Musical palate cleanser: it’s not the heat…

LSU’s Kevin Minter said he had a problem in last week’s game against Florida with the humidity.  I didn’t realize it was so much drier in Louisiana.  (Although to tell the truth, I don’t know why he’s making excuses.  He played out of his mind in that game.)

But anyway, here’s some musical consolation for him, courtesy of Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan.


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19 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: it’s not the heat…

  1. Gravidy

    Thanks, Bluto. A little SRV is good for the soul these days.

  2. Nate Dawg

    Kudos Senator – nice pick. Had my palate cleansed last night as a matter o fak (nice break from all this dreary football stuff). I was able to catch Jack White at the Fox. Dude rocks out. Any ah you boys claim to like rock n’ roll and don’t know Jack – then you don’t know jack. Check out anything by the White Stripes, good stuff.

  3. Mike

    One of the great guitar riffs of all times.

  4. Will Trane

    Yeah it was the heat Minter. The heat you feel when a very talented O line is blowing you off the line for like 26 rushing snaps in a row. Wore the Tiger defense down. Misdirection plays. Think he means the counter trey.

    One thing Dawg fans need to understand. The SEC is a line of scrimmage conference. They whoop and holler about QBs and TBs but it is all about the line of scrimmage.

    Think not. Well preseason predictions said this. South Carolina had the the fourth best O line in the conference. They upped the ante Saturday night. Most people think of Clowney and his D peers. Most do not realize the next most coveted recruit in his class was an O lineman. T J Johnson, A j Canan, Ronald Patrick, Brandon Shell are top lineman.

    Florida was ranked a preseaon # 11 re their O line. Why? Because no one wanted to look a little closer. You can run Minter and Company off the field with 5 STAR players like Matt Patchen and Xavier Nixon. Count in a six year player. Players like Jonotthan Harrison, James Wilson, Chaz Green, D J Humpries, and Trip Thomas. Gators have an O line. Do not think they do not. They can and will move the ball on the ground. Many teams going into 2012 thought not. They have now found it. Just like some teams playing Carolina.

    Georgia was a preason # 7. Based on Saturday’s play, missed assignments, and personnel packages some will move them down…like 14th in the nation. Florida…well maybe they are getting coached up.

    • “One thing Dawg fans need to understand. The SEC is a line of scrimmage conference.” I do not think truer words have been spoken. That honestly is one of the best things I’ve read on this blog. People can yap all they want about skill position players, but if you want to sit at the big boy table in the SEC and not crap the bed, you better have what it takes at the line of scrimmage. Otherwise, you go gangbusters on lesser teams with your skill players and get man handled when grown men come to town. Somebody please wake me when we recruit an O-Line dream team. I pray one is in the works.

      • Oh and I watched that entire SRV clip. I mean, that guy dies in a plane crash and all we got left on a guitar is John Mayer? And I know Jack White is badass and all, but nobody got SRV’s funk. He done took it away and ain’t givin’ it back to anyone.

        • Gravidy

          Whoa, there, Twisty. SRV was probably my all time favorites, but we haven’t been reduced to John Effin’ Mayer! 🙂

          There are still some excellent guitar players roaming this earth. If funk is your bag, I suggest you check out some of Derek Trucks’ earlier stuff. What he’s doing now with Susan Tedeschi isn’t very funky, but his older stuff with the Derek Trucks Band qualifies.

        • AusDawg85

          It was actually a helicopter that Clapton was to be on as well.

          Like Gravidy says, you’ve just got to look a little deeper to find ’em. If you can ever catch Eric Tessmer, you’ll love the show.

          • Gravidy

            Holy crap! Eric Tessmer is a new one on me. If the rest of his work is anything like that I’ll be his next fan. Thanks for the intro, AusDawg.

            • AusDawg85

              He’s even better in person. At his usual bar in Austin, he goes wireless and walks through the crowd while playing. Standing right next to him, his hands move so fast you literally cannot see them…just a blur.

              Can’t understand why he’s not made it “mainstream”…suspect he does not want the exposure. Avoids doing any SRV cover work to escape the comparison.

              • Gravidy

                I downloaded a couple of his albums yesterday. His studio stuff is good, but I bet he is an excellent live performer.

                Speaking of excellent guitar players who haven’t made it nationally… there is a guy from middle Georgia named Tim Brooks who fits that description. I’d put him up against almost anyone.

  5. Will Trane

    Kelsey Griffin de commits from Dawgs to Carolina. Just saw that post re AJC article. Switched because it was a better fit for him. He saw how the 4-3 or 4-2-5 that Ward runs would work for him. His size and they way they move their tackles…like Chaz Sutton.
    Rodney Garner. Think I had a post about him today. D line position coach and head recruiter for Dawgs. Guuess Garner and Grantham just never saw him in their packages. Some of us Saturday night never saw our front three either.

    Could be those O lineman at South Carolina. Five STAR recruits on a D line and O line are like investments in gold today. How does it go. “You reap what you sew.”

  6. rugbydawg79

    I know how great Duane and Jimi were and clapton is awesome-Warren Haynes is bad ass–but IMO Stevie Ray was the greatest
    thanks Senator