Pulpwood wants you to enjoy this game day thread.

I’m about to hit the road for the Classic City, and wanted to leave you in good, but definitely NSFW hands.  I should warn you that alcohol enemas are involved.

Enjoy the game and share your thoughts.


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133 responses to “Pulpwood wants you to enjoy this game day thread.

  1. The only risk which Murray should avoid is batted balls. High risk for interception.

    • Especially with that giant of a nose tackle who likely won’t even need to jump. LOL

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I’m going to ask you to stop posting / jinxing now. Actually, I want you to stop thinking about anything until after the game, just to be safe. Just clear your mind of all football thoughts. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for rendering a public service, Senator. Pulpwood is hard to locate.

    Now please GATA for all of us.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    He even managed to throw D’Rick under the bus.

  4. Mudcat's Impala....

    You can’t spell bUTt chug without UT…

  5. The other Doug

    The world needs more Pulpwood.

  6. rugbydawg79

    gotta Love Pulpwood !! and for those that don’t know he did wear the Red and Black

  7. From this posts title, I thought for a second that Pulpwood would be guest blogging here for a game day thread. Talk about a fun game day thread! You really shouldn’t tease me like that.

  8. Joe Fletcher

    I love this! Senator, will you please do one of these for next week’s game with the Lamecocks?

  9. LIfe is easy. Live It !!!

    Mark Bradley’s head just exploded….Mid TN state 42, Tech 28.

  10. my thoughts… this could be one heck of a fun game. I believe this crowd might blow the top off of the Munson Room if they are the team I think they are and setting up a huge game next week against the ‘cocks! Lets go Dawgs. GATA

    SJIII, I need you to counter my enthusiasm…

  11. charlottedawg

    lookin’ good so far. That Gurley is somethin’ special ain’t he?

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Keith Marshall just blew by a guy with a good angle. Remind you of anything?

  13. Cosmic Dawg

    Is it bad that I kind of like Smokey? I hate everything else about TN, especially their bratty quarterback, but I am a sucker for an old hound dog…though I wish I could find that really funny video of Aron White previewing the TN game last year and ragging on their dog.

  14. Cosmic Dawg

    Man, Sailors and Ogletree with two great tackles almost back to back.

  15. Exiled in TX

    Gurshall Walker everybody

  16. HVL Dawg

    I’ve seen enough of Mitchell fielding punts

  17. BMan

    Two thoughts: 1. I agree with HVL, I don’t want to see MM returning punts. 2. The Chupacabra is not a myth. He lives, and wears number 3 for UGA.

  18. 20 ninjas

    Three things:
    1. Georgia fans are the most superstitious people ever. I saw Richt was interviewed on Game Day this morning and my heart sank … that is the kiss of death for us.
    2. I feel like they should’ve let Rambo and Olgetree come back last week; this is not the game to put two kids on the field who haven’t played in 9 months.
    3. WTF interceptions.

  19. Russ

    Well, we’ll see what we’re made of after this total meltdown.

  20. BMan

    Bloody Jayzus. The turnovers are unreal. This is like the second half of the SECCG. Dogs score 4 touchdowns in one half and go to the locker room losing.

  21. Russ

    We’ve got problems on defense. Did Willie sneak back into town?

  22. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hunker the fuck down, you guys.

    • murphdawg

      Hopefully, there’s some serious coaching going on in the locker room right now. Two huge special teams mistakes with fielding kicks and punts coupled with poor ball protection have killed us in the second quarter. The first pick six is forgivable but we need better decision makers fielding kicks.

  23. Scott W.

    Tennessee is playing for their coach’s neck. We all knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Adjust and stay the course. Hunker Down and GATA!

  24. WTF Settle Down Dawgs

    Momentum shifted with Mitchell’s botched punt return. Hopefully the 50 yarder will shift it back. Otherwise, there’s going to be some brain cells destroyed tonight.

  25. Turd Ferguson

    Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s defying expectations — good or bad.

