Georgia – South Carolina: nail, meet hammer.

Boy, that Merritt Hall analogy sure came in handy.

First, the easy part:  congrats to South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks wanted to come in and prove a point and they did.  They controlled Georgia in every phase of the game.  If anything, the final score didn’t reflect how dominant they were.

Second, the obvious part:  that was the worst loss of Mark Richt’s head coaching career.  Not just because of the lopsided score.  Not just because the gap between the two teams’ preparation and execution was even larger.  And not even just because his team fell on its face on a national stage.  No, the worst part is the confirmation that the program has been passed by South Carolina in the East.  If Muschamp has the Gators back on track – and we’ll know more about that by month’s end – Richt could find himself in the same place Jim Donnan found himself over the last five years of his Athens tenure.  That’s not a great place to be.

I’m not going to bore you to death here with a bunch of detailed bullet points breaking down the game, because I’m not really in the mood.  If someone else wants to take solace in Ken Malcolm’s stats in garbage time, be my guest. Instead, you’ll have to settle for some general observations.

  • The defense.  It turns out that Tennessee was a warning, not a mirage. Clearly, this unit has regressed from last season.  It’s still disjointed – at least two of SC’s scores came off painful breakdowns, but it’s also not consistently physical.  The Gamecock offensive line hasn’t been anything special this year, but it looked like world beaters as the night went on.  The topper was the complete breakdown in composure that led to the Carolina’s last score.  There is no excuse for a defense with this much talent to look as bad as it has the past two weeks.  And more than anyone else, the blame for that lies with…
  • Todd Grantham.  For the second straight week, I don’t get the game plan.  Last week, it was worry about the deep pass über alles.  Last night, it was selling out to stop Marcus Lattimore.  I knew going in Grantham was going to take his chances with defending the deep ball, so I wasn’t surprised at Carolina’s success there, but how do you ignore Shaw’s ability to hurt you with the run?  Sure, he made adjustments, but the horse was already out of the barn by then.  Grantham seems to be taking it on faith that his players are going to handle things that they aren’t capable of handling so far.  He needs to reconsider his approach and fast.
  • Aaron Murray.  He was awful last night, plain and simple.  Granted, he was getting little support from his offensive line and his receivers struggled to get open.  But that doesn’t totally excuse the breakdown in his mechanics – if I never see another sideline screen pass, it’ll be too soon – and his decision making (how did he not see the defense crash on Gurley as he was running the read play on the failed goal line series?).  Maybe it’s a cheap shot, but when Georgia was down 21-0 in the first quarter, I thought about David Greene keeping his head in 2004 when his team fell behind 16-0 in Columbia.  As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t see Murray pulling that off.
  • The offense.  If the defense looked confused, the offense looked downright intimidated.  How does a team scoring at a record pace go into a shell from the start?  That’s a question for…
  • Mike Bobo.  I understand the line got crushed, but it’s not as if South Carolina did anything new on defense.  They just went after it.  How do you not have anything in the game plan to answer?  Bobo’s certainly seen an all out approach from a front seven before – that’s the hand he was dealt in both last year’s SECCG and bowl game.  And in both cases, he had more to show for it than last night.  The plan was bad, but so were his adjustments.  Why did it take Gates being eviscerated over and over again by Clowney to realize he needed help?  And why keep calling those freaking sideline passes that Murray simply couldn’t throw properly?
  • Special teams.  I take it nobody bothered to look at the South Carolina – Missouri tape.  McGowan does a great Logan Gray fair catch impression.  But, hey, at least the PAT attempt was uneventful.
  • Mark Richt.  When your team fails to show up for its biggest regular season game in years, ultimately that’s on the head coach.  I’m not a particularly big Kirk Herbstreit fan, but Richt should be made to listen to his late game criticism.

I suspect what’s going to gall me the most about last night after the season is over is that South Carolina will have dominated Georgia more than every other SEC opponent it played this season.  Remember, the ‘Cocks managed to trail both Vandy and Kentucky in the second half of those games.  Georgia was effectively done last night before the end of the first quarter.  Mark Richt can try to spin that all he wants, but that’s far more on his team than on Spurrier’s.


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  1. Having turned the sound down in the second half, what was the gist of Herbstreit’s critique on CMR?

