As if they needed any extra help…

It’s amazing how stuff like this gets by without being caught and corrected.  At least it should be amazing.  I’m too numb right now to be amazed.


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  1. gatriguy

    I’m sure that’s how Richt taught it 15 years ago at FSU.

  2. dudetheplayer

    Where do we go from here?

    Beat Florida.

  3. onceadawg

    I could read the snap from section 501.

  4. Nate Dawg

    Oh no! Take this down b4 fla sees it! Ha! Just kiddin! As if it matters.
    Up 21, down 21 – wonder if we have any delayed trap runs up the middle? Oh wait tho, I’m pretty sure Everybody is to blame for this loss, minus Bobo b/c he’s great, equals we’re not very good. Does that make sense? Does anyone know of any nice hotels in Orlando? I’m just pissed…thats all..

  5. gastr1

    The whole program needs to be re-assessed after a game like this. It is about time we were more competitive with good teams. It has been long enough.

  6. Anon

    Clowney would know, he was in our arena all night long…

  7. I just don’t know how to evaluate things right now.

    • gatriguy

      My evaluation: There are DEEP cultural problems with our program that are years in the making.

      • Brandon

        That’s pretty much a non-evaluation, got any more wisdom Socrates?

        • gatriguy

          nah, that pretty much encompasses it. the details are inconsequential. the real programs are much bigger.

          • Brandon

            Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Don’t you think that is a bit extreme? I mean, bad loss or not it’s only 1 game. UGA has had only 1 undefeated team in it’s history. Beat Florida and we’re still 11-1 in the regular season probably. USCe still has to get past LSU in Baton Rouge next week and Florida the week after. We still may end up being SEC East champs.

            • Russ

              we’ve had multiple undefeated seasons – 1980 and 1946 come to mind, and then there were others back in the dark ages, I believe.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                I looked going back to 1902. You were right about ’46 being an undefeated team. Also, in 1920 the Dawgs went 8-0-1. Thus, 3 UGA teams in history went undefeated. If this team won the rest of its games it would still have a very special won-loss record and will have won more games than every other UGA team except a very few.

                • Ben

                  That’s all well and good, but we just got pasted by a team that, for years, has been inferior to us in almost every aspect. Even their Heisman trophy winner was inferior to our guy the year he won it.

                  Even if we DO get some help this year, we didn’t lose this game with honor. We didn’t lose on a last second field goal or a hard-fought game. We got out-coached and out-played, and their team was ready from the word “Go.” If this season ends with just one loss, this is a loss that we’re ashamed of; it’s not one that we say, “Wow; we almost had ’em.”

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    I am reminded of the 1971 team that went 11-1. That year UGA won all its games except the Auburn game (I was there) which Auburn won 35-20 in a game that was not even as close as the score indicates. Pat Sullivan passed for 5 TDs in that game and many believe that this was the game that won him the Heisman. Nevertheless the team regrouped and won the rest of that season’s games including the bowl and finished the year ranked #3 in the country. Life isn’t easy and it’s not always fair. We lost a game in a one-sided manner but the team is still a pretty damn good team and we need to get behind the Dawgs –now more than ever. I don’t remember who said it first but it is true: “You are never as good as people say you are when you win and you are never as bad as people say you are when you lose.”

            • PatinDC

              LSU looked like doodoo. Didn’t you hear? Muschamp has brought Fla back. They are worldbeaters now. Just ask Gary Danielson.

  8. Brandon

    Got nothing to do with them scoring 35. There is no team in the conference that could have weathered that first quarter defensive and special team’s turd we dropped. What is Grantham’s excuse? Did Aaron Murray e-mail spurrier Grantham’s game plan accidentally mid-week? You want to be elite in this league? You’ve got to be elite on defense first and foremost. We are the 80’s Denver Bronco’s we’ve got talent and are exciting until we run into the nfc champ with a real defense in the super bowl.

