Communication breakdown

Tell us something we don’t already know, guys.

Rambo, a 2011 first-team All-America safety, says the defense has been hurt by communication breakdowns.

“Everybody is guessing, well not guessing, but just some people don’t prepare well enough like some others do,” Rambo said. “It’s just like they thought we were going to be in this call and one person said we’re going to be in this call, so everybody is on different pages.

“Once we get everybody on the same page … once that happens, everything else will start to fall in place.”

Linebacker Christian Robinson also said poor communication is a problem.

“Mainly little things,” Robinson said. “Usually once you’ve made a mistake you correct it, but once you’ve made five different mistakes, that may be five touchdowns. That’s why we practice so much and meet so much, to eliminate those communication issues before they happen.”

Linebacker Jordan Jenkins said there were breakdowns against South Carolina even when most members of the defense were in position to make stops.

“On certain plays, one or two people were not doing something right,” Jenkins said. “In the SEC, if one person isn’t doing something right, then all hell is going to break loose.”

Again, none of this comes as a shock to anyone who’s watched the South Carolina game.  The question is why there’s been little improvement – or, if you prefer, why a group that’s played together under the same defensive staff for more than two seasons is having trouble figuring out the assignments. Suspended players’ rust and Jordan Jenkins’ figuring out what his teammates can do only explain so much.

As bad as the Carolina game was, the season is still salvageable.  But if there isn’t a sea change on defense that’s apparent when they head up to Kentucky, they can kiss that goodbye.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Strother Martin. What a character.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lack of discipline. Lack of communication. Those are leadership issues.


  3. Like Robinson said…the mistakes were too many and too hard to fix during that game. Let’s hope when they get to Jax they will be able to put the lessons learned into action.


  4. mcTryre

    Night in The Box for CTG then . . .


    • BMan

      Night in the box for losing your spoon, playing grab-ass after lights out, and missing multiple defensive assignments.


  5. Matt b

    Unbelievable. With all this talent and experience on this roster… ONLY at Georgia…


    • gastr1

      Yeah. 9 NFL players in the starting 11, supposedly.



      • hodgie

        The talking heads tell us there are 9 NFL players but I just don’t see it. There are some, no doubt. However, if you had 9 NFL players on defense, you could get away with some of these issues. We ain’t as talented as people think. I just don’t think we have 9 NFL guys on defense.


        • Bobby

          Ogletree, Jarvis Jones, John Jenkins, Abry Jones, Cornelius Washington, Sanders Commings, Bacarri Rambo, Shawn Williams. I think that’s a definite 8.

          I don’t know who the other one would be: Branden Smith maybe? Gilliard? Jury is still out on Vasser, but he’s been improving his chances this season.

          I think the bigger DE prospect is Garrison Smith. That guy is going to play on Sundays for sure.


          • hodgie

            I know some may disagree but ogletree isn’t that good . He’s great in pass defense but leaves a lot to be desired against the run. He may play in the NFL but if he goes first round I’ll be shocked. Williams isn’t NFL material. Period. Washington has pro measurable but where’s the production? Jones abry is a great kid and fills a role on our team but not an NFL guy I’m not saying some of these guys won’t make a team and don’t get me wrong I love our team I just don’t see 9 ” NFL players”. Go dawgs.


          • gastr1

            Jordan Jenkins.


  6. Jim

    Salvageable? At this point the best we can hope for is (1) backing into the seccg and getting trounced by ‘bama or (2) winning out yet being left out of the seccg and watching all of our delusional fans moan and groan that we got “screwed” out of a mnc shot a la ’07 (which itself was a joke – we got passed over in ’07 because we wet the bed – twice – against a bad usc team and in knoxville in a manner that felt a lot like last weekend). Funny – seems we have seen this movie before


  7. You guys seem to think you have a Crystal Ball and can see the future. No Season repeats itself. There may be similarities but never that close of a comparison.


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The suspensions are the real reason behind this problem. Team chemistry went out the window when 4 starters were suspended for the first 2 games, 2 of which remained suspended for 4 games. The D just didn’t have the same players on the field enough. The 2 that were out four 4 games were not “game ready” by the SC game and including them in the mix actually opened the door to busts in coverage. This is a direct result of meddling by the UGA Administration. At most schools punishment is decided on a case by case basis by the HC alone. Not at UGA, though. President Michael Adams has a “mandatory suspension” policy for football without any room for individual consideration. Do this-you’re out for 1 game. Do that-you’re out for 2 games. Do it again-you’re out for 4 games. These punishments are for relatively petty violations, too (drinking or smoking dope–which basically all college kids do). The “policy” is to impress the NCAA about how tough Adams is, not for the betterment of UGA or the UGA football program. CMR’s hands are tied. If you want to be pissed off at somebody at least be pissed off at the right guy–Mike Adams. I’m counting the days until that prick is gone.


