Should Georgia’s coaches have a life outside football?

No snark intended with my question.  I’m simply asking in response to something Patrick Garbin wrote:

Speaking of defense, on a side note, I saw Todd Grantham last Thursday in the early evening at Prince Avenue Christian School’s football stadium; his son and my nephew play on the same 5th-6th grade football team.  From the stands just prior to the game, I overheard someone mumble, “Grantham should probably be in his office, watching film on the Gamecocks…”  Everyone within earshot, including myself, found it humorous.

I’m no longer snickering, but think there might be some truth to the statement.  I bet none of Nick Saban’s top assistants were at a pee wee football game within 48 hours of Saturday… and Alabama had an open date this past weekend.

So, I’m genuinely curious – how many of you agree with that sentiment?  Did, say, Urban Meyer push things too far with that?  Or do two national titles suggest that he had his priorities straight?  And those of you who run your own businesses, do you run your work life at the expense of family time to the extent Patrick is suggesting?

Note we’re not talking about using your time wisely and efficiently – just that if you pour enough of your attention into your work, you’ll be more successful.  How much better could Saturday night have gone had Grantham stayed in the office all those Thursday evenings?


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  1. Castleberry

    I vote YES. And for all we know, he worked two days straight through so he could make it to that pee-wee football game.

    • The quantity of time spent on a task is far less relevant than the quality of the time spent. Judging from Saturday night, our coaches didn’t spend much quality time scheming Sackerlina.

      • 69Dawg

        +1 You can scheme yourself our of a game. Don’t over think the damn read option just stop it.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Peligro: right only up to a point. There’s always somebody out there working just as smart as you, and a little longer. Coaches think they can motivate men to run through brick walls, and lots of them try to work 25/8.

  2. D.N. Nation

    I recall Kentucky basketball fans driving by the offices at 11 at night to make sure that Tubby Smith was still there with the light on. It got them Billy Gillespie.

    “I bet none of Nick Saban’s top assistants were at a pee wee football game within 48 hours of Saturday… and Alabama had an open date this past weekend.”

    Oh? And the proof of this is….what, exactly?

  3. Ralph

    How many people reading this work 18 hour days 7 days a week? Coaches need time with their families. They can’t work all the time.

    • gastr1

      You know, but part of that is how much you work prior to the big presentation, not the entire year.

    • Mike

      How many people reading this make $2.9 million per year. That kind of compensation is extra-ordinary and deserves an extra-ordinary effort.

  4. Newt

    By Thursday night, the hay is in the barn. And did the witness quoted above follow Grantham post game? Who’s to say he didn’t go back to his office? Maybe if Grantham stays in his office Thursday, Rambo doesn’t let an interception go through his hands on that deep ball and the whole momentum of the game is changed on the first series. It’s a fine line to balance, but I’m with Castleberry on this one.

    • James Stephenson

      That to me is the biggest play in the game. Rambo had that ball and let the WR take it away from him. Catch that ball and who knows what happens. Get down 3 tds and here comes those huge DEs.

      • NC Dawg

        What I want to know is, is Rambo is a safety (maybe he was at CB on the play; if so, I’m wacked), why does he continually play in front of the ball, not behind the receiver?

  5. Rick

    Coaches should be able to do whatever they want, and only judged on their results. Mark Richt wins 75% of his games. If the fan base ever decides that isn’t enough, or if it drops to 70% or 65%, then we can show him the door. Likewise, if Grantham’s defenses turn out to look more like the 2010 and first-half-of-2012 editions than that of 2011, he’ll eventually be replaced,

    Anything other than that is just the fan base being a bunch of whiny children. The depth of emotion you see after a game like this is frankly embarrassing, particularly when those same fans will be back to neutral by the time the florida game rolls around, and back on the bandwagon proper should UGA win that game. Everyone needs to just settle down. If the coaches can’t get it done, that will be borne out in the long term win/loss record.