  26. Scorpio Jones, III

    Now we find out what we got.

  27. Cosmic Dawg

    This is dadgum ridiculous. AM is a DGD, but his ability to get himself figured out in big games will be the difference this season. In his defense, the fumble was not the result of super carelessness, like in the SC game last year. The TN defender just ripped his shoulder, but he still could have wrapped it up a little better. AM is a frustrating guy – he’s such a peach of a kid you can’t get mad at him, but man can you get mad at him.

    And I posted yesterday that MM has NO business fielding punts. I can’t believe we don’t have an older, wiser WR with good enough hands and good sense to put back there. What is particularly annoying is we’ve seen so many hijinks in our return game over the last few weeks and have done zero to fix the problems…sigh.

    Finally, if we’re going to lose with a four-year QB on the field, let’s lose with boldness. After AM’s fumble and our start on the TN 1-yard line, we went back into fear mode, rushing Marshall into the line on three straight. I get the temptation to run there, I really do, and it’s not like our freshmen RB’s haven’t been coming through, but it gave the impression that we had no confidence in our passing game, and we needed to come right back, with violence and confidence and some passing, too, and march it down and score on them.

    Now, let’s GATA!!!

  28. Russ

    Well we’ve identified all the areas we need to work on.

  29. Russ

    When did Elmer Fudd start coaching defense at UT? Good thing we’re not wabbits.

  30. Turd Ferguson

    So much for that all-world defense we were supposed to have.

    • DWH

      Just said the same thing to my buddy. Oh and another thing, do SEC actually call holding penalties anymore? D line has been held on almost every play.

      • Keese

        Refs could’ve called holding on our OL….multiple times. Appears the SEC officiating is going more conservative on holding calls across the board

    • Russ

      Agree. We need to quit reading our press clippings.

      • Cojones

        Boys, you have your undergrad work done. This is the beginning of Grad School. You want to be Champs, ask your D coach to step it up to the O scoring quality, not the part where our O scores for them.

  31. 20 ninjas

    Expect to be #6 on Monday, boys.
    And Scar next week … oy.

  32. Cosmic Dawg

    This is a legitimate gripe: Every team in the country knows that if we’re up by 3pts with ten minutes left on the clock we’re going to call every one yard run in our playbook on first and second downs. So here we are, after mixing up plays and moving the ball at will for three quarters, we get freaked out in the 4th quarter and the opposing D knows were going to run.

    I just wish we’d be willing to be just as aggressive and confident in the last ten minutes as we are to start the game. Because this way is LESS safe, not more safe.

  33. Rebar

    DADBURN!! I’ll take my crow raw please, feathers and all; I’ve had the red & black Koolaide burning threw my veins about how good our defense could be, but just saw us give up way to many yards to an unranked team. We better get alot better for next week if we want to win the east.

    • Russ

      Yeah, serve me up some of that humble pie. We should be 6 point underdogs next week….at least.

      • Uglydawg

        Fielding kicks incorrectly is a huge problem. The three turnovers were a huge problem. The defense got tired..huge problem. (One reason the defenses get tired is the Refs now allow holding. They go out every play..both teams do…but are held). Penalties at key times hurt. We dropped a couple of passes, but so did TN…Overall, a game Georgia can learn a lot from.
        Going conservative gives me serious pucker marks on the back of my britches..But putting it on the defense paid off in spades this time. Three turnovers forced by the Dawgs on Tn’s last three drives is priceless…esp. since Tyler Bray was the fall guy each time.
        Field position and turnovers in the second qtr. are the things that kept it close.
        First qtr of SC/KY game and KY is making SC look bad….

  34. IndyDawg

    THAT is as close to a 2011 season flashback as I care to experience this year! Thankful to escape with a win. (Hey, didn’t we barely survive TN in 1980? The irrational Kool-aid habit is soooo hard to kick.)

  35. Uglydawg

    If you’re going to go “safe” and run the ball three times in a row…run it WIIDE so you can burn more clock. I didn’t think Georgia went wide often enough today. Tennessee was fortunate the Dawgs made mistakes that kept them in it….either way…whew is exactly right.

