Get ‘yer drinking game ready!

Georgia – South Carolina draws Herbstreit and Musburger for the call.


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67 responses to “Get ‘yer drinking game ready!

  1. Kyle

    Man I hate these stooges. Especially Musburger. Haven’t listened to a game on mute with the radio on in a while; maybe it’s time.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Brent Musburger is the reason they put a mute button on the remote.

    Why do have to have the sound on anyway?

    • I wish they had paired Herbie with someone else. Always hated Musburger since he called a game in 1986 between Nebraska and Oklahoma. He said, Here we are in the late afternoon in Lincoln Nebraska about 100 times! Herbie is just wonderful and makes Musburger tolerable.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I beg to differ here, NOTHING makes Musburger tolerable.

        Musburger makes the late John Ward of UT honor sound like a master of the well-chosen word.

        • Well, you are right. Why doesn’t he retire? He is sooo old.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Age has nothing to do with it….he has been a babbling buffoon for 30 years. He, clearly, knows almost nothing about the game so he tries to cover that with inane “inside dope” that he gets from his close friends on the teams…I know they are his close friends because he calls them all by their first names.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Muffburger is a complete idiot. I cannot understand how he has managed to keep his job this long. Literally everyone I know absolutely HATES the guy. People tune in for the game–not because of him. In fact, I would be willing to bet that an awful lot of people turn down their TV sound and listen on radio. That’s what I am going to do. Isn’t that enough to get the advertisers to pull the plug on the guy? You would think so.

              • Remember back in 1976 or 78 when CBS fired him for talking trash about the SEC and especially Georgia. ABC picked him up a couple of years later. I thought we were rid of him back then.

                • Darrron Rovelll

                  I think you have your decades wrong and story incorrect. Musburger left CBS in 1990 after UNLV slaughtered Duke. He immediately went to ABC and focused on college football since Al Michaels was the top play by play guy at ABC.

    • Brandon

      +1, yep I will be watching with the tv on mute and the radio turned up.

      • dawgsense

        How do you “folks” plan to sync up the tv and radio broadcast? In my experience there is a delay…

        • Brandon

          I choose the delay over Musberger.

          • I like the delay. You hear what happens before you actually see. It is a comfort to me.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Yeah, but that delay thing….it definitely screws around with the listener’s timing…I have a hard time knowing when to yell cause of that delay.

              In a big game like this, its those little things that become important in proving which team is the best.

  3. My god. These TABOOLA ADS are horrendous.

  4. DugLite

    So what are the rules for the drinking game?

  5. SMBlues

    Herbstriet I dont mind. He at least prepares and generally seems to understand what is happening in the game at the moment. Musburger on the other hand makes me want to jam an icepick into my ears. He honestly ruins games for me.

  6. That is the craziest drinking game ever. Might have wanted to try that at 21, but now….It would kill me.

  7. MT Dawg

    Add mentioning something about Montana. It’s a given Musburger will mention MT EVERY TIME he is on the air. It has to be like shotgunning a beer, becuase he will only do it once.

  8. Dog in Fla

    The Rules of the Drinking Game:

    1st RULE: You do not talk about the Drinking Game.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about the Drinking Game.
    3rd RULE: If someone says “stop”, goes limp, and/or taps out the Drinking Game is over. (For that person only. Those who haven’t quit must continue.)
    4th RULE: Only two guys with a bunch of scantily clad super-hot ring card girls to a Drinking Game.
    5th RULE: One Drinking Game at a time.
    6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes, no service.
    7th RULE: The Drinking Game will go on as long as it has to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night at a Drinking Game, you HAVE to drink and pay a cover charge.
    Supplemental Rules dusted off for Irwin Meyers bout last week are found at

  9. Mike, Not Gator Mike

    Man I hate those two. I thought they only subjected the Pac 12, Big 12 and Big 10 to those asses. Musburger is the king of hyping absolutely nothing and Herbstreit is the king of stating the obvious and irrelevant. Why couldn’t we get Blackledge and Brad Nessler…or even Steven A Smith and Mark Jones.

  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Folks, when I first read this post I felt a slight tremor in the force. I wonder if Musburger is actually a tool of the Kharmic Bitches…this is cause for significant worry.