    • HahiraDawg

      Agree with you Rick, well said. Only this: the results I am looking for are broader than merely that which can be encapsulated in a %-tage.
      There is also a reason why AD’s and GM’s don’t often make hasty mid-season moves. Perspective is necessary, even if it is perspective on a coach with 10+ years of work.

      • Rick

        Sure, and I trust ADs with a more detailed assessment. I don’t trust fans with it (including myself). If you give yourself leeway like that, most folks will arrive at a verdict based entirely on whatever emotion they are currently feeling. A fan poll after a 10-1 coach just lost to a big rival might be more negative than that for 1-10 coach that just won the same game. It’s not rational, but that’s how we roll.

        • HahiraDawg

          Amen brother.

          And if I didn’t make it obvious in my first agreement with you…our coaches need to prioritize family too.

  6. hassan

    In any job, you have to have a work/life balance. Nothing is more important than family. Additionally, those that made snide comments at Grantham have no idea how many other hours he may have already put in. There is such a thing as spending too much time on something and achieving diminishing returns. Studies show that multiple highly focused engagements on a task yield much better results than prolonged engagements with a waning level of focus. The net of it is that the body and mind needs breaks.

    Alternately, some Pop Warner defensive schemes couldn’t have been any worse that what we had in the first quarter for us.

    • Charles

      It’s amazing how we have expectations of others that, if ever applied to ourselves, we could never fulfill. Some folks need to get a life.

  7. rugbydawg79

    He should be at his son’s game whenever possible-I am glad we have good men running our program-agree with the above comment-settle down folks this things not over yet ! How you react to adversity is a good measure of character.

  8. 69Dawg

    I find it humous that SOS was probably only able to get in 3 rounds of golf last week. SOS is not exactly a Saban when it comes to work. He hires good assistants and he makes them work their butts off and here’s the big difference if they don’t get the job done HE FIRES THEM. When you play a team who by and large never changes their scheme it’s not that hard to beat them.

    UGA on the other hand had to know what every fan of UGA knew and a lot wrote about what we would see from SCU would be exactly what we saw. They “were who we thought they would be” and they beat the snot out of us. This was not the first game this year where the D started a game like they wanted to be somewhere else, this is just the first one against a team that was as good or better than they were. Say what you will about SOS he is one of those coaches that if he has equal to or better players we have only beaten once in the last 22 years. We are GEORGIA and we are not a first-tier team.

    Also Will Muchamp has started to controll himself on the sideline and his team will beat our team this year because he, unlike our coaches, has been around a winner and expects to win. Our coaches are like pee wee coaches that just hope the boys have a good time and enjoy the game.

    • Minnesota Dawg

      Yep, pretty much right on. We treat hiring coaches at Georgia like we’re marrying them–it’s not a lifetime commitment and oath-taking before God, it’s a job. If you’re not getting the job done, no hard feelings, but we’ll try to find someone else who can. Just like in the real world.

      • Cojones

        And if everyone fired their coaches after a loss, what would the landscape look like? We hire them by the years and they should be judged the same way for performance; the entire year. We are only half through this season with one loss and the buzzards are circling. LSU took a similar loss in the NC last year. Guess you would have fired Miles.

        If the real world fired someone after a mistake or two, you probably wouldn’t have time for this blog because you would be hunting for a job. Most people who bring up firing on here demonstrate to me that they have never been responsible for other teams of people in the work world. If they had been, the “fired” word would be used with judicial restraint since you know that you are dealing with someone else’s life plus their family’s life. It is insensitive and lowlife to take your personal disappointments out on other’s lives.

        If the eggers didn’t act with your agreement, it doesn’t matter then that you are included in that “fandom”, right? You don’t want to be included with them? Neither do I want to be included with those “fans” who are calling for a coaching change on the first loss of the year. Now is when the team needs true fans, not when we are winning everything in sight.

        • Minnesota Dawg

          I’m not calling for Richt’s firing, yet. But this is more than one loss–it’s seven seasons of double-digit, big-game losses compared with one or two nice wins. It’s a pattern of failure, not a mistake or two.