    • That he was shocked Georgia failed to show up for a big game like this. Tried to think of another regular season game when something similar happened, and couldn’t.

      • charlottedawg

        He wasn’t shocked that Georgia failed to show up for a big game. He couldn’t think of a time when a #5 team so completely failed to show up for a big game. As much as I hated listening to Herbstriet and Musberger pile on to my beloved dawgs, they had a point. We haven’t beaten a team that’s finished in the top 25 in 3 yearsm and we’ve only beaten 2 since 2008. That’s simply unacceptable given our programs’ resources.

      • Thanks. Interesting he had a hard time thinking of another similar instance when a simple trip down memory lane reveals the regular season burning rubble of Boise ’11, OSU ’09, Florida ’08, Bama ’08, UT ’07, UT ’06…

      • TennesseeDawg

        He said LSU in the NC game but this was worse.

  2. The other Doug

    I’m tired of our team not showing up.

  3. Jim

    I thought we had turned a corner but last night was just more of the same. We are Clemson of the SEC (at best). Tons of talent and just can’t put it all together. Inexplicably don’t show up for a game or two a year (not a new trend, folks). Completely and totally unprepared.

    SC deserves a ton of credit and I will also say being at the game – the atmosphere was great. Like nothing I have seen in Sanford unfortunately. The SC fans around me were good people too.

  4. charlottedawg

    My heart really wants to see Richt win big, but my head knows that day will never come. We need a new head coach. I’m not saying the new guy can’t do worse than Richt and it doesn’t change the fact that Richt’s been our most successful head coach, emphasis on been. We have been surpassed in the SEC. Obviously, any head coaching change is fraught with peril for a program look at Tennessee. But continuing to back the guy is to continue backing mediocrity. Georgia has the resources to be a national power. But in each of the increasingly rare chances we’ve gotten on a national stage we’ve not only lost but completely embarrassed ourselves. It’s that reason and that reason alone that we get ZERO respect nationally. Do i know who who should replace the guy? no. But I do know that we will continue to underachieve with Richt at the helm. I would stand by that statement even if we went 12-1 with a win in the Capital One bowl.

    • Jim

      Yep. And we need to stop complaining about other teams being “dawg-graded” and the lack of respect from the national media. We don’t deserve any respect until we prove we can show up prepared to play a good team and put 4 quarters of football together and actually beat someone of relevance or win a game we aren’t supposed to

      But hey let’s all talk about how “great” ’07 was and how awesome of a first quarter (really?) we had against LSU

      • charlottedawg

        The memory of the college football universe regarding Georgia is 2 things: 1) the Blackout game 2)this game. Can you see why everyone thinks we’re overrated?

      • MinnesotaDawg

        Couldn’t agree more. In a similar vein, it’s laughable how many fans on this board got themselves all worked up during the summer and early fall because they felt that the national media would somehow screw us out of a NC game chance because of our perceived weak schedule. Bottom line is that we will play 2 good teams this football season (the weakest Georgia football slate ever, perhaps), and we just wet the bed, got blown out and embarrassed in every facet of the game against the first.

    • sniffer

      I was struck by the images of Spurrier and Richt last night. Richt was alone, no emotion and zero impute from his assistants. Spurrier was engaged. I know Spurrier is more emotional, but, there was nothing about Richt that said he had any idea what to do. Love the man but he wasn’t “there”.

      I ask myself what I would be willing to “put up with” to be a championship program and I think of Auburn. No, hell no….

      There is only one coach who fills the bill for what we want in a coach and he’s at Alabama. IMO, all others would have the same ups and downs and even Saban will not win everything all the time.

  5. HVL Dawg

    The good news is that we don’t have to beat SC to win the East.

    • Cojones

      You are trying to shout above the mob, HVL. Let’em vent for another day before reminding them of this being half season with 6 more games on the schedule. After pissing in their cornflakes, they will try to piss in everyone’s.

  6. Haywood Jablome

    There’s an empty chair in the HC office at Butts-Mehre . Change is needed.

    • $2.9 Million per Year

      What? Why am I being paid then? For an empty chair? No way! Somebody is sitting in that chair because my check is being cashed!

