, Butler just missed a 70-yd FG as time expired..very close Silver Creek
          #3 78 KY kudo Russ
          #4 1976 Florida Dawgs came back from 27-13 halftime deficit with 28 unanswered points

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    What separates Larry from the herd is that he was a poet….he raised calling a college football game to an artform….Vol fans, for instance, just hated him because he made John Ward look like the nattering nabob he was.

    Munson was the Bob Dylan or Dylan Thomas and now and then the Rudyard Kipling of college football broadcasting.

    I worry in tribute Larry, hope the fish are biting up there.

    Think I got the right hat for Tennessee?

  6. Heathbar09

    That is awesome!

    Now if we could only get them to build a damn statue for some of these guys.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Barry Young…driving, driving, driving……”

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    “You gave up…I gave up….we were out of it and gone.”

  9. Dawg19

    This seems appropriate…

    • BMan

      Tim Worley and Rodney Hampton. Good lord, nice combo.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      My first game as a student. I’ll never forget all of those (mostly) empty, plastic souvenir drink cups raining down from the upper deck every time we scored.
      Larry was with me and my Mom and Dad and little brother and Grandparents, etc. my whole life. I told my wife a few years ago that when that day finally came, that it was going to be a rough day for me. She said it would be for her, too. It was. I miss him.

    • Chopdawg

      Munson couldn’t see the lightning, coming up from behind his side of the stadium during the second half, or he would’ve really been going nuts… last couple minutes of that game was the hardest rain I’ve ever sat in. Really like Munson’s self-assessment in that video. Great stuff.

  10. Dawg19

    This, too…