So it’s come to this.

Athens-Clarke police announce plan to “house check” football players’ home when team is on the road.

But University of Georgia Police Chief Jimmy Williamson never heard of fans taking out frustrations on players before.

“You hear about it at the high school level, but never at the collegiate level,” Williamson said. “It makes you wonder if it might have been young people showing their immaturity and stupidity.”

It’s no easy feat to make Jimmy Williamson come off as the Reasonable Man, so congrats for that, morons.


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  1. Derek

    I hope they make an arrest(s). I hope they list their address(es).

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man…this is painful. Christian Robinson has done nothing but play his guts out the whole time he has been at Georgia. I guess the lunatic fringe is beginning to get restless.

    Please accept one apology for this guys…I thought this kind of thing only happened at Awbun.

  3. Any word on whether any of the real fans showed up to help clean up this mess?

    • DawgPhan

      I believe that the AJC mentioned that some good Samaritans showed up to clean up. that didnt get as much play, surprisingly.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I agree with what you said above SJ,III. That said, I would like to take this opportunity to express disappointment with the way many of UGA’s “fans” and some of our blogmates have conducted themselves and for what many have said in the aftermath of the unfortunate loss to South Carolina. Did you guys think we were going to finish undefeated? When the mags that had UGA rated so highly preseason made their picks they had UGA going 11-1 in the regular season. Whom did they think we were going to lose to? This was not unforeseeable. Sure, it would have been great to go undefeated but that’s only happened 3 times in the history of UGA football. So now the standard is: Go undefeated or you are a hack as a coach? Gimme a break! I have been critical on this blog about CMR in the past because of what I thought were poor coaching decisions particularly during games and in roster management. I even said in 2010 that I wanted him to leave. But that was because I did not think at that time that he could turn the ship around and get it pointed in the right direction. I now have completely changed my mind in part because of last season but mainly because of this season. Can anyone with a straight face deny that the 2012 UGA football team is not an improvement over the 2010 team? This team is still a work in progress. The rebuilding is not done. We are not yet at parity with Bama, LSU and, yes, South Carolina because we do not have the depth they do largely because of them oversigning and UGA not doing so. Anybody with half a brain knew that before last Saturday night. But the silver lining is that we are poised to have the greatest signing class in the history of the school, and likely the best in the nation, next season. 35 blue chip prospects are anticipated signing with the Dawgs in February. Do you guys think that all your self-indulgent venting is helping that cause? Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame. You might not be physically egging some player’s house but you are verbally doing the very same thing and you should know better. If you can’t support Georgia football as it is right now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! It was 1 loss dammit! This season can still be one of the best in school history. The season ain’t over. The sky is not falling. Get a grip, and if you can’t at least have the common decency to to not be an active agent working AGAINST your team!

    • Bobby

      Yes, it was only 1 loss, but it was one of worst losses (perhaps the worst) in the Richt era. I don’t think people are really angry with the fact that we lost; people are angry about the way we lost. This is probably the most talented team since 2002. When our team clearly fails to play anywhere close to its potential, that is extremely disheartening. We have won big games in the past w/ far less talent. The harsh criticism is completely warranted.

      Obviously the vandals were trash. Personally attacking a player is classless. However, being critical of that wretched turd of a game is not in the same ballpark. How could you even make that comparison?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I understand. Everybody had such high expectations and to lose in such a one-sided manner is what has everybody so ticked off. We almost intercepted the first SC pass of the game. If Rambo gets that pick it’s an entirely different game. At least one of the scoring passes came on a crossing route where one SC WR blocked the defender covering the other WR. That’s called a “rub” and it is a form of offensive pass interference. No call. When the SC returner Ace Sanders ran back the punt for a TD there were 3 blocks in the back (some think 2 of them were actually holds). No call. When the Dawgs went all the way down to the one and didn’t get in, on the next series of downs for SC their QB was pressured in the SC end zone and one of their O-lineman held the Georgia pass rusher in the end zone. That’s supposed to be a safety. No call. Everything I’ve said in this post is on video. Go look for yourself. I’m not saying that Georgia would have won the game but the score would never have been what it ended up being if the refs had called a clean game. If the foregoing do not happen SC wins by about 1 TD. When SC got up 21 points it took UGA out of their normal O and the SC D-line could just pin back their ears and rush with impunity. That’s how a game that was supposed to be close turned into a runaway.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          I cannot address the holds and no-calls. I take your word for it, though, and there is not much the coaches can do about that post-game without sounding like whiners. But if we have any sort of Cam-Newton-esque rumors or other suggestion of refs blatantly favoring one team over another, and there have been some head-scratchers the last couple of years, I’m afraid I’d quit football and never come back. I just couldn’t take it.