    • Cojones

      Has anyone checked on Scorpio?

      Now you can “Lay Down That Burden, Down by the Oconee Riverside” . Good and substantial worrying , my fellow Dawg. It barely pulled us through.

  36. Uglydawg


  37. Ausdawg85

    I grouch at Grantham.

  38. Heathbar09

    For all of those that think we should be underdogs next week, turn on the USCe Kentucky game……

  39. Someone help me out. I can’t help but feel like this game felt like a loss to me. How is it our defense has regressed so badly… esp against the run? Lattimore is going to beat us by himself next week. The life of a Bulldawg fan.

    • Uglydawg

      I’m gonna try, Junkyard….21 Tennessee points came from turnover…deep turnovers. Georgia’s kick recieving kept Georgia in really bad field position…Holding is now apparantly legal in the SEC and it wears down the defense….Tyler Bray is a very good passer when he isn’t pressured…BUT THE BIGGEST THING WE NEED TO REALIZE is that when the game was on the line in the last 6 minutes…The Georgia Defense forced three turnovers, even though they had been on the field most of the quarter…..The bad is Tennessee’s ability to run the ball in the middle during the second half…give them credit. their OC called a heck of a good game. Over-all, without the offensive meltdown of the second half, Georgia blows them our badly. Tennessee didn’t quit when we got ahead like they did against Florida.
      Go turn on SC/KY and you’ll cheer up…for now1

      • Cosmic Dawg

        This is good reading and a very charitable post. But the 21 Tennessee points that came off Georgia turnovers still came off GEORGIA turnovers…and I’m not sure our O had a meltdown in the 2nd half, I really do have a problem with the hyperconservative playcalling.

        With this game, though, I think it’s fair to say that TN has finally emerged from the dregs of the SEC to make a claim as a middle-of-the-pack team. I feel like the SEC stratum is now:

        LSU – South Carolina – Georgia – Florida (ugh.)
        Tenn – Auburn – A&M
        Vandy – Missouri – Mississippi State
        Kentucky – Ole Miss – Arkansas

        I don’t know why I felt the need to do that little exercise. I am happy for our Dawgs and the win today, but a little sad that we are not – consistently, anyway – the indestructable fifty foot robot I thought we were. But I will again say that I like the players on this team better than any I can remember. Gurley in the postgame interview giving credit to his linemen and fb and taking a knee in the endzone after his touchdowns is a welcome change from the rockstars we’ve had on some recent teams.

        • Otto

          Agreed with Uglydawg and Comsic, Take the turnovers away and UGA wins easily. It is discerning that they found a running game against us. Frustrating on some of the conservative offense.

          But… a win is a win. The D pulled out a close game we haven’t been winning regularly Upsets happen, good teams play 60minutes to avoid them. The players have acted with maturity and pulled it out.

          On to S. Carolina, hopefully at full strength. The team has elements that remind me of ’02 and ’07. Next week will be a big test on how the season is defined.

    • HVL Dawg

      It was a win. It will never not be a win. Our offense won the game. Another game another 50 points.

  40. Trying so hard not to be negative…

  41. Damn, I walked home from the game thinking we had won.

    • 81Dog

      maybe some folks think this is like golf: the low score wins. Cheer up, Bulldog Nation. A ragged win beats the hell out of a well played loss.

      • Dawg521

        Remember USCe last year? High scoring, plenty of turnovers? Well we came out ahead this time and walked away with a win, something our D couldn’t hold to give us last year.

    • evolveddeepsoutherner

      I had a damn wedding I had to go to and missed all but the kickoff. Walked into the church and its 27-10, so I’m feeling good. And by the time they finally get done with the damn

    • evolveddeepsoutherner

      I had a damn wedding I had to go to over in Wilson, N.C., so I didn’t get to see but the kickoff. Kept up with it on the way over there, and walked into the church smug as hell ’cause we’re up 27-10. By the time they said their “I do’s” and I checked on it again, damn if it’s not 30-30 at the half. I can’t leave the damn team alone for the quarter or they just go to hell on me.