          You have a lot of gall talking to others about being a “true fan”–you didn’t even watch the game. Absurd. You’re a fan of calling yourself a real fan, and that’s about it.

          • Rick

            Again, a mediocre coach – even if is occasionally fortunate – will be revealed in the long term. See Chizik, Eugene.

            If you want to argue that Richt just ‘can’t win the big one’, it would be nice to see what your metric is for that and to see how it stacks up against other top-tier coaches (not some specific coach over some specific time period that you are envious of).

            • MinnesotaDawg

              It’s not just the “big one”–it’s pretty much all the ones against good teams.

              How about this metric…over the last five years Georgia is 2-16 against teams that end up the year ranked in the top 25. Or how about that they have ZERO wins in their last 11 games against top 10 teams. In case I need to point out the obvious–that is damn awful–especially for a team consistently ranked in the top ten for recruiting, top ten for producing NFL layers, has top ten facilities, and is the one state university in a top five recruiting states. Not sure how you missed this information, since ESPN pointed it out several times with a full screen graphic on Saturday. Our well-deserved national reputation is as a soft, over-rated, under-performing, big-game chokers. Call me insanely demanding or delusional, but I think we can do better.

              • Rick

                Over the last 5 years Mark Richt is 44-21 which, as I said in the original post, is bad enough that we should show him the door if that really is his long term average. It is profoundly unsurprising that the worst 5 year stretch of his career also produced a disappointing record against ranked teams.

                I have no doubt we can do better than that, as evidenced by the fact that the coach for the previous 5 years did far, far better than that. However it’s worth noting that the coach for the previous 5 years was Mark Richt.

    • D.N. Nation

      “Also Will Muchamp has started to controll himself on the sideline and his team will beat our team this year because he, unlike our coaches, has been around a winner and expects to win.”

      Richt was at FSU in the 90s, so, uh, what?

  9. Do we know he didn’t go back to the office on those days? It’s possible the amount of missed time isn’t that great. But let’s pretend this cost Grantham 6+ hours of film study/preparation. What are we suggesting there? That with that much extra time, Grantham would have spotted something vulnerable/some trend in South Carolina’s offense he could exploit? I find that idea absurd, frankly.

    At what point during the game did it appear that Georgia was mostly stopping SC? They didn’t do anything offensively for a quarter-and-a-half, but that seemed as much to do with Spurrier going extremely conservative as anything else. They were able to easily move the ball through the air and we got next to no pressure. If they had thrown more, it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t have added at least two more scores (indeed, ole Steve seems to be going soft in his old age. Imagine what Young Steve would say about that easing up).

    It wasn’t like SC came out with some unexpected new wrinkle (and no amount of film study would really prepare for that, would it?). They did what they have done all year.

    I think a significant portion of Georgia’s problems Saturday night were mirrored on O as well as D. The initial gameplans didn’t work. I don’t think that is simply a reflection of preparation time (of the people doing the preparation? Yes in part). Things were exacerbated by the lack of a plan B, moreso on offense perhaps. Looked to me like Grantham tried to dial up some extra pressure at times but for the most part that was irrelevant. Our defenses is exactly what it was all year – inexplicably toothless. The D is having a bad year at every level.

    I don’t think extra time would have left us with a good plan B on either side of the ball. Because I don’t think that’s really who we are right now. I think this is the sort of thing we as fans tend to harp on but it’s not really anything to do with the actual problems (see also: “we came out flat footed”. So totally not the problem).

  10. Debby Balcer

    It is ridiculous that people believe Coaches shouldn’t have a life. Coaches who only focus on the game to the exclusion of all else are not men I want molding our players.

  11. Mike

    I believe our coaches should have a private life… and it should begin the moment they give up their $2.9 million or $750,000 salary. Until then, get back to work.

  12. Bryant Denny

    By that time on Thursday, the hay’s in the barn.

