Georgia – South Carolina: It’s hammer time.

Okay, I’m just gonna come right out and say it:  I don’t feel good about this one.

Before I get to what’s got me uneasy, let me go through the list of what doesn’t bother me:

  • Georgia offense vs. South Carolina defense.  You know the one thing I don’t get in all the noise leading up to this game?  Why so many people are completely dismissing Georgia’s ability to score on the Carolina D.  It’s not that I’m saying 40+ points will happen.  But that’s a long way from saying that it’s not a possibility.  Lou Holtz (!) noted that there are only two teams in the country that have scored at least 40 points in every game they’ve played this season:  Georgia and Oregon.  If the Ducks were in Columbia, do you think everyone would have the same take on their scoring?  Despite last year’s shitstorm of turnovers, Georgia still hung 42 on the ‘Cocks – and that team had Melvin Ingram in addition to Clowney and Taylor.  Murray gashed that secondary worse than any other quarterback SC saw last season; the running game was credible as well.  Georgia also scored easily three years ago, with Joe Cox at the helm.  The last game in Columbia was a low scoring affair, true, but much of that was due to the straight jacket Richt elected to put Murray in because of his lack of experience.  That’s not happening today.  The South Carolina defense is formidable, particularly in the front seven, but it’s not shutting down the most explosive offense in the country.  The Dawgs may not score 40, but they won’t struggle to get to 20, either.
  • Intangibles.  Hey, did you hear they’re fired up in Columbia?  It’s sort of a big game.  That being said, I don’t see where these favor either side.  The stakes are basically the same – the loser’s out of the national title hunt and is also behind the eight ball in the SEC East race.  As for the crowd, this isn’t Mark Richt’s first rodeo.  He’s only lost once in Columbia.  And we all know what Spurrier’s track record against Georgia is.  I expect both teams will be ready to play.
  • The South Carolina running game.  The ‘Cocks are going to get some yardage on the ground.  Marcus Lattimore is simply too good for that not to happen.  But this isn’t going to be another Tennessee-like debacle on the part of Georgia’s defense.  As Jody notes, Carolina’s threats on offense are about as different from the Vols as they can be:  “Whereas UT had a big-armed QB, 2 future NFL WRs, a strong OL and very little on the ground, SC, well, doesn’t.  At QB they have the effective Conner Shaw, although he’s more dangerous on the ground.  At WR they don’t have the Alshon Jeffrey or Sydney Rice they’ve had in recent years.  Their OL has struggled mightily at times this season, but they do have one of the top talents in college football in Marcus Lattimore.”  Grantham is game planning for that.  And it will have an effect.  Of course, the risk he runs is that something else opens up.  (I’ll get to that in a minute.)
  • The South Carolina secondary.  It’s been banged up and Ward is still working to get the pieces operating in sync.  And it hasn’t seen a passing attack like Georgia’s all season.  The Dawgs are currently ranked second in passer rating.  The most efficient passing attack the ‘Cocks have seen to date is Vanderbilt’s.  It’s ranked sixty-third.

As for what has me queasy, well…

  • The Georgia offensive line vs. the South Carolina defensive line.  As improved as the Dawgs have looked in this department, it’s still an accident waiting to happen.  Bobo and Murray are going to have to scheme like mad and be totally aware of space to have a chance to minimize the havoc Clowney and Taylor are capable of bringing.  And the thing is that it doesn’t take too many times for that to break down to have a significant impact on the game’s outcome.  I hate to say it, but I’m resigned to it happening.
  • Special teams.  Last year’s game, they were a killer.  This year, they’ve been an adventure, to say the least.  I expect that Richt is in full damage control mode – fair catch mode on punts fielded inside the 30, plenty of punt safe formations if it’s less than fourth-and-six and knees taken in the end zone regardless of how good the blocking sets up.  Even then, he can’t control everything.  Like PAT attempts.  A miss or two tonight could be crucial.
  • Field position.  This is my biggest concern.  And Richt going conservative on special teams plays right into my fear.  If the Dawgs get pinned inside their twenty for a bunch of series, that will impact the offense.  If I were Spurrier, I would be playing to control this – skip going for it on fourth down near midfield, be aggressive returning punts and kickoffs – to cut Georgia’s scoring chances.  Tennessee’s crappy defense was able to hem Georgia’s offense in when the Dawgs went predictable.  Imagine what that South Carolina defense can do with those same circumstances.
  • Georgia’s defense.  I understand why Georgia looked the way it did on defense last week, but I can’t excuse it.  A team with that much talent shouldn’t be giving up that much yardage and that many points to a mediocre SEC team, turnovers and special teams snafus notwithstanding.  The suspensions were survived without a loss, but it’s clear that a price has been paid in terms of cohesiveness.  This group will improve with more game experience, no doubt, but there will be breakdowns this week.  What’s worse, they’ll probably occur in the area that will be exposed somewhat by the game plan:  the deep passing game.  Shaw’s arm isn’t in the same class as Bray’s and his receivers aren’t nearly as good at Hunter and Patterson, but Shaw has shown that he can do some damage downfield if he has the time to set and throw.  Expect the Dawgs to get burned on play action more than once.  And watch for Lattimore on the wheel route.

On paper, Georgia’s the better team.  On paper, I like Georgia to win.  But I expect reality to go about as Josh Kendall describes it:

My official prediction such as it is, is that I think Georgia will win this game if it plays a clean game, but I don’t believe the Bulldogs will play a clean game because I haven’t seen them do it recently in a big game.

He’s right.  I hope I’m wrong, but I think the gremlins trip the Dawgs up just enough to lose another close one.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    CMR and staff have to get the monkey off their back. They have not beat a good football team in a long time. The Dawgs are the better team on paper if they don’t beat themselves.

    • DawgFaithful

      What’s with the gloom and doom? There’s no way we lose this game. We’re better. We were better last year and it showed. I don’t think they’re as good as last year and I think we’re definitely better. It’s I’d on the road but Richt has done well on the road.

      UGA 31 SC 24

  2. Ausdawg85

    We’ll score 30. They won’t score more than 24 (on their own). I’m most worried that the infamous PWG penalty call for holding by our OL will appear and kill a crucial drive, even though our D will continue to get their jerseys stretched to their limits.

    And look for CMR to pull that fake punt formation again and green light it if USCe fails to cover the punter at wide-out like TN did.

    Stand by my prediction: Dawgs cover 34 – 24.

  3. JasonC

    Pretty spot on with what I am thinking. I think the big question is can this year’s OL perform at least as well as last year’s OL did against South Carolina. If they do, the offense should be able to come close to the same production.

    Defensively, we need to squeeze Shaw and not let him move around to make things happen and hopefully close the running lanes to keep Lattimore from busting a long one.

