While I’m still trying to catch my breath from yesterday…

Enjoy this in the meantime.


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  1. Jim

    Keith Marshall looks like a thoroughbred horse when he gets in the open field. Just stunning.

  2. Timphd

    Somebody give Hall a high five for his blocks. He pancaked a Tenn defender on Gurleys second short run.

  3. Ausdawg85

    The old axiom I noted before the game is true…starting a freshmen will cost you a game. “Gurshall” are spectacular and I hope this game’s errors are the worst we’ll see. A better omen is their desire & capability of making up for any of the team’s mistakes with a great breakaway play.

    BTW, the dog-graded continues. No one in the top of the SEC had a big victory, yet it seems only ours is being labeled as a struggle against an inferior team.


    • gastr1

      Another thing that must be noted is their desire to play for the team and do what it takes in all situations. Gurley has done a lot of good pass blocking in particular.

      These guys are better than the recent crop were in just about every way possible.

  4. ChicagoDawg

    Gurley’s long one demonstrates, in one play, all that makes him special….
    instincts, strength, speed, balance, patience… he is a faster Rodney Hampton.

    Marshall really does have gear that few others possess … he had no business getting down the sidelines with the angle the safety had on him on the first run. The only negative issue I can point to with either one of them all year have been the ball drop at the goal line. He fumbled just prior to scoring on the second long one, but thankfully it was not called. Gurley did that earlier in the year and if they don’t stop doing that it will get called.

  5. jaxdawg

    UGA = Tailback U. Again.

  6. Brandon

    I was afraid you had angered the football gods for a while there Senator with your pregame expressions of confidence.

  7. Rebar

    The defense has alot of work to do to be ready for Carolina’s offense.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      At least if Bray had ever taken off we were ready for him….almost makes me wonder…..naw….you are right, we got a lotta work to do.

      Hell, by the beginning of the fourth quarter I was even doubting my hat.

    • JRod1229

      Offenses are a lot different.. while we will have to be more stout against the run, something we’ve been woefully poor at thus far, Connor Shaw can’t make those same passes Bray was making. If you watch he threaded the needle many many times. That isn’t Shaw’s specialty.

      • Cojones

        In the player’s Helmet Stickers section of SEC blog on ESPN, they noted Bobo as the best SEC O coordinator for his play calling in this and other games. His game was exceptional enough to include him in with the players. He also was praised in the UGA/Tenn game disection.

        Senator, thought you might have included those today what with you becoming a new fan of our GM (Georgia Mike). Did you realize that out O output has risen to 48+ pts/game?

        By the way, the Bobo Bandwagon is overloaded right now, but if one of you great intractables would like to jump on , just leave your name with Bobo’s Admin Asst. I’m sure some spaces will open up as soon as there is a rough O output or at least less than 47 pts/game.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ace Sanders…..man….kinda reminds one of Jaquez Green who is somebody I had rather forget.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lone, Cojo, Mac….you guys really better get ready to hunker down next week, and for God’s sake, lay off the Kool Aid.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Roger that … and thank The Big Man (maybe Woman!) upstairs that, in the end, I avoided the deflating wager I had crowed about earlier. I read no more press clippings or puff pieces from here on down the line! I’ll simply be focusing play-by-play.

      And, incidentally, good work as per usual on the gris-gris and whatnot.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Everybody laughed when I said two weeks ago UT made me nervous as a bird on a wire. Surely to God nobody has any illusions about how good Da Cocks actually are.

        • Cojones

          Scorp, before I type this I would like you to have a glass of wine and come back to read .

          SC has Clowney and two more who will be formidable on their D line, but our D line is still better. Their O line and ours now fairly well match up. Our D backfield is better and our running backs put the pressure squarely on Lattimo to double his output to keep even with Gurshall. QB physical abilities even up, but the head game goes to Aaron. Both teams have good weapons, but UGA’s is best.
          I pick UGA by the same number of points freely donated by our O last year.

          BUT, if someone doesn’t get the STs in perfect line for this game, we will lose this game outright. Hopefully, we played last year’s SC game yesterday with the gifting of field position and other mistakes on STs. The coaches had better not let that happen again this season. Period.

          OK, Scorp, you are now freed up to worry like a father of 5 girls between the ages of 18 and 22 who are attending UGA on your dime.

  10. Macallanlover

    I never thought we would lose that game yesterday but the mistakes in the 2nd Qtr. allowed TN to hang around with a long shot chance. I can excuse the tipped pass, even the two fumbles were good shots on the ball by unblocked busts from the OL, don’t like it but that isn’t what we need to worry about from yesterday. We had the ability to score at will, they had no chaqnce of stopping the pass from UGA.