  42. Dawgwood

    I know we want to poo poo on the game, but all I’ve got to say is a win is a win. The defense could not stop tenn’s offense, but they were also spotted 21 points and still caused three turnovers to end the game. It reminded me sooo much on USC last year. But the dawgs won this one, and we should feel good because of that. Our offense is something I don’t think we have even seen in Athens in a long time. We can run and pass and score basically when we want to. The defense has not been what we want it to be, but they are the same players we had last year. They will find there way soon enough. Come on Dawg fans we typically lose these type of games, so lets be grateful to win this one.

    • DWH

      Yeah look on the bright side, we could be Georgia Tech fans

    • sniffer

      Agree with ya, Dawgwood. I think we (fans) have read the press clippings about the defense, not the players reading them. TN has good skill position players and they may be only a year away from being at the top of the East. They gave us their best shot, had a good game plan and couldn’t pull it off. Nice that we walk away with a win like this.

  43. Bobo

    I blame Senator for this close game. Never post like that again! Did Munson teach you nothing? Did FO SOD teach you nothing?

  44. 5 straight games of 40 plus points per game. That works for me.
    Sometime, Somewhere, The Defense needs to catch up with the Offense.

  45. Rebar

    Unfortunately, a win is not a win; I expect us to drop in the rankings for giving up so much yardage to an unranked team.

    • gastr1

      UT 2012 = Arkansas 2010/2011

      I think they move the ball on all but the best defenses. And we are clearly not one of the best defenses.

      I can’t figure it out…almost everybody back and we’re worse. Did Brandon Boykin really mean that much to the D?

      • DWH

        I really can’t help but think that the complete and utter lack of holding penalties on their offensive linemen contributed to Bray’s success today. Just like every good QB, you give him time he’s gonna make plays (see Geno Smith today). However, as soon as UGA was able to almost get to him he shat the bed. I just can’t get over it. Did I miss a memo in the off-season?

    • G

      A win is not a win? What the F are you talking about? If the Dawgs keep a 0 in the loss column, the rankings will work themselves out.

  46. The defense did well when placed in tight spot as in the last few minutes of the game. UGA defense today did not look like a highly ranked but good enough to cause Tyler Bray to hurry some of his throws that resulted to Tenn loss. The defense however has not really stopped the run much — they need to stop Lattimore next SAT.

    BOBO calls when UGA is deep in their own, is typical BOBO. Not much guts on his calls just to get out safely of the drive.

  47. After all is said and done UGA and Uga !X won again. The disappointment is because of the expectation of fans and media of a one sided game. As long as UGA wins, SEC and NC can be reached.

  48. G

    I’m so happy for the win, but I do have a Bobo bash. Please call me on it if you disagree, but there was a series that turned this game from a rout to a game. After MM not fielding the punt, which he should have, Bobo called three straight run plays with Marshall. It was so Bobo. I have loved what he has been calling, but that give up series changed the game. I think he held back, and we got the game we got. Staying aggressive is the key to this team being great.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Whenever we take our foot off the gas pedal bad things happen. Some intermediate routes turned into long plays, but no long passes today. If we return to our overly conservative play calling of the past decade, we can forget about challenging for the mnc.

    • Dboy

      “It was so Bobo” You sure that isn’t Richt’s call?

  49. Rebar

    Dear G, I’m talking about the rankings; you know, where last week LSU dropped because of their poor showing against an abysmal Auburn. Yeah, we can keep an 0 in our loss column, and be the bridesmaid, like 2004 Auburn. I’m a DAWG lover and supporter, but only a blind homer would be proud of the defensive effort displayed this afternoon & evening.

  50. JCB

    Some of you guys are ridiculous. A W is a W.