    I also figure the Old Ball Sack will put Lattimore on some wheel routes (oh, how we love those), since he leads all SEC RBs in receptions.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    One man’s gremlin is another man’s Kharmic Bitches.
    I am doing what I can, but I gotta have help. Chose your hats carefully.

    I hope everybody has a clear understanding of the cosmic significance of what we do tonight in Columbia freaking South Carolina.

    We have one of those rare great opportunities to take a big step forward.

    An opportunity to put our one shining moment on the national stage its proper perspective in family history.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Hat chosen, shirt picked, and dinner selected: roast chicken (slowly). The Dawgs need a complete performance, and I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll see just that. Gurshall goes for 150, AM keeps his game in check with nada interceptions and the Defense blitzes Shaw into oblivion on unorthodox downs. It will give you what you (and the rest of us) need SJ3.

  5. Nate Dawg

    Just curious & lazy here- anyone got the Dawgs all time record in Williams-Bryce?

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yeah….that’s exactly what I am saying.

  7. WFdawg

    Dawgs 31-24 if we win or break even on turnovers and big ST plays. Just one man’s opinion.

  8. Senator, I agree completely with everything you stated. Scares the —- out of me.
    I still think that even if the offense does its thing, The only chance the Dawgs’s have is for the Defense to play like it did against LSU in the first half last year. The talent is there to help the O & the ST this year.
    Counting 3 Juniors that I believe will leave early, All of the starters on D & 12 of the top 15 D Players will be gone after this year. It Is time for them to make a statement & get the job done.

  9. 20 ninjas

    I have zero confidence in us, always. We are not built to be an undefeated team. If we don’t lose tonight, we’ll lose to Florida. Or, inexplicably, Tech. It’s just what we do. It’s who we are.

  10. Charles

    There was a time when Richt’s Dawgs were “road warriors.” This is one of those games where the magic can come back. All the analysis I’ve seen suggests the outcome hinges on Georgia’s play: special teams miscues, turnovers. It’s all on our shoulders.

    After the Vanderbilt game, I commented that this weekend is the beginning of a four game losing streak for S.Car. I still believe that’s the case. Their o-line is vulnerable, and their defense is anchored by two guys on their line who’s play against subpar opponents mask the deficiencies in their secondary. They haven’t faced an offense like ours all year (Tennessee’s stout o-line and vertical passing game will whip their ass).

    If we play our game – no turnovers and special teams hiccups, we win going away. Otherwise, it’ll be a coin flip/close game.

    • Macallanlover

      Several good points in that comment Charles. And you are right, we could lose this game, but shouldn’t. I don’t expect us to be undefeated going into Atlanta, so losing isn;t the end of my hopes for this year. Tough opponent in a tough environment, but if we play solid football we will win.

  11. Macallanlover

    Very fair and balanced assessment, it is a game in which a case can be made for either team, they both have the potential to be very good on any given Saturday. The obvious question is which will bring their A game? Perhaps neither given the task of facing top quality athletes as that does bring a new level of difficulty. You can almost see this as a “glass half full, or glass half empty” game. I agree UGA is the better team on paper but not by enough to overcome some of the mistakes we saw last week.

    I agree the Geogia OL and ST place kicking issues could play the major role in deciding the outcome but the OL seems good enough to not get us beat. I think the difference is the defense will show up with a huge “mad on” and keep the game in range for the superior UGA offense. 40+ is unlikely, but I think the Dawgs score enough to win a typical low scoring contest.

    Many UGA fans end up where the Senator do, we are good enough but we will find a way to lose. I think we need to put this attitude in our rear view mirror, just as we should the fatalistic outlook in Jacksonville. We could easily lose this game and still achieve the SEC crown so I am not going to die on the sword of this as a “must win” game, but it could go a long way to help eliminate the tentative fan comments. I think this team is quietly moving along like they wanted, and believed they could. Sure we have some warts, but we haven’t played our best “full team/full game” yet. I hope it is tonight because the groundswell of support could lift this team. I am going to take the glass full approach. UGA wins an old fashioned, old man, SEC game in Columbia UGA 24-30 SC 16-23

  12. You’re willingness to throw in the towel before the game has even been played is pathetic. You have joined the fair-weather gang of the gutless that have been convinced they should just capitulate and acknowledge the presumed awesomeness of the so-called mighty Gamecocks. You have pi$$ed down your collective legs as you quiver in your alleged hob-nail boots.
    You are a traitor just like the rest of these hand-wringing cowards who have posted likewise.

    Sickening, all of you.

  13. SouthGa Dawg

    The worst matchup possible is Spurrier vs Grantham. That has been unkind to the Dawgs the last two years. I hate to say it, but it worries me even more this year with MNC hopes on the line…

  14. NRBQ

    I don’t get all this capitulation to the Cocks, either. I think their descent back into mediocrity begins around dark in Columbia tonight.

    Additionally, I expect the running scheme to affect UGA’s chances greatly.
    I’ve been watching all the big TD runs from this year (remarkable number!), and most are being busted wide. A few, especially by Marshall, are up the middle, but most of the success has come from the tail hitting the line off-tackle or around the DE (with the right block).

    If Cackalackalackey’s ends crash in to obliterate Murray, pitching or tossing the ball to Gurshall could produce a hightlight reel that we’ll enjoy for years.

    • Macallanlover

      Your last statement is why I like having the toss pitch in our quiver, it doesn’t require our OL to open a huge whole, just one misstep by the crashing end, and one slight miscalcualtion in the SC secondary. I truly respect SC as an opponent but you are right, this isn’t Bama we are facing tonight. This team almost lost to Vandy in the opener, and trialed Kentucky by 10 at half. Sure, they are better than that but doesn’t it mean they have warts too?

    • Several of those off-tackle runs were being led by pulling lineman. That is a highly effective way to run the football, and something we have not done much of in the last few years. Keep the beef pulling. our backs will roll.

  15. ScoutDawg

    F the little ‘ol cocks. CMR returns the favor to sos: we are gonna hang fitty on them in their own stadium.

  16. BR Dawg

    Hope our players aren’t as scared as most of you guys are.

  17. CarolinaDawg

    If the defense can keep them out of the endzone, and the offense can score points, I think we win this game.😉

    In all seriousness, I’m damn excited. This is what football is all about. Nobody is taking anything for granted. It’s putting your best against our best and see who wants it more. The only thing I’m concerned with is picking bourbon or beer. My lady likes to hide the Beam from me, but I get to bust it out once a year.

    • Macallanlover

      You need to give the lady some of that bourbon, women are always more cooperative and easier to deal with after a good dosing.

