Nice year you’re having, Auburn.

451 yards later, yeah, I think it’s safe to say the spread offense makes Brian VanGorder uncomfortable.

Somewhere out there, Ted Roof is quietly chuckling.


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  1. Bulldawg165

    I don’t know about you all but I’m loving every minute of Auburn’s abysmal season. After that Nick Fairley BS in 2010 I root for them to lose every game they play. Hell, I don’t even think I’d root for them if they were playing the Taliban. THWA!

  2. I cannot stand Auburn…A bunch of people I care about are big Fans. They have the biggest chip on their shoulder. You can’t tease them at all. They are weird about that.

  3. ChicagoDawg

    Those dicks can’t lose enough games or lose them bad enough to please me…. #All In #Family

    • Brian Dawg

      this + 1000!!!!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Excuse me Mr. Chicago, sir….In Alabama…to Awbun fans, Alabama and its fans are The Dicks.

        Therefore to use dicks in connection with Awbun would be a mixed whatchamacallit. Not that I disagree with your assessment, but they will think you are talking about somebody else.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Oklahoma beat Texas by 42 points. FIRE MACK BROWN!!!!! What a lousy coach!! He lost a game big!!!!

    • Do you think they have a blog like GTP where the Fans shout that stuff like some of our own?

      • OrlandoDawg

        No. They have about 50. It’s Texas.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Ahhh….. but they do not have the Bluto and …. they do not have us! 2nd place per GTP!!

        • Russ

          The blogs are definitely lesser quality, but the calls are much louder for Mack Brown to be fired. Guaranteed. And I know people that have been calling for him to be fired for years.

          I’ve lived here since 96 and they started calling for MB to be fired after he started losing to OU. It stopped for one year when Vince Young won the MNC, then started up again. It got louder after Mack Brown personally injured Colt McCoy in the BCS title game against Bama (at least, that’s what it sounds like some fans were saying), and it’s loud and clear now.

    • Bulldawg165

      Nice straw man argument. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, not even the most anti Richt in the crowd, want him fired for losing ONE big game. They want him gone because we’ve got blown out in nearly EVERY big game in the past 5 years.

      Either way, I didn’t see anything about this in the Senator’s post so why are you bringing it up? Dont you think we’ve had enough of those discussions lately?

      • Charles


        • AthensHomerDawg

          I am really getting tired of all the piling on. Bluto is gonna punt me when I go off on dickheads like you. I will miss it here. Seriously, troll elsewhere.

      • Bevo

        Exactly. Mayor of Stawpile built us a nice one up there. The issues with Richt cover several years — basically the second half of his career at Georgia.

        Like Richt, Mack Brown is also running a losing trend. Since Colt McCoy left Texas, the football program hasn’t recovered its footing.

        However, one key difference between Richt and Brown is that Brown is sitting on a NC. Since 1998, Brown has taken Texas to four BCS bowls, including two NCs. The Horns won all of them except the game against Alabama when McCoy got hurt on the first drive.

        Nonetheless, a lot of Texas fans are tired of the trend and are asking difficult questions about Mack.

    • Spence

      Actually, absent Vince Young there are a lot of parallels between Mack and Mark. He was the proverbial 2nd tier coach until Vince. Bet you there are a LOT of UT fans ready to run him off.

      • Bevo

        I totally agree. I think they have a lot in common in terms of their style and what’s going on in their careers.

        You’re also right that a growing percentage of the Texas fanbase is tired of Mack. Folks around here were expecting this would be the season for Texas to get back on track.

    • Dawgsense

      Is that sarcasm?

    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      Check out Barking Carnival. They are howling for Mack’s head, because OU does this to Texas about 33% of the time.

    • gastr1

      Mack Brown and Texas have not exactly been lighting the world on fire lately. Not really your best analogy there, MoD.

  5. PatinDC

    Still want Van Gorder back? You can’t say he doesn’t have talent to work with. There are a lot of intangibles.

    • Dawg in Austin

      Horsepucky. There might be 3 future NFLers on the entire D. They have not had a great D in years. It will take at least two recruiting classes to get there too.

  6. GaskillDawg

    I’ll bet Trooper Taylor wasn’t twirling his towel over his head in the 4th quarter today.

  7. Brian Dawg

    Auburn can never ever ever ever lose enough.
    Get used to it you classless hicks.
    There is more hurt on the way.

  8. Fourth and 15


  9. What I want to know is…How did they win the Nat’l Championship just two years ago? Cam was all they had and that was one dirty deal. You reap what you sow.

  10. Lrgk9

    No they had an OL that Hugh Nall left them.

    No one left from Hugh’s stint, now they are in Stacy Searles land.

  11. Debby Balcer

    Just saw holding called for the first time. It negated a Vandy touchdown that would have given Vandy the lead.

