Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This is rich, considering the source:

It’s hard to think why somebody would want to be throwing stuff in an apartment complex.  Unless he or she was an immature ass, of course.


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  1. gastr1

    Egging his apartment would indicate people still cared. UT fans surely have already given up on Tyler Bray and SOD.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Nobody cares about you that much Bray.

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    I pretty sure UT fans still care. Punks that eggs houses don’t do it cause they care they do it cause they need an excuse to be mean. I have a buddy who is a HS principal and kids would egg/roll his house when he went on vacation. I’d round the boys up and would go there before his family got home and clean it up. Finally caught the kids doing it. Parked behind their vehicle in the drive and they couldn’t get out. Called police and everything. Turns out they weren’t HS kids. They were older kids that had dropped out/or graduated some time ago. These had priors like tearing up mailboxes or cutting doughnuts in peoples yards. Not bad kids…… but kids that had bad parents. Unfortunate.

  4. Will Trane

    “Little city kids with even smaller city parents”. Maybe those people need to buy eggs all the time. For sure they have no understanding of commodity prices, geography, weather…corn.
    Had a house egged once. threaten to make it a federal case…terrorist act…had the “mamas and the daddies” over for a little chat. Perhaps that morning was last time they had scrambled eggs.for breakfast. So people are just born stupid cowards.

  5. Will Trane

    Even Spurrier likes the word “little”. In his post game comments he said he didn’t think their little field goals would matter that much. Well, coach they do when their oline is pounding your 4-3 scheme into the dirt and you can not stop them from driving the ball. Someone needs to ask the old ball coach how much rushing yards he and Oline coach Elliot had. Have not seen the stats, but it has to be less than 50 yards.
    He was right about two things. LSU can run the ball with a remake Oline and a Chavis defense. Spurrier said his team had played some good defensive teams [did not mention the Dawgs], but he said LSU is really good. Said he now understands why the Tigers were a preseason rank #1.

    CMR has a counter part…call Longhorns Mack Brown.

    Look for Spurrier to have trouble stopping Pease’s gator Oline and sets too. Tackle over, deuce set, unbalanced power with a wing. Pease like Miles [former O line player] knows how to create gaps, running lanes, right line splits,..gators can put 10 gaps on an Oline.

    Strap it on Clowney and Taylor. Gators are very physical on the LOS.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Team Stat Comparison

      SCAR LSU
      1st Downs 14 22
      3rd down efficiency
      3-13 11-19
      4th down efficiency
      2-2 0-0
      Total Yards 211 406
      Passing 177 148
      19-35 12-25
      Yards per pass
      5.1 5.9
      Rushing 34 258
      Rushing Attempts
      25 53
      Yards per rush
      1.4 4.9
      Penalties 4-25 5-29
      Turnovers 2 1
      Fumbles lost
      0 0
      Interceptions thrown
      2 1
      Possession 23:03 36:57

      Lattimore had 35 yards rushing!

  6. Derek

    Why would anyone be on a UT “bandwagon” at this point? I think the sentence would make more sense if he used “dead-enders.”

  7. OKDawg

    I’m glad our players never have to fear idiot “fans” egging their hous…wait, what? They did what? To two of our highest character players?

  8. rugbydawg79

    Did they ever catch the eggers in Athens–anybody heard anything ? I still think a reward would get somebody talking-if they have not been caught

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man, that ole Chief, he can coach him some defense for a old fat guy.

    See, real talent is obvious no matter the venue, or where the paycheck comes from….yeah, Brian Van Gorder, I am looking at you…much as it pains me, cause I think your mustache is silly.

    Van Gorder’s problem is that all his success at Georgia was an illusion….I blame this on Mark Richt.

    In the Mind of Scorpio Jones, Van Gorder has replaced Urban Meyer as the go to dickhead.

  10. Mike

    Poor Aaron had a tough week. It was bad enough that he found his father was going to Shands for thyroid cancer surgery. But when he drove down to Gainesville to be with his family during the surgery, he got a speeding ticket.

    Poor guy.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      It is a hell of a lot our lives demand of this kid…a helluva lot.

    • Macallanlover

      I suspect it was pay back for breaking the glass trophy on his visit to G’ville a few years ago. Cops have probably been laying in the woods along the route. OK, I don’t buy the conspiracy theory, I just wonder about any cop that would write a ticket for speeding to a kid going home to visit a father who had just had the devastating news of cancer (especially along an interstate if that is where this occured).

      • Brian

        That was Orson.

        • Macallanlover

          Oops! You are right, mind is slipping, but it makes for a better consirarcy theory. Stand by my “what was he thinking?” for the cop unless there is more to it than simple speeding.

          • Mike

            Seriously? Football players should not get speeding tickets?

            • Macallanlover

              Is that what you read into that, seriously? No, I was talking about a young man being responsible enough to try and be with his family at a time of need due to a medical emergency. I assume you do realize there are people who don’t. I said I don’t know the circumstances, if he was doing 100+, weaving in and out of traffic, that is one thing, but speeding on a restrcted access road in light traffic and decent weather hardly represents much of a threat, imo. One would hope good officers will still use judgement.

  11. Debby Balcer

    Of course they ticketed him they ticket anyone they can for the income. I am sure Aaron did not try to get out of the ticket. As to Tyler at least he recognized it was bandwagon fans and not real fans who egged Murray’s house.

  12. cousin eddie

    Getting your appt. egged has to be better than having your car beer bootled, don’t you think Bray?