PSA: Dinner with Dooley

Nah, not with SOD, although that might have its own certain charms right now.  No, this is something coming up that I’ve been asked to pass along to you guys who might be interested:

Special Rate for Bulldawg Club MembersEnjoy a memorable evening with legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.  Tickets include dinner and drinks.  Coach Dooley will speak on his new book, History and Reminiscences of the University of Georgia, illustrated by artist Steve Penley.  Copies of the book will be available for purchase.  Special tickets rates for Bulldawg Club members in the link below

If any of you go, feel free to report back.  I’m always open to hearing about old war stories.  Maybe somebody can get Vince to open up about the true story behind the Goff hire.


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9 responses to “PSA: Dinner with Dooley

  1. Spike

    Now, Senator, play nice.


  2. Met him on two occasions in B’ham. Talked to him at a private party at the home of a Bulldog Club member in B’ham when my Son was going to go to Auburn Football Camp instead of GA. one year. Discussing the list of things he always took to Georgia, ie; beach towel, sunscreen, Bible, etc. compared to the list Auburn sent, ie; no weapons, no drugs, no alcohol, He said the kind of boys who attend Auburn Football Camp were very different from the boys who attend Georgia Football Camp. The other time was at a function at “The Club”. He was so fun to be around.


  3. gatriguy

    Or the E True Hollywood Story of what really went down with BVG and Kirby Smart leaving. Did we really let Garner run voth tem off?


  4. Lorenzo Dawgriquez

    On a cruise, I met a guy who grew up in Mobile during the Dooleys high school era. He saw my UGA shirt and came over to talk. All he talked about was what a great basketball player Vince was. The guy was Vince’s age of course, and he tried to show me the moves Vince had with the ball. He still thought the Dooley brothers were the best athletes ever out of Mobile.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’ll go. How much is he paying people to attend? I need the money.


  6. Russ

    I think it would be fun. I used to enjoy seeing Vince at the Waffle House early Sunday morning eating breakfast after filming the VD Show. He was always cordial to us drunks.


  7. NRBQ

    It’s a book tour, Mayor. He was in Augusta last night.