First thoughts on Georgia – Kentucky

Whatever happens in this game, it has to be taken through the backdrop that this year’s Kentucky squad isn’t very good.  How ungood is it?  Well, by my count, the SEC tracks 33 separate team statistical categories.  Kentucky is in the bottom three in eighteen of them and eleventh in four more.  Considering that the ‘Cats excel in things like PAT percentage, opponents’ fourth-down conversion rates and on-side kicks, it’s not a pretty picture.

They’re thirteenth in scoring offense and last in scoring defense and they’re worse than Georgia in turnover margin.

This is a classic example of a team that you get down early and then watch it get down on itself.  That’s exactly what happened to them at Arkansas last week.  The question is whether Georgia is man enough to do just that, or if the Dawgs are still suffering with a hangover from that South Carolina pounding.



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37 responses to “First thoughts on Georgia – Kentucky

  1. Spike

    All of this is why we should be afraid, very afraid…


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Pound ’em Dawgs. Pound ’em ’til they scream for mercy. Get all your frustration out on UK and get your swagger back for the WLOCP.


    • 69Dawg

      Come on Mayor you’ve got to be kidding. UK at night at home, they will be trying to win one for the coach. Joker has already said he has give his QB the run it early and often. This is a direct result of how well we handle running QB’s. This will be close and we will have to be lucky to win. We play down to UK in regular years this year we are not focused and are easily confused on D. SJ back me up on this.


      • Cojones

        You mean we have to stop their 3rd string QB from running on us? I hope he gets the flu. How ignominious would that be to have a Ken QB with no real game experience run on us? Can a longsnappah fake a snap and then run with the ball? How about a lineman-eligible pass?

        What nightmare is this team headed for in Kentucky? At night? My God! Scope, the fanbase is saying “Fuck it!” to worrying. What do we do to get through this malaise? I know! Let’s sell some of our players! It won’t matter which ones ’cause all of them have commo disease and aren’t helping each other anyway. Can your opponent rent players from you that you aren’t using? Oh hell, there goes Smith!


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yes, Cojo, 69 is right, I spec we will be a little north of slightly interested…a little flat, a little dozy in the secondary…and it will be closer than us old folks can stand much of.

          I just hope we win and Mr. Jones gets to rest his groin.

          Beyond that, pick yer hat very carefully, indeed.


          • Harry your hands are freezing

            Not that I am implying that Kentucky has a chance at all in this game, but every time I see Randall Cobb’s name pop up on the waiver wire, a terrible memory comes back to me. He was the backup from what I remember…


    • Like It! Swagger is a confidence thing.


  3. Russ

    I think we play a typical, sloppy road game that has been the hallmark of Richt’s teams over the last 5 years.
    Dawgs – 28
    Cats – 20


    • David

      Agreed. Can’t believe the line is 28.


    • Slaw Dawg

      Unfortunately, you’re probably closer to right than the line is. I keep thinking “this time will be different,” but the last time we butt kicked a clearly lesser team on the road was, I think, the ’06 UK game (60+ to teens, right?). And that’s when we still had the Davids.


  4. ChicagoDawg

    “question is whether Georgia is man enough to do just that” Senator, are we channeling Pat Dye this morning, or is he now a copy writer for GTP?


  5. Russ

    I gotta agree with Russ (not me…though I often agree with myself). I think it will be a sloppy, distracted performance, and we’ll pull away in the 4th quarter. Meh.


  6. Just plat that Miami song during the crowd noise portion of practice.

    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Miami, uh, uh
    Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh
    Haha, can y’all feel that
    Can y’all feel that
    Jig it out, uh

    Here I am in the place where I come let go
    In Miami the base and the sunset low
    Everyday like a mardi gras everybody party all day
    No work all play okay

    Word, Dawg. Red Blackman be feelin it………..


  7. Go Dawgs!

    If this team can’t cover the spread against Kentucky, then I don’t feel very good about the Cocktail Party AT ALL.


  8. SMBlues

    Aaron doesnt play in the 4th.
    200+ yards rushing in the 1st half.
    Covering the spread by half

    This is a game they could sleepwalk through and win, and they have had two weeks to stew on getting ground into the dirt in Columbia. No way this is close unless the entire starting lineup gets food poisoning or something.

    Or this team has quit and it is a close game and I drink myself to death and hope that some industrious students ride out to watkinsville with a truckload of for sale signs late Sat night.


  9. Will Trane

    This is the type of game players can get hurt. Hear everybody say it is an easy game. Do not go full speed. Look ahead to Florida. Not focused on responsibility.
    This should be a game where the Dawgs work in some new sets. Something for Florida to think about. Dawgs have had 2 weeks to work on new sets and prep in Florida. Game to have some fun with new sets. Game to work in more depth and experience. Game to get out front on the board and road test what the OC wants. More power running and staying ahead of the chains.
    This is not a game about Kentucky or Florida. This a game for the Dawgs. An opportunity. A time to build a stronger LOS.
    Get it done Dawgs. Get in the plays, shorten the game, but get in what you need for down the road. Don’t waste the opportunity. Score and spread mean nothing here. Get in the work.


  10. Turd Ferguson

    Our typical formula for games like this seems to be something like: (1) build comfortable lead early, (2) take foot off gas and coast to buzzer, (3) meanwhile, allow other team to make up some of the deficit, so the final score looks much closer than it should have.

    I expect nothing else. Exciting first quarter-and-a-half; and for the rest of the game, some combination of frustrating and hellishly boring. I’ll be shocked if Kentucky doesn’t cover.

    Fast-forward to Jacksonville.


  11. Macallanlover

    I think UGA could name the score this Saturday but the past shows that maximizing the score differential isn’t the way it will play out. I think we keep the starters in for 3 quarters, if we are up by 28 or so, we play younger players to help avoid injuries and to get some experience. 28 on the road is a lot to give when you have to figure we will give part of that 3 quarter lead back at the end. It isn’t that we aren’t 28 better than KY if we choose to show that, just that the following week dictates some moderation. I don’t know what the state of mind the Wildcat players have at this point, especially given the lame-duck status of Joker Phillips. I think Steele’s pick on the score is close to mine, we will probably cover but I am not betting on it because it just doesn’t matter to anyone but the bettors. Just hoping for no significant injuries in this game.


    • Cojones

      Didn’t we figure that gameplan for Buffalo and a couple other cupcakes? You can’t moderate when a field goal could end your SEC season.


  12. Rebar

    Looking forward to building a big first half lead and then turn the game over to the 2nd & 3rd string for them to get more game type experience, keeping everybody healthy for Florida. If we can’t accomplish this against Kentucky then we are nowhere near where we need to be.


    • Macallanlover

      That is true, but then try to figure out what happened in that 1st of the SC/KY game. Puzzling for sure, even with SC looking ahead. Had they not mismanaged the end of the half inside the 10 yard line they could have been up 24-7 against the Cocks. No explaining some things in CFB.


  13. PatinDC

    I would like to see a shut out. Don’t care how many we score.


  14. If our defense struggles against KY, we have sunk to a new low! Go DAWGS!


  15. OldDawg55

    gameplan: score everytime we get ball in first half…work reserves in with starters not wholesale sub…work on routes…play starters only to get comfortable lead…maintain same…use varied offense with reserve line and QB…win with no injuries…special teams excel…on to WLOCP…GATA!!