  9. Charles


    I don’t think the Cocks withstand Tennessee or Florida (and a win isn’t guaranteed against LSU). But, at the end of the day, we’re just too weak in the trenches. Years of attrition at O-line (guys transferring, not being able to metabolize steroids, and other bullshit) has us in the position we’re in now. This, coupled with special team failures was our undoing. We don’t have the depth across the O-line and D-line to hang with the elite programs in the SEC. Part of it is luck, only because we aren’t committed to same type of roster management practices at Bammer, LSU, and South Carolina. Our main objective is this whole land grant institution thing…

    Rambo should have swatted that ball instead of trying for the pick. Mental breakdowns on D everywhere. Just terrible. Even Jarvis looked pedestrian.

    I’d like to think that things are going to get better, but they probably won’t. And it doesn’t stop with Mark Richt (who at present is the most successful coach in the history of our program). It rests with the entire athletic department.

    • Brandon

      Rambo should be cut, agree completely about swatting the ball down, that was a huge turn of events early on. He also blows coverage like a tijuana crackwhore, early and often.

    • JoeE

      While I do agree that oversigning is a big part of how South Carolina has narrowed the talent gap with us, Florida doesn’t oversign and just won against one of the oversigningest schools in the country.

      • Charles

        Because Zach Molestenberger was the opposing quarterback.

      • PatinDC

        Oversign? Heck we don’t even sign to the limit. Hitting the limit would be a good start.
        These games are painful. Now the Richt haters will be back in force. At least I will be productive at work this week as I will not be visiting any Bulldog sites.

        • Always Someone Else's Fault

          Assuming 100% of your recruits will stick 4 years (or even Y-on-Y) is 100% stupid. Wherever the ethical line between prudence and a callous disregard for human welfare might be drawn, it’s got nothing to do with 35-7.

          I don’t think anyone hates Richt. I think nice guys can (and often do) finish first. But I wonder about the program’s internal standards across the board. SC looked faster, stronger, hungrier and more focused across the board.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The UGA team wasn’t ready to play. I don’t know why but they weren’t. That happens every year at least one game.

            • The Bruce

              It does. And it’s usually against the better teams on the schedule.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The team wasn’t really ready to play against UT either IMHO but they managed to win anyway.

                • Hackerdog

                  I agree. Sadly, it’s now a pattern with Richt teams. We have enough talent to beat teams like UT, with even less depth than us. But, we can’t stand up against a team like SC.

                  I like Richt. But, I think he has peaked. I think, with him at coach, we will win around 75% of our games. We will win the East every so often when the stars align and other teams give us a lot of help. I doubt winning the conference is a possibility while Richt is here.

                  And that’s OK with me. I would rather have Richt than Saban. Richt is a better man. Of course, if a good man who cares as much as Richt does for his kids could win the SEC, I would love to have him as our coach. But nobody is coming to mind. Oh well.

          • PatinDC

            Umm. If you don’t think anybodt “really” hates Richt, you haven’t been reading this , or any other, board much. They have been waiting. 11-1, fingers crossed, won’t be good enough for them.

  10. Will Trane

    Murray and Clowney 2012. Spurrier and Bill Stanfield.
    Spurrier will go down as one of the best head coaches in SEC history. His record against the Dawgs is outstanding. He outcoaches us at every turn in a game. He know how to coach, put a staff together, and how to recruit the right players. Plus he digs us all year.. No wonder kids from this state go to South Carolina, Florida, LSU.
    Murray, his record never improves against top teams. Neither does his performance. How did CMR turn out a Heisman at FSU, who played high school at Thomas County Central High School. And does not even come close at UGA.
    This will be a tough loss for the team. Let see how the coaches handle this.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR didn’t turn out the Heisman winner at FSU–Bobby Bowden did. CMR just did what Bowden told him to do, much like Kirby Smart does what Saban says to do at Bama. Smart ain’t the genius–Saban is. Same with CMR and Bowden.

