If you gotta go, that’s alright.

Shorter Jeff Schultz:  Georgia’s defense sucks because all the players who turned down the NFL draft to return to school this year are selfishly dreaming about playing in the NFL.


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  1. Derek

    I view this as being a case of guys thinking they’ve arrived without re-dedicating themselves to the cause. It’s very common in sports. These guys thought “if we put together 2 halves of football in the seccg we’ll play for a crystal football” without realizing what it takes to get there. They weren’t ready to play 24 halves of football this season like they played the first half vs. LSU.


    Still have some games left..let’s see where this story ends up.

  3. Newt

    Agree with both of you. Story’s not completely written yet. Could get a whole lot more interesting around the time we tee it up Saturday night.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    Frankly, Georgia just got beat. There’s really no need to come up with some theory about the blue-chippers dreaming about the NFL. This team was just flat beaten.

    The defense’s embarrassing performance was predicated on the fact that our defensive front just isn’t as good as it was last year, and that has nothing to do with guys daydreaming about the NFL. They couldn’t mount a pass rush against South Carolina, or any other opponent this year. Jarvis Jones did a nice job making the pass rush look better against lesser opposition, but once he was hurt against Missouri, even he hasn’t been the same. He wasn’t hurt because he was thinking of the NFL, he was hurt because he was hurt.

    I’m all for columnists trying to get in the head of athletes and come up with explanations for things which aren’t obvious. But as confused as some of our secondary players looked on South Carolina’s first two drives, it wouldn’t have been an issue if Connor Shaw hadn’t had so much damn time all night long. South Carolina beat Georgia physically, and it had nothing to do with the NFL.

  5. timphd

    While I might agree with Schultz that the defenses heads might not be in the game fully, I don’t think I can attribute that to NFL dreams. Instead, I think a little hubris got in the way. They looked around and saw 9 returning starters from a good unit and felt all they had to do was show up and other teams would be outmanned. What I think they forgot is that every team is driven to win in this league and that just showing up together (once you have served your suspensions!) wouldn’t be enough. Did they get whipped in SC, you betcha. I don’t think they were prepared for a team to attack them so physically. But I also feel if they played the Cocks again this week the outcome could be totally different.

    I could obviously be wrong, and feel like Saturday at UK will tell me if I am or not. The off week came at a great time for them to re-evaluate themselves. If they have their act together and pitch a shut out or anything close to domination I will be convinced the season isn’t over. Anything short of domination says to me I am completely wrong in my assessment. They are playing one of the two worst teams in the SEC and probably the worst offense with their third string QB. If they can’t impose their will on that unit, they are likely done, and my conclusion would have to be that they were over rated from the beginning.

    I surely hope I am right, because I have publicly stated that I am pulling for the Gators to win this week, which means hell has frozen over. That is a good thing since I am surely going there for rooting for FU. It won’t matter who wins that game though unless the Dawgs D can become that force they were expected to be. I’m not giving up on them yet.

    • AusDawg85

      Rooting for the gators, no matter how necessary, is just going to come back to haunt us.

      • Timphd

        Would rather not depend on SOD and the Vols or JohnL and Arky to save our asses so I must, despite the way it warps my brain, root for FU. You have to know how hard this is given the natural hate I have for all things Gator AND the fact my x in laws both were FU grads and I had years of abuse from them which still scar my soul.

      • uga70

        Can’t root for the Gators but I sure as hell can hope the Cocks lose. I really don’t care to whom they lose, just hope they lose.

  6. Will Trane

    Todd Grantham and Rodney Garner. Could be the game plan, DL and LB packages? Something is not happening and it should. Do not think it is as simple as a sportswriter says it is. NFL dreaming. Reality is the college game performance and hoping the agents say your game has not dropped off.

    What is the chance of the wishbone coming back? Prolific rushing formation. Do the Dawgs have the personnel to run this some during games? Could they work it in during the week, and use it down the road?

    Is the Kentucky game a trap game for the Dawgs. They sure are interested in what will be going on between Gators and Carolina. Not good. Drop the Kentucky game and your season is washed up.

  7. Joe Schmoe

    I refuse to click the link and read the article because Schultz is a complete tool and I won’t give him the page clicks.

    That said, I think the issue with the USCe game is that the coaches didn’t think we could win the game going in and all of their hand wringing affected the team’s attitude. That’s what I have gleaned from all the post game comments from the coaches – they were scared of Carolina and the atmosphere and therefore the team played that way (and Bobo certainly called plays that way).

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Jeff Schultz’s problem is that he’s selfishly dreaming about working for the Washington Post and is not giving his best efforts to the fishwrapper he currently works for.

