If you want to get the job done right, do it yourself.

Marshall Morgan self-corrects.

“Actually, I knew there was something that had to be going wrong. Before the South Carolina game I changed it up a little bit,” Morgan said. “Normally it’s three steps back and two steps to the left. But I just widened up the steps, which allows my leg to get more elongated. Because I was kind of jamming myself in getting over the ball.”

Morgan said he came up with the tweak himself, after watching film.

“It allows my leg to get longer and get more of the ball,” he said. “That’s what’s allowed me to get better, further kicks. Even on kickoffs I widened out my width a little bit. It allows you to crank more into it, kind of like a shot-putter.”

In a perverse way, I find that makes me feel genuinely optimistic.  There’s a logic to it and he clearly feels more confident with the correction.

The only two snarky things I can come up with in response are that it’s not like he had much of an opportunity to prove it in the South Carolina game and I sure wish Georgia’s defensive problems were as easily self-corrected.


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27 responses to “If you want to get the job done right, do it yourself.

  1. mwo

    Morgan should watch some film of the defense to see if there are any obvious tweaks he needs to make.

    • William

      LOL! That made me chuckle pretty good there. I like it. Can you imagine him going to Grantham and saying “Coach I found a few things you might want to look at…”? HA!

      • mwo

        Grantham doesn’t strike me as the type to take constructive criticism very well-especially from a kicker!

    • AusDawg85

      Maybe he can practice by kicking everyone in the ass.

  2. William

    At least in Morgan’s case, we will know (hopefully) pretty quick in the UK game. He’ll (again that hopefully word) have plenty of opportunities to kick of and hit some PATs.

    The defense we won’t truly know until the first few plays on offense for UF. If they come out flat for UK, do you judge that as looking ahead (Please Lawd no)? they play flat and give up yards but not points? If they blow doors and dominate, how much credance do you give it? UK is on their 4th stringer with tons of freshman playing significant roles. However, if they show an ability to control Gilleslie and Co., I think you give them some credit for fixing the line of coomunication and responsibility. We shall just have to wait a few weeks and see.

    • Cojones

      Not really. Why not consider this as a positive warmup game that tunes us up for FU? If they kick Ken’s ass, then they can take that confidence forward. If they make any mistakes, they should be able to get it straight for FU. If they play badly at FU, then it was never to be with this team.

      We should pull for each player to have a good game to take forward- that way they can at least perform their best at FU. One admonishment: when we beat that gator ass, no recriminations and “what if” playbacks on the SC game. Agreed?

      • William

        When they beat FU, you will not hear a negative peep from me, no matter how ugly the game is. Promise. My only reason for making the comment is to make sure everyone understands that just because we may blow doors on UK, we may have the same issues with FU that we had with USCe (mobile QB and good running game, little else needed). I agree, if they lose to FU, then it was just not meant to be. It won’t stop me from being frustrated mind you. But I agree. GATA Defense!

        • Bevo

          I love how everyone is obsessed with how bad our defense is all of the sudden. Did you forget that our offense has completely sucked against real competition as well — possibly sucking to an even higher degree than the defense?

          If the defense was terrible against South Carolina, then the offense was atrocious. Here’s a recap: WE WERE PRACTICALLY SHUT OUT by South Carolina. Against South Carolina Aaron Murray was 11/31 for 109 yards, averaging 3.9 yards per completion, with an INT and no TDs. It was 35-0 before Boo Malcome got a TD.

          Yea, I know we put of great numbers against a bunch of joker defenses, but did you see what happened to our offense against a legit d-line?

          Just saying, our defense against Florida’s mobile QB and misdirection running game isn’t all we have to worry about. Our offense against Florida’s defense is just as concerning, if not more.

          • King Jericho

            SURPRISE! The offense was a big question mark before the season started with a couple freshman running backs, a freshman tackle and new faces in many spots on the O-line, and the top two targets for Murray the previous season either leaving for the NFL or playing on the other side of the ball. The defense, however, we’ve got a top 10 unit returning 9-10 starters and another year of solid recruiting under Grantham and looking to be the best we’ve fielded in years and years. Fast forward 6 games and now tell me which one raises the big question mark. I’m not giving the offense a pass for the South Carolina game, but considering everyone following UGA football was expecting for us to be leaning on the defense for every game (and turned out just the opposite in the Tenn game), I think it’s reasonable for people to ask more questions about the defense.

            • Bevo

              I guess we’re looking through different lenses. There’s a difference between measuring against fan expectations and measuring against a baseline standard of competence.

              In other words, you’re viewing performance of the units against expectations. That’s fine, but I’m more concerned with the reasons why we’re winning or losing.

              And with regard to Tennessee being “just the opposite” — don’t forget about the pick six and two fumbles deep in our own territory. The offense helped spot Tennessee 21 easy points in the first half. I’m not saying the defense played great, but don’t forget the facts hide behind the numbers.

              The defense is playing way below expectations and potential. I agree. No doubt about that. But neither the offense nor the defense helped us win against South Carolina and I’m worried about both units against Florida — not just the flavor of the day “OMG, our defense sux!!”

              • King Jericho

                No arguments there. I’ve had too many conversations lately with folks trying to put ALL the blame on the offense, so I’ve gotten overly defensive (or would that make it “overly offensive”?) of them as I’ve been trying to point towards a more team effort for our shortcoming in Columbia.

                • Bevo

                  Agreed. You can’t have much more of a full “team flop” than what Georgia had against South Carolina and what Texas had against OU a week later.

                  Games like that are top to bottom failures.

                • Cojones

                  I blogged this last season, while defending the “Slash and burn of Bobo” that the D was just as responsible as the O. I have paraphrased remarks from Grantham that the D was responsible in great part for last year’s losses. I’m no newcomer for including the D in the downer comments and several of you took umbrage with that last year. I don’t paste people into categories according to which side of the question that they fall on, but I sure am curious if any of those D defenders at that time have changed their mind and now see the light that it is a Team effort.

                  Grantham doesn’t need to be beaten up by the fans anymore than Bobo. I’m miffed because Grantham kept telling the great unwashed that no endemic problem existed and what we saw were gliches that would be corrected. They weren’t. That leaves me more worried because the problem hasn’t been deduced correctly since Buffalo.

            • Bevo

              Oh yea, and I’m not so sure about our ST in a tight game either…

  3. Jim

    How is this for another snarky comment – maybe if he had a coach helping him with technique he wouldn’t have had to self correct…

  4. PNWDawg

    And how’s Blair Walsh doing these days…

  5. Bevo

    Reminds me of standing too close to the golf ball.

  6. Don’t we have someone on the coaching that knows anything about coaching kickers? NO! Our Kicker has to coach himself!

  7. AlphaDawg

    Can we not afford a Special Teams advisor? Hell Bama is problably paying 3 guys to just to watch video of ST play, evaluate and offer ‘advice’.

    • Dog in Fla

      Sure we can afford it but think of the overhead we’re saving by not doing it @ #bottomlinealwayswins

  8. Will Trane

    There is not one player out there that does not self evaluate their performance and review their skill level, movements, and practice techniques.
    Good to do it. Another to be consistent. Another to not talk about it for public consumption.
    Wonder what Clowney is looking over re the Georgia and LSU films for getting ready for the Florida game.
    If Florida starts punishing the 4-3 in the 4th quarter, well…we all know 2 things. Gators are going to mount a strong following for the top spot. And the Dawgs will have another oppotunity to knock off a highly ranked, very good team.
    Start getting wrapped around that by focusing on Kentucky game only…getting your techniques down.