  11. JG Shellnutt

    I am sitting in traffic in Columbia which is what you always do after games here, but this is the most painful it has ever been.

  12. wsc2867

    My wife went to Ohio State and is a big buckeye fan. When I explained that CMR is our version of Coach Cooper, she totally understood the comparison. Go to Cooper’s wiki page and you’ll think its weird how much He and Richt are alike…

  13. Jmas

    Pulling out wins versus mediocre teams and getting blown out by the good teams such is Georgia football It could be worse at least we didn’t get destroyed by arkansas at home like the fighting chiziks did.

  14. Rebar

    I was wrong in so many ways; I apologize to all, and I’ll be back after the Florida game.

  15. Todd

    I told Athens Homer Dawg about Clowney and co. How Ray Drew can’t hold Clowney’s jock. Nobody wants to listen to me. Watch all the “disney dawgs” figure a way to back into the SEC championship. BULLSHIT!!! Georgia doesn’t drserve it. Hats off to OBC for outcoaching Georgia AGAIN! Again, can anybody name me a team that Richt has “outcoached” with more talent than he has? When? When, will folks understand that this team will not and never will compete for a MNC under Rcht? Sawed off QB that has boosted stats much like Clemson. And like Clemson, they fold under any meaningful competetion. The Bowden dynasty continues. Please, please somebody prove me wrong. Show me how MArk Richt out coaches other teams. I just don’t see it. Hey, there is Kentucky……right?

  16. Always Someone Else's Fault

    2-14 in the last 16 games against ranked opponents, if I have that correct. The 14 losses averaged 16 point margins? Something like that. I’m too tired to double check the math.

  17. Not to pile on the negativity but that’s what the internet is for…to vent to people who might actually care instead of your wife/gf/friends who are fans of other teams, but this game was just an abortion all around. I’m neither disney dawg nor richt hater, I just call things like I see them, and I can’t understand how this team can come out so completely unprepared in at least a couple of games a year, year after year. I don’t blame Bobo, I don’t blame Grantham, I don’t even so much blame Richt, but as others have said, it seems to be a systemic problem.

    Sadly, out of all of the sewage and garbage that came out of every facet of tonight’s game, the one thing that bugs me the most is Aaron Murray: I had started to believe that he had turned a corner and was more mature and all that koolaid. Yes, his o-line was a turnstile tonight and he was under pressure a lot, but the few times that he wasn’t, he couldn’t hit water from the middle of the ocean. Bigtime qbs make plays when they are under pressure, not always, but sometimes. He couldn’t even make a throw to a WR that was standing still 10 yards away from him w/o the receiver having to fall down and take a loss just to make the catch.

    I’m honestly ready for the Murray era to end, he’s fooled me too many times with good games against shitty teams that make me believe in him only for him to crap the bed in the big ones. Obviously it’s not all his fault and he’s a good kid and all that stuff, but if he’s the leader of your team and he’s playing the role of a deer in headlights, you’re not gonna win a game.

    All of this to say, I don’t know who should be fired or hired or what changes should be made, but really, if we have another 10 win season with another easy schedule, when does that stop being enough? Last year was fool’s gold and this year seems to be the same.

  18. ZachDawg

    At what point do we stop being satisfied with “runner-up/almost/next-year” status? Seriously. Seeing whupped by Bama or Florida or LSU hurts. But getting beat this bad by USC?!?! Spurrier comes in to that gig 3yrs after Richt and look how much he’s done with so much less history & resources. At some point, we as Dawg fans have to figure out when 10-2 isn’t going to cut it anymore. For me, it was 2008.

    • ZachDawg

      Being, not seeing

      GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

    • Minnesota Dawg

      To answer your first question–as long as we’re doing it “with class” much of our fan base and our administration will be satisfied with that exact status. That, unfortunately as far as I’m concerned, is Georgia football in a nutshell. Good enough is acceptable and excellence is not expected. Even with A-level talent, that mentality pretty much puts you in the middle of the pack in the SEC–which is where we are now and have been for a VERY long time (with a few short-lived exceptions in both directions). Still, you’d think we’d accidentally win a big game every now and then.