    So what did we learn? UGA’s D gives up points against good offenses (this game, last year). That D reputation is a result of that easy schedule last year. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s not a top 5 D. It’s not a top 10 D. But it’s a top 15, and that is enough, because the O is good. Is it real good? Yes. You have the luxury of being good and balanced. And that is a killer for other teams. The only question that still remains is how will that young OL hold up against better Ds.

    So you need to stop the nonsense. You guys are good enough to run the table in the regular season. I hope you don’t, because it is more fun to fuck with you.

    • shane#1

      The O is not real good. The D may be top thirty. Special teams suck. O line is so so. Coaching in this game did not exist. I am starting to believe that CTG is another CPJ, a big blow hard with nothing to back up his mouth.The D hasn’t done crap so far this season. Hey Todd, shut your mouth and try to coach will ya!

  51. Although the game was disappointing, I doubt the voters will vote UGA down in the AP as no other team was really overwhelming in today’s games. Look at the scores. Looks like everybody’s defense sort of rested and allowed unranked even FCS teams to score some.

  52. evolveddeepsoutherner

    Good God, it could always be worse. Coach Paul Johnson’s post-game presser. Watch it before they take it down. I’ve not seen a more funereal six minutes in my life, I don’t think.

  53. JG Shellnutt

    Call me crazy but Tennessee just did us a huge favor. They exposed to us some weaknesses that we need to work on next week prior to SC. Yet we still got the win. What if we had blown Tennessee out and learned nothing new about ourselves? A more likely loss at SC is the answer. We get a week to work on problem areas and be tuned up going to SC and decidedly not overconfident. Maybe better than otherwise.

    • Otto

      JG, solid points, plenty to be optimistic and plenty to be concerned about.

      At the half I was thinking 2006 UT half time. UGA looked to be headed for a big win but started coming apart around half time. However, this team pulled it out.

      What if the ’04 team had won like this against LSU going into UT?

      We’ll find out next week, the good thing is the team can determine their own future.

    • Dboy

      JG Shellnutt, I agree. Kids this age need to learn by making mistakes (except for at Alabama…they are born knowing what to do). Hopefully, the defense realizes they still have work to do and just being on the field does not make them elite, the special teams need to do some serious work, the offense need to protect the ball, for the love of all things dawg.

  54. Scott

    UT did run 90 offensive plays over 15 possessions, which is the equivalent about 5 or 6 quarters of football. The average for an SEC conference game in 2011 was 63 offensive plays. It was a very long game. We scored so quick, the defense was out there a long time.

    When you look at yards per play today, the UGA defensive numbers today are only slightly worse compared to last season. UGA gave up 4.46 yds per play last year.

    Against ranked teams last season, UGA gave up 5.23 yards per play in 2011. Today UT averaged 5.28 yards per play on offense.. Georgia’s offense averaged over 8 yards per play, gaining 569 yds on 70 plays.

    It was disappointing to see the Vols convert those 3 consecutive short fields into td’s in the 2nd quarter. So much for our improved red zone td defense. The reverse td in the 4th quarter was also embarrassing.

    If the defense had not bit on the reverse, and if our D had hunkered down in the red zone in the 2nd quarter, I don’t think we would even be critical of their performance given that UT had 90 plays.

    Spurrier was asked today about the number of high scoring games being seen in college football, and he attributed it to the increasing number of offensive plays in pass oriented no huddle schemes. Spurrier said that no defense is going to look good if a team runs 90 plays.

    • DawgWalker07

      I don’t think the defense bit on the reverse so much as it was a designed pass play and we covered well and then Patterson made something happen with his legs. He has that ability, and that’s why we tried recruited him so heavily. But yes, it was quite embarrassing nonetheless.

  55. Scott

    Over the past 5 seasons heading into 2012, UGA missed a total of 3 extra points over 66 games. From 2007-2011, we converted the PAT in 241 of 244 attempts.

    We have already missed 3 extra points in 5 games. And many other attempts have just barely made it.