          Your other point – if Rambo gets that interception, I believe it is South Carolina that has the will to come back and win this one, convincingly, regardless. They were simply not going to be denied, and any team that came in with less than that mindset was not going to get it done. You have to give South Carolina slightly more credit than you give the dogs blame, I think. They did a better job being a great team than the Dawgs did being a lousy team.

          And while I think very highly of CMR, I would take two 14-point losses over this one single loss. I honestly don’t care too much what the Dawgs’ record is at the end of a given year (within reason). I do care that our coaches scheme smartly, react and adjust quickly, and our players play with a white hot will to win.

          The reason everybody is upset, as Bobby points out, really has absolutely nothing to do with the loss. It really doesn’t. It is seeing our program looking – inscrutably – completely unprepared and goofy and …to be honest, emasculated the way it was on Saturday. There is no shame in going down fighting, and it doesn’t even matter what the score is – going down fighting 49-7 would have been fine if we’d shown some emotion, some anger, some grit – but it *felt* like we just took a knee on Saturday. We let the dirtbag tap in while we were dancing with our steady girl just because he’s bigger than us. We let the bully take our lunch money. And that’s what has everybody down. If you will pardon my french, nobody gives two shits about the loss. It felt like we backed down from a fight, and it’s hard to find a way to root for that.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            CD, you’re just plain wrong. I saw a game where we got outplayed and the score got out of control, in part, because of bad officiating. I didn’t see anyone give up. I saw some guys (and coaches) look disheartened when it became apparent that they couldn’t win–but nobody gave up. I saw Malcome running over people and through tackles at the end of a game that was already lost to score so there wouldn’t be a goose-egg on the scoreboard by his team’s name. If you didn’t see those things the problem is with you and not the team.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              P.S. I’d rather have only 1 loss rather than 2 losses any day.

            • Bobby

              While the missed calls are frustrating, that’s a two-way street. Those certainly made some difference in the outcome of the game, but that’s not what caused us to get curb-stomped. We were completely powerless to stop the SCar pass rush. I was sick watching Clowney get penetration every single play. That was probably the most dominant performance by a pass rusher since Jarvis Jones against UF last season. The fact that we continued to try to spread it out or pick him up w/ a RB still baffles me. Kenarious Gates clearly wasn’t getting the job done. That was painfully apparent.

              As for defense, we gave up big play after big play. That shouldn’t happen, particularly when JJ is getting double-teamed nearly every play, limiting the TE passing game and freeing up other players.

              It is astounding how ineffective we were in every aspect of the game. SCar is good, but they’re not THAT good. You know how I know? B/c no other team this season (including UK and Vandy) have been dismantled like that.

              Look at SCar’s speed! its training! its ferocity! I saw the power of belief. I saw the League of Shadows resurgent in SCar. We didn’t get screwed by the officiating crew. We lost b/c we didn’t believe we belonged in that game.

        • Cock of the Walk

          Yeah, it was totally the zebras’ fault. After all, having listened to Georgia fans for years, I know full well that UGA has never lost a game to South Carolina because the “Lamecocks” were better – it’s always because of your own, unforced errors … or poor calls. However, I had heard so little of these explanations amid all the bashing of Mark Richt, Mike Bobb and Todd Grantham, that I was worried something transformative might have happened to the Bulldog nation. So I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that y’all are back to your old selves again. I was truly worried! It was the refs all along. Georgia committed ZERO fouls, but Mike Slive – who bestowed on Georgia the best schedule of all 14 SEC teams – must have decided that what is given can be taken away, so he instructed the umps not to call anything on South Carolina. I’m sure glad that is cleared up.