    But the concerns I had earlier in the year about the D have proven to be real. You guys have been after the wrong coordinator all along. We have 6-8 guys that could be drafted off that defense? Not from what I see. We are soft against the run up the middle…even when we knew it was coming. We give HUGE cushions allowing all the short passes a team wants to throw, yet still get beat deep when they want to go that way. It is a good thing Murray and our receivers weren’t wearing Orange and White yesterday because they would have won. Thank goodness for bad throws and drops! We never got pressure on Bray until; the end even though that had to be the key to winning defensively yestaerday. With our inability to cover receivers, we had better find a way to get in the QBs face….and we didn’t. And we were gassed, probably because we couldn’t get off the field. TN was over 50% in 3rd down conversions, and several of those were 3rd and long.

    I am sorry, but if that is what we have on D, we will not win a championship. I don’t see anyone stopping our offense enough to keep us from having a chance, but I don’t know that we can outscore everyone we play all year. I feel like we should be in the PAC12, or Big 12. I saw this defense last year, it was not real good against the pass then, but we didn’t get gouged by the running game like we did yesterday.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      If there is anything positive to take away from the Tennessee game it is this: We played Vandy at an emotional and executional peak. Then played Tennessee at their emotional peak. And won both games.

      At least we got heart.

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t doubt the heart of this team, they have good leadership, are grounded, and don’t make the stupid penalties we have in the past. I just think we are soft on defense, and we don’t move enough players in and out to keep them moving with a sense of urgency. No penetration, allowing runners to slip out of our grasp, and unable to get off blocks. I know TN has a good offensive line but we are getting blocked off the ball consistently, and seem unable to bring an effective blitz.

        I said all along, we would be facing a wounded animal in TN, one that is fighting for their football life. We had the chance to knock them out in the first half and turnovers/field position to breathe life back into them. In the second half we got them down again and the defense turned into swiss cheese allowing them to crawl back close. We will face a power run team next week in a hostile environment, we cannot play defense like we did yesterday or Lattimore and Shaw will outscore our offense and we pick up he L.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I agree with your analysis about our D stated above and in your earlier post. That said, the D came through at the end and won the game for us. The thing that troubles me the most about yesterday is that we seemed to be able to score at will but when it really counted and the game was one the line…when 1 first down wins the game…the O couldn’t do it. That has been a persistent problem with losses UGA has suffered in the last 3 years–Michigan State last year and Arkansas 2010 to name 2 (there are others). Until we prove that we can run out the clock in a close game against a tough opponent I also fear we won’t be winning any championships.

          • Macallanlover

            I think every knows I am not a critic of “playcalling” in an isolated sense, just the macro. I think we made a mistake in the first half on our goalline, and again in the 4th quarter of not passing the ball. I woule not advocate that as an absolute, but with the space our receivers were getting all freaking night long, a senior QB that was not getting that much pressure, and me seeing TN was selling out against the run, I would have used the passing game to get us out of the whole and flip field position in the 2nd Qtr., and keep possession and run the clock in the 4th. If we didn’t have those reasons for optimism, I wouldn’t say that but Murray was dialed in and our receivers were running free.

            We didn’t score a point in the 4th Qtr, and barely did so in the 2nd. We should have had 700+ yards of offense and scored 60+. We left that on the table, and that would have been all earned, not gifted like the 21 we gave them. It was a mismatch but we decided to help CBS’ ratings. That game should have had a lot of appeal on the Left Coast and in West By God.

            • Cojones

              You had better bet that Tenn was loaded up and ready to intercept at that end of the field. What you saw was the tease to get us to throw where it looks like we are so open, but don’t you reckon Bobo and Murray both saw crap that we didn’t and already knew what they looked like in a tease formation? I’ll bet that’s the reason for the plethora of runs from our end zone area.

    • charlottedawg

      Obviously we have some concerns given the game yesterday. But I will humbly submit this: we’ve done this shit every week this season

      Buffalo-OMG we gave up 20 points the sky is falling!!!
      Mizzou- man Jarvis is a Heisman candidate!, we’re awesome!
      FAU- defense where are you?!?!?
      Vandy- only 3 points allowed we’re awesome!!!

      At this point I’ve given up trying to get a bead on this team and I’m just going to try and enjoy every W. These guys have heart if nothing else. I have no idea if we’re contenders or pretenders. So I’m going to stop trying to guess. I do know however we’re 5-0 and we our goals are still intact.