  9. rugbydawg79

    I will not -shall not -not never pull for the gators—cocks will lose to tennessee if it is our destiny to play in the sec championship

  10. Gators beat SC, We DAWG fans get excited again, but the DAWGS lose to the Gators, CMR can’t win the big game anymore!

    • Macallanlover

      But you are JRW7, I bet you are a big weinner. Most people with your attitude are just knocking them dead, being prematurely negative must make you the life of the party. When did you give up on the 2012 team? 2008? 09? Surely by 2010. Don’t want to get caught being foolish and sharing the fun of being a UGA fan all year, not when you can give up on them and cackle about how bright you are when they lose. Yep, takes a special kind of fan, but there are so many of you now. Always, always after the losses, the “special fans” come out to play Must be quite the debate on who quit first: “I called it in late September”, “I called it in August”, “Hell man, I called it after Boise”, “Step back rookies, I quit on them after the Katrina Sugah Bowl”. Lot of good folks you hang with there JR, ya’ll vulture types keep circling, you will bring them down one day. Guaranteed.

      • paul

        Well lets be honest. Regardless of whether or not you agree with or even read Jeff Schultz, you have to ask the question what has happened to our defense? Either they were never really as good as their statistics indicated last year or something is wrong this year. As far as JRW7 there is a valid point to be taken from his comment. I am a UGA grad. Married a UGA grad. Our son recently graduated. We contribute to the Hartman Fund. We buy tickets.We go to games. We love Mark Richt. I hope he gets to stay as long as he desires to be a Bulldawg. We are not vultures nor prematurely negative. But the fact of the matter is if we lose to Florida he risks losing the support of large chunks of the fan and alumni base. We will have lost to every good team we’ve played for the last three years. Is it unreasonable for fans and alumni to feel this way? Perhaps it is. But this attitude is not unusual in the SEC today. It’s the reality of big time football in a big time conference where big time money is being made. We may not like it, but it is what is it is. And it’s only going to get worse. With every new TV contract and every new conference realignment and every new schedule we lose another piece of what fans like you and I cherish about college football. The game is changing. We’re living in a world where a couple of down years or even a few years where you have a winning record but lose your rivalry games can cost you your job. I don’t like it anymore than you do. But it is where we are.

        • Macallanlover

          I don’t disagree with what you said at all, but that is not what he said. Certainly coaches that do not meet expectations will eventually lose support of the fanbase, and that will increase over time. No doubt, a big loss to Florida will swell the numbers of dissatisfied fans. Keep in mind, I have no issue with people who want change at the HC position, even though I am not at that point personally.

          What I take issue with is the public trashing of the man, the program, it’s future, it’s likely chances of success, etc., in a continual public and nasty way. It is just beyond dumb. I also am disgusted with those who predict doom and gloom, and concede games in advance. That is different from picking Florida in your pool at work, or forcasting a score of Florida 24 UGA 17. When you say UGA will lose because they always lose, or because our staff/players are losers/chokers. We could just lose by that score because they are slightly better, or because of a bad call, a turnover at the wrong time, etc. I don’t think UGA will win everytime they play, but there have been very few years where I thought we would definitely lose, and none of those recently. I have never thought we would get outcoached against Florida since CMR came to UGA. I admit the 90s were a mismatch.

          • paul

            Agreed. As fans, our job is to support our team. Ultimately, underneath all the money, publicity and hype we’re talking about a bunch of 18, 19 and 20 year old kids who, despite what we may think, are working their tails off to do the best they can. As alumni our job is to strengthen our school and build the reputation, not tear it down. Our default behavior in both cases should be support and encouragement.

            • By Georgia We Did It

              Most folks aren’t blaming the kids, they’re blaming the coaches. Bad schemes, play calls, lack of preparation, COACHING, etc. Kids will be kids but it’s the coaches job to finetune the players and put them in the best position to win. This is what has been lacking in the past few years under Richt and Co.

              • Macallanlover

                Element of truth in that because there are some agenda people who have been on CMR’s case for longer than these players have been at UGA. But don’t id yourself, spewing venom against the coaching staff, and what that portends, damages the entire product and attractiveness of the program. Many of the commenters say our players have no heart, or they are resting because of their NFL status, or that some just have no talent. The public attackers are guilty of both. To think Richt doesn’t want the best for these young men, or has forgotten how to win meaningful games is preposterous, imo. There are hundreds of factors involved and each game has its own set of unique circumstances. Difficult to say which tooth in the saw caused the cuts.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I thought you were just parodying the AJC commenters at first.

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  12. That’s perfect. Why engage in actual analysis when you can play amateur psychologist? And he gets paid for this schlock.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    I just don’t understand why pretty smart fellers pay any attention, let alone read, anything Jeff Schultz writes…and to react to anything Jeff Schultz writes….just defies sanity.