          Well, gotta run. I want to make sure that all the recruits for the next three or four cycles know that if you commit to Georgia, they can rest assured that the Athens-Clarke County police will zealously guard all off-campus pads in the unfortunate case of a loss. Fans will be fans, after all and I want to do my part to make sure they know all is peachy-keen and back to normal in the Classic City. Tah-tah.

          • Congrats on the well-deserved win.

            I see that graciousness in victory is still not part of the ‘Cock DNA. Perhaps it’s just a matter of needing more practice.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Some things will never change, Senator.🙂

              • Debby Balcer

                +1 living in SC I at least no some fans aren’t like this but most are.

              • Cock of the Walk

                This must be the only place on the net where you can blame a 4 TD loss on the zebras (they missed all the holdin’ PAAWWWWLLLLLLLL”) and then pat yourself on the back for being the better man when you get called on it. Remember, you called the referees “crooked” in another thread. In the South that I grew up in, them’s called sour grapes.

            • Hackerdog

              And they’re still bitching about the schedule!!

              I tell you what, ‘Cocks, I’ll trade your Arkansas game for any conference game remaining for us. You pick the foe. What do you say?

              • Cock of the Walk

                Yawn. Enjoy your bye and your Ole Miss homecoming, and that oh-so tough game against Auburn – who just got blasted by Arkansas.

            • Cock of the Walk

              Hizzoner kvetches about the refs causing the loss, and you accuse me of being ungracious? Really? Notice I left you guys in total peace, until the excuse-making started (“they’d have only won by 1 TD if them crooked refs called a clean game” ). Graciousness would start by not blaming the officials.

              • Graciousness would start by not being so thin-skinned about what the losing team’s fans are blaming the loss on.

                • Cock of the Walk

                  Gamecock taunting is elevated to an art form at GTP (e.g., the “cock envy” tag line) and the Mayor is one of the most vociferous Carolina bashers – very quick to call out whining and excuse-making by USC fans while y’all were riding high. All he got was a little counter-battery fire. You guys are good at dishing it out; you’d never, ever let blaming it on the refs pass if the shoe were on the other foot. Peace out.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Not to put words in the Mayor’s mouth, but there is much more to the Georgia football history than “the Mark Richt Era”….worst loss in 12 years?

          How does this loss, really, compare to say….the undefeated, top ranked team that lost to Auburn…or the 76 team that lost to Ole Miss. Is this loss painful, sure. But……..

    • Bobby

      And UGA is not rebuilding. The pieces are there to compete w/ Bama, SCar, LSU, whoever. We are capable. This team had and has the potential to be a real contender. The only position group that is lacking in talent is the O-Line, but we have been competitive with mediocre offensive lines in the past (2003 and 2004 come to mind).

      Before you try to say that depth was the reason we lost, you should remember that depth WAS NOT the reason we lost. Over-signing had nothing to do w/ this. We lost because we didn’t show up for the first quarter. Our players’ pulse had barely risen by the time SCar returned that punt.

      We just flat out didn’t show up. That should be clear to anybody w/ half a brain.

      After that post you wrote, are you actually accusing people of “self-indulgent venting”?

      I get tired of Doomsday Dawgs, but I also get equally fed up w/ Delusional Dawgs. Is there no room for moderation?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        We’re short of O-linemen, Bobby. You said so yourself. It was that very weakness that got exploited by the Gamecocks.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Being short of o linemen is like a business being short of capital…sooner or later somebody calls for the bills to be paid.

        • Bobby

          That was one of the MANY weaknesses that got exploited. That just happened to be the liability we failed most to minimize. Either way, like I also said, we have been successful w/ subpar O-Lines in the past, and we did so w/o the RBs or WRs we have. Our O-Line is not terrible, but they played terribly against SCar. That being said, it clearly is the weakest link in the chain.

          It’s ridiculous, though, to say that we lost b/c (1) we’re rebuilding and (2) the refs screwed us. Do you think our players are making those lame excuses? 21 pts is NOT an insurmountable lead. See UGA v. VT in 2006. UGA’s 2006 team: THAT was a rebuilding year. The 2009 team: THAT was a rebuilding year. Both of those teams showed more capability of winning the big game than this team has, even though this team is much more talented.