  56. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Until CMR assigns someone (himself perhaps) the duties of Special Teams Coordinator we will continue to have sh!tty ST play and it WILL cost us one or more games. This fragmented approach is clearly not working. The decision to make MM all things to all positions has really been a f#ckup of galactic proportions. Instead of MM being an All-SEC receiver we now have him as a mediocre receiver, a mediocre DB and a mediocre returner.

    • Scott

      + 1. I think the punt returns are shattering MM’s confidence and affecting his play all around. We had this elite receiver and a Defense with nearly everyone returning. I just never understood the logic for tampering with that success.

      I can’t remember a All-SEC caliber player ever switching sides like that as long as I can remember. I mean Champ Bailey was slowly added into offensive plays, but he was always a full time cornerback first. Robert Edwards went from defense to offense, but he was a mediocre defender at the time.

      The closest analogy is Jermaine Phillips, who was a heralded high school receiver, but who was a bust at the WR position. He then converted to DB, rode the bench for a season, and then had a great senior year as a Safety. He ended up starting in the NFL for 8 seasons, and even made Aill-Pro one season.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Great post. Our starting 11 on both sides of the ball has plenty of talent. I’d rather see full-time WRs Brown, TKing & Bennett on the field, than a part-time MM. Same goes for DB, where I’d rather see full-time DBs Commings, Swann & Smith on the field, than part-time MM.

    • gastr1

      Based on Richt’s postgame comments, Mitchell is done returning punts and McGowan will be back there. The no catch/let the ball roll incident was finally more than the coach could take.

      It did contribute to letting them back in the game.

  57. WTF Settle Down Dawgs

    Hey guys, we won…the game…for a change. We can get all Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction Ezekiel on Marcellus Wallace and on these future champions but give the boys a break, they played their hearts out and think about Barabra and Vince..these Dawgs, I swear, deserve some credit. And so do the Dooley’s…and that hound dog.

  58. WTF Settle Down Dawgs

    Sorry Mrs. Dooley, Barbara.

  59. Rocksalt76

    What’s the opposite of a Disney Dawg? ‘Cause they’re out en masse today. We took an SEC team’s best shot, and gave our worst, and came out on top. UT’s running game has woken up, their offensive line may, just may, be a bit better than we gave them credit for, and we had THREE turnovers on our side of the field. It appeared to me that the D’s game plan was to not give up the big play that UT has been feasting on all year, dropping 7 on most plays. In that scenario, a running game that turns out to be pretty decent makes a big difference. We’ve all been talking about that “one game” in a Mark Richt coached team where we manage to wet the bed and get run off the field. To me, this was that one game, the only difference is that we won. Hey, imagine that. GO DAWGS!

  60. Scorpio Jones, III

    An intersection of overconfidence and the Kharmic Bitches….now you guys know why I have been nervous about UT.

    It may have been ugly, but it was a win and I will take it. I hope I don’t have to read any national championship horseshit this week. Da Cocks have been getting ready for us for at least two weeks, and in the meantime they played Kentucky and had a game very similar to ours, emotionally.

  61. If Richt & Bobo are as bad as the comments make them out to be: the Dawgs would not have scored more than 40 points in 5 straight games.
    When you have 2 backs like we have, there is nothing wrong with running the ball when you have the lead. Nuff Said.
    Still next week will tell the tale. GO DAWGS. GATA.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      When you have 2 backs like we have, there is nothing wrong with running the ball when you have the lead.

      I am all about the run, and don’t mind at all running up the middle – I love it. But when you have a great QB like we have, there is no reason to telegraph your intentions to your opponent and play scared, either. We needed to keep surprising TN last night. What worked early to keep TN off balance was a great mix of runs and passes, and the run calls were inventive. When we freak out and shut down the passing game because of field position, and only try safe runs, we depart from the very thing that gave us security.

      The best defense is a good offense.

  62. UT thinks that there entire O line is going pro. After that performance I can see why. They played well.

    (ducks head…)

  63. Polls are out UGA kept #5 in AP.