      • Sneaky Short

        This wraps it up for me. Should have seen it in 2008, but Minn Dawg says everything I wish I would have thought all along. Then I wouldnt feel like such a sucker this morning. Too good to be Miss St, Ole Miss or Arky and not good enough to be Bama, LSU, Fla, and now sadly USC.

      • ZachDawg

        Well, well put sir. My buddy was saying “would we want a championship and risk sanctions etc?” My reply is THIS team is championship caliber–we don’t have to cheat. The players just have to play their asses off because the coaches should be coaching their asses off—plain & simple.

        GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

    • sniffer

      ZD, I’ve asked the same question myself. 2008-10 was hard to watch (understatement). We saw Auburn win it all two years ago. For the sake of a championship, would we want it the way they got it? I would not…and look where they are today

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sniffer, there is a school of thought that for Auburn it was worth it i.e. they cheated got almost caught but stonewalled their way out of it, got the crystal trophy and now are paying the price as their program crumbles for a couple of years. 10 years from now nobody will talk about how the WarTigers cheated or about the lousy Auburn teams in the aftermath. They will only talk about the BCSNC Trophy, the SEC West title and SEC Championship Auburn won that year.

  19. Matt b

    Time to fire Richt. 12 years, 2 SEC Championships. Last one 7 years ago. Need new blood in the program. After tonight, there’s no hope for climbing into the elite. When you lose to SC three years in a row, that’s it.

  20. Our program is not MNC competitive until we fire Richt and start over.

    • Brandon

      Fuckmeast, I had been wondering what happened to you but here you turn up after a loss like a fly on horseshit.

      • Carolinadawg

        Your analogy is very apt. That game, and the coaching effort that produced it, was indeed a stinking pile of horse manure. Unfortunately, that has become our team’s, and coach’s, standard operating procedure in big games. It is time for a change.

  21. Carolinadawg

    If Richt has as much character and integrity as his apologists say he does, then he will see that it is time to resign. If he doesn’t, the McGarrity needs to push him out. It’s time. The program has clearly hit a plateau that is unacceptable, and which Richt can’t push beyond.

  22. Tom

    Since 2008, Bama, this team has not been mean and angry. Time to do something about that attitude. McGarity has to figure it out, Richt obviously can’t. And McGarity needs to do what must be done. If he doesn’t then we are in for many more frustrating games and seasons.

    This team has been hinting that they think they are good enough to go to the game in Miami. Time they thought about playing mean and quit thinking how good they are. UGA cannot stand up to the good teams with the attitude they now have. Guess we either go with class and lose like this, or decide to get tough and start winning these games.

    As for Florida, after what I saw yesterday, there is no way we beat them this year. Muschamp has got that team playing hard. Richt has UGA playing games.

    • jaxdawg

      any team or organization’s demeanor is a direct reflection of the leadership. In this case it’s Richt. Whatever toughness he reflected on this team from 2001-2007 is gone and there is no getting it back.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You’re wrong JD. He can still get that toughness back. The question is, will he?

        • BMan

          You may be right Mayor. He could get that toughness back. The question seems to be is McGarity willing to bet that he actually does get it back? Personally, I think that whatever toughness level he could get back is now insufficient for the current state of the SEC. I could be wrong, but it’s just my opinion.

  23. AusDawg85

    Ahhh…it certainly must be October with all the trolls coming out. It’s one game. It was worse than ugly. It happens to us more than it should. But we are who we are, and not what we want to believe.

    How the D got gashed so poorly on the opening drive really needs to be reviewed, but Rambo had the ball and the receiver made a great play to strip it. You’ve not been in the arena if you think #18 “should have swatted it away…” instead. He had that interception…for a moment.