    • Keese

      Losers make excuses, winners don’t need to


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Das Mayore….I would disagree only in the scope you assign to Adams’ need to “impress”. Based on the size of Adams’ ego it seems to me he is reaching way beyond the NCAA. The NCAA is only one of several constituencies Adams wants to leave with the idea his legacy is one of making clear what Georgia’s priorities must be.

        I would never try to understand the tangled web that inhabits the Mind of Michael Adams, and count myself as lucky I don’t waste the time.

        I still say, and still believe, Georgia is on the rebound from the academic humiliation wrought by the Jan Kemp deal.

        I think Adams saw an opportunity to make himself look good to all the folks who were interested in lowering the importance of football at Georgia, lowering the control of the university by the cabal (Mind of Mike) at the Butts-Mehre Temple of Dawgdom.

        Above all, make Mike look good.

        There there were several ripples in the force of Mike Adams’ reign…the baskeball coach, the deal with Donnan, the fully supported athletic director who turned out to have some socialization issues…All this stuff, in the Mind of Mike Adams meant Draconian rules and enforcement of all things that could lessen the control of King Football.

        Do I think Adams deliberately set out to make Georgia football second-tier?

        No, I don’t think Adams gives any thought at all to the tier of Georgia football…I have seen him watching, from his special royal box, a Georgia football game…dude don’t care about what’s happening on the field the way most of us do….no doubt, no shit.

        Dude, however, takes very seriously this “Harvard-Comparison” shit as it applies to him.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          More than one regular poster on this blog has written about the fact that the UGA Administration is not fully behind the football program. Bama is fully behind its program and that is why Bama wins. We could change coaches like a revolving door but unless and until the systemic problems underlying the failure of the UGA Administration to fully support the team are eliminated there will not be a change for the better.


          • BMan

            I agree that Adams is a prick and the rules UGA plays under regarding marijuana or drinking are so heavy that they’re stupid, but I can’t go so far as to say the rules are the reason Georgia has at least one game per year where they wet the bed. It’s on the coaches and players. I agree that the suspensions contributed to a disjointed effort on defense. But as bad as the drinking and pot rules are, everyone on the team knows them, and approximately 66 of 69 (?) players on the team managed to follow the rules. I’m not counting Commings because his suspension was for something else. Yeah, the rules are stupid, but Rambo and Ogletree have to be responsible enough to follow them. The coaches have to coach everyone up when they see assignments being missed. The players have to be more disciplined on and off the field. It’s a pisser, but that’s how I see it. Although I’d be very happy to see a relaxing of the suspension policies. Not looking to argue, just voicing an opinion.


  9. Keese

    Jenkins comment about knowing where Ogletree is on the field…..doesn’t Grantham talk fervently about each player doing their job and trusting the others to do theirs?


  10. JimDawginTexas

    If there is not a sea change on offense, we are not going to beat any good teams. And do not give me that 40 points crap as this team will not score 40 on any good teams.


  11. AusDawg85

    UGA fails to win today. More evidence that Mark Richt is unfit to even speak of football (insert amazing select statistics of your own to make an arbitrary point here).

    And I hope somebody is spying on Grantham to make sure he’s studying KY film and not with his family this weekend…lazy bastard!

    What’s truly amazing is that no one has identified the real problem…Russ. Ever since he got promoted to UGA IX, our season has gone all to hell.

    Oops! Gotta run…bunch o’damn Disney Dawgs are throwing kool-aid and sunshine all over my front lawn.


    • Cojones

      True. Richt, the unfit Head Coach who has been in that position longer than any current SEC Head Coach, his lazy bastard D Coach who actually cares for his family and the colored bulldog (He’s not all white) all account for our pumped up puffery.

      You like eggs with your koolaid?


      • Yeah…+1 Cojones

        On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

        > ** > Cojones commented: “True. Richt, the unfit Head Coach who has been in > that position longer than any current SEC Head Coach, his lazy bastard D > Coach who actually cares for his family and the colored bulldog (He’s not > all white) all account for our pumped up puffery. You” >


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    The defense looked pretty good against Missouri, even better against Vandy, so what happened to that looking pretty good against South Carolina?