  13. ChiliDawg

    I think Steve Spurrier has shown that you can be somewhat balanced in how you live your life and coach football, and be successful on the field. SOS doesn’t work crazy long hours and doesn’t let his assistants do it, either. He’s 100% in the camp of it’s the quality of time you spend with the players and not the quantity.

  14. Charles

    Had an early flight out of Hartsfield one morning in late July. Had to leave Athens at 5:15ish. Went to fill up at the BP on Lumpkin, across from Butts-Mehre. As I was walking out, I held the door open for Coach Bobo, who was obviously stopping en route to work. At 5:30 am. In late July. So, spare me.

  15. Tronan

    It seems to be general consensus that the Mark Richt of today isn’t going to lead us to the promised land of regular SEC championships and the occasional national title. If the apparent failures at the top and actual failures on the field over the past few seasons are attributable to him and the staff not spending enough time (or not spending their time wisely) in the film room, then they need to step up their game preparation or step aside. However, we the fans don’t actually know if the recurring failures against quality opponents are the result of too little time preparing for games. Maybe they prepare enough and something else is missing.

    Moreover, there’s no guarantee that a coach who neglects everything other than football that makes up a life is going to be any more successful than Richt and company has been. And, while I’d love UGA to have the success of Alabama under Saban or UF under Meyer (ouch, it hurt to type that), are we going to be comfortable with having a sociopath for a head coach? Maybe coaches don’t have to be sociopaths to be champions, but it kind of seems that way.

    This is a Dawg fan’s dilemma: Do we chase off a decent man who’s successful but not successful enough? With risk could come reward – or a big, fat failure.

    • Rick

      The last sentence the rub for me. If we were to run off Richt, chances are that we would replace him with a less competent coach, even with a fat checkbook and the best of intentions. Just look at hires made by top 15 programs in the last decade or so. For every Saban/Meyer there are 5 Donnan/Weis/Dooley/Kiffin/Zook/Rodriguez/Chiziks. I do not like them odds.

  16. Maybe Grantham should’ve been on the golf course instead.

    When a coach like Saban or Meyer wins, he’s driven. When he loses (or loses it), he’s burned out and unhealthy.

    When a coach like Spurrier wins, he’s relaxed, alert, and in balance. When he loses, he’s lazy and unmotivated.

    Winners write the history books, and – apparently – the management books.

  17. Dog in Fla

    We may not have the hardest working staff in show business* but somebody’s got to make ESPN commercials before the so-called big games

    * “You see how he works day in and day out, every day,” says strength coach Scott Cochran. “And then you see how exhausted you would be, or you are, at that time and he’s still going hard, he’s still attacking. It doesn’t matter whether he was up all night or had to take a recruiting trip and come back. He doesn’t have a tired side. He doesn’t have a down side. And I’m the strength coach, so you think I can have one? No way!”

  18. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Extra effort can overcome structural deficiencies in the short term. I learned that lesson the hard way in my first job. Why should my boss fix the larger problems when I was willing to work until midnight every night and spend weekends with the clients training them?

    Saban might be “merciless,” but he sets such clear (and high) expectations. In my experience, that sort of culture depressurizes the work place rather than pressurizes it. No one’s looking over their shoulder, wondering whether or not someone’s getting their job done.

    Nice guys can (and often do) finish first. I just wonder about the expectations when it comes to Richt. You can be nice and demanding at the same time. These are not mutually exclusive things.

  19. ChicagoDawg

    I want wins — period. A coach needs to manage himself and his level of productivity. If he can get results with 10hrs per week — great. This Patrick Garbin may be a great guy (never heard of him, so I am not familiar w/ his work), but it is absurd to draw any conclusions as to the amount or quality of preparation based on where Grantham spent 2hrs out of his week. Perhaps Grantham was at the game fresh off a meth-fueld 84-hour film session bender (insert sarcasm alert)? The point being, we have no idea how much Grantham spends in preparation vs. how much K. Smart spends and at the end of the day the ultimate test of results is Ws vs Ls.

    • cube

      Agreed. Who cares about this crap?