  7. TennesseeDawg

    I’ve defended CMR in the past but no more. The team is stagnant and the players look more concerned with individual stats and NFL draft position than winning. Spurrier did nothing that we couldn’t have seen on tape from this season yet we were still unprepared. I highly doubt anything will change because Richt signed an extension so get used to competing with various Big10 teams in the Outback Bowl for quite some time.

    • Jim O

      Exactly! Personal goals taking priority over team has been a problem for years. We make one hell of a farm team for the NFL though.

    • Cojones

      You can’t say that because several would have been drafted high last year. Jarvis got others to return for their year of “No Regrets”. We all are frustrated and angry, but that’s no reason to accuse players of selfishness.

      You weren’t near Robinson’s home last night with a few cartons of eggs, were you?

  8. Puffdawg

    Agree with all your points. That was painful to watch. I thought our offense might struggle (obviously not that much), but just surprised at how far he defense has regressed.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    The reality lying behind all the “hot seat” talk re: Richt a couple years ago, and the funny-but-old “Blame Bobo” meme these days, is this: We’ve got a coaching staff that is good, but not great. Good enough to beat teams we should beat, but not good enough to win games like last night. I hate Steve Spurrier as much as the next guy, but he made our coaching staff look like this was their first time on a football field last night.

    And while I’ll give Grantham credit for making some adjustments last night, the bigger picture is this: The 2012 defense bears a much stronger resemblance to the 2010 defense than it does to the 2011 defense. This whole time, the talk has been: Once they internalize Grantham’s system, they can basically just run on instinct and make plays. And it seemed like we saw that for most of last season. This season, though, and especially the past few games (with the veterans back, mind you), the defense looks like it’s constantly second-guessing itself, being way to late to get set, blowing coverages, etc. We looked better with the back-ups, and even then, we looked like a team learning the 3-4 for the first time.

    Aaron Murray’s a great, great kid. But you need more than a film room/gym rat kind of guy to win big games. You need someone with ice in his veins, and that’s just not Murray. Greene and Shockley had it, for the most part; Stafford and Cox were hit-or-miss; but Murray is just reliably bad in big games.

    If we somehow back into Atlanta, I, for one, will be more embarrassed than proud. And if we don’t, then once again, our #1 goal will have been unmet.

  10. Skeptic Dawg

    The complete lack of preparation last was was humbling. It was apparent very early the Spurrier got the best of Rich, Bobo and Grantham. There also appeared to be a large talent gap as well. Our O-line was a turnstile all night, never finding an answer to the pressure everyone knew was coming leading up to this game. Is Jarvis Jones the only defensive player capable of getting to the opposing teams QB? It certainly looks that way after the last 2 weeks. Again I have more questions than answers regarding this program.

  11. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Herbie and Musbie went out of their way to pile on. I’ve never seen them plaster a coach like that, ever. The didn’t directly blame Richt, but everything they talked about for the last hour – composure, pride, execution – comes down to coaching. It was interesting, to say the least.

    I really don’t know how Georgia lines up more talent in the starting 22 against a more opportune SEC schedule. SC and Florida are good, but they aren’t dominant. Alabama’s seriously overrated this year. I don’t think Dawg fans can be blamed for surveying the SEC/CFB landscape the last couple of weeks and thinking that this could be the year. When that sort of hope runs into a 28 point buzz-saw….

    I like Richt. I hate the results.

  12. It is not about just losing a game, but how it was lost, there seem to have no fight if not even a plan or strategy to counter an on coming onslaught.

  13. Chip Bankhead

    Even I have to admit that Richt is no longer the “answer”, or Grantham for that matter. However, I am not sure we even have the administration to make a decent hire. Most of the leadership (even pre-Adams) has been way more focused on running things like and ACC school. Nothing wrong with having an improved academic reputation, but we might as well cut bait and apply for Membership in whatever one of their goofy divisions will have us.

  14. pantslesspatdye

    A side issue, but is Jarvis Jones hurt? Have offenses figured him out? He was a Heisman candidate earlier this season and been a non-factor the past few weeks.

    • Jarvis will be the first one to tell you he didn’t play well yesterday. I was shocked to see how poorly he handled the zone read, given how well he defended it against Missouri.

      The defense just didn’t show up ready to play. That’s all it was.

      • Carolinadawg

        The offense didn’t show up ready to play either. And the defense didn’t show up ready to play last week. It’s time to find a coach who can get his team ready to play.