    • 79Dawg

      Senator, indeed, it has taken completely asinine behavior to make Jimmy Williamson look reasonable – will miracles never cease!
      Mayor, agree with everything you said. I am not sure why people are overreacting so much. Sure, it sucked sitting there watching us get our butts kicked for 3 1/2 hours having to listen to the cocks crow, and then having to be heckled for the 2 mile walk back to the car from their stadium in the middle of nowhere.
      The fact of the matter is that they want to beat us sooooooooooo badly – it is their and Spurrier’s reason for living. I have been there the last 2 times, and have NEVER seen so many people so happy to win a football game – just like 2 years ago, they act like they’ve won the Super Bowl. The entire stadium was nuts 30 minutes before the game started, add in the piped-in music (I don’t think I heard their band once), and after we got down 21-0 in the first 5 minutes, it was total pandemonium (it was so loud, I only heard the annoying cock-a-doodle-do thing once or twice). The 2002 road-warrior Dawgs with icewater in their veins would have been hard pressed to come back from a carpet bombing like that.
      Who knows if we could have changed the momentum if we’d scored when we got to the 2. We didn’t, and were never able to get any momentum after that.
      For a few people not to realize sometime shit happens, that things don’t always go your way, and that there’s a lot more important things in life than football, is pretty pathetic.

      • Cock of the Walk

        I personally heard the South Carolina band loud and clear on TV, though I concede it was hard to hear them over the OVER-RATED cheer. Of course, that reminds that I didn’t hear the Red Coat Marching Band because – being penurious Peanut State folks – y’all did not bother to bring in your band for the short ride on I-20.

        Yes, we South Carolina fans are so dumb to get excited when # 5 comes to town to play # 6. Gosh, jeepers. We should act like we’ve been there before and be more like Sanford Stadium where the admin has to beg the students to come. Now that is the epitome of cool.

        On our side, we’ve all been on pins and needles if the recruits thought the atmosphere was too raucous, or too loud. They’d probably be much happier in a more sedate, leafy, devoid-of-students stadium like Sanford. Except for the fact that y’all got whipped. Well, as CMR said, y’all all got whipped together. So you’ve got that going for you.

        I should say that the little pep band you did bring courageously mustered a few bars of Glory, Glory, Georgia when Gurley got a first down. Or was that Marshall? Who can tell them apart? Anyhow, sorry you got heckled as stuff like that NEVER happens in Athens – which is the epicenter of all things Southern, not a little hamlet connected to I-20 and I-85 by a couple of two lane byways. .

        • Scott W.

          Go ahead and enjoy this because y’all will fuck it up. You always do.

          • Cock of the Walk

            You know, when we do fuck it up as you say … will it hurt worse for you? I guess there’s some consolation in that. When all your defense graduates or goes early to the NFL, will it feel better when we do it again next year? Or will Gurshall have come of age? Heck – based on what *you* always do, it’s a fair bet one or both’ll be gone.

    • Dboy

      I agree mayor

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Thanks. I was beginning to think I was out there all by myself.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Naw man….you are not alone. All this “worrying” this year was based on my observation that we were not quite ready for the prime time we were getting…not quite.

          That said, I don’t think, nor do I expect us to be able to compete with the Process Bama every year. I don’t know about Carolina because I don’t have much sense of the institutional atmosphere over there.

          Bama is a special situation, you really can’t compare them to any other team in the SEC. Nick Saban has full and complete institutional support.

          Don’t get me wrong, when we line up agin them Bammers next year I will pull hard and hope we can beat them, assuming I can still do that.

          But I certainly won’t be shocked if we don’t win, and I hope I will not have convinced myself we are better than reality indicates which would lead to shock and disbelief.

          I think much of the rage here the last couple of days comes from unrealistic expectations based on faulty observation…or reading faulty observation by other folks.

          I have even contributed, stupidly, to the dumbassery and I am properly chagrinned.

          Now I have two weeks to worry about Kentucky.