      • Seeing as yours is the 36th comment on this post, it looks like somebody does.

        • cube

          Awesome comeback. That makes it right.

          • So now we’ve gone from whether there’s any interest to whether it’s right or wrong? Why don’t you ask Garbin that?

            • Rick

              It’s a topic that I don’t think deserves acknowledgement on a forum of this quality. I don’t know who Garbin is, and if this is the sort of thing he writes about I look for to continuing not to.

              • With all due respect (and I do appreciate your tone), we just saw the house of several players vandalized by fans and I’ve gotten more than one comment here that Richt is mailing it in so he can continue collecting a paycheck. I guess I’m not seeing why this topic in particular is beyond the pale.

                • Rick

                  Funny you should bring that up – you handled the vandalism perfectly. No open-mindedness, no ‘gee, fellas, do we reckon this is a reasonable response?’ – just ‘sigh, what am embarrassment’.

                  • The difference is that’s just a handful of idiots. I wonder if Patrick is expressing a sentiment that’s more widely held than I would have expected.

                    • Rick

                      All the more shameful. Idiots are still idiots in quantities greater than ‘handful’. Although I think ‘idiot’ is a strong word. Really it’s just people who can’t stand not having a strong conviction, and can’t figure out who the enemy is – Bobo has had an otherwise great season, Grantham had an excellent 2011, Richt has an impressive body of work. The stats don’t show anyone to be fireable yet, so we have to make up personal shit like this, right?

                      FWIW, I think what we have here is (1) a bad match up along the lines (that we all saw coming since last year, but convinced ourselves had been addressed), (2) a coaching staff that was straight up outschemed by possibly the best coach in college football and (3) bad luck on the tipped pass and punt return right at the beginning of the game. If you want to argue that heads need to roll because of (2), go for it. Otherwise, we just need to get up and move on. I’d also like to see D/O lines be the main recruiting priority from here to eternity. Some coaching staffs can scheme around imbalanced lines, but ours is not one of them.

            • cube

              I don’t know who Garbin is and I don’t care. My point is that posting something on your blog just b/c it gets some responses doesn’t make it worthy of being talked about.

              But I guess my original question should have read “why does anyone care about this crap” instead of “who cares about this crap”, so it’s probably my fault we even went down this pointless road.

              • I didn’t post it because I wanted to generate responses. I posted it out of genuine curiosity.

                I get that you’re uninterested in the topic, and that’s fine. I hardly expect every post here to grab everyone’s attention.

                • Rick

                  And what you will find (and have found) is that a certain segment of the fan base is so angry/despondent/whatever that they think this is a legitimate question to even ask. It isn’t, and fans like that should be ignored. The AJC can’t afford to ignore them because they live and breathe on that crap. This blog does not.

                  • And what you will find (and have found) is that a certain segment of the fan base is so angry/despondent/whatever that they think this is a legitimate question to even ask.

                    That’s exactly what I’m curious about.

        • Rick

          No disrespect, senator, but the AJC can spark an awful lot of comments as well. I think this is the rare post on this blog that goes in the same bucket.

  20. PNWDawg

    I’m surprised you even went there.

  21. Ask Spurrier how much time you need to put in at the office. That is, if you can find the golf course he is on to ask him.

  22. Scorpio Jones, III

    What I would like to know is whether by Thursday after like probably 48 hours straight of looking at the Cocks, if Grantham finally turned to Richt and said “Shit, boss, bout all we can do is show up and duck.”

    “Yep,” says Richt, “Guess we better shut down the internet access.”