      • $2.9 Million per Year

        I thought Jarvis got held a lot last night and also in the UT game.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Yeah, watching him bite on that zone read was painful, especially after how well he played it against Missouri.

  15. X-Dawg

    This game was a smorgasboard of FAIL. I turned off the game after the 3rd quarter and watched “Bambi” – that was a mistake as well. After the Braves fiasco on Friday and the SCAR game last night, I’m scared to see what RGIII is about to do to the Falcons today.

    • Cojones

      I’m the worst Dawg of all. I cut mine off after the first td pass by SC. It was obvious to me that early that the D was unschooled on preventing the easy slip behind the secondary and that past game problems had not been corrected. I couldn’t bear to see the outcome because it would have required too many turnovers by SC for us to be competitive. I honestly felt sorry for those Dawgs sitting in the stands who couldn’t turn it off and for the others at home who hoped against hope that it would turn around and they watched the entire debacle. Mercifully, I saw it on the first completed td pass.

  16. Derek

    We could point to many things that contributed to losing and generally not playing well. However, the real issue in a beatdown like that is why we weren’t competitive. It seems to me that the problem comes down to the gap between their DL and our o-line. We had masked over the lack of talent there for five games, but couldn’t cover it up against that front. You can blame everyone from the Adams to the towel boy but we’ve only got two legit offensive lineman and one of them is out of position. As much as I had hoped that the line would continue to play above their heads they were ill-equipped to handle that front.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


    • gastr1

      And yet, there are things teams do to penalize an over-aggressive front. I didn’t see us doing them.

      I was also curious why we insisted on running between the tackles versus trying to go around the edge now and again, like happened on Gurley’s first carry of the night.

  17. SouthGa Dawg

    No emotion, no sense of having prepared for such a game, facing a team that was obviously physically superior, and finally Spurrier tooling us again. The story of recent Georgia football…

  18. doofusdawg

    Like I said last night… what i will remember more than anything is cmr just smiling away at the post game press conference. I know it was his way to deal with it and try to put the best face forward but damn… can you imagine saban smiling like that after a beat down… or sos…or any other top tier coach for that matter. I know everyone involved with the program busts their ass for uga… but our record against winning teams tells me only one thing… those teams care more about winning than we do. We can beat most folks on our talent alone… but it’s hard to compete with an evenly matched opponent when your opponent eats, drinks and breathes football. And at uga it’s just part of becoming a man.

  19. Bright Idea

    Big picture here: UGA is not about winning big in football and the athletic dept. and coaching staff knows that. The comfort level is way too high for the coaches and players to NEED to be prepared for games like this. It does not make them bad people, it is just human nature. I am very comfortable in my personal life right now but I am accomplishing nothing. We as fans are worried a lot more about UGA football than those that control it or play it.

  20. Joe

    I hear Mark Fox has got a heckuva squad coming back this year. With the new alignment, I think we might be able to get into the top half of the league.

    I feel just like a Kentucky fan this morning!

    Hey Coach, Kenarious Gates cannot handle #7. A) Try Beard. B) Put in Quayvon Hicks and run right at him.C) Line up a tight end over him every play.

    Hey coach Scu has two plays on offense. 1 is to give it to 21, the other is for the QB to run it. If 21 is out at WR, the QB is going to run it. Tell your guys that Scu literally only runs 2 plays on offense, so they need to keep contain on the edges. It’s really, really, really simple. What do you mean you don’t understand? I just gave you their entire offense, why don’t you just do what I am saying?

    Aaron Murray has the mental fortitude of a mouse. We are stuck in this trap of having mental weakness at every level, but they are just good enough to be above mediocrity.

    Jim Donnan is alive and well at UGA. He has morphed into a much cleaner soul, but gets paid a heckuva lot more. Time of the admins to do as they did with Donnan.

  21. Ed Kilgore

    It was my first time in nearly a half-century of watching the Dawgs that I’ve ever turned the game off. My wife, who is actually the season ticket holder in the family, stopped watching halfway through the second quarter. It was, in many respects, like a lowlight film from our most painful recent defeats, particularly Bama 2008 (being physically overwhelmed) and Boise 2011 (being blatantly out-prepared and out-coached).