  18. ChicagoDawg

    I would not be surprised by anything — good or bad — until the defense starts demonstrating more consistency. Also, I don’t think the final score will be all that close. For whatever reason, I anticipate a 10+ point margin of victory, but have no reason to definatively conclude which team will prevail.

  19. shane#1

    I agree with the Senator. I don’t think the Cocks can beat the Dawgs straight up, but when has that mattered since the Dawgs are perfectly capable of beating themselves. I look for special teams blunders and at least three derps by Murray and company. I hope I am wrong but I am not going to drink as much as usual so I won’t blow up on the keyboard like last week. Otherwise, the Senator may want to ban me until Monday.

  20. DB

    Good analysis Senator. I also agreed with your analysis last week. Let’s hope you are one week late and we have the type game you called for last week tonight.

  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    Senator, either your (1) you got spooked from last week’s prediction/result, or (2) you’re channeling your inner Vince, or both. In either case I admire your caution and hope you’re not too accurate.

  22. UGAIII

    This is it boys
    This is war
    Their way of life
    Against our way of life

    This is religion
    This is heart
    This is blood
    And it’s red, not garnet

    Our peaches are plumper
    Our boiled peanuts are saltier
    Our onions are sweeter
    And so is our tea

    Our daughters are prettier
    Our sons are smarter
    We invented Brunswick stew
    And our mamas are better cooks

    Our rivers are longer
    Our buildings are taller
    Our beaches are wider
    And we are just plain bigger
    Where it counts

    These are good ole boys
    Against cockamamie rednecks
    This is what we live for
    This is the south
    This is blood

    Red blood
    Red and fucking Black


  23. Rebar

    I’ve been saying all week that I don’t think this game is going to be close. I expect our D to show up and make some stops and turnovers. I expect our offense to click on all cylinders and move the chains. If we are to be a championship caliber team, we should beat the tar out of Carolina. Staying positive and hoping for the best.

  24. UGAIII (In Memory of Erk)

    The football season of 80′ will be my seventeenth as a Georgia Bulldog. During this time there have been many thrilling Saturdays of competition, each with its individual memories, because each game has its own personality. There are two Saturday traditions and experiences which have remained basically the same throughout the years for me and I would like to share them with you.

    The first one concerns the RAILROAD TRACK CROWD. These are my people because they love the Dogs almost as much as I do. Oh, I know they do some crazy things- like turn over our opponents’s buses sometimes and now and then they throw one another down the bank and into the street below. But they stamp out Kudzu and they pull for us to win and that ain’t bad. If you can get off the bus to cheers of THE RAILROAD TRACK CROWD and walk down those steps to the dressing room and not be inspired to play football as best you possibly can, something important is missing beneath the Georgia jersey you wear. It is impossible not to be inspired. They choke me up! The season of 1980 will be the last for THE RAILROAD TRACK CROWD. A great Georgia tradition will have passed with the new addition to our stadium. The view from the tracks will be no more. Your team will be the last Georgia Team to be greeted and cheered by THE RAILROAD TRACK CROWD. Wouldn’t it be fitting if their last team was also the best Georgia Team ever. Think about it!

    Another Saturday tradition which has meant so much to me over the years can be stated very simply. “THERE AIN’T NOTHING LIKE BEING A BULLDOG ON SATURDAY NIGHT—–AFTER WINNING A FOOTBALL GAME.” I mean like whipping Tennessee’s ass to start with, then ten more and then another one.

    This is the game plan. We have no alternate plan.


    Erk Russell

    • Rebar

      I was on the tracks in 1980 and loved the look that Erk would throw our way; he really did appreciate the craziness that was the tracks and the passion of the fans.

  25. TomReagan

    Great write-up. Seems that many of our fans have forgotten the Dooley/Munson outlook. Worrying yourself sick about what could go wrong against anyone is as much of a part of being a Dawg as promising the world is for the Cocks–something we have begun to be known for as well, unfortunately.

    I feel like Murray is the key. Let’s hope his quote you’ve posted holds true tonight. His tendency to get overhyped and come out overthrowing guys or trying to force things early has put us in early holes several times before. It would take an outstanding effort to pull out a win tonight after spotting them a score or two.

    We may also find out if we can put together some 10-15 play drives tonight.

    • TomReagan

      Dang phone… Let’s hope we are able to make the big play but not dependant on it. Can’t expect multiple 50 or 30+ yard runs a game.

  26. heyberto

    I have to agree with the entire assessment, but I’m more optimistic about the outcome. I think we’ll be ready. Go Dawgs!

  27. Twilb Dawg

    I don’t get your take Senator…you say you are not concerned about the Dawgs O vs USCe D and say we will score a good bit. Yet you then say your biggest concern is the O-line vs their D-line.

    Which is it?

  28. Rusty

    On a happy note – Auburn’s got nothing. They brought the boredom today.
    “At least we settled the QB question today. We don’t have one.”
    Auburn fan.

    • I feel so bad for you guys. Have a lot of good friends who went to Auburn. They are still living off the memories of two years ago. Try that maybe it will console you. Cause you are right…Auburn’s got NOTHING!

  29. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR & Dawgs have to prove they can win a big game. Tonight’s the night!

  30. Dboy

    Senator, I am glad you learned your lesson from last week’s pre-game post. The ghost of Munson approves of your cautious pessimism.

  31. Scorpio Jones, III

    Everbody got them a opinion. Here’s mine. Tennessee is the best team either Georgia or the Cocks have played.

    Truth is, we really don’t know much about either team when the real footballs start flying.

    The Cocks have more organized special teams. Georgia, it seems to me, has more football players.

    Georgia sees the Cocks offense, or very close to it, in practice every day, and the same is true the other way.

    It is going to be a war. All the plans in the world go to shit with the shooting starts.

    Coaching is pretty damn even.

    Want To and the Bitches will carry the day.

    May the football God smile on our red clad warriors.

  32. Scorpio Jones, III

    Even if they wear white.

  33. Scorpio Jones, III

    Look, if you had, one shot,
    or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted,
    one moment Would you capture it?
    Or just let it slip, yo

    You better lose yourself in the music
    The moment,
    you own it,
    you better never let it go
    You only get one shot,
    do not miss your chance to blow
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo…Mr. Mathers

  34. Scott

    What a disastrous start. Zero pressure on Shaw. He could sit down in a chair and tie his shoe before passing…he has that much time. Our defensive woes continue.

  35. 20 ninjas

    Down 21 in the first 6 minutes. Now who’s the troll?

  36. IndyDawg

    This is a total failure in every aspect of the game in just 1 quarter. Asses are kicked and names are taken.

