Phil Steele calls the Georgia-South Carolina game for…

Georgia.  Because revenge is a dish best served as a three-point road win.

The Gamecocks have now beaten UGA in B2B seasons for the first time s/’00-’01. UGA is 7-3 in this series. Last year was a bitter loss for UGA. Generally when a team gives up a defensive td, their odds of winning are slim but UGA gave up an amazing 4 defensive and ST td’s and yet still only lost 45-42. Spurrier said after game, “Georgia outplayed us but we won the game. Somebody was looking out for us tonight.” This is their first non-September meeting since UGA’s 1980 national championship season. Both teams are 5-0 and both were peeking ahead to this one last week. SC found themselves down 17-7 at the half at Kentucky but outscored the Cats 31-0 in the 2H. Meanwhile UGA led 27-10 at home vs Tennessee but a couple of fumbles in their own territory set up short UT scoring drives and a 30-30 halftime score. They were able to pull out a 51-44 win as their two frosh stud RB’s Gurley/Marshall each topped 100 yards. UGA is playing with revenge and SC won’t be able to count on as many lucky breaks as last year.

I’ll certainly take it.


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  1. I have always liked Phil.

  2. jryuuu

    i was trying to figure out how a team has two “back to back” losses in the series but has a “7-3” record. I guess he’s referring to the last 10 meetings which excludes the 2001 (& 2000) losses.

    Richt is 7-4 against them FWIW.

    • Ed Kilgore

      This is one of those games where it’s easy to figure out key factors–mainly the ability of Georgia’s OL to open holes for Gurshall while giving Murray a chance to exploit Carolina’s secondary–but very hard to predict what will actually happen. Certainly the loss of Bennett doesn’t help prospects for quick short passes. Let’s hope the D begins to live up to earlier expectations.

      But what do I know? Last year I attended the game expecting a defensive struggle.

  3. godawg

    CRAP!! If its that close I’ll have a heart attack!

  4. HVL Dawg

    yeah, but if Bobo and Richt “take the foot off the gas” and we win, I’m going to bitch!

    • godawg

      Agreed. We need to hammer them and hammer them HARD! Very, very hard…we still owe the Ole Ball Sack a half a hunnert at home…

      • Vindex

        Certainly not meaning to tempt fate here, but…just for grins, what IS the record number of points scored by opponents in Williams-Bryce? Anyone have an idea?

        • godawg

          In recent history, (since 2000) they lost by 50 or more to Florida a couple times at home but as near as I can tell, the worst looks like a loss at home to Clemson 63-17 in 2003. Take a while to look back farther, but I’d feel preety good if we hung 64 or more on their board.

          • Uglydawg

            Not because I hate SC or their fans, but we owe SOS a huge ass whipping sooner or later. I’d love sooner.
            But their D is too good to do that this time. I’ll settle for Phil Steele’s prediction.

          • godawg

            They started playing at what is known now as Williams-Bryce Stadium in 1936. I’ve looked at all the schedule results I could find since then and found they also lost at home to Florida 63-7 in 1995 (guess who was UFs coach?). So it looks like the most points scored there by an opponent is 63.

        • Governor Milledge

          They don’t have much in the way of losing stats out there… the largest margin of victory for SC was 73-0 (Carolina beat Wichita State, 1980); in 1995, Carolina beat Kent State 77–14 for the most points scored.

    • Dog in Fla

      Unlike the Vanderbilt and Tennessee games, the Marks plan to have the offense do a little something different in the 4th quarter such as scoring football points

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Please, God, a win….I don’t care, and I doubt you do either, where feet are on pedals or any a that there… God, do you think anybody really gets how big this is?

    I can only speak for my little humble self, God, but if you could see your way clear to give the Dawgs a win, I promise I won’t complain about any aspect of the Dawgs’ performance.

    In fact, if you can see your way clear to do this, I proly won’t have anything to complain about for years…Hell, God I will even let up on Brent Musburger, and that’s tough.

