Maybe it’s somebody else’s year.

Them’s the breaks, I guess.  Georgia gets South Carolina’s perfect storm.  Florida gets something more like a light drizzle.


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41 responses to “Maybe it’s somebody else’s year.

  1. Bob

    I’ll take it.


  2. ZachDawg

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We’re cursed!!! The one obvious silver (britches) lining is that this should (hopefully) help UF win. The bad part is they may be able to start resting starters early.

    Honestly, if JUST Clowney was hurt against us I think it woulda been a much better game. I still think our coaches would’ve found a way to lose though.


    • AlphaDawg

      We didn’t need for Clowney to be hurt, we just needed to double team him most of the time using a TE or Fullback. Instead we relied on the LT alone of with chipping help from the TB most of the time.


  3. King Jericho

    I don’t understand. This, if Florida is really going to have a fantastic advantage and win this game, puts us back in control of our own destiny. Is this sarcasm I’m missing?


    • JasonC

      You are right, but I think the point is if we had played the cocks without Lattimore and a banged up Clowney, maybe we win the game and are already in control of our own destiny.


      • Will (the other one)

        Quarles, their better DT, is out for the game too I believe. Given Florida’s “we’re going to run it 80% of the time to prove how manly we are” ethos this season, that does not bode will for the ‘Cocks.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Or maybe it’s our year. Completely screw the pooch on national TV and still get a shot to take control of the division against a team playing its fourth straight physical game.


    • Tomato Picker

      Well, judging from how unphysical their opponent for that fourth game is these days, I’d say it will be more akin to relaxing for a weekend at some natural hot springs spa.


  5. Brandon

    The luck of the Irish is really not luck at all, it’s crooked officiating. The luck of the Gator however is a real phenomenon. If there is ever a break to be caught, it seems like they usually catch it. I guess it’s fate’s payback for their seven dozen years of famine prior to 1990, hopefully the feast years won’t last as long but they’ve been pretty good for them so far.


    • TCD

      They’re like the St. Louis Cardinals with regards to luck.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Brandon the luck of the Gator in the past has been the same as the luck of the Irish–crooked officiating, at least against Georgia. Let’s hope the Georgia-Florida game this year is reffed straight up for a change.


      • gatriguy

        That seems to have evened out some, but was out of control while Meyer was there. I’ve posted this before, but the 2008 game was the most blatenty one-sided officiating I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced UF was notified before the game that their WR and DB would be allowed to get away with murder.


      • Brandon

        I agree their has been some crooked officiating but then D.J. Shockley missed that one game in 2005 damnit.


    • The Lone Stranger

      You got that right — it was a 100% cheat-job by the linesman. He was not going to signal TD for love or money, which rendered the “review” null. They could not change the call with the convenient fallback of non-incontrovertible evidence, or whatever facade the officiating ranks hide behind.

      I have not read if Stanford put up any kind of after-the-fact fight, but I have to guess not since that would kill the golden goose.


  6. Bevo

    I blame Bobo for the health of the Gamecocks roster on October 6.

    Go Gatah!! Go Percy Harvey!!


  7. It’s not our year, why? Because CMR is still the head coach at UGA, but we will still win 10 games, how? Because CMR is still the head coach at UGA! I would like to expect more, maybe a NC, but no, I was just dreaming again!


  8. According to ESPN, the rest of Cackalackaky’s D- line is banged up, as well.

    Receivers with the flu, Clowney and Lattimore hurtin’. The course at Augusta is open for the season. Hope the old sack gets there early this year.


  9. Vindex

    I myself am far more interested in where is OUR Perfect Storm and which team will be its recipient. PLEASE don’t tell me that we only get one per year and have already chosen to waste it on freakin Vanderbilt!


  10. Otto

    It must be nice getting South Carolina later in the year, you can always count on some play makers being out….


  11. Senator, I’m sick of you bagging on Kenny Miles. He may be an upgrade. Time to respect.


  12. X-Dawg

    Wow! SOS already has the excuse machine cranked into high gear! LSU inflicted some of this damage yet we didn’t when we had the chance. At this point though, I relish hearing what his “Whineness”has to say if they lose to UF and we end up winning the SECE.


  13. David

    Who cares. SC beats us without Lattimore or whoever else could’ve been missing.


  14. Skeptic Dawg

    Is it possible that the sudden rash of “injuries/illness” has anything to do with the current drug investigation going on in Columbia, SC?


  15. Russ

    Go Gatah!

    I still say UF beats, SC, we beat UF and go to the SECCG and Spurrier throws a hissy fit.


  16. Mike

    My goodness, are you guys seriously complaining about this, given the UGA schedule compared to the one Florida has to play?

    Given UGA’s favorable schedule, most people had UGA undefeated at this point and cruising for an SEC East Title, all the while chortling that Florida would have at best at least two losses by now and USCe would have one and maybe two.

    You guys will have something to complain about the next time UGA has to play two top ten teams back to back and three top ten teams in four weeks.


  17. AusDawg85

    Nothing good will happen with us rooting for the gators…just bad vibes all around.

    But instead, does rooting for SCAR to lose appease the karmic bitches?


  18. Mike

    BTW, given that most Gators hate Georgia as much as most Bulldogs hate Florida, the game this weekend is not a total loss for Gators even if Florida loses. A win by USCe *almost* guarantees that the GameCocks are going to Atlanta. Not that I want them there over the Mighty Gators, but some, (and only some) of the sting of a loss to them means I don’t have to sell my SECCG tickets to my Bulldog colleagues.