  37. Carolinadawg

    Another big game, another bed-wetting by a Mark Richt team. I’ve seen this movie before…

  38. Brandon

    Spurrier is pulling Grantham’s pants down and spanking him on national tv

    • shane#1

      IF, and it’s a big if Grantham is a good DC, he has never been able to stop a top ten team at crunch time, there will be a stop now. Winning is up to Bobo and Murray. CTG is completely out classed so far.

      • Brandon

        He is okay, better than Willie (Willie was in the bottom 5% of all coordinators but not elite like many who are impressed by his bravado think.

  39. Grantham is getting fucking schooled. Wow.

  40. Turd Ferguson

    Once again, I find myself glad to have not let the hype get to my head at all. Seen this too many times. Hope we can even make this respectable, but I doubt it.

  41. NC DAWG

    0h, the humanity. No D. No blocking. We just don’t look ready. 21-0 after one.

  42. Cosmic Dawg

    I would be okay seeing CMR showing some emotion now. I am curious how many times we are going to let 7 blow past us untouched before we throw somebody in there who wants to beat him – a TE, RSIV, whoever.

    We may as well go back the D line-up we had against Vandy…

    The players are not executing perfectly, but so far I’m hanging this on the coaches.

  43. The Lone Stranger

    This OLine is being stomped into submission. I know, “Newsflash”!

    • shane#1

      O line isn’t losing this game, Grantham was completely unprepared. He is no way a head coach. If he stops the Cocks he is a decent DC.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Well, he is stopping them now. And, have you seen how many yards the UGa RBs are picking up at this point? They haven’t had a seam to speak of.

      • The Lone Stranger

        And … Gates was simply hurdled on the 4th down pass that Murray had to hurry, thus pulling Wooten up short on the pass.

        • shane#1

          Yeah, but it’s hard to come back when your D and special teams spot maybe the best D line and O line 21 in the first quarter.

          • gastr1

            Right. It’s obvious that the offense can’t get it done, but the defense was atrocious at the start. Atrocious.

            • The Lone Stranger

              Well, it is safe to believe that the entire “football operation” was taken behind the woodshed in this one. And can anyone understand quite why Murray is still in at QB?

  44. The Lone Stranger

    And then, there’s Mitchell!

  45. bldial

    I blame Richt. Totally in-prepared to play tonight.

  46. BMan

    I’m afraid South Carolina is the new Florida for this UGA team. Hopefully that makes sense, I’ve had to double up on the Gentleman Jack. Anyway, it appears that USCe is the team that the Dawgs wet their pants against.

  47. Will Trane

    Half time. A CMR’s boys are getting taken to the woodshed. Like running with a deep RB, all freshman. After the handoff, Clooney and company are in the back field. Carolina totally ignores the Dawgs passing game because we do not have one with Murray. You think they have twice as many players as we do. 3 quarters and we can not find the end zone. Well we try 180 WR on the line. No tight ends.
    Keep lining that RB 10 yards behind the LOS and see where it goes Bobo. You have some speed by go with two TE set in 1st half and hammer their DLine for awhile with stretch plays. Clooney is not a heavy guy.
    Another CMR offense. Watched the gators. they are so damn physical on offense. we are never like that. watching Tigers and A.
    At least my O’s took out the Rangers. Players and a manager.
    Someday we will get a legit men’s program in athens.

    • Keese

      Seems like SC has twice as many players on the field than the dawgs. Offense and defense.

      This is embarrassing. To make things worse, Musberger as been negative about the Dawgs on every comment.

      Just all around embarrassing. Totally unprepared game for the Dawgs. Outcoached and outmanned by lesser talent

  48. Anyone else sick of the way we just pile up new “unbeatable” rivals as the years roll by?

    Out of nowhere, Tenn had our number recently and would beat us even when they shouldn’t. They had 2 in a row and 3 of 4 until this year if I recall.

    Florida. We still haven’t beaten them 2 years in a row yet.

    Now SC? They are going to get 3 in a row? Sheesh.

    GaTech is the last thing we have, and that’s not much comfort.

    • Nate Dawg

      We’ve beaten ut 3 in a row & 4 of the last 5 asshole. U must be a big fan.

      • gastr1

        That’s not what he was saying, Nate. He’s got a point, but you have to read it.

      • From 2006-2009 UT beat us 3 out of 4. and had 2 in a row at that point. That’s what I was referring to. If they’d kept Lane Kiffin god forbid what might have happened to us there.😦

  49. AmpedDawg

    Way to go Dawgs. Classic Georgia big game performance.

    • Keese

      How does a defense thats had a year to become smarter, a year more experienced ……go backwards so horribly?

      This game reminds me of Alabama funeral blackout game. Except the dawgs never fought back

  50. Joe

    I have been thinking this for 3-4 years, but always just assumed Scu to be a temporary annoyance that would go away soon, so never floated it out there.

    Clearly, Scu is on a steroid program. The girth of their guys, combined with the size of their heads and the speed that they still maintain has firmly convinced me. It’s not surprising, and I have been thinking it for about 3 years, but am now firmly convinced.

  51. Joe

    And, by the way, I will be incredibly excited when Aaron Murray is gone. Never has the term “front-runner” been a more adequate description of a player. Give the guy just the slightest adversity and he completely wilts. It’s pitiful.

    • gastr1

      I hate to agree with you about that, but it is hard to deny at this point.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Guys, Murray didn’t really have a chance tonight. Clowney and Co. were all over him from the snap. A few times Murray made really good throws while being mugged and the receivers dropped the ball. The O-line simply didn’t/couldn’t block the South Carolina D-line. Also, the UGA offensive game plan is too predictable. The Cocks knew what the Dawgs were going to do as soon as the UGA O lined up. Also, somebody explain to me why on 4th and 2 you would call a pass play where the receiver posts up SHORT of the goal line. The players deserve their share of the blame but this one is mainly on the coaches. Outcoached again in a big game.

        • gastr1

          Mayor, all this bidness about how Murray is getting us into the right play and all that–what happened tonight? SC is good, but come on–we’re so bad we can only 75 yards in the first half or whatever it was? Look, the whole team deserves the blame, but another tipped pass, another bunch of poor passes in the face of pressure…Murray was 11-31. That’s Kentucky numbers, and I think when you’re getting killed on the line you have to find something in the playbook that negates it.

          • The Lone Stranger

            Sho ’nuff that. The Murray love, specifically on this blog (as great generally as it is) has to stare straight into the stats. The kid is being made to look a fool in the most important games.

          • The Lone Stranger

            And, I tremble, UF is better.

  52. Bevo

    This is just pathetic. Nothing new though. Same old song, actually.

    Problem with getting blown out so soundly and so early, now Spurrier even more time to cook up some juicy zingers for Richt at his post-game presser.