  23. Slaw Dawg

    Since I do run my own business (and have toes in a couple others), I can at least respond to that part of your question. I try to maintain a balance between work, family and sleep. So unless I’m on the road (about 15% of the time), I make almost all my 2 kids’ events (football, baseball, wrestling, equestrian, concerts). BUT I have a mobile phone and sometimes even a laptop and take the occasional call or do occasional keyboarding. I also carry around a moleskin book in which I jot down thoughts or to-do’s during down times. Point is you can’t assume that because the guy’s there, he’s not working. On the other side, I can promise you that the temptation to work those extra couple of hours at the end of a 60+ hour week, or even a 12 hour day, can run smack dab into fried brain = poor work product. For that reason, I do turn everything really “off” in the evenings, tho sometimes not til 9 or 10, have a strict “no work” rule on Saturdays, get solid 7 hours sleep most nights. After 2.5 years in business, doing better for myself than I did in Fortune 200 life and the wife and kids still tolerate me pretty well, so something’s working. Upshot: I firmly believe that proper balance = success, and would hope Dawg coaches have that balance.

    Frankly, tho, I didn’t really understand Garbin’s point. He seemed to be trying to link CTG’s family time with a culture that “stinks,” and I just don’t see that connection. I do think there’s a major preparation or seriousness problem that keeps raising its head, but can’t believe that’s because the DC occasionally takes in his kid’s game.

  24. I need more facts. How many hours up to the pee-wee game had Grantham put in and, as someone mentioned, did he return to the office after the game?
    From what I saw Lakatos(?) needs to be spending a lot of quality time with the secondary. They looked lost.

  25. Tammie

    As someone who lost their 16 year old son who played football since he was a baby, I have only those memories to cherish. Who said if you have a job, are a football coach or whatever you have to neglect your family and other responsibilities ??? What are you working for ? Ego, or to provide for your family, be successful and make a difference ???? Seriously what is this world coming to ? I know I worked double duty just to take off early on those Thursday nights and I wish I still could.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I’m sure any of our coaches could sign on at Loganville, Bremen, Twiggs County, etc. and have a swell time teaching PE and coachin’ ball.

      However, you coach in the SEC to prove you are better than the other guy. Not to “work with youngsters” and “have an impact on the community”.

  26. Skeptic Dawg

    Every coach/person with kids should attent every game possible. But what this staff does from here on out is meaningless. The results are in and they simply come up lacking. The evidence is ample and clear. Richt is just not “the guy”. I just hope McGarity makes a solid hire.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Skeptic, go jump up a hog’s ass and have a ham sandwich.

      Warm personal regards,

  27. Normaltown Mike

    I don’t believe more preparation would’ve helped CTG because, IMHO, he suffers from a lack of flexibility during the game. CTG was fighting the 2010 Gamecocks in 2012 instead of dealing with what was happening in the present. I’m sure he’s got loads of football smarts, but apparently lacks some ability in quick read and response.

    As an aside, if we are going to compensate these guys at the level they are paid, then they are held to higher standard than the middling careers we pass time in.

    I know the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the founder and CEO of a technology start up. They are workaholics to the point that health and sometimes relationships, suffer. They are not hardwired to take joy in attending a birthday party at Monkey Joe’s (which I quite enjoy) when they can be out working the others.

  28. Thought I’d pass along an e-mail I received which may be of interest:

    Saw your blog post. Three games into the season, Grantham had not been to any of his son’s games. That’s what Grantham’s wife told me when I did a story on him prior to the Vandy game.

    Marc Weiszer

    • ChicagoDawg

      If the 2hr attendance at his son’s game is the difference in a 35-7 outcome or even a 7-6 outcome for that matter, then we probably have bigger issues to deal with here. If there is a larger discussion to be had about Grantham’s lack of work ethic, where are the supporting facts? Surely it can’t be due to his attending his son’s football game? If so, we have completely jumped the tracks. Senator, I am suggesting you are making such an assertion, but the whole Garbin point is dangerously close to a being a serious AJC-quality troll.

      • ChicagoDawg

        I meant to say…. “Senator, I am NOT suggesting you are making such an assertion, but the whole Garbin point is dangerously close to a being a serious AJC-quality troll.”

        • I know.

          I’ve always found Patrick to be a fairly level-headed blogger. So if he’s going down that road, I wonder if that’s a sign I’ve misjudged the mood of the fan base.