    It could be that against Vandy and Missouri, looking good was an illusion, based on the quality of the opposition.

    My suspicion, based on my general feeling of nervousness about Tennessee from the beginning of the season and before, is that the defense we saw against Tennessee is more than likely, the real defense.

    It seems logical, as a lot of you have done, to blame this second-tier defense at least to some extent, on the suspensions and the trickle down confusion of the suspensions.

    I don’t doubt the suspensions had some effect, as did Mr. Jones’ pulled groin and a dozen other things we don’t know about.

    It will be interesting? (I hope it is interesting, not horrific) to see what happens against Kentucky with two weeks to assimilate the Suspenders, get groins well and so forth.

    What really worries me is that what we saw against UT and South Carolina is what we got. And what that means for Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn and yes, shitty Tech is pretty unpleasant to ponder.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      SJ,III you have a good point. UGA (both on O and D) looked good in the first half of the season due, in large part, to the opposition being bad. Everyone thought that Mizzou was good–turned out not so. Everyone thought that Vandy was the “new” Vandy when now we know Vandy is still the “old” Vandy. Everyone thought that UT was back wnen now we know UT is still the same SOD UT. These misconceptions came from media hype about those teams which translated into media hype about Georgia when the Dawgs beat them and an over-rating of the Dawgs leading to overly high expectations by the Georgia fanbase. The truth is that Georgia has a pretty good football team but not a great one. Learn to live with that ’cause bitching ain’t gonna change it.


    • mg4life0331

      Not trying to troll or flame, but we kinda padded our stats against the weaker teams last year. When we played a bonafide “good team” we didn’t look so good. I understand the offensive turnovers in bad situations, however the fact remains we haven’t done well against our better competition.

      I dont know the answers, conversely Ive never been in the arena. Well once, but I played for the Waffle House rocking the Double Duece with a fumble recovery and a sack against Budget Furniture.


      • LOL…I love it…the Double Deuce. Were you packing a 22 as well?

        On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 2:34 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

        > ** > mg4life0331 commented: “Not trying to troll or flame, but we kinda > padded our stats against the weaker teams last year. When we played a > bonafide “good team” we didn’t look so good. I understand the offensive > turnovers in bad situations, however the fact remains we haven’t don” >


      • Cojones

        That’s good enough to welcome you as one of the MM QBers who used to appear more often. You can take up their slack. The problem is that no one listens to the bullshiters anymore, however it should be noted that one genuine blogger did give his take on plays and what we run best with our players without waiting for the game to be played. Don’t know whether he knew that was appreciated by some who have challenged their expertise, but that blogger and a couple others earned my respect for the lucid explanation and great knowledge of footbal that they posted.

        Tip of the ol’ cojones to you all.


  13. Lrgk9

    Hmm, Maybe we need some of this kind of defensive play


  14. Somehow, just watching this makes me feel better:



    Funny how Alabama lost several key starters to the NFL and they don’t miss a beat.

    Funny how USC changes Defensive COORDINATORS and doesn’t miss a beat.

    Funny how GA changes nothing and misses a beat.


  16. SouthGa Dawg

    Question: What is the main cause for Georgia’s defensive woes?
    a) suspensions to key starters
    b) poor communication i.e. running around trying to get lined up most times not before the snap.
    c) no pass rush whatsoever from the front 3
    d) No fundamentals taught in the month of August i.e. poor angles, poor tackling, just pick your favorite defensive fundamental
    e) a dark ages weight program
    f) all of the above


  17. Know One Knows You're a Dawg

    “some people don’t prepare well enough”

    I’m trying to understand how that could be allowed to happen.


  18. Cojones

    We don’t need Bacarri or anyone else to tell us what the problem is. The players had talked up how well everyone knew their job and had new vision as to how they all worked together. They bragged about their communications had provided new-found insight as to what the concept of D was and how they would play it. Too early they built up the fan base’s expectations.Responsibility for that goes to Grantham. Period.

    Not shared with us after the fact has to be the O line unspoken communications with each other during game play. I heard from the O line players that they were attuned to when it was necessary to help your neighbor and how they knew when to pick up a player and allow others to be picked up by the backfield. None of that happened during the SC game. Responsibility for that is spread among several coaches as well, but overall is the responsibility of Bobo. Period.

    Richt is responsible for O and D playing on the same page. While the players mention that some players aren’t attuned as they all led us to believe, it appears to be a teamwide fail that they know about. They have known since the Buffalo game. We didn’t have to get to the SC game and say that now we see what we have to do and this game was responsible for pushing our dim bulbs to bright and shining. Pome ‘d rue.