  53. shane#1

    I have changed the channel. Guess I will pull for FSU to win it all.

  54. Smitty

    I love the DAWGS. it sucks but Spurrier is so much better than Richt. Short QB Erin Murray throws INTS at the line. And I don’t know whats up with a D that will send A LOT of guys to the NFL.

  55. BMan

    Aaron Murray is a good kid and everything. Studies hard, graduated early, never gets in trouble, solid Dog-man for life…but anyone that thinks he has what it takes to play in the NFL should give me a call about a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. He becomes rattled and seemingly everything in his muscle memory goes to crap. And I know he’s got no time to throw, but he’s been worse than someone who is just rushed. The NFL would eat him alive. They’re all big, fast, and have bad intentions. Again, I really like the kid, but he’s not cut out for the toughest of games in this conference. And neither is this team, which is unfortunate because they are the team I love.

  56. Will Trane

    Looks like Auburn game 2010. Or the SEC 2011 game. Or the 2010 bowl game. Or the 2011 bowl game.

    Nothing ever changes with CMR. Lucky to beat UT last week.

    We have to stop fooling ourselves about CMR and Bobo.

    We will be shut out tonight. And watch how our recruiting will go. UF, UT, USC are all going ahead of us. CMR can not get it done!!!

    • Normaltown Mike

      Doesn’t matter when we have good recruits, unless you are thinking of getting good players for our NEXT coach.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Will, you make a legitimate point about recruiting. UGA has MANY slots open and was poised to have the number 1 recruiting class in the nation this time, possibly signing maybe as many as 35 blue-chippers. I wonder what effect this will have? I hope no effect but……..

  57. Justin

    I don’t want to be a Bobo hater, but I don’t understand why we were passing on 3rd and 4th down in that 2nd qtr drive. I think gurley could have made that. At the very least we could have scored a field goal. Aaron Murray has been dreadful throughout the game and that is not on Bobo, but I feel like Bobo missed a momentum opportunity because of his playcalling

    • I’d agree but it’s hard to pin this abortion on any one coach or player…just a systemic failure all around. Frankly I was pissed on the very first series when Gurley has a nice run and then they try the end around shit next play for a nice loss. And Murray couldn’t hit water in the middle of the ocean tonight even when he DID have time. Same old, same old.

  58. 2005 Sugar Bowl vs West Virginia (played Jan 2, 2006). didn’t show up for first quarter (0-21)
    2006 blowout to Tenn – didn’t show up for 2nd half (9-37)
    2006 losses to Vandy *and* Kentucky
    2007 pathetic choke losses to SC *and* Tenn (cost us national title shot). didn’t show up for 1st half vs. Tenn (0-28)
    2008 Alabama “black out” game. didn’t show up for 1st half (0-31)
    2008 destroyed by Florida 49-10. didn’t show up for 2nd half. (7-35)
    2009 choke to Ok State
    2009 blown out by Tenn 19-45 (Tenn finished the season 7-6)
    2009 blown out by Florida 17-41
    2010 brutal choke loss to Colorado
    2010 lost 6-10 to U. of Central Florida!!! on the way to a 6-7 losing season
    2011 loss to Boise State that wasn’t even as close as the 21-35 score.
    2011 blown out by LSU. Quit after 1st quarter. outscored 0-42 in final 3 quarters.
    2011 completely pathetic meltdown choke to MSU in the Outback Bowl.

    Big wins to counter all that? Can’t really remember anything. And one SEC east title that was relatively meaningless considering our useless 3 quarter performance against LSU.

    We have a history of shriveling badly in big games and taking entire quarters off then just giving up.

    • Dawgwood

      I can’t argue with anything your saying. I was drinking the coolade, but I should have know better.

    • Keese

      Bobo calling more running plays to milk the clock and get out of Columbia.

      We have victory and defeat playcalling at once the game gets lopsided.

  59. This colossal abortion of a failure falls on all three units of the team but my God…just when I was finally thinking Aaron Murray might have turned a corner…he comes up with his usual big game performance. Yes, his o-line is getting embarrassed but even when they rarely DO give him time…he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. He can’t even hit an out pass to a guy standing still 10 yards away from him without making the receiver have to fall down and take a loss just to catch it.

    I hope he goes pro after this year to be honest…he’s a nice kid etc…but I’m ready for the Murray era to be over now.

    As for the rest of the team…I can’t think of a single player on any unit that made a freaking play tonight…they literally allll embarrassed themselves…let alone the coaches. I’d rather they just didn’t make the trip and take a forfeit than this embarrassing bullshit. How in the hell can the coaches have an entire team not ready to play for a game of this magnitude.

    This game makes the infamous Blackout asskicking game look great in comparison…at least that team didn’t quit.

    • G

      I just can’t believe he missed another wide open fullback. Was that the 3rd of 4th time this year

    • Good point. At least the blackout team came out and made an effort in the 2nd half after taking the 1st half off.



      I believe this should be the game that finally gets Richt fired. I hate to say it, but this has to be the last straw.

      Winning programs do *NOT* lay eggs like this.

      • Dboy

        I am tending to agree with you muck. However, it is hard to fire a coach who is averaging roughly 10 wins a year over his tenure… consistently pulls in top 10 recruiting classes…. is a good guy represents the university well.

        • Dboy

          and runs a clean program.

          • Last three seasons: 10, 6, 8 wins.

            0-9 against the last 9 ranked opponents.

            Lost bowl game to UCF.

            10 wins isn’t what it used to be with 4 cup cakes a year, SEC title game, and a guaranteed bowl if you beat 4 cupcakes and then 2 SEC scrubs.

  60. Will Trane

    Muckbeast you said it so well. Frankly tired of the damn ass kickings we get. This is very bad. This program is not going anywhere. The AD had better wake up!
    SOS is very kind to CMR now.

  61. theolballsac

    This was the closest we could get and half the defense leaves next year, oh yeah, the half that got shredded tonight.

  62. FOLKS:

    We aren’t just 0-3 vs SC in the last 3 years.

    We are 2-4 against them in the last 6 years (back to 2007).

    This is even worse than it looks.

    We are the #3 or #4 program in the SEC *east*. We are firmly in middle of the pack of the SEC – and arguably the bottom middle.

  63. Will Trane

    At least we got the Dream Team. South Carolina gaves us a wake call! We are nightmare on offense. Some of us thought it would be this way with USC and UF. Both are way more physical than the Dawgs. So much for S&C.

  64. CarolinaDawg

    I can understand Carolinadawg’s home state frustration, but I still believe we are what we are. Standing at the hump, waiting to jump it.

    Maclover, I broke the cabinet. Tonight deserved some dark liquor therapy……my lady agreed.