    • godawg

      I like where you’re going here Scorpio…appeal to a higher power.

      Yes God, I too will stop complaining about most things if we can come away from Columbia with the win. But as long as you’re helping, could you please help us unleash a little Biblical fury upon them? Something along the line of locust plagues, fire and brimstone from the sky, scorched earth, humiliation, desolation, you know, the type of wrath of God destruction you were famous for in the Old Testament. Nothing too big mind you…Just enough to make them re-consider their decision to play inter-collegiate football for a few years. Thank you and AMEN.

      • Rhymer Dawg

        I know you are doing this tongue and cheek. But God does not work that way. God expects you to bend to his will before His salvation comes. You have it backwards. You are asking for salvation to come before you do any work.

        • Dog in Fla

          They told me all you had to do was get Baptized. I never heard anything about work although it’s possible that I may have missed something

          • Uglydawg

            Everyone needs the same thing..Grace. That’s it. Grace that comes through Jesus.
            Did you see the story of a bunch of UGA players getting baptized after the TN game? I think it was channel 11. CMR is certainly more than a football coach. He cares about these guys lives and futures.

        • godawg

          I’ll stop complaining right now then.🙂

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I guess yours has a different view….mine would never say I have done no work…he knows, brother, he knows.

          • Dear Friends Php 2:13 -for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast. I am a Theologian. Five years of Study and still a student Scorpio…I pray for the Dawgs. It is okay, Just do not make any promises to God. It don’t work that way. He does not expect that from us.

            • Lrgk9

              Hey Joyriding, ever poured through A Edersheim’s the Life & Time of Jesus Christ the Messiah?


              • Isn’t he a Messianic Jew from the 1800’s? I am deep into The Poetical Books. Job Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and SOS and as you know I am not talking about Spurrier.

        • Peteydawg

          Besides I kinda thought Columbia already had/was expierancing those things regularly

  6. JG Shellnutt

    Well, it’s obvious, we’re definitely going to win now. Phil says it’s so. I may not even be going to Columbia anymore.

    • Keese

      We also had the most dominating OLine heading into the 2010 season according to Phil.

      How does this exactly play into his formula for UF winning the east?

      • Mike

        “How does this exactly play into his formula for UF winning the east?”

        Florida might still have to play UGA? Plus he picks Florida to beat LSU this weekend too. By just a slighty larger margin than he picks UGA to beat USC.

        • Governor Milledge

          I do think the spread on the LSU game this weekend is a near-gimmee

          • Macallanlover

            Have to disagree, I see it low scoring and close, just like the line has it. Any game which you see changing with the turn of one play/call is far from a gimmee. Both teams will have trouble throwing, UF more so than LSU, imo, because the Tigahs have better DBs. I think LSU has a better running game (power, not explosive). Toss up game for me since it is played in Gainesville, won’t bet it, but I won’t miss a play until the 4th QTR.

            • Already made my picks….it is LSU +3. For sure.

              • Macallanlover

                There is a “sure” in football picks? Surprise to me but must admit I have chased rainbows under that illusion before. Pretty much gotten to the age I don’t believe in that Easter Bunny any more. But, as bad as they have looked all year, I think they have the D to contain a Florida offense that looks better but may not be there just yet. Going to be Old School football, physical with not much of that razzle dazzle stuff. Scoreboard operator might check to see if all his lights are working because I don’t see a lot of scoring. What a great opening game to this SEC doubleheader on Saturday.

        • Keese

          I just don’t see UF making it through their SEC schedule without two losses

  7. Tom

    Damn, now those who write articles are using silly text abbreviations. Lazy and I have no idea what some of them mean. Is there a dictionary for this?

  8. Slaw Dawg

    FWIW: at least in regard to the Straight Up calls, Steele is 100% so far this year with UGA and SC. I know the guy’s not always right, but he’s had a pretty good bead on our Dawgs over the years. Sure hope he’s mistaken about the SEC East winner, tho.

