Two left feet

I owe David Andrews an apology.  I thought he gave up a sack because he was physically overwhelmed by a Chaz Sutton bull rush.

But that wasn’t the case at all, as you can see if you dial this clip up to the :30 mark:

It really wasn’t their night.


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26 responses to “Two left feet

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man this is just awful….its like slamming my head in a car door, over and over and over….now I am sure somebody will tell me the best team did not win, and that Tennessee is not really very good.

    Where’s the wine?

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Now I gotta go write another blog I do….It has a new name….

    “The View from the SECond Tier.”

  3. Normaltown Mike

    This is why players should not be allowed to eat green bananas on a football field because if they drop the green banana peel it blends in with the grass and you can’t tell that the reason your player slips and falls is because of the cursed green banana peel he stepped on.

    I betcha SC gave their players green bananas on purpose…

  4. Spike

    We just got an ass whuppin’. No way to spin it.

  5. AusDawg85

    He doesn’t trip on his own lineman’s leg if Richt wasn’t such a poor coach, Bobo had called a different play, and Grantham had studied more film on Thursday night.

    Spurrier, Saban and Meyer’s O linemen never trip. We are such a 2nd rate program, how do we even deserve to be on TV to have that crap filmed?

    • Dawgsense

      “They were shell-shocked,” South Carolina tailback Marcus Lattimore told reporters. “We hit them in the mouth, and they weren’t ready for it.”

    • Charles

      Years of o-line attrition has led to this. I’ve said it before, but that’s what happens when you incur losses due to transfers, injuries, guys not metabolizing performance enhancing drugs, etc.

      • You mean when you incur losses of 3 linemen to the NFL?

        • Charles

          No, actually I don’t. That kind of attrition you can “plan” for to one degree or the other. But, there’s no way anyone could have contemplated (a) Kolton Houston doping and (b) Brent Benedict transferring over differences in rehab philosophy. To say nothing of the several years of bad luck with injuries. You can make up with those intangibles by being more aggressive with roster management. But, that brings us to the threshold of other mysteries.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Senator I know you’re tongue in cheek, but as long as you’re apologizing, note that it was the guard’s left foot that Andrews tripped over.

    Oh yea, like I’m sure that play made all the difference.

    • Only quasi-tongue in cheek – when I watched it live, I really did think Andrews got overpowered, to the extent that I was prepared to post something about my misgivings about his size.

      Imagine my relief when I saw the trip.😉

      • TX Dawg

        Your misgivings about his size are well warranted…six foot, 275 pound centers will just not get it done in the SEC unless your a superior athlete, which he’s not…he was blown up all game and its not the first time….wondering why Burnette has not gotten a look there but I guess I;m not surprised

        • Shoot, they were all blown up all game just about. Gates got repeatedly overpowered by a lineman he outweighed by 30+ pounds, right?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Actually Gates got out-maneuvered by speed mostly.

            • Really? If you can stand it, go back and look. It was more than just a speed rush.

              • TX Dawg

                Gates needs to be at Guard…he was overpowered because he loses his balance in space…ideally we would be lining up with Houston at RT, Theus at RG, Burnette at C, Gates at LG and Beard at LT, but the NCAA had other ideas…doesn’t negate the fact that Andrews isn’t a SEC caliber center, Gates will be a NFL quality guard

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  ^^This. I’m not as sure of what the OL lineup should be as TX Dawg (not disagreeing-just don’t really know) but I do agree that Gates is a guard and not a tackle. He doesn’t move his feet like a tackle.

  7. 69Dawg

    We got steam rolled boys just like old Jim Donnan liked to say. We couldn’t stop the SCU DL unless we used baseball bats. I’m just wondering why the coaches felt like we could. Bobo and Richt are two of the hardest headed coaches I have ever seen. We’re going to do what we do and if you’re a team with worst talent we are going to beat you. If you are a team with equal or better talent we are going to lose, see LSU, MSU, SCU etc.

  8. Will Trane

    Note the line split in pass protection between tackle and guard on left side. RB is set to QB’s left. Shotgun formation. Four D lineman. Two linebackers set back 3 -5 yards. Guard never chips Sutton, Gurley moves to right like a run, but blocks the their left. Leaves LT and LG on Clowney [who mostly set outside the LT at the set]. When Gurley releases to the right he is coming inside the LT LG…quickest route to QB…plus Sutton will come in lane left by the LG. Gurley ends up blocking their end who is already being blocked by the RT. When play is blown dead every Dawg lineman is alone. Did Gurley blow his assignment? Set to QBs blindside. QB is going to his throwing side and has vision to that side because he expect the left side to be protected. LBs are not coming on a rush. For me regardless of what happened to Andrews, do not think that was his man…LBs. Just wonder what the coaches saw re prep for Gurley to handle a very good and very experience D front. His block and play was wasted, but I do not know the route of receivers. Guess he was to give Murray a better passing lane, but Murray has better vision and mobility to his right to throw, run, or throw the ball away. See this more as a failure of LT< LG< RB and the formation set. Would have run a lot of 2 TE and I formation against these guys. would have made their D front pay a little for their size, speed, and given Murray comfort, time, and protection in the pocket. I would have made Clowney run to the opposite side to be in play and cut blocked him at the very outset to make him think of his legs for awhile and slow him down.

    • BosnianDawg

      I don’t think Gurley blew his assignement. The LE was blocked by the TE, not RT, and Gurley was apparently assigned to help out. You can see that he takes off to his right as soon as the ball is snapped. If you pause at 0:24, you see Gurley already moving to his right and the center and RG have the DTs blocked. I don’t know how he is supposed to see that Andrews fell down when it happened behind him.
      Also, they tried to cutblock Clowney but it didn’t work very well. He hurdled the blocker the few times Gates tried to do that.

  9. Grady

    Hey there one hire that was made this past year with little fan fare was the strength coach from Penn St. who I believe was there for a while. Penn St. certainly has turned out linemen. While this past weekend was disappointing to all Dawgs, I think this fella and Friend could really make some beautiful music together. Just say’n UGA may not be that far away.

    • Dubyadee

      I hope you’re correct about the OL getting better, but like a game of whack a mole, our defense will be starting from scratch next year.

      • adam

        Yeah… I’m thinking we have Garrison Smith, Damian Swann, and Amarlo Herrera (well, and Malcolm Mitchell) returning with starting experience next year on defense. Scary proposition.

        I wonder if linemen tripping on one another is one of the many arguments for wide line splits in the offense.