  65. Skeptic Dawg

    Yet again this team/program fades in big moments. The difference in talent looks to be huge. The coaching staff has been completely embarassed. This is a Richt staple.

    • CarolinaDawg

      You are literally the worst sports fan I have ever seen. I think the GTP faithful should make a point to never respond to anything after this. I don’t think you are a troll. I think you are a glass ——- empty person. I’m sad if you got a degree from UGA.

      • Guys, guys….please this is a very sad night for our team. Try just for once not to be so down on the Dawgs. Every Dawg has it’s day and this was not ours. Coaches and the team were just beat and beat bad. This is our first loss….Chins UP!

        • CarolinaDawg

          My lady, I know you are new. SkepticDawg appears when it is most convenient to be negative. Believe me his act act will wear thin on even the most classy of lady bulldogs.

  66. AmpedDawg

    I thought Georgia would lose a close game in my heart of hearts because it was on the road, night game, etc. I never saw that the kids with the G would be bunch of quitters and get their asses completely and totally kicked. What a total and complete embarrassment for the program.

  67. NRBQ

    Hammer time?

    Yeah, I feel like some creep I deeply hate was allowed to hit me in the head with a 24-ounce Plumb about 47 times.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      This game…it was like slamming my hand in a car door, over and over again. I now know exactly what I know about football.

  68. Normaltown Mike

    Just a reminder, but this is now our 7th season of ineptitude. Since winning the 05 SECCG, we’ve accomplished absolutely jack shit. And if you bring up the 07 season, you need your head examined.

    I’m sure we’ll win most of the remainder of the schedule (UF is the easy pick, but who else will we likely lose to?) and on to Tampa or Orlando or who the fuck cares because we have been supplanted by South Fucking Carolina in the SEC East. This school went winless just a few years ago and until the 2K’s had only two bowl victories in a century of football. Yeah, South Fucking Carolina is a better program than ours.
    But at least we pay our staff millions to smash Vandy & Kentucky and then get pantsed once or twice or three times a year by teams that play hard nosed football.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      South Fucking Carolina is also better than every other team in college football except POSSIBLY ‘Bama. Who cares what they did in the past?
      Would you be happier if it was LSU?

      • Then why didn’t we steal some of their players or coaches?

        They aren’t supposed to be able to out-recruit, out-hire, and out-coach our program.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Tonight, at least, they sho did look like at least the second best team in the country….man, how could so many of us miss how good they were so badly.

        I admit it, I was delusionally stupid, blinded by the awesomeness of our whipping of mediocre teams.

        If the Cocks’ idea was to deliver comeuppance, consider me comeupped.

        • Joe

          They are not that good. UGA simply made them look it. They have 2 great players and that’s it. What you saw tonight was a coaching clinic. UGA has much better players at most positions, but they are not properly deployed.

          Same with Michigan St. last year and countless other times over the last 6 years.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I hate to say so but….you’re right. CMR is a B coach with A resources at his disposal. When he has to play a team coached by an A who coach also has A resources (Saban, Meyer, Spurrier) you see what happens.

        • Dboy

          I saw them just physically crush Mizz a few week back. I have been telling my boys that we are in trouble if our Offensive line can’t really pull something out. They beat us in a very similar way that they beat MIZZ. Just sad.

      • Normaltown Mike

        C’mon dude. We tried this “USC is really good man” back in 2010 when Marcus Lattimore ran through Todd Grantham’s contract like a hot knife through butter.

        The 2nd best team in the country doesn’t eek out a victory over Vandy. This team has 1 if not 2 regular season losses coming up.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Actually, that would be the best thing possible for us–USCe loses to LSU and Florida, then we get a second chance if we beat Florida. I hope you are right.

      • Ruteger

        I actually would feel better if it was LSU. Literally everything about our program is inherently better than SCU’s – talent base, facilities, revenue, academics, history, etc. Yet, here we are at a place where they’ve managed to get better results than us. Why is that?

  69. Cosmic Dawg

    The Dawgs stunk it up tonight, but the tone of some of the comments from some of y’all – who were nowhere to be seen on this board during the win streak, suggests you are gleefully watching your own team lose for the cold pleasure of being right. I’m looking at you, Muckbeast.

    • I’ve been here for years so don’t give me that crap.

      There’s no excuse for us utterly failing to show up for a big game like this against SOUTH CAROLINA.

      Did you see what I posted? This isn’t just one game. This is an epidemic that started with the 2005 Sugar Bowl against West Virginia.

      Every year we have 1-3 brutal chokefests where we completely fail to show up for at least an entire half.

      There’s no excuse for this with the money being invested in this program and the enormous quality of our talent.

      • The Lone Stranger

        For the first time, maybe ever, I have fundamental concerns regarding CMR’s team.

      • gastr1

        Let’s be fair, Muckbeast…you have a very noticeable avatar and we all know you’ve not been around this season yet. If you have vulture tendencies, fine, but at least own it.

  70. PatinDC

    I hate Steve Spurrier with the fire of 1000 suns. Yuck.

  71. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am not a close friend of Spurrier either, but man….the fucker can coach some offense…and he never, ever takes his foot off the gas or your throat.
    You guys reckon the thing with Kentucky was sandbagging?

    Right now I am just stunned.

    • BMan

      You are correct Scorp. He can coach offense a ton. And he knows enough to make sure that his defensive cabinet is well stocked too. So while he doesn’t seem to take an interest in that side of the ball, he seems to embrace its importance, unlike, say Paul Johnson.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        At least now I can worry that Spurrier was not sandbagging with Kentucky, and that Kentucky is a whole lot better than anybody thinks.

        The only solution is to get comfortably numb.

    • Spurrier has always and I mean always had Georgia’s number and you all know it!

  72. BMan

    Why is the defense so demonstrably worse with Ogletree and Rambo back in the lineup? I know that UT and USC are better teams than the first four games on the schedule, but the communication on defense (back in the mid first quarter when it was a game) was just miserable. Everyone talking and adjusting late, looking at sideline, running into position, all at the time of the snap. WTF? Why are our teams so horribly unprepared? Why are our special teams so bad? Why is our O-line ALWAYS a f**king question mark or rebuilding project? Why do we always have multiple starters suspended to start every season? What’s wrong with the culture on this team? Are we just strictly practicing 20 hours a week per the rule and everyone else breaks the rule? Are we reporting every time a player passes a joint at a party and other teams overlook it?

    Sorry for the stream of consciousness rant. I guess I’m just coming to grips with looking like Tarzan, playing like Jane…or looking like Florida, playing like Ole Miss.

