Musical palate cleanser: down, down, down

The first thing I thought of when I saw this…

… was this:

Bonus track:  if you’re a FoW fan, you’ll get a kick out of this number by Robbie Fulks:


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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: down, down, down

  1. No Phish love?
    (Copy and paste won’t work, song is called “Theme from the Bottom”)


  2. Heathbar09

    Stacy’s Mom. Still one of the most memorable songs from my high school days…..


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    And UK beat UT last year. Perhaps UK>UT now? Or both fighting for the bottom spot in the SEC East?


  4. Bevo

    So, in summary, those teams are to ordinary BCS competition what we are to Top 25 competition. I feel better already. Let’s look at Tech’s numbers!


  5. Cosmic Dawg

    I used to be a talent buyer for live music venues – probably booked Robbie Fulks 10 times or more. He is the nicest cat ever – there was one night he did something especially kind for me.

    Will never forget the night he played for me in New Orleans – horrible attendance – New Orleans can’t stand country music…but Robbie put on a great show anyway, and at one point he jumped off stage and ran and lept over the sidebar with complete reckless abandon – he just flung himself over and disappeared behind the bar. We all thought he’d killed himself – there was a collective gasp and everybody had their hands up on their heads.

    But a couple seconds later Robbie popped up with a mop bucket on his head…too funny.


  6. DawgVegas

    LOVE me some Fow. Had “Maureen” blasting on the way into work today.

    Thansk as always for the clips, Senator. I was unaware of that song – good stuff!