    • ugafiedlis

      Actually, I think the standard is, “you’re making millions and you’ve had 12 years; at least get us to the National Championship Game.”

    • ugafidelis

      Sorry, I’m not trying to argue. I’m just aggravated.

  5. Debby Balcer

    Aaron Murray and Artie Lynch are Robinson’s roommates. None of them deserved this and the vandals need to be caught and prosecuted. I am glad the police are doing this but what a sad state of affairs that they need to. Mayor I agree this hurts our team now and hurts recruiting. Who wants to play for fans that would do this type of behavior.

  6. rugbydawg79

    I say we all throw in a twenty–and come up with a hundred grand–betcha that will get a weasel talking–it is our mess !!!lets clean it up Dawg fans-senator can you post a pay pal–if they get caught beforehand you can donate to a worthwhile organization–I am serious and will click follow up box

    • roterhalsdawg

      Jimmy Williamson is a poser…..he’s not catching anybody except a few underage drinkers on campus.

  7. Debby Balcer

    Rugby I agree a reward would help catch whoever did this.

  8. D.N. Nation

    I can’t be the first person who thinks this will lead to Jimmy n’Pals doing some not-exactly-legal search and seizures on the properties.

  9. Will Trane

    Waiting for Os and Yanks. Good to see two Diamond Dawgs still in the hunt. Derek Lilliquist is the 2012 Cards pitching coache. Does a very good job. Then Mitchell Boggs comes out of the bullpen for the cards..

    I would think the police would routinely do that for them. You can bet some former players, alums, coaches, and AD office raised hell about this. Vent your fustration on a blog but be thoughtful.

    If the Athens-Clarke County & campus police are going after these players [seems like that to me in past few years] they can spend some of their time and assets protecting their real and personal property.
    Undamned called for this. I saw it happening I would have been arrested because I would have taken a bat to them and the cars them came in. Childish, immature, cowardly conduct.

  10. BR Dawg

    I heard on that Aaron Murray found out on Sunday that his father has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. his parents knew about it for a week but didn’t want to thell him until after the SC game. Poor kid…

    • adam

      Yeah. Murray is having a horrible week.

      The children (don’t care how old they are, 15 or 45, someone who does this is a child) who would vandalize a player’s house deserve to go to jail and to be permanently banned from all UGA athletic events. Shameful, embarrassing, and pathetic.

    • Bryant Denny

      One of my kids has been dealing with thyroid cancer. Thankfully, it’s normally very treatable. For an adult, though, some of surgery can be especially difficult.

      I pray that the Lord will heal Mr. Murray thoroughly and quickly.

      Have a good day Dawgs.

  11. murphdawg

    I was in grad school when Quincy Carter turned interception machine against USCe and nothing like this happened.

    I’m as upset as anyone else about the loss but this is utter BS. Screw an arrest, a good old fashioned ass whoopin’ is needed to address this level of stupidity.

    • Russ

      Agree. Just round them up and drop them off at a closed “practice” for about 30 minutes with the team.

  12. RomanDawg

    Jimmy Williamson – Defender of the Student Athlete….isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

  13. Go Dawgs!

    The “fans” that pulled this crap aren’t Georgia fans. They’re embarrassments, and I hope that egging Murray’s house was their last act of “support” for the program.

    That said, Williamson and Co. probably should have been doing this sort of thing already. UGA should have had some extra patrol requests filled out with UGAPD and ACCPD in anticipation of this sort of thing. People have been throwing bricks through the windows of coaches for years. The fact that it has spread to the players is detestable, but it’s also predictable. Law enforcement and the athletic administration oughta be in the anticipation business. I’m glad that the cops will be watching these places a little more closely from now on. I hope they’ll do it for home games, too. And I hope that someone chirps to the wrong person in a bar bragging about how they were the idiot responsible so they’ll get busted.

  14. Will Trane

    Once after a Georgia game, I had the lug nuts removed from a coouple of tires on one of my trucks by some fans. I was able to find out who took them off. Some of us are not inclined to use law enforcement. Sometimes, it is best to patiently wait for redemption, let them go to bed every night thinking “is this the night a call is made”.