“If you win, you move, and if you lose, you move.”

Pretty amusing story in the Wall Street Journal  about what happens with head coaches’ houses when they change jobs (h/t Eleven Warriors).  The Zooker stars in my favorite tidbit:

Mr. Zook’s house also features Florida Gators memorabilia: a large, stuffed alligator head. He hasn’t been the coach at the University of Florida since he was fired in 2004, but the taxidermy trophy head sits in the office of the Champaign home.

You can take the coach out of Gator Land, but you can’t take Gator Land out of the coach.


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8 responses to ““If you win, you move, and if you lose, you move.”

  1. Normaltown Mike

    I’m picturing Nick Saban carrying out to the curb boxes of memorabilia from each school he leaves and mumbling “Nick Saban doesn’t have room for this shit”.


  2. That Florida Gator Rug is the ultimate in tackiness.


  3. Will Trane

    Interesting to note the movement of recruits from Georiga fold to reconsider other schools.
    Happens when you coach and play as poorly as they did last Saturday.
    I’d say there should be a sense of urgency for Coach Richt and staff. But then again they should have had that mindset and mental toughness last spring and in fall prep.


  4. Mike

    Ron is just convinced that Gator paraphernalia at a home for sale in Illinois will make that home a more attractive buy. Thus demonstrating that he knows as much about the real estate market as he does about coaching.