    Murray getting a ball tipped at the line is a function of his size…and need for the OL to do its job to give him passing lanes. That’s a shared fail. And again, how does the D get gashed for the second drive?

    A ST breakdown…color me shocked. One way or another, CMR is going to learn this lesson and get it fixed.

    At that point, down 21 to nothing, there is no way, no how, any team was going to overcome USCe’s line just pinning their ears back and stuffing us. Not with an OL that was so miserably over-matched…a fact everyone knew coming into the game.

    But I will add this…the mark of a good OC/HC is not how good the offense performs when everyone is executing correctly. It’s how you can adjust and adapt when everything is breaking down. Where where the quick slants, TE curls, screens, moving Gurley and Marshall into space, quick traps, counter-options, etc. that slow down a fast D front line? I won’t say who’s to blame….and I’m not sure how much one can “credit” Grantham for adjustments after 21 points, but the D did provide enough stops in the first half to get the score and momentum back to Georgia’s way and the O failed in every way imaginable.

    Just one game, not the season. If your standard continues to be “UNDEFEATED” you should troll elsewhere. SEC East is all that matters, and that is still a goal that can be achieved, albeit with a lot of help. Of course, the last time that happened was way back in…uhhh…oh, yeah…last year.

    • Carolinadawg

      Ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with you simply validates the weakness of your point. And an undefeated season is not my standard. Neither is being satisfied with an occasional, token appearance in the SEC championship game, only to be blown out. The standard is to WIN championships. Something that Richt last did when? 2005? Did you see the graphic that espn put up late in the game? 2-14 (or was it 2-16) against ranked teams in the last whatever number of years. 3 losses in a row to SC. 2-9 (or 3-8, whatever) against FL. 2 consecutive bowl losses. Etc., etc., etc. I’ve been around long enough to remember when Georgia football actually won championships, and I want to see us get back there again. I have no confidence that Richt can do that.

      • gastr1

        My standard is simply to be competitive enough to compete for championships, which means not being 0-10 over four years versus the top 15 or whatever it is, and which means not losing by four TDs or more every time you play against one of those teams. Standard not met, yet again.

        Well, we’ll have another chance against Florida.

  24. WF dawg

    1. This game reminded me of Auburn 2004, the last time I remember being pummeled like this in a hostile environment from start to finish. Against Bama in 2008, at least we showed some fight in the second half.

    2. If we win out and USC somehow loses 2, which I can’t see happening, I’d feel almost guilty being the East champ after last night.

    3. I realize CMR’s recent record against top 10 and top 25 opponents looks bad, but a good bit of that was accumulated during the dark years of 2009-2010, which I’ll concede were an unmitigated disaster. We weren’t just losing to top 25 programs, we were losing to Colorado.

    4. We’ve been saying all along that O-line issues might cost us some games this year. We saw it last night. In fact, we saw how pervasively O-line problems can affect an entire gameplan.

    5. Still, the real headscratcher is how poorly the D has played. I get the need to reacclimate and jel after the suspensions. But these guys are getting the reps in practice, both physical and mental. And that just doesn’t explain the busted coverages on the TDs. Nor why JJ couldn’t keep contain on Shaw. I’m beginning to think that team chemistry is a function, not so much of personnel groupings, as of the chemistry of personnel groupings year to year. A static personnel group might still have a dynamic chemistry year to year.

  25. rocksalt76 it’s not a website – but it should be.

  26. uga70

    How will everyone feel if we beat KY and FL beats USCe on Oct 20th and we then beat FL on Oct 27th?

    • BMan

      I would be both happy and shocked. And also concerned about another ass kicking in the SECCG on a national stage with everyone looking.

      • uga70

        I agree. I should have prefaced my previous comment by saying that next week, USCe also looses to LSU. At least we hopefully would then get another shot in the SECCG, however, we do run the risk and getting our butts kicked in ATL v AL.