          • Hogbody Spradlin

            Patrick used an anonymous friend’s quote to say “the culture stinks around the program”, but I don’t think he would’ve put that out there unless he halfway feels it. Maybe he is pissed.

            I always go back to: does a man have to be a flaming asshole (Saban, Corch, Spurrier) or a cheater to win big these days?

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              “does a man have to be a flaming asshole (Saban, Corch, Spurrier) or a cheater to win big these days?”

              I don’t know that Saban and Spurrier are flaming assholes, I’d say it depends on the color of your hat, but it does appear to take a certain type of personality.

              And total institutional commitment.

              It could be Richt is also a flaming asshole, but we won’t know till Adams retires, since their is only room for one of those in the upper echelon of the university’s power structure.

              Then there is Gene Chizik.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            “misjudged the mood of the fan base.” Bluto I’d say, from being able to hang around a while today, the mood of the fan base is pretty nasty and this is the intellectual edge of the lunatic fringe normally. Folks are ready to believe and blame damn near anything. Normally you are the catharsis master, but boy, we are really pissed off, hurt, disappointed, disillusioned.

            • Yeah, I believe I’m getting that.😉

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                Really, kids houses getting egged? I am pretty comfortable with the idea I am responsible for my own delusions. I know enough to see the problems, but I chose to ignore them, but does that mean the football team has let me down or does it mean I am slightly delusional. I get the disappointment, I don’t get the vitriol….you’d think this buncha pretty good kids coached by a buncha pretty good folks, went up to Columbia and got their asses handed to them just to hurt our feelings.

                Look at the deterioration of the language here, and I am including my own dumbass self in that…I get the disappointment….I don’t get the lunacy.

                Do you?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I really don’t much care what Grantham was doing at his son’s game, but it would be permissive of me as a parent to not point out that the defense looked pretty good against Vandy….just sayin.

  29. DawgBiscuit

    We have 12 games on our schedule (not counting the SECCG and bowl if we earn them). Of the 12, I see only two (SoCar and Fla) that we should be burning the midnight oil preparing for. Six of them should require a moderate level of preparation (Mizzou, Vandy, Tenn, Ole Miss, Auburn, and GaTech), and we should be able to take the week off before the other four (Buff, FlaAtl, Kentucky, and GaSou). Now I’m not one to cast stones at the coaches for the amount of time they may or may not spend at the office, but our performance against SC spoke for itself. It was unconscionable, unconstitutional, egregious, asinine, asiten, asileven, asitwelve. There is no reason why we should have gotten humiliated the way we did: we have a defense stacked with NFL players, a RJr quarterback, two stud tailbacks, and some of the best WR in the conference. Is it really too much to ask for our experienced, highly paid coaching staff to have the team ready to play against the big boys a couple of times a year?

  30. Mean Machine

    Hey, Willie Martinez did nothing but scheme, study tape, and workout. Where did that get us, exactly?

  31. Hogbody Spradlin

    Patrick’s real sum up point was “The culture stinks around the program.” I don’t know.

    Does it take an obsessed asshole or cheating to have a top college football program? I don’t believe the statements about Spurrier’s light work habits, and he’s still a Grade A asshole who is obsessed with Georgia.

  32. Dog in Fla

    Maybe Garbin was looking for answers to The Attack of The Cecil Hurt Tweets:

    Cecil Hurt‏@CecilHurt6 Oct
    @gbgreenjr “Richt is a good guy but Georgia should be dominant. JMO. Not hating on them.”

    Cecil Hurt‏@CecilHurt6 Oct
    @justincalfman “Said the same yesterday. Amazed Georgia fans accept it annually.”

    Cecil Hurt‏@CecilHurt6 Oct
    “Georgia doesn’t rebuild soft underachieving teams. It just reloads.”