    The word “embarrassment” is invariably being used a lot in this thread, and that’s appropriate, not just in terms of the team’s performance, but in much of the stuff we were all saying so recently: all the hype about Jarvis and Gurshall, and the mockery of other programs (notably Florida; anyone who watched their game and ours yesterday should be terrified of Jax this year).

    What to do? I don’t have any answers, other than to get used to a second-echelon team for the foreseeable future. A head coaching change ain’t happening (and most Georgia fans don’t really have to stomach for the kind of abrasive campaign of cannibalism necessary to produce one) and demonizing assistants seems to miss the point.

    I can live with thinking of the program as being the football equivalent of Maryland basketball under Lefty Driesell: a combination of great recruiting and inferior game coaching leading to a pretty high winning percentage but almost never a championship. Matter of fact, I’ll lose a lot less sleep never expecting anything more.

  22. El Dawgo in El Paso

    SC has played UGA tough for the last decade (outplayed us for most of that time), the difference now being that they actually have the talent to win. It feels bad losing to a team that you never considered a rival but now might be a mark of having a good season and program (did I just write that?).

  23. TX Dawg

    Richt coached scared…on their punt return for the TD he was so concerned with SC blocking a punt that he overcompensated with the formation and had no one downfield to actually cover it…even when we’re down 14 he sticks with logan gray 2.0 to fair catch at midfield…hey Coach, how about putting an athlete back there who can make a play and bring the team to life…what was there to lose? but brilliant use of the timeout when we’re down 28 and its their 3rd and goal…finally, we’ll never beat good teams with a six foot, 275 pound center…he was absolutely destroyed last night and was a big reason why the RBs had no room…and its not the first time…can Burnette not play center? Murray is an upgrade on Cox but not much more than that, but I’m so glad Mason is so valuable that he dictates to Richt when he will be available to play…time for a change as we’re moving backwards

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I saw at the time and confirmed on replay 3 different blocks in the back on that punt return by Ace Sanders for that USCe TD. Would flagging the Cocks and making them start at about their own 30 instead of getting a cheap TD have made a difference in the outcome of the game? Maybe not, but once again incompetent/crooked SEC refs played a role in a UGA loss.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      BTW, since the refs have come up, I clearly saw holding in the endzone on USCe’s 3rd down pass attempt when the Cocks were backed up after the Dawgs failed to score. Confirmed it on replay. That is supposed to be a safety–2points and the Dawgs should have gotten the ball back. No call!

  24. Will Trane

    We drive the ball. Mitchell makes a very good play to put us in scoring position and get us some momentum.

    Now look at the play set and the formation inside the 5 and it is first and goal to go.. Not one power running play. All in the shotgun. Ward is saying thank you Mike Bobo. I said this last night. Throws to a 180 pound receiver who is just outside the goal line with two defenders.on him. Did you note the O lineman within two yards who did not get into the play to push them over. Run with a 2 TE, FB, and Gurley. Think you have to power their D line because they are tall but not heavy. You have no pad level on them in the shotgun.

    Those formations and play selections against their D on the goal line was it for me. Bobo had to know we could not sustain blocks on their D line in the shotgun with a freshman back “chipping” [CMR’s words] them on the edge. Did that routnine 31 wasted passing downs. , But yet he put Murray in the shotgun vittually all night.and ran reveivers into man coverage. I never listen to ESPN. Do listent to the Dawgs announcers. I recall Murray completing a pass where carolina had four players on the receiver. Recall the Dawgs annoucner saying that too. Now how did Carolina always managed to have our receiver so well covered?

  25. Is there any doubt that it is time for Richt’s tenure to end? The game has passed him by. I love him as a person. I love him for helping move Georgia another step forward with the 2002 and 2005 SEC titles. But we are at a point now where all of that momentum and national status are being lost and squandered.

    Winning 8-10 games a year is great and all. But there’s a lot more to sports than just consistently good regular seasons.

    You want to legitimately have a shot at a national title now and then.

    You want to pull off big wins on big nights.

    You want to think you have a SHOT at an occasional exciting upset.

    You want to occasionally put the smack down on a good team (like the way SC did to us tonight).

    For the last few years I have had NO belief that could happen.