  11. mwo

    Has the officiating crew been named yet? If Penn Wagers is working the game we had might as well not watch. We are fucked!

  12. Uglydawg

    I miss Keith Jackson. ” Whoa Nelly!” .
    Showing my age here, but he was great. Todd Blackledge may be his equal.

    • mwo

      Not counting Larry Munson, Keith Jackson probably was the best I ever remember listening to-he is about like listening to Vin Scully doing baseball. Blackledge is very good in my opinion. It is still hard for me to like someone who played at PSU and beat us in the Sugar Bowl. I remember when Brad Nessler used to do the Falcons. He sounded like they were drinking scotch in the booth.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Personally, after Munson of course, Ray Scott was da man…..

        On TV now……Star…..Boyd Dowler……Touchdown.

        He knew we could see what was going on….he did not call tv games like they were mysterious activities none of the folks out there understood.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Yeah, yeah, yeah. Things were a lot tougher back in those days, you fossil. I bet you had to watch Packers games on a black and white TV.😉

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Hell it was all they was…I didn’t know I was having a deprived childhood til much later.

            I blame my daddy.

  13. David

    The good thing about Herbsteit is that he loves good quarterback play. If Murray has a game like he’s been playing all year and we win, he won’t shut up about how great he is all game. Herbstreit could seriously vault Murray into the Heisman conversation if he duplicates the Vandy effort.

  14. Cojones

    He would have to have another gear past 78% to be better. Don’t think that can happen since that matches the drop rate (22%). So, in order for him to impress Mussbooger, he would have to dispence glue on the ball as he pulls it past his shoulder to pass in order not to have WR drops.

    Well, OK.

  15. Ed Kilgore

    As an old guy, want to underline SJ III’s point that Musberger’s problem isn’t age. He was actually worse in his younger days, when his signature was to give dumb nicknames to athletes. At one point, Bill Walton refused to give interviews until Musberger stopped calling him “The Mountain Man.”

    • Brandon

      I’m not old enough to remember Bill Walton vs. Brent Musberger but I too can vouch for the fact that Musberger has been terrible since at least the mid 80’s.

  16. 20 ninjas

    Don’t Herburger always call the gameday game? This does not seem like a surprise to me.

    I’m biting my nails already. Gameday is going to be at our game. Corso will put on our headgear. And then we will meltdown in true UGA fashion on live, national TV.

    • X-Dawg

      My bet is he puts a cock on his head.

      • Bulldog Joe

        If he picks South Carolina, he would not have to put anything on his head.

        • Bob

          Herby never picks if he is calling the game.

          And back a few on the oldies from the “fossil”…count me in. Ray Scott was the best NFL guy ever. And since Keith Jackson, its Brad Nessler for the College game. Mussberger definitely sucks, but I think Herby is pretty decent.

  17. BR Dawg

    What’s the over/under on visor and or clip board tosses?

  18. Ausdawg85

    Add to the Musberger drinking game: his insistence on saying aloud what a player must be “thinking/saying”. As if he is even “hip” to today’s kids.

  19. Jim

    Thank god i will be in the stadium and not watching on TV. Having to watch the end of duke-wake before CBS switched over to the dawgs last weekend was enough for its own drinking game. Missed the dawgs first score, but thats par for the course in ACC country

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Hope you got plenty a water there Jim….even if the outside temp is like 60 at kickoff, inside the Parking Lot it is always 102 on the field. Hottest place I ever been…hotter than hell.

  20. Just saw where Todd Gurley, Kenarious Gates and Chris Burnette were Baptised at the Athens Church on Sunday. CMR is very happy about this. Smoke that Kharmic Bitches!!!!

  21. hunkerdowndawg

    Ron Franklin is/was great, but he keeps getting in trouble for having too much Dan Jenkins in him. Sigh…

  22. Keese

    Musberger….?! Dang it. I’d rather watch paint dry that listen to him. Most boring announcer ever. He’s up there with Joe Buck

  23. Spike

    “You are looking live….”

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      No shit, dude, what he thought we might think we are looking at a tape replay and the game has been over since Wednesday.

  24. Dog in Fla

    He is a straight man. Drinking games may not always be hilarious but the press conferences are