    It’s best that this team start retraining with the rest of the season in mind. They can all keep their mouths shut until the games are over, The coaches can prepare them without any bragging on the players. When you all play together as a well-coached team, then ramp our ass up with your goodness. We live and die with the team anyway so no extra jamba-juice to the unsuspecting fans, please. We don’t need it, we don’t deserve it and we don’t need the epic fallout that comes from being pumped sky high no matter whether we express ourselves that way or not. Everyone of the players, coaches and fans can pull together at the yoke until the season is finished. Not pulling together is plain dumb.

    Seven days until Georgia’s season resumes. I hope that we all use our time well that can help ensure success. May the players get well in body and spirit, but most of all in the brain dept.


  19. TennesseeDawg

    CTG has already mentally checked out this season. He is own his way out and back to the NFL.


  20. Skeptic Dawg

    The Dawgs continue to beat the same mind numbing drum under Richt. It is a song of an unprepared team. We have all been down this road. One year it is the offense, followed the next year by the defense, then followed by poor QB play, sprinkle in a little lack of pressure on the QB, throw on a few mid-level RB’s, next add poor O-line play and finish with some failure on ST’s. What will it be next season? Why is Richt unable to field a complete team since 2006? The questions have to stop. Richt simply does not have the answers.


  21. DawgBiscuit

    Well Texas is absolutely crapping the bed against Oklahoma, so at least the media will have someone else to laugh at this week.


    • Ausdawg85

      And Mack Brown will be available! What an upgrade that would be!



      • Charles

        But remember, Austin, Mack Brown did win a BCS title. And he’s never backed into a conference championship game. He doesn’t lack a killer instinct. Etcetera…


      • DawgBiscuit

        A comment from the 2nd half game thread at Burnt Orange Nation:

        “Is it OK for us to complain about the defense yet? Because after a couple wins, if you complained about how bad the defense played, you were told you weren’t being a good fan. It may be time to fire Mack Brown. Get some new blood in here. Tired of watching the same old story year after year. When you have recruiting classes ranked in the top 10 every season there is no excuse for this. It’s embarrassing. The offense is stale and predictable. I thought Harsin was going to come in here and create excitement and get this offense humming, but his play calling is awful. And Manny Diaz… I don’t even know what to say. This defense has been terrible all season. We have an entire defense of guys that can’t wrap up and make a tackle. They can’t stop a simple running play up the middle. Mack Brown can’t get this team motivated to play OU. The ship is sinking.”

        Boy does that sound familiar.


    • Yeah and I am happy about that! Usually I pick Texas so I can cheer, HOOK ‘EM HORNS”, but today I have Oklahoma -4. Ole Miss has got to win by 5.


  22. Lrgk9

    Yeah, Texas has an OL coach fron UGA.


  23. AthensHomerDawg

    Ole Miss is looking good.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Barners can’t get out of their own way…. Karma?


    • Damn Kansas State one more point and they would have made my day. Thank you Oklahoma and Ole Miss 2 and 1 for the Fabis Pool for the day!

      On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

      > ** > AthensHomerDawg commented: “Ole Miss is looking good.” >


  24. Roterhalsdawg

    Something about LSU – SC game leaving me with empty feeling…it’s hard hitting, big boy football. Look, I’m not trying to pile on my Dawgs, but I can’t remember when we last competed like this….it’s frigging depressing somehow.


  25. Will Trane

    Told you guys this week.. note that unbalanced power with the wing. this is what we could have done in Columbia. But not with those twinkie coaches.

    You can gash the 4-3 with that formation. go back and read my posts.

    Connor Shaw another metro Atlanta over rated qb. But the Dawgs can make any qb look better than they are.

    And the old ball coach got his tail handed to them.

    Drop them below the dawgs because Pease and the gator oline will to the same thing. SEC is a LOS league. Documented in Baton Rouge.


    • MinnesotaDawg

      Adjust our precious offensive “system” for a particular opponent in order to take advantage of their weaknesses and avoid their strengths? Blasphemy! Nah, I prefer to watch us bang our heads against a brick wall and then hear that the problem was a failure to execute rather than any type of schematic or gameplan deficiency.


  26. Cosmic Dawg

    Miss State’s pink socsk look like they’re running around in those plastic waders the younger generation girls are wearing…that would be sort of hard to get a good hate going, walking around with pink socks…