Friday morning buffet

Nom nom nom…

  • Aaron Murray has a legitimate shot at setting the Georgia career touchdown passing record tomorrow.  (He’d trade that for a win, though.  Duh.)
  • Les Miles, on his big-ass fullback J. C. Copeland“He is a large man. He will continue to be that.”
  • Charlie Weis knows what separates the great coaches from the rest – attention to detail.
  • John Pennington reports that the nine-game conference schedule is back on the table for the SEC, because of the need for product for the SEC Network.  Fine by me.
  • Pat Dye isn’t man enough to pick a winner in the Georgia-South Carolina game.
  • Geno Smith’s numbers are insane.
  • Georgia racks up 544 yards of offense tomorrow… and loses?  I can see that happening, with a few untimely turnovers and whatnot.
  • Despite having more scholarship players on its roster, South Carolina has played the same number of kids on scholarship this season as Georgia has.


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15 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Bulldawg165

    Geno Smith is nasty. Turnovers are probably my biggest concern for this Saturday though, especially an ill-timed fumble on our end of the field or a pick six. If we avoid turnovers in our territory I honestly dont see us losing.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Given that West Virginia thusfar had played a schedule consisting of Kell, Pepperell, Crisp Co., and South Gwinnett, I day whoopty freakin’ do about Smith.


    • Nate Dawg

      Shout out to Floyd Co with the Pepperell action! (Wish I could get some Coosa love, but we ain’t no good, sigh…). I’m right there with ya with Smith. It’s the Big 12. I rarely pull for Oklahoma but I hope they and Kansas State (who I have a small crush on) put it on him. Not so trusting of that Texas D…yet.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Geno Smith is clearly an alien.

    I would hope Mark Emmert would invoked the Penn State Rule and institute and investigation immediately. It is my understanding NASA has compiled a report documenting Smith’s arrival in a capsule from somewhere beyond the sun. This report would provide the NCAA with all the evidence it needs.

    For Georgia fans there is comfort in the fact that the NASA report establishes no obvious connection between the arrival of Geno Smith and the arrival of running backs in Athens.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      *invoke the Penn State Rule and institute an

      Cheap Scotch


      • Macallanlover

        Cheap Scotch? Where does that random phrase come from? Get it out of here, very negative, unpleasaant thought on such a beautiful weekend.

        Hate to tell you this but I have plans to sip an 18 year old Macallan throughout the game as a way of celebrating our lads’ fine efforts tomorrow evening.


  4. Rocket Dawg

    Unless we give them a few (I.e. pick-6, scoop and score) I don’t see them scoring 38 points. Tennessee has a much better offense across the board with the exception of RB and they only scored 24 if you take away the pick 6 and short field turnovers.

    If it is a “clean” game with no turnovers I could see a 24-17 or 21-17 type game. Connor Shaw while accurate on short dink and dunk throws doesn’t have the arm to beat us deep. They have midgets for WR’s as well which works to our advantage. Don’t forget that Coach Lakatos was on the UConn staff that shut the OBC’s passing game down a couple of years ago in a bowl game.

    I feel like if we can stop Lattimore and Shaw from running we can win the game.


    • AusDawg85

      To shut-down Lattimore rushing and receiving in the flats, and keep Shaw contained in the pocket, our LB’s are going to fully committed to spying those two. So our secondary is going to be on it’s own, and the D line will have to be the source of pressure on Shaw. I’m sure the OBC is going to find out whether they are up to the task or not by using a lot of outside speed, mis-direction, and then all-out pounding by Lattimore late in the game if things are close or (gulp!) going USCe’s way. This is going to be a real match-up of wits between Grantham and Spurrier.

      Our best defense will be scoring…I actually think we can score 30+, but if we are successful with big plays and leave the D on the field, we’ll have a repeat of last week against a vastly better team. Maybe Marshall and Gurley can just take a knee around the 10 before scoring on those 70+ yard break-away runs? 😉


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I’d say that pretty much nails it…but you left out worrying, praying and battling the Kharmic Bitches for sixty minutes+

        Oh and selecting, wearing the right hat, and/or other totems as needed.


    • Ben

      I don’t know. With the way Raijon Neal looked last week, Lattimore is going to have to put on quite a show to prove he’s not the best RB in the conference. 😉

      Seriously, though, the idea that we could put up that much offense, score that many points, and still lose simply kills me. At some point, Spurrier, Lattimore, Clowney, et al, have to reminded that they are still simply South Carolina. Here’s hoping that Mark Richt and Co. do that tomorrow.


  5. Russ

    Best comment from that Weis article: “Is being Charlie Weis Chaz Bono’s weekend job?”



  6. Will Trane

    Think Coach Dye’s comments are in line with mine. Toss-up in Columbia. Decided by play of QBs and turnovers. Time for Coach Richt and staff to really coach up a game. Been a long time since a Dawg team has gone on the road and nailed a highly ranked team. That could be in the back of Coach Dye’s mind. Guess he could have said that and stated again if the Dawgs are man enough to beat Carolina. Best to say either can win this game. Will find out the character of the Dawgs. Totally agree that the Gators are solid club and have a little character. Too many people like to jump into the media mindset [ gaffee, lawyered up, you keep saying somebody will say it or believe]. In first game the Gators looked good in spots, but press overlooked it. Dawgs…something is going on with the D. Last year was last year…that squad will not take the field this year. Thought Rambo and Ogletree played well for first game contact and speed.
    The defense and Murray can say who the Dawgs really are Saturday night. Let’s see their character at almost the midway point, but at a critical juncture in SEC east race.


  7. Connor

    Really glad to hear the 9 game schedule is back in discussion. Hopefully that will happen as soon as next year.