Permanent? The SEC doesn’t think that word means what we think it means.

Quotation marks, for the win.

At least four SEC football teams could change “permanent” cross-divisional opponents when the conference soon releases its 2013 schedule, SEC Executive Associate Commissioner Mark Womack said today.

Whatta bunch of oxymorons.

Traditional playing dates will be kept “to some degree,” Womack said. “I think you try to keep some of those traditional games in the dates they have traditionally been played in.”

Well, at least you can’t say they’re not trying.

Most SEC members continue to favor eight conference games, Womack said. Earlier this month, the ACC dropped its plan for nine conference games after adding Notre Dame to play every ACC school five games a year.

“I think you look at what other folks are doing, but our institutions look at the issues they face that impacts their positions on scheduling,” Womack said. “I think our guys are always open to looking at things, but at this point in time we’re moving forward for the longterm schedule. That doesn’t mean that couldn’t change during the duration.”

Of course not.

At some point, you have to figure these guys drop all the pretense and just outsource scheduling to CBS and ESPN.


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10 responses to “Permanent? The SEC doesn’t think that word means what we think it means.

  1. X-Dawg

    Maybe they can schedule Notre Dame to play an SEC team in those weeks it’s not playing an ACC opponent. 🙂


  2. Ben

    If my kids have to grow up in a world where they can’t build up a healthy disdain for Auburn because we don’t play them every year, I’m going to be pretty upset.


  3. Cojones

    Why the change?


  4. The984

    Don’t we already know the four schools switching permanent rivalries? Sakerlina/Arkansas and A&M/Mizzou are being dropped in favor of Sakerlina/A&M and Arkansas/Mizzou. Unless Vandy/Ole Miss and Kentucky/Mississippi State are switching opponents, I don’t see any other permanent rival changes.


  5. fatman48

    O.K., Mike Slive and Croonies don’t care about traditional games and what they mean to the Fans or to the schools, it’s about the “MONEY”, just like Why did they add two schools to the conference?? So they could say ” Mine is bigger than Yours” I’m just sayin.


  6. Charles

    The odd thing is, the dilution of your brand (through product extensions) is a considerable risk to your brand’s health in the long run.

    With respect to our new brethren in Texas and Missouri, this expansion was a terrible, terrible mistake. It was hopelessly stupid. Poor strategic thinking in pursuit of short term cash.