Seeing Red

With regard to Richt’s request for a “red out” at today’s game – generally, I’m not a slave to fashion, but after reading this, I’ve decided to make an exception. Hell, I almost feel like buying some red body paint.

If you’re going, feel free to indulge.


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23 responses to “Seeing Red

  1. Timphd

    Good to see that the Red and Black is still putting out quality opinions, just like 30 years ago when I used it for starting fires.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    An adolescent with his hat on backwards, waxing philosophical. Too much.

  3. Rebar

    What a putz!

  4. I am a slave to fashion… Have just the right stuff for a “Red Out” How fun for us all to unite.

  5. Dboy

    He has a point of view, but I immediately dismiss it when the picture of the author pops up: looks like a stoned, high school aged hamburger delivery artist. Wow.

    How this guy thinks anyone is going to listen to his opinion about motivation, Mark Richt’s professionalism / stature in the community looking like that haha…just a crazy mistake in judgment on his part.

  6. Don’t shoot the messenger! I am sure it would inspire the players to see a sea of red. Just do it!

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I asked my sons about it. They represent both sides of campus. Their response. ” Nobody pays any serious attention to those cats Dad.” and ” BIG pic of the writer. As long as he is gonna rep for a burger place I’m glad it’s not McDonalds.” Well there you go. As for me. Red and Black hat, red Georgia polo. Red, black and silver “kicks”. I got the “kicks” for Christmas and I am breaking them out for today’s game. No red britches for me sports fans. I’ll stick with my “boring” khaki shorts, thank you very much. Oh, and red poncho – 30% chance of rain. Guess I’ll go scotch guard my “kicks”. I hate wet feet…….😉
    Off topic but current. I asked about the whole Pike/UT thing. I received a frown and a shake of the head. “Really, Dad? That stuff just doesn’t happen at Georgia. Not with anybody I hang with.” OK. Moving right along.
    Go Dawgs! 34-14!

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m sure your boys appreciate how great they’ve got it. Question is, how can they concentrate on school work when there’s over 75% babes (and mostly hot babes).

  8. So happy you have Son’s to keep us informed. Guys can’t pull off the all red thing in good taste. Us Ladies will compliment you guys in your classic khaki with our red fashion statements.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    So….like what else would one wear but red?….all black is sooooo declasse and smacks of hubris….I mean, really, I got like 40 Georgia shirts….they all red, but of them only a few have the mojo. So wear red, but beeee careful.

    • Ok SJ3…All red has mojo. It is the color of passion, blood, and heart. This team has that in spades. How awful would it be to be asked to have an “orange out”. That’s not even a natural color.

  10. I get sick of people criticizing the UGA Blackouts. Lest we forget we had two amazing games decked in black prior to the Bama game. That Auburn night game was the most electric games I’ve ever witnessed, and it started with the crowd who fully embraced the blackout. In New Orleans, the crowd again decked in black was extremely loud and fun. We didn’t stop wearing red jerseys based on a single loss, and we shouldn’t abandon the black. They should schedule one good night game a year at home and don the black jerseys. Now the 2009 ga/fl jerseys and the power ranger outfits from the Boise st game were horrendous, but the black was just good fashion!

    • Macallanlover

      I am with you on the Black Jerseys, feel they should be used once every year, or two. They are one of our primary colors, they look great (really great), and the players love them…it seems to pump them up. It is really myopic to let the results of one game, a loss to a good team, banish them to the closet forever. Typical overreaction for the UGA fanbase, the comments were right there with the “fire Mark Richt” mentality.

      I will take issue with the need for fans to dress like the team, this isn’t State Penn. I feel the mistake made by CMR was to announce the Blackout in advance, just let the team come out dressed in black jerseys. Orchestrating what fans wear is fake juice. We do not have to wear a particular color/uniform to be unified. The US military is unquestionably linked whether they are wearing fatiques, dress blues, etc. A corporation’s focus isn’t determined by the decision for some to wear golf polos and others to wear sports coats and ties. I like seeing the variety of UGA colors in the stands. Appreciate some think this is cool, I think players should play and fans should support in their own way. We are blessed with the best color combination in sports or fashion, even our opponents wear it once or twice a week. Let it all hang out, flaunt it Dawgs!

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        “…the mistake made by CMR was to announce the Blackout in advance…” Absolutely right. Can you imagine the effect on the crowd if the Dawgs had just come out of the tunnel wearing the black jerseys with no advance notice?

    • heyberto

      Yeah, do them often enough that the stigma is off, but infrequently enough that they stay special. A few caveats’ though:

      – never a surprise. I loved the way they handled the pro combat unis. The team saw them early, practiced in them, etc. so they weren’t a distraction. they were not our problem in that game.

      – Black Jerseys, red helmets, silver britches. No all black combos. we have to have red somewhere besides a stripe or something. No away games.

      – I love the idea of making them a reward. Beat Florida, And wear them at the next home game of the players choosing, etc.

      • Macallanlover

        Agree 1000%, I never want to see a monochrome look at UGA. I think an all white uni is fine for some teams, but have never seen an all one “color” uni I could stand (all red, orange, blue, black, green, etc.) I have also thought a “bonus” for achievements earned being a good idea. I hope I never see another pro combat uni, especially at UGA.

  11. JasonC

    When Benjamin isn’t working the fries station, he likes to keep it real by covering sports and fashion and all.

  12. Dawg19

    I got the full 1988 game uploaded last night, if anyone’s interested. Enjoy…

  13. heyberto

    Ugh. Since when is fake juice invoked by wearing the same home uniform we always wear, and Richt asks fans to wear the color most of us wear to games anyway?

    Sounds like this kid has been sitting on a reason to blast CMR and couldn’t wait until we had an actual uniform deviation to do it.

  14. Gravidy

    Whenever I wonder where all the dipshit “journalists” come from, I can always rely on the Ol’ R&B to remind me. It shouldn’t surprise me any more, but sometimes it does. Shame on me.