SOD’s sense of hue-mah

You may remember that unfortunate tweet young Master Bray popped out after his team lost another game to a ranked opponent.  At least Bray had enough sense to pull it and apologize.  His coach thinks he may have overreacted – all that was called for was a little judicious editing.

The second part?  That would be the egging part.  After all, that was so funny when it happened!

The amazing thing is that there are some people who still think SOD is bound for Athens someday.  That may be true, but it’ll only be to visit his parents for Thanksgiving.


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23 responses to “SOD’s sense of hue-mah

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I spec Derek will be in Athens for dinner sooner rather than later. I am pretty sure the Derek Dooley Experiment is running on empty…of course Derek could do himself a lot of good if he beats Bama.

    Course I could do my own self a lotta good if I suddenly got 30 years younger, 40 pounds lighter and eight inches taller….which are all about as likely to happen.

    Derek is a good kid, and may actually be a pretty good football coach, but he won’t have another year to prove it to the Big Sucks Nation.

    Hell, Derek, it was cool to take a shot at it, but it was too far gone…move to North Georgia and put yer feet up, son.

  2. Cojones

    I think we can safely say that from now on that SOD has good gallows humor.

  3. The other Doug

    Who are these people who think he will one day be the HC at UGA? Do we have fans that dense?

    • rusty

      Granted I’m not in the loop, but I’ve never heard any talk of him at UGA.

    • Macallanlover

      Yes they are that dense, haven’t you read the geniuses the past week? Our bad fans can rank with the worst of any bad fans of any fanbase. They want anyone but who they have, and will hate/undermine that coach soon after any game we lose, or only win by a TD. Doesn’t matter if they hurt the program or not, as long as they make sure their opinion is heard, or “validated”…even if it takes a year before they are “right” again.

      I thought SOD would be someone with character and help UT get their act cleaned up, that didn’t last long (cop stomp). Then barbra began her crap, I can’t wait until he falls out and takes the mouthy mama down with him. I feel sorry for Vince, a decent guy who deservers better than she is giving him in his late years. An embarrassment to all, even the TN fans wish she would STFU.

      • BamaDawg

        Barbara may be an embarrassment to Vince, TN or whoever…I could care less. She is a helluva a lot less annoying or an embarrassment than people like you to UGA!

        It is the complacency of fans like you which is why the program is where it is! You say that the UGA fan base is ready to get rid of the current coaching staff because he has lost one game or won a game by 7 points. It is idiocy like that, from people like you (who claim to know football) that make me sick!

        Maybe, just maybe, one day you will get your head out of your tail and realize that CMR needs to go! He cannot even compete with or beat the upper echelon of HIS OWN CONFERENCE, much less the nation. But being a second class citizen is all Georgia should expect, I guess. They have no history, their facilities are shit and the campus is cess-pool. AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A BULLDOG??? You must really be an GT or AU fan or an idiot in general! I and the TRUE UGA FANS that live and die with every play (UNLIKE our current HC who looks like he is ready for a nap every time the camera is on him) believe that UGA has top facilities, great tradition and the most beautiful campus in the world. Therefore, we do not believe that UGA should settle for winning the games we should where talent alone takes over and then get our a$$es kicked 2-3 times a year in BLOWOUTS against other SEC teams with equivalent talent!

        AS TRUE FANS, we realize the facts. UGA is 2-16 versus TOP 25 teams since 2007 (Not lose 1 game) and thinks this is BS! We realize the fact that UGA is losing big time athletes in Georgia (many of who GREW UP in Georgia LOVING the Bulldogs but aren’t even offered a scholarship) to the likes of SC, Bama, FL, FSU, AU and Clemson! This should be unacceptable to a fan of any team! Especially when we don’t offer a 5* DE like Lawson who grew up not far from Athens or don’t accept a 4* DE WHO WANTS TO COMMIT TO UGA, because our coaching staff is HOPING to land or turn another 4* or 5* recruit who lists UGA as a maybe along with 4-5 other teams! Yet, we have 4-8 open scholarships unused each year to give to walk-ons! BUT, our current coaching staff has told us for years that one of their top priorities is building a fence around the state and keeping the best athletes at home! True UGA fans believe that when you can’t do this at a great place like UGA, then there is a MAJOR Problem!

        True UGA fans see the fact that there is not ONE ASST COACH in this staff that has been looked at for a HC position at another school since N Calloway went to UAB–6 or 7 years ago. Fans that KNOW college football know that if NO ONE ELSE wants your assistants, there is a reason!

        True UGA fans also see that while we may have Top 10 recruiting classes every year but once since CMR got here and have put the 2nd most players in the NFL in the past 10 years like UGA has, that it DOESN’T translate to Top 10 finishes in the polls! And you “fake” fans say that because UGA made it to the SECCG last year, we should be grateful! With the weak a$$ schedule that UGA has had the last 2 years, thanks to favorable conditions, UGA should have been in the NC Game too! But NO, we get beaten up or blown out by 95% of the other talented teams we face like Boise, SC, FL and Michigan State–and to make it worse, these are in front of NATIONAL audiences! But you are happy with this because WHY?

        True UGA fans are sick and tired or our team not showing up for big games, having no GATA, listening to slogans that don’t mean squat and paying $3 million a year to a man who looks like he would rather be home taking a nap!