    • WF dawg

      The communication and positioning issues on defense are the most inexplicable to me. Nearly the entire unit played together last year. It’s year 3 in Grantham’s scheme. And it’s game 2 playing together after the suspensions. It looked like we were caught by surprise that Shaw would attempt the forward pass tonight.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        ‘Tree and Rambo didn’t play the whole year. They are still newbies this season and they are still working into mid-season form. The suspensions really hurt us tonight.

  73. This Groundhog Day feeling sucks. I can’t believe I spent all week and all day today excited for this game when apparently only us fans were actually ready for it. I feel sorry for those that travelled to the game. Columbia is a cesspool anyhow but full of drunk obnoxious Cock fans with reason to talk shit..yikes.

    This is the type of game where you want someone to get fired but no one will…I wonder how many years of frustration it will take. I’m no Richt, Bobo, or Grantham hater but I’m starting to finally believe those that have been saying we’ve already reached the ceiling with this group. It’s not scheme or execution…it’s consistently just not having your whole team ready for one or two games a year at least.

    Even Herbstreit, who I can’t stand…was marveling how a team with this much talent wouldn’t even fight for a shred of pride in the 4th quarter.

    • AmpedDawg

      I can’t stand Herbstreit either. But he was right. I have to say that when he was talking about the fact that it appeared that the Dawgs had quit and were getting cheap penalties I totally agreed with him. It was embarrassing.

    • Normaltown Mike

      CMR jumped the shark for me in the bowl game this Jan.

      Of course I pull for the team & wish for the best but we need a completely new culture from top to bottom.

      If Clint Eastwood parodied the Georgia program, I’m afraid the head coach would be an empty chair.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Not fair NM. CMR has won a lot of games at UGA. He’s not an empty chair. Joker Philips is an empty chair. You wanna trade coaches with Kentucky?

        • Normaltown Mike

          I’m not saying he’s always been thus, but here we are.

          Year Seven of mediocrity. Maybe he’ll call for the “Red Alert” in Jacksonville and we’ll wear red britches, red jerseys and red socks. Yipee.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Not seven. The only bad year was 2010. The only mediocre year was ’09. The others during the last 7 seasons of CMR’s reign were respectable winning teams that did not win a conference title and one (last year) actually won a division championship. Let’s not rewrite history just because of an embarrassing loss.

  74. jaxdawg

    I hope I’ve seen the last of mark richt. really, I hope so. But I’m sure he’ll be around for 10 more years and we’ll see the same bullshit we saw tonight when it’s time to play the big game. But as much as I’ve tried to make excuses since Bama 08, or WVA ’05, the same demons continue to plague us. We’ve tried to change and improve everything – S&C, nutritionist, tara card reader, D coordinator, EVERYTHING – yet the results are the same.

    TELL ME, what is the ONE consistent factor throughout this journey? Yes, it’s Mark Richt.

    Uninspired, scared football. Go away Mark. Please, just go away.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I don’t think it’ll be ten years, but it’ll be a few more years. A few more years of dominating the likes of New Mexico, nail biters over Ole Miss, some grudge matches with the hapless Vols and terminal Vandy & then the annual blood letting by either SC, UF or some other team that is luck to catch us.

  75. Boss Dawg

    Back to the drawing board unfortunately….bad everywhere, end of story.

  76. Scorpio Jones, III

    Let the blame begin. I blame Steven Orr Spurrier, the old fuckhead.

  77. Dboy

    I was so concerned about our Offensive line against their Dline. Turns out to be well founded fears. Their combination of dominating Dline and physical press coverage was crippling. Nice run boys: we got steam rolled. We have to improve that Oline to compete on a high level. We have the horses behind them but there was no where for them to go.

    Also, how, may I ask, does SC lose their D-coordinator and get BETTER on DEFENSE???

    On a side note, Spurrier is a damned impressive football coach. He call that first quarter so intelligently and took perfect advantage of our selling out on the run.

    Touche sir

  78. JCB

    You guys had USC fans chanting “overrated”. That’s s solid effort.

    • Normaltown Mike

      we are overrated. Jarvis Jones couldn’t carry Jadaveon Clowney’s jock strap. To be fair, 3rd year starter Aaron Murray would carry a clipboard behind 1st year starter Connor Shaw.

  79. Will Trane

    Thanks Senator for letting us vent some …
    So damn pissed at this program. I go to a lot, I mean a lot of high school games in Georgia. Just trying to figure out why a state like South Carolina can have a team like that. Or Alabama. Or LSU.
    There is a reason. We do not have a coach or a program. Spurrier can flat get it done. Look at Muschamp at Florida. My coach is at Mississippi State and the QB is at Camden County.

  80. HDW

    Anyone…ANYONE who thinks Mark Richt should still be the coach at GA should do a serious gut check. Constant…I mean constant embarrassment on a national stage should show him the door. Tonight is completely unacceptable. I hope Carolina lays an egg against LSU next week to make GA look even worse. There is NO excuse for a performance like this. NONE! Don’t give me any crap that this Carolina team is for real. They’ll lose three games this year. Watch and see.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Dude, you’re only going to drive yourself crazy dreaming about CMR getting canned. Don’t be like the Braves fan calling for Bobby Cox to get fired. It ain’t gonna happen. You’re just setting yourself up for seething rage when you see the next F-150 or Carpets of Dalton commercial.

      Georgia will win all but 1 or 2 in the regular season and go to a bowl and yee-haw the players get a goodie bag and we might lose to Northwestern or Clemson.

  81. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here’s my closing thought…ah….Kentucky sho do look better.

  82. Turd Ferguson

    The only thing that really changed for me tonight is my opinion of Aaron Murray. I’ve been on the fence for a while now, hoping that his junior season would be different. But the guy really just cannot rise to the occasion and play to his potential in big games. It’s a bummer, ’cause I really like him. But I’m afraid this is just the way it’s going to be for as long as he’s here.

    • Normaltown Mike

      And I don’t see the next guy (take your pick) being a big improvement either.

    • Dboy


      Murray was running scared. Just like the Mizz QB Franklin was when we were killing him. Not Murray’s finest moment but he heard Clowney’s footsteps on every pass. You see this in the NFL as well when QBs just get pummeled due to poor Oline play. No threat of a running game. that lets the Dline sell out on passing downs… a viscous cycle it becomes….

  83. JCB

    The calls for Richt’s job are INSANE.

    You guys were overrated this year. You beat no one of consequence last year. That vaunted D rep was a result of a weak schedule last year. Every good team you played last year and this year scored a ton if points on you. And this was the first real Dline you faced. With a young OL.

    As I have said on these boards, you’re all blind homers. And you now ignore your blindness and jump on the ignorance train by calling for your coaches head. Idiots.

