Musical palate cleanser: this one goes out to Buzz in Atlanta.

Paul Johnson is this morning’s musical inspiration.

Hard to beat a combination of Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde…



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12 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: this one goes out to Buzz in Atlanta.

  1. calder

    If I put “first” here..does that mean your blog has made it to the top, or sunk to the bottom?


  2. TennesseeDawg

    No shame in losing to MTSU for Tech. They were beaten by a better team from a superior conference.


  3. Griff

    Tech is on the verge of total disaster. The team they put on the field Saturday looked like an FCS team in terms of size and speed. They were physically dominated the past 2 weeks by a depleted ACC team and a Sun Belt team. Just think how bad things would be if they didn’t have the greatest offensive coach of all time!


  4. deebflop

    He’s back, baby. Right after the game, in a moment of weakness, The Genius accepted responsibility for the loss. Now that he’s had a couple of days to reset his ego, he’s once again able to place 100% of the blame where it belongs… on his players. What a penis face.


  5. Nate Dawg

    Love me some Pretenders! And I get the double usage – the whole “stop sobbing” and you wouldn’t be calling tech “pretenders” now would you Senator?
    Never seen them live but would love to…but I wonder if she gets all “Peta-Power” on you during the show, telling you what to do and how to live your life and such, anyone know?


  6. toggle

    Natalie Rae is a combination of Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde!


  7. I’m through with Buzz.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    And one for the country fans…


  9. BMan

    StingTalk is an absolute joy to read at times like these. I saw some posts recently bemoaning how many exceptions Johnson is allowed to add to the team versus Chan Gailey or George O’Leary, and talk of ways to create new majors that would allow them to attract better athletes. It was priceless. You could have all the majors in the world, and still top athletes aren’t going to want to play in that system that Jowls runs.


    • It definitely is nice to be back to that after 2008. Nothing more refreshing than Tech fans basing their entire belief system around academic superiority and lack of sidewalk alums since they can’t beat us on the field.