    We are 0-9 against teams that finished ranked. That’s pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

    QBs routinely have “break out” games against us.

    Even our regular season results depend on how soft our schedule is.

    Sure, its nice that we rarely choke against a scrub team. But that’s hardly something to get excited about. People enjoy sports because of the exciting things about it. We don’t have that in our program right now.

  26. 69Dawg

    Embrassing!!! For the first time in my life I turned the TV to the WVA Texas game because I wanted to see a CFB game that was being played by two real teams. Every year we UGA fans and Alumni can count on a blowout. Sometimes it to a team that makes us scrtch our heads or like last night it is to a good team that actually is well coached and wants to win. Now I think our players really want to win but they are limited by our coaching staff. If your staff is scared your players play scared. This is how we became under Ray Goff and we are there again. SOS knows this and now he owns us again. We are now the thrid best team in the Eastern Division but that will be short lived if UT keeps Dooley.

    Mark is a good man but he is wrapped so tightly in tha it’s only a game, emotion that he basically does not fire up the team.

    CTG is making the same mistake that you see NFL coaches making when they come back to college football under the new NCAA rules. His system is too damn complicated for our student-atheles. It’s not too complicated for Saban’s guys because they know that there are 3 guys waiting to take their place. We don’t have 1 guy waiting in most cases.

    Finially, Mark has not ever recuited enough OLineman to win in this league. We have been short handed forever. We are GEORGIA but that’s not too good right now.

  27. Bulldog Joe

    This was one of those games lost in the off-season. Coach Spurrier won’t admit it, but he is winning these days with Nick Saban’s process. Maximize your signees, discipline internally with extra conditioning work, and make it clear that a scholarship is to be earned each year. The process works. South Carolina has 26 players from Georgia on its roster while Coach Richt leaves over 20 scholarship slots open or underutilized with unrecruited players. Situation gets compounded when you “discipline” players with days off, forcing other players to play out of position (Mitchell, Samuel, our offensive line, and all the offensive players we put on coverage teams).

    This flawed philosophy has given other programs an opportunity to take advantage and successfully recuit players who otherwise want to play here. Alabama, South Carolina, Auburn, and Mississippi State are a few obvious examples. Now Clemson and Tennessee are following the same path.

    We have seen the enemy and they is us.

  28. Will Trane

    You read today and you hear today about the Dawgs performance since 2007 against ranked teams.
    Players have come and gone…some dismissed and some left early for the pros. A defensive coordinator was let go. An O line coach who never talked to anyone went to Texas.
    From 2007 to last night there has been one come thread for me. Mike Bobo. In all those big game losses over the past 5 years he has been the OC. I am curious how his offense did in those games from a statistic and points scored against the opponent and where that teams defense was.
    In Richts first few years Neil Calloway was OC. Nothing flashy but they scored and won when it counted.
    Also how many snaps has the O line been involved in the first six games. The Tennessee game was a shoot out and just wonder how much that impacted them last night. In the Tennessee game we were up by 21 but let them back in the game. Carolina goes up 21 and no way Spurrier is going to let the Dawgs back in..Just another difference in coaching. Spurrier shortened the game and saved his team for two big road games stretch. Seems our coaches never do things like that.
    Think Carolina will beat LSU, but not Florida.
    Two weeks will be a long team for fans and alums to sulk, stew, and harp on Richt and his coaching. Get a full roster of players and an OC who can perform in the big tent and he would hear praise rather than complaints.

  29. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    It hurts to lose and it’s agony to lose like we did. It’s especially bad on Sunday morning. This is still our team and, with half the season to play, they still need us. Remember all the down years when the gamecock fans showed up for their team? This year it’s our turn.

  30. Puffdawg

    Good grief, guys. It’s not like we haven’t laid a turd before only to rebound and finish the season strong. We still can do special things this season. USCe outplayed us. They out coached us. But we still have some pretty good players. Is it THAT crazy to think we could win out? USCe stumbles twice, and we’re right back in the mix. Am I disappointed? Heck yes. Do I think we should mail it in? Good Lord no. It’s frustrating to see so many people want to be proven right that we shall fire Mark Richt. I’m not going to name names, but we haven’t seen a lot of you around during the winning streak. But the first sign of adversity and you’re back on here bashing the coaches and the players. Welcome back, I guess.