    • JCB

      And you’re doubly ignorant for bitching about Murray.

      • Dboy

        See my posts here JCB and there is some truth to what you say. However, there are many buzzed (to put it mildly) angry UGA fans typing at the moment. Check in again on Monday for more level headed discussion. The “blind homer” and “Idots” comment are much though.

      • Turd Ferguson

        If there’s anything more pathetic than a bunch of disappointed Georgia fans commiserating in the comments section of a blog, it’s a fan of another team stopping by to add thoughts like this. So thanks for the perspective, JCB. At least we’re not you.

    • Normaltown Mike

      go look up internecine and find something else to do.

    • So…you’re saying that our team sucks and is overrated for the last two years yet questioning the coaching staff is wrong…nice logic there

  84. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…here’s a happy thought….at least it was over quick, not having to suffer as long was a blessing.

    I thought I worried enough….guess not.

    • Dawgwood

      I knew we would lose this one when i saw all the creative signs those cock fans had on gameday. My personal favorite was the honey Bobo. I didn’t like the one about the acl. But I knew that this game was so big for the cocks they were not losing this one. But I had no idea why we didn’t show up. The team knew they needed this to reach the sec championship, but walked in scared and not ready to play. Murray sucked ass, and bobo did is odd play calling, and the defense still has zero pressure on the quarterback, and our coach walks the sideline with zero emotion when it’s all going wrong. After the third quarter my wife turned the channel because i was so pissed. She turned it to honey boo boo, and it was so much more entertaining that what i watched tonight.

  85. Will Trane

    Carolina will take LSU to the wood shed. Their O line is not much better than the Dawgs. Did you see how jacked up the USA O line coach was. Have you ever seen a Dawg O line coach like that. No.
    But CMR says we have next week off so we can work on our S&C and get stronger. Yep he said that. How stupid! Middle of the season and that is where we are. Think coach you need to reset this high powered offense.
    In the SEC you always hear it is the defense. In the SEC is is your freaking O line. Get some players and depth CMR on the O line. How many All Americans have we had on the O line under CMR.

  86. Governor Milledge

    The worse feeling in the world was being in this stadium and feeling like we were behind the entire time… the wind was completely sucked out of the GA section in the 1Q.

    This was definitely the 2nd worse game I’ve ever attended live… we never had a shot. I could not say one word the entire time

  87. Scott

    Tweet from Alabama beat reporter:
    Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt
    Georgia doesn’t rebuild soft underachieving teams. It just reloads.

  88. dudetheplayer

    I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t want anyone fired because I can no longer make sense of what’s going on. I am at a loss for words, and it’s a terrible place to be.

  89. Will Trane

    Carolina will not beat Florida. And neither will we.
    Spurrier you owned us at UF. And now that he is at USC, he own us again. He did to CMR what he did to Ray Goff.
    Want to watch a replay of the game. This game was lost on the O line tonight. Could not run the ball, nor protect the QB. We could not force Carolina to reset the box because they could shut us down man to man. When a D can play you like that it makes it very difficult.Our defense can not shut anyone down. We have no punt return game, period! Can not reset a field. The O line will not see a D like that until they get to the Gators. UF is deep on the D line. Run alot of guys in and out. In the 2nd half they shut you down.
    I think this was a very bad game for CMR and the team. Just hope the keep their head. I’d put more emphasis on a 2 tight end set for first half and the spread in second. Need to be more aggressive in line play and RBs. have to be very physical in the running game in SEC. Carolina and Bama can do that.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Unless this game causes an implosion in the locker room (and I certainly hope that does not happen) the only team remaining on our schedule this season that can reasonably be expected beat us is Florida. Assuming that we lose to the Gators (a big assumption as maybe somebody in red uniforms will get a major mad on for that game) we still will have a 10-2 regular season. We may still have an 11-1 regular season if we beat the Gators. Everybody get a grip! The world has not come to an end.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        It is not the loss. It is the wholly embarrassing, unbelievable ass kicking. We were undisciplined on our assignments in the secondary, AM has had the scramble coached our of him – what made him dangerous as a frosh and could have saved the day today, we can’t block, can’t adjust our O plan on the fly, and came out nervous and listless, if that is possible to be both.

        After 12 years CMR has no excuse for not having a deep OL every year. No excuse for Bobo not having a real strategy, and several backup strategies. I mean, how dumb do you have to be to not know to double team Clowney from first snap?

        Our short, scrambling QB may need to run to see and survive – AM circa ’10, come back ..

        • gastr1

          +1. There’s no disgrace in losing to a top-10 at their place in a big game. But getting outclassed by a team you’re supposed to be competitive with, THAT’S disgraceful.

      • I don’t support sports teams to continually have good regular seasons that result in a meaningless post season.

        Sounds like Braves fans in the Bobby Choke era.

  90. Red Zone

    How about that red zone defense. Hold em to a FG every now and then and this wouldnt have been quite as ugly.

  91. wuutt??

    its like deja vu all over again….

  92. UGAIII

    I was the first around my circle of friends to say “Fire Mark Richt” in 2005 when Greg Blue got all “real SEC defense” in the press before the WVU Sugar Bowl when were down 28 nothing in the first half. They thought I was crazy but I sensed Richt just didn’t have that killer instinct, his players didn’t respect him, weren’t always prepared, and he just “coached too Christian.”

    But at least we came back in that game and against AL in 08 and made it a game…not the worst disgrace this program has seen in all my years.

    I’m no fair weather fan. I hoped he got canned as we struggled through Willie and bitched about Bobo. But damn I thought we turned the corner. I was waxing poetic earlier and I am completely and utterly embarrassed. I opened up my soul and thought we had more heart than this. What happened?

    Karmic Bitches?

    Too much talent squandered over the years. Buddy just texted and asked when the last time we won a big game. Had to think for a second, Hawaii ranked 10 in 07, but we should have been playing for it all had we been prepared for unranked Carolina and Tenn.

    I’d like to hear Richt’s definition of preparation. Shit I can guarantee it ain’t Saban or Spurrieresque. Hell bring SOD back home. Look at Muschamp in just two years? Why support this torture anymore?

    Karmic Bitches: please let him beat FL on his way out.

    • ETennDawg

      What has Muschamp done in just two years?

      • UGAIII

        He just won a very big game on a national stage.

        • ETennDawg

          One game. At home vs an offense even more stale than the one UGA just put on the field. LSU may turn out to be more overrated than UGA this year. CMR has also won a very big game on a national stage (see hobnail boot game). “Boom” is not and should not be our barometer.

    • gastr1

      Beginning to think that Richt’s preparation is mostly conducted in the tanning booth.

  93. JG Shellnutt

    Traffic in Columbia still painful.