    Weekends like this, I miss Leonard Postero. Anybody else out there remember “Leonard’s Loser?” Me and my college buddies used to analyze the crap out of his free weekly before we put our money in the betting pool. We could beat each other, but rarely bettered Leonard’s “little smart pill machine.”

    • Uglydawg

      Didn’t Leonard have a rooster that would peck so many kernels of grain out of two “score” piles to determine the score of a game? Or was that somebody else? The guy I’m talking about lived in Kentucky and was on the Ludlow Porch radio show. (Ludlow was Lewis Grizzard’s half brother).
      The rooster did a pretty good job, as I remember.

      • godawg

        Sounds as scientific as any other formula. Maybe they should use that rooster method to pick the BCS teams or at least make it part of the formula to balance out the computers..

        Leonard lived in Athens though. Went to HS the same time as his daughter.

    • Russ

      Loved me some Leonard Postoasties. I can’t believe someone hasn’t reposted his bit on the internet somewhere. Isn’t that what the internet is for?

    • Dude..I was a bookie in Athens and had to listen to Leonard before I advised my guys. I miss those days. He was so wise.

    • I recently had a conversation with a Lynn (sp?) Davis at Five & Ten. I didn’t know him, but as we talked I couldn’t help but recall his voice. So I asked him: have we met because your voice is damn familiar? Turns out he voiced Leonard’s Losers. The two Hoosiers sitting between us had no idea what LL was or why I was so excited. Well, anyway, the folks you meet sitting at a bar eating oysters, right?

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Georgia outplayed us but we won the game. Somebody was looking out for us tonight.” See. Spurrier understands the role of the Kharmic Bitches and the football Gods. By “somebody” I don’t think he meant Lou Holtz, do you?

  10. Rebar

    I think we win by more than 3. I feel some touchdowns off of turn overs for US for a change, and sure hope I’m right!

  11. I already had Spurrier a winner before Bennett was hurt.
    Bennett was the comfort zone for Murray, particularly on third down & got to have it plays.
    Now I believe that the real Dawg Defense has to come to play for the Dawgs to pull this one out.
    The Offense will still do their part to keep the Dawgs undefeated.

    • Jim

      Bennet or not the real f’ing good dawg defense better sho’ nuf come to play if we expect to win.

      Make no mistakes men if we expect to win we need to play a perfect or near perfect game.

      How close we come to perfect will dictate whether we win or not. South cackalacky is going to bring their “A” game so if we hope they are off or are off ourselves we are doomed.

      Unfortunately I have been conditioned to expect something short of perfection so I am, in short, terrified of the outcome Saturday

      But I will be rooting as hard as anyone saddy nite from my seats at Williams Brice.

      • RocketDawg

        We don’t have to play a “perfect” or “near perfect” game to win. According to some of our fans (and some of the yapping heads on TV) we are playing the ’85 Bears on Saturday. I’ll let you in on a little secret having watched the majority of SC’s games this year….they are about as good as we are. Murray is a better QB than Shaw, Our backfield and their backfield are about equal based on this season’s stats, our receivers are also better. our O-line is better than theirs. Right now their D-line is better than ours is but if our D-line comes to play that could be a wash. Our LB’s are better if Jarvis is close to 100% and Tree shakes off the rust of the suspension. Our secondary is much better than theirs.

        If we bring our C game like we did last week then yes we will lose, but unless we lose the turnover battle by 2 or more I think that we win. I don’t think that their offense will have much sucess against our D if they play like they are capable.

        • Uglydawg

          Well said Rocket Dawg….blasting out into the horizin.
          I’m thinking the same thing…SC’s been made out to be a lot more daunting than they really are. They’re going to have their problems stopping the Dawgs.

  12. I love reading all yall. Def miss Bennett!! Phil Steele’s prediction sounds nice, but, gotta play the games. Senator: any idea how Phil’s predictions turn out? percentages?