      • Cojones

        That post was needed, Charlotte. And the heart part will decide a game in the future part of our schedule plus post season. All we can do is cheer like hell and try to boost their season of “No Regrets”

    • Merk

      Of course we do have 2 starters who were playing their first game. No way that could have any effect at all.

      Also do you not think Tenn spent the last 2 weeks prepping for this game? You really think they spent more then 1 maybe 2 days thinking about Akron?

      Go ahead and get your bitchy post ready for next week, because Spurrier spent more time this week prepping for us than UK. (hell he prob spent part of the summer prepping still.)They are going to show up ready to play. Next week is for the SEC East. The loser has to hold their breath for 2 losses, which is very unlikely to happen.

    • Brandon

      Grantham is better than Willie, that is certain and he talks a good game but honestly he has yet to prove he is the elite dc many in our fanbase who swoon over his bravado think he is. Understand I am not hating on Grantham but I agree he is honestly the coordinator who is deserving of more scrutiny at this point, he’s improved the defense but he hasn’t got us to erk or van gorder like dominance yet. Our offense is the best we have had since at least 92, but offense can’t be counted on every week, even the best offenses have at least 1 or 2 games a year when they struggle we need our D to be there when it happens. The Bobo haters will immediately pounce then like anytime we have to punt but I can only assume Bobo banged the Bobo haters wives in college because the hate is not rational, it is emotional, some guy actually asked if it was too early to start a fire Bobo thread yesterday after UT took the lead before halftime, completely insane, sadly he is was encouraged though. These morons have no concept of what a bad offense really is.

      • Cojones

        True. And to act like the “Fire Zook” rednecks makes me clinch my jaw. This firing of coaches by the fan base only interferes with enjoyment of the game and No! there isn’t one iota of football logic or reason in the whole “Hang’um High” bunch.

    • Cojones

      I have to hand it to Bray. There were big rushes on him and he simply got rid of the ball quickly, either to a receiver or dumped. You could see Jarvis and co coming hard and as they are about to take two steps and tackle, he gets rid of it. That reflects on his talent, not the D’s inability to sack his ass.

      That Tenn O line was great. They became a force againstb us yesterday and they all played like banshees. Tenn will kick some ass later on when they get consistently good on their plays. I think next year’s game will be one tough mutha.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Let’s hope these guys turn out to be more dependable than some of our recent RBs. Three full seasons (at least) of Gurley-Marshall would be special.

    And Marshall is freaky fast. It’s almost weird watching him in space. Like he’s casually jogging … and running past people.

    • Came here to say this. Marshall looks like he’s slowing down when he breaks free yet he’s still outrunning their corners. I want to yell, “faster!” But it might just be that he’s so smooth.
      Also, although I think R. Samuel is a DGD, the third TD highlights the difference. RS would have hit the defender head on, while Gurley cut just enough to slide past them… Backwards. Great run.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Love the long runs. O-Line so far is better than advertised. Next week will be a huge test.

    Have some coaching opportunities this week on the return game and how to handle the football on the touchdowns. Marshall came very close to honey badgering the ball on his second long TD run. Score first. Then celebrate.

    • Dboy

      I was very nervous that they would review that second TD of Marshal’s when he simultaneously released the ball and crossed the goal line. I kept yelling to snap the ball. It was close

  13. Anyone find a place to rewatch the game online?

    It’s not up on ESPN3.com, SECdigitalnetwork.com, or CBSsports.com, that I can find.

    Anyone know of another resource?

  14. Georgia maintained #5 AP rank. Looks like UGA is getting some respect despite the shootout.

  15. GURSHALL is getting some hype as well in COLLEGE FOOTBALL FINAL.

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    Golly gee, you think the South Carolina defense has to deal with any good running backs in practice?

    Hype….is that the same stuff that made Georgia a 21-point favorite over UT?

    Said it before, but I am afraid Georgia is just good enough to break my pore ol heart.

    It is gonna be a great honor to be on the same field as a team with the glorious football tradition of the University of South Carolina. I sho do hope our po little ole fellers are not too awed to play decent.

    If you think FAU’s long snappah was special, wait till you see South Carolina’s.

    • Macallanlover

      For the record, we were only 14 point favorites. Even with the 21 gift points and muzzling of the offense for almost 2 quarters, we still only missed covering the spread by one play. I have told you all year that you were worrying unnecessarily, this is the first game where we need our A game. We are better than SC but not enough to play the way we have on defense and STs. They have a lot of motivation to beat us, and the game is probably more critical to them, plus they are at home. Looks close to me, maybe UGA by a 3-7..