        Yes, it is true…if ANYONE NEEDS TO STFU, it is YOU!

        • Macallanlover

          I rest my case. Couldn’t make it through that entire rant, but the little I read was enough. Fortunately, my children are grown so I don;t have to endure the tandrums of 11 year olds any longer. I put “fans” like this into the same category as the ones who egged Murray’s house, put the billboards up on Terrence Edwards, the Updykes at Bama, the Tammy’s at Auburn. etc., etc. We all have them. I remember 3-4 years ago when TN had to provide security in the stadium for Crompton’s family when fans berated them as they sat in support of the team.

          No one opposes fans who have an opinion that things need to change, but there is a way to express concerns without damaging the program in a public forum, be it on the internet, radio, or newspapers. You can be constructive, not destructive. I can imagine the players and their families reading such juvenile crap, and especially those HS recruits who are wondering where to spend the next 4-5 years of their lives. If fans have a problem that gets to them so much they just cannot control themselves, write to McGarity, tell him you won’t be buying tickets in the future, or licensed merchandise. That is the position of change at UGA, not an internet blog, or a radio call-in show. Have the conversation privately with your friends while having a drink. There are dozens of ways to release your emotions without harming the program, and they will be more effective if you truly represent a sizable portion of the fanbase. Or, go find a program that makes you happier. I am sure you will soon be leaving them as well because people like you are never satisfied, and it isn’t just about football I suspect.

          Feel free to differ, but don’t think you speak for all, and learn that being civil will get your points taken seriously. I don’t care if you feel differently me, not a bit. But you can damn well bet I can think much less of you than you do of me and you would never know it because I won’t ever let your opinion of anything make me act like you just did.

          • You’re right, Mac. It’s people like this guy that turn HS recruits off to UGA, when after one bad game (which almost every team has), they turn on players, coaches, and each other. No wonder Richt has trouble selling us to players, when our own fans want to essentially blow up the stadium every time we lose.

        • The other Doug

          Step away from the Red Bull. We are just talking football and poking fun at Dooley. These things should bring a smile to your face.

          • Macallanlover

            No, he is reacting to a comment I made in the previous post, but I don’t think you can blame Red Bull for all that. You do wonder what sense of perspective some have in their lives. There is no one any more competitive than me, not any one with higher standards, but some of these guys are just walking, ticking, bombs who react to every single misstep.
            Wouldn’t you like to have tickets next to him and his crowd? He is the type to boo in the stands, or perhaps like the Bama nut that killed his son while watching the Tide take one on the chin. Glad to get this bye week behind to us give these folks something else to focus on,

            • Bulldawg165

              Macallan, let’s clear something up real quick. I’m pretty neutral about Richt staying or going but if you’re going to call out those people who want his head on a silver platter, at least acknowledge their full argument instead of making straw men. It isn’t just one game of us doing bad that bothers them, but rather it is the result of us failing to show up for nearly EVERY big game in the past 6 years. I frankly didn’t hear anyone calling for his head after that first come from behind blowout Tennessee gave us in 2006, so it’s far from just “one game.” You’re not wrong for wanting to keep him and they’re not wrong for wanting him to go because both sides have solid points, but this whole “They call for departure after one bad game” is completely and utterly false. You know it and I know it.

              • Macallanlover

                Your words, not mine. I said the criticsm of every missed play brought out the ranters, not the call for firing. But they are always in the weeds, silent when they know they cannot advance their agenda, but leading the protest at any opportunity. These folks are unhappy when we don’t win by enough, and are totally out of control with any loss. If you don’t think so, go back and look.

                I am traveling today so I cannot continue the discussion but the primary point was not about who was right on whether the staff should be kept or not, but the way these guys go about it. You never addressed that at all. It is a bad environment and it damages the program. If you don’t feel so, fine, but in my opinion you are naive. Disturbed, ranting fans who say we will never win, or cannot develop players, are NOT where top players want to go, nor is it where the players on the team are likely to play their best. Just read the past 9 days of this board and tell me what your reaction would be if you were narrowing your list of schools to attend. I went through this on the old Vent, see it on Dawg Post, and hear it on radio shows: I will say it again, both the team and staff are much better than these fans. My opinion, you are entitled to yours.

  4. rugbydawg79

    naw Doug he is gonna be our special teams coach

  5. SouthGa Dawg

    I was thinking quality control coach whatever that is…

  6. What fresh hell is this?

    Shower coach

  7. ProDawgs

    Every UT fan I run into thinks he’s using UT as a stepping stone to Athens

  8. Bright Idea

    Adams is semi-retiring, not dying. No more Dooleys at UGA even if he had a national championship.

  9. Bama DAWG, I agree with you, CMR has lost whatever he had when he came to UGA! We will not win the SEC again with CMR, must less, compete for a NC!

  10. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve never spoken with anyone who thought SOD was coming to Athens one day. Wouldn’t he have to have some success at Tennessee for us to even want him?

    • Bulldawg165

      I share your sentiment. Nobody in their right mind, even the most avid Richt haters, wants Dooley in Athens. I’ve never even heard someone say the contrary.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        The only people I have ever heard even begin to talk about this are Tennessee fans…which should be enough said.

        Hell, folks, to some of us here even Vince is suspect.