  33. Biggus Rickus

    Maybe somebody else pointed this out above, but didn’t Richt just get outcoached by a guy famous for wanting to get to the golf course as often as possible? Spurrier isn’t some crazy asshole like Meyer was, and he does okay.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 That is what I said above. Work ethic has nothing to do with it. Give the Devil his due. If SOS has players equal to UGA he wins, always has always will and he does not work his butt off doing it.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        It’s not just sos. We are unprepared frequently enough that it’s a legitimate concern. We gave our best effort in 1 game this season (vandy).

  34. MGW

    Coaches should work more or get fired now! They aren’t getting paid to go to pee wee games!

    …oh no here comes the boss… CTRL + X

    I hope the irony of posting a blog questioning a coach’s work ethic to the “I only read blogs during work hours which is why they only post during work hours.” audience isn’t lost on anyone.

  35. Will Trane

    Good to see Coach Grantham spend time with his kids at activities outside of school. If you have had children or grandchildre in school and sports you always come to this realization many times, “where did the time go, and I wish I could have spent more time with them”. Not me, I do not begrudge him one second with his children. Watching your son or daughter play and compete is tough. Be there to support them.
    I told mine regardless of how the game goes or the season, you commit to the roster. Be there physically and mentally, play hard, play through it, leave it all of the field with regard to effort, technique you can work on.
    Thought Saturday night on two passes they did not go the Dawgs way…knock down or interception….part of the game. The blown coverages, not sure. I always have issues about rosters. When you sign up and commit, you commit…no suspensions…be on the roster at all times so your coaches and fellow teammates can play and expect your performance to contribute…why I have no tolerance for what Ogletree, Rambo, and others do. On a team, be a team player. Missing four games, no freaking damn excuse. As a player I would have an issue all damn season long about that. I let the player and the coaches know it from time to time. “Somewhere you have to make that up to us”.

  36. South FL Dawg

    If Grantham is spending…..oh let’s say ……at least 70 hours on his job during the week, then another 2 or 3 won’t help. And honestly if you don’t succeed it doesn’t matter that you spent 24/7. Just let a professional worker be judged by the result and not by how he got there. This one was easy.

  37. TennesseeDawg

    Spend as much time as you need to do the job well. They didn’t do the job of having the team prepared. Even Clowney had the snap count figured out and nothing was adjusted. The entire team in every way looked unprepared. My boss never tells me how much time to spend doing my job but I know I better get it done correctly.

  38. pjspound

    This is preposterous. Every person in every walk of life has the right to…nay, must have time with their families. The University pays him to do a job and he works plenty of hours at that job already. To ask a man not to spend time watching his sons football game is ridiculous. Yes the plan was poor, yes the defense had a rough couple of outings, yes SC stomped us. It will not make him a better coach to never see his family. It will only make him less likely to drift to wondering where they are and what they are doing. A healthy family life always makes one more efficient and better. I appreciate the huge sacrifices they all make to coach and play for our beloved Dawgs.
    In response to those who say take as much time as it needs. You’re full of garbage. If they game planned and prepared for 3 days and were ready you would all lay an egg if they took off a couple of days. Stop being such self righteous jerks and show some love.

  39. Orl Dawg

    Why does everyone always say “I bet a Nick Saban assisitant wasn’t doing this or that?” We have no idea what Saban’s people do. Saban’s teams are mentally tough and CMR’s teams are not. That is the difference. Jarvis Jones just isn’t healthy right now either. He makes the D tick. He can’t get to the QB; so we have no pressure. Other teams are able to block him with one guy; so we can’t get pressure. Once he’s healthy, he’ll have to be double teamed opening space for someone else to get to the QB. Bottom line, we need JJ healthy for Jax. I hope he doesn’t play at UK. He needs rest and we need him to get after Driskel and the Gators.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Mr. Jones is sure as hell not having the impact he did early on, I don’t know if it is the groin deal or OC’s just catching up with him, but he seemed about a quarter of a step slow all night, kept getting caught up in the tangle of bodies, getting tripped and knocked down. If two weeks off would cure him I’d say sure, but I don’t know how bad it actually is.

  40. Mark

    I am wondering why all the people that saw Grantham at the game and complained about it, weren’t at work instead.