    • Ausdawg85

      On a wide receiver downfield. Doesn’t count.

    • Charles

      Thought of that, too. But, to be fair, it was pretty brazen. The receiver had a good grip on the jersey. But, how many holds were called on Bammer today? In the rain…

  12. Charles

    Check out Spurrier with the “fake juice.”

  13. Saw that…Help me out here. I have been doing great on my bets today. I took those horrible Cocks to cover the spread, cause LSU,( those Coon Asses), are favored by 3 pts. Oh my what have I done.

  14. Big time?.......not!

    So happy for BVG. Ha

  15. W Cobb Dawg

    BVG has fallen on tough times. I don’t feel bad for him because it’s awburn and he’s soaking them for big bucks. I know some Dawg fans like to dump on him. He did a good job for us, but he’s got rabbit in his blood. You got to wonder if we’ll ever have a another DC who can equal BVG’s numbers.

    • Puffdawg

      I didn’t have a problem with Van Gorder until recently (maybe right around time he got hired at Aub) when he publicly took a shot at Richt. I mean, RIcht plucked BVG from obscurity at W. Michigan and gave him an opportunity nobody before had. Richt gave him his shot. Where’s the gratitude?

      • gatriguy

        What was the shot? I didn’t hear about that? BVG should have never been allowed to leave, but Garner knows where the bodies are buried and Richt can’t afford to piss him off….

        • Cojones

          When Richt was at FSU, he played against VanGorder and said that he had the best D plan of anyone he had ever played against. He remembered him when he got to UGA and got him; – right out of obscurity! BvG owes him everything.

  16. Will Trane

    Hey. You seeing this LSU – Carolina game.

    Go back and read my posts re the Dawgs formation. Notice the unbalanced power line….note the freaking gaps they are creating. Ward and boys are having a tadbit ot trouble stopping that. Then they do with the deuce [ that be 2 TEs].

    Notice these formations guys, and think back to the little bitty number of gaps that BOBO put up. He, like CMR, are clueless re roster management or game plan.

    Time to go, but tigers are taking it to the old ball coach.
    What do you think Senator. If you caught some of the Vandy game notice how Vandy used the unbalanced with power…a very populat set. Simple damn game. Out number the de and let them walk up the box. the qb is not resetting the caolina lock box. The formation is holding the players.

    what we need in athens is some freaking coaches that can think, plan, and manage. se nd the coahces to the Terry School of Business for a year or two or send them packing.

    Can’t listen to those ABC ESPN guys. You have to understand what you see.

  17. Will Trane

    Well maybe they are seeing what they are seeing.

    Too bad Ace did get the full return. thanlks to Gurley…he be a Cairo High School Syrupmaker is I recall seeing him play once. but when you see alot of these guys can’t remember them all.

    Key time for tiger D hold here g et ball and drive…like the song.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Watching this LSU vs USC game makes me sick. The speed South Carolina defensive line is being neutralized. You hit on how LSU is managing to do this. It amazes me that Richt and crew were so unprepared for the Cocks. Not only that, but they were not able to make any adjustments during the game. It saddens me to watch as South Carolina passes our program by. The Dawgs are so far behind the top shelf SEC teams right now. It is past time for Richt to go.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        LSU did do a lot of smart things to neutralize Clowney that were not done by UGA and which SHOULD have been done by UGA. Middle screens, draws, shuffle passes, etc. They also ran right at him effectively negating his speed. Plus did you notice how the cajuns had more than one guy blocking him? Clowney was basically a non-factor. Good offensive game planning by the Bengals’ O-line coach and OC. That was the difference in the game IMHO. That said, CMR is still 5-1 and coming off an SEC East title. UGA may still win the East again. Give it a rest Al Golden-breath.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          For those of you who may not know, Skeptic was very vocal on this blog during the 2010 season that UGA should fire CMR and hire Al Golden. Instead, Miami hired Golden who went 6-6 last season and is 4-3 this year.

        • Scott W.

          LSU also had the benefit of seeing the UGA tape. Nothing like seeing a total failure to have as a baseline for making your game plan.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Mayor….I am deathly afraid I got really bad news for both of us.

          How you think the Gaytorz will do against Bama?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I don’t think that Bama is the world beater that everybody else seems to believe it is. The Tide hasn’t really played anybody yet. Ask me after they have played LSU at night in Baton Rouge. Then we’ll have a better idea about how well FU (and UGA too for that matter) would do against Bama.

  18. BulldogBen

    As bad as it’s gotten for the War Tigers, watch, this’ll be one of those years they beat us 38-10 or something. I’ve seen it before. More than once.

  19. Dawglicious

    Nothing 180 grand can’t help…

  20. Russ

    Kharma is a real bitch.