Thursday morning buffet

Step right up and dig in.


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  1. Dawgsense

    I grew up playing the EA Sports games on the Genesis and still love the games. Look forward to the new one each year. That being said, that write up about a simulated season is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. What a waste of digital ink.

  2. +1. What a waste of digital ink indeed. Hey, did American Indians get offended when we had our “Red Out” last Saturday?

    • NateG

      I remember when Penn State did their “White Out” and everyone showed up in whiteface. So disrespectful…

  3. Lrgk9

    No where near a touchdow. Those refs should be ashamed.

    • HahiraDawg

      I’m filing a formal complaint in the Fabris pool.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I see a conspiracy at work here. Okie State had already lost an OOC game and wasn’t going to get to the BCSNCG even if it won the Big 12 title. Texas is the best hope the Big 12 has for that and all the greenbacks that accompany such a bowl berth. Texas needed a little help. Texas got a little help. Shades of the SEC. Those Big 12 guys ain’t stupid.

  4. HahiraDawg

    Wow, it worked, which force at work? “it’s gotta be gravity”

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know Bluto, I am beginning to think the O’Bannon lawsuit will end up being the catalyst for the end of college football as we think we know it.

    What’s likely to happen is that the game is going to be stripped down to its dollars and cents and laid bare….I don’t think I want to see the entrails.

    I guess this suit may be the second most important thing to happen in college football this year.

    Right behind Georgia-South Carolina.

  6. Monetize..This is what it has come down to. How sad for College Football. If I was a Judge, I would throw this crap out!

  7. Yes, there is a more pointless exercise than writing about a video game simulation. Actually commenting about the post written about a game simulation.

  8. Will (the other one)

    Related 2004 note: I believe that was the last time we scored 20 or more points in Columbia. It’s been at least 20 years since we’ve scored 30 or more on them in Columbia.

    • David H.

      It’s noted in the story that, amazingly, the last time Georgia scored OVER 20 points in Columbia was 1994, when Eric Zeier was quarterbacking. That’s eight straight games in Columbia with 20 or fewer points for the Dawgs.

      In that same period of time, the Gamecocks have scored over 20 points twice (1996 and 2000).

    • Biggus Rickus

      It’s been over 40 since South Carolina scored 30+ in Columbia in this series, for what it’s worth.

  9. Dog in Fla

    “After all, if the NCAA wrongly profited from the names, likenesses and images of college athletes, then companies in contract with the NCAA have arguably done the same.”

    Why are the redistributionists and collectivists trying to make wrongful profit-taking wrongful? Won’t labor ever learn?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Apparently not….the interesting thing to me is that labor has become so institutionalized the revolution is now taking place in the court room.

      A Law and Ordered version of Reds?

      • Dog in Fla

        “A Law and Ordered version of Reds?” Great idea. Someone just made a let’s do it for the kids and management comedy, “Won’t Back Down[?]”:

        “Once teachers give up job security and guaranteed benefits, learning disabilities will be cured, pencils will stop breaking and the gray skies of Pittsburgh will glow with sunshine. Who could be against that?”

        • AthensHomerDawg

          If some of those teachers were SEC coaches…. they would be coaching at Kentucky. Education of our kids might be better served if we outsourced it to Japan. Cheaper… better results.

          Student Performance on the Reading, Scientific and Mathematical Literacy Scales, mean score, 2006

          Countries are ranked highest to lowest score

          Countries ranked by reading scores. In the other tables below, countries are ranked by mathematics and science scores
          See also notes below the tables.
          ——– Country
          ———————– Reading
          ————- Maths
          ———– Science
          1 Korea 556 547 522
          2 Finland 547 548 563
          3 Canada 527 527 534
          4 New Zealand 521 522 530
          5 Ireland 517 501 508
          6 Australia 513 520 527
          7 Poland1 508 495 498
          8 Sweden 507 502 503
          9 Netherlands 507 531 525
          10 Belgium 501 520 510
          11 Switzerland 499 530 512
          12 Japan 498 523 531
          13 United Kingdom 495 495 515
          14 Germany 495 504 516
          15 Denmark 494 513 496
          16 OECD average 492 498 500
          17 Austria 490 505 511
          18 France 488 496 495
          19 Iceland 484 506 491
          20 Norway 484 490 487
          21 Czech Republic1 483 510 513
          22 Hungary 482 491 504
          23 Luxembourg 479 490 486
          24 Portugal1 472 466 474
          25 Italy 469 462 475
          26 Slovak Republic 466 492 488
          27 Spain 461 480 488
          28 Greece 460 459 473
          29 Turkey1 447 424 424
          30 Russian Federation 440 476 479
          31 Mexico 410 406 410
          32 Brazil1 393 370 390
          33 United States ..

          • Dog in Fla

            There are only 32 countries with smarter students than us? Awesome! That easily beats our infant mortality ranking in which our “[n]ewborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, on par with Qatar and Croatia.” I blame Obobocare.


            • AthensHomerDawg

              So our we do a poor job of overpaying teachers for poor results and we don’t measure up so well with birthing babies either? I’m sure you are right. Outsource our health care there as well??? Nahhh. It’s not as much a reflection on the docs/hospitals as it is on some of the soon to be moms birthing babies. No prenatal care and hitting the ER door when your about to drop is not conducive to a positive result. Those results still count.

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            I thought Georgie Bush solved this problem when he was Governor of Texas. Just pull all of your struggling students outs of the testing sample. Boom! Instant shot up the charts.

            • Dog in Fla

              Better yet, even if the testing sample is not fixed, “[t]est results have been used as the pretext to fire teachers and force schools into becoming privately managed charters, even though research has shown that corruption-prone charters are not, as a whole, better, and are often much worse than traditional public schools. And the testing mandates have proven to be a bonanza for for-profit education companies like Pearson and Kaplan (the latter is owned by the Washington Post Co.), which produce tests and materials to drill students in preparation.”


              As much fun as union busting is, privatizing the profit is what it’s all about


              • AthensHomerDawg

                This was a public school system. OH MY> By Michael Pell

                The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

                “The stain of cheating spread unchecked across 44 Atlanta schools before the state finally stepped in and cleaned it up. But across the country, oversight remains so haphazard that most states cannot guarantee the integrity of their standardized tests, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found.

                Poor oversight means that cheating scandals in other states are inevitable. It also undermines a national education policy built on test scores, which the states and local districts use to fire teachers, close schools and direct millions of dollars in funding.

                The AJC’s survey of the 50 state education departments found that many states do not use basic test security measures designed to stop cheating on tests. And most states make almost no attempt to screen test results for irregularities.”

  10. Okay Guys… we seem to be avoiding the subject here. We need to focus on sending positive vibes to our Dawgs. Everyone reminisce about games where the Dawgs did great things and surprised us all. Start thinking!

  11. Gee I thought stuff like this was just a Southern problem ………..but you were wrong.. Virtually all educators get off on punishing everyone for the stupidity of the few. We should complain about USC’s blackout…. at least that what I read on the interwebs.