The new schedules are here! The new schedules are here!

Next year’s complete conference breakdown is here.  Georgia’s 2013 conference slate looks like this:

Sept. 28: LSU
Oct. 5: at Tennessee
Oct. 19: at Vanderbilt
Nov. 2: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
Nov. 16: at Auburn

So, that’s two straight years of Auburn on the road.  And a tough September.

Interestingly, nobody in the East gets Alabama and LSU.

South Carolina gets Arkansas and Mississippi State, so that should settle things down somewhat in Columbia.


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69 responses to “The new schedules are here! The new schedules are here!

  1. JG Shellnutt

    I don’t think it’s fair that we have to play LSU when SC gets Mississippi State.

  2. DawgPhan

    So that week before USC we have Clemson? Is that right? and then Tech to end the season. Tough to cram the cupcakes in that schedule and still get an off week where it might be helpful.


    Aug. 31: at Clemson


    Sept 14: bye

    Sept 21: NORTH TEXAS

    Sept. 28: LSU

    Oct. 5: at Tennessee

    Oct. 12: MISSOURI

    Oct. 19: at Vanderbilt

    Oct 26: : bye

    Nov. 2: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)


    Nov. 16: at Auburn

    Nov. 23: KENTUCKY

    Nov. 30: at Georgia Tech

    • No back-to-back true road games.

      The Cocks are at Ark, at Tenn, and at Mizzou on consecutive Saturdays and are the only schedule with three consecutive in-conference road games. Will that be Spurrier’s gripe this year?

      • That should say that South Carolina is the only team with conference road games on three consecutive Saturdays, as Auburn and Ole Miss have three in a row in conference but have at least one Saturday in between for bye or OOC.

        • Mudcat's Impala....

          Damn… We’ll know a hella lot about the ’13 team by Sept. 28th. I hope we close well this year to allay some of my misgivings about next years schedule. I would love to have a Mizzou type schedule next year, no SEC games till Oct. Gotta come outta the gate strong next year. The alternative is not pretty…

  4. Dog in Fla

    How come Missouri gets a stay of execution by having no SEC games next September?

  5. Can someone explain to me why we are playing @Auburn a second year? I know the SEC stated this might happen, but I thought that was so they could “align” the east v. west match ups on the same Saturdays. Clearly that is not the case.

  6. DawgPhan

    weird scheduling this year with 2 off weeks? alright that Nov 30th game is going to be chilly…the closest Tech will get to playing the first weekend in Dec any time soon.

  7. Mike

    Both teams get the week off before the WLOCP and both teams play away at potentially lesser teams in the game before the WLOCP. Pretty m uch a wash, so the Major will have one less thing to bitch about.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well that was a little harsh. Didn’t earlier you attempt to rake Bluto over the coals about schedules and now you are hammering the Mayor? What’s up with that? I think you and CarolinaDawg both need to get laid. Way too constricted. Not good for you. Linked to prostrate health. Lighten up.

      • Mike

        The Major always whines when Florida has an open date before the WLOCP and UGA does not.

        As far as getting laid, thanks for the offer, but I am happily heterosexual.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          I suppose I earned your last remark … no matter how lame. Seriously, ” I am wondering, why are you here? ” Certainly not to add anything to this blog. I’m sure we all know the recent score between Georgia and Florida without your reminders. FLorida has some great cred. Good school. Good athletics. So you just like to poke us Georgia fans a little? Keep it up. Let me remind you. This is a Georgia blog after all. The host is a Georgia grad. You’re a guest. You sure as hell ain’t family. We good?
          just sayin’

          • Macallanlover

            Mike has always been a pretty balanced poster here with reasonable comments. I enjoy having rivals who can add a different perspective, it’s the flamers I have an issue with. I don’t always agree with Mike but he is civil and does add to the conversation here, imo.

            With all honesty, I think the Mayor leaves himself open for jabs about the neutrality of Jacksonville, it is as silly as Spurrier crying about a rule last year that has been in effect for 20 years in the SEC. Whining about something after the fact is pretty dumb so SOS opens himself up for legit criticsm. Just as we cannot complain about JAX when the trend went away from us. When we get beat by Florida, it has zero to do with the location. Our job to turn it around, invalid excuses will not get anything straightened out and makes us look like babies. Someone may want the location changed/shared but that game is neutral by any definition. Ask Texas how that home soil is working for them in Dallas against Oklahoma.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              “When we get beat by Florida, it has zero to do with location.” When did you become Carnak the Magnificent? All that would be is your opinion with no factual backup except hot air.

              • Macallanlover

                You don’t have to have special powers to see how wrong you are. I get it, you don’t like the game in JAX, that is an opinion and who cares if we disagree. My point was simple, the game is neutral, by any definition you wish to give it and location isn’t a factor unless there is some weather abnormality. To whine about that is silly and is why anyone would identify it as such.

                UGA has had success in JAX for decades, you cannot start sniffling when we lose some without someone thinking that is pretty pitiful. I don’t know if you need hot air, or cold air, but you must need some oxygen to your brain because UGA is not disadvantaged in any way by the location, in fact, we actually get a litle more money if I recall the figures. If we lose, it is because we either didn’t play well enough, or didn’t have adequate talent. Florida used to whine about the same thing and Spurrier basically told them to grow a pair.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  The only thing right in you post above is “we actually get a little more money” by playing that game in JAX. That’s why we do it–for the money. Just like Arkansas State does when they come to Athens to take their licking–for the money. Don’t pretend that the WLOCP is on a neutral field. Its an away game UGA plays every year “for the money.”

                  • Macallan

                    No more discussion with you on this, you are either totally brain dead, do not understand the definition of “neutral”, or just unwilling to say I was wrong and apologize for my wimpy, whiney position. Regardless, go argue with a stump….you both have something in common, I won’t waste any more time on this with anyone who cannot get this by now. I offered you an out, you just don’t like it and that is fine. But you keep embarrassing yourself by confusing “neutrality” as debateable just because you cannot get your way. Grow up. In the meantime, it wwon’t just be Florida fans who are out thinking you on this, Big East fans will laugh at you.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      OK, I’ll say what you said you want said: “You were wrong and should apologize for your wimpy, whiney position.” Keep this up and I’ll send you a bottle of Inver House for Christmas this year.🙂

                    • Macallanlover

                      And I can use it to start fires in the winter time. Not to be unappreciative, but I would as soon have kerosene. Speaking of, about to tstart the outside firelplace in about 30 minutes, pour my fave drink, and light a nice cigar….going Red Aurbach style tonight but calling it in advance..

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

   has no life. That’s why he has to go to another team’s blog. Also, Carolinadawg may have a mad on for CMR but he’s still family–don’t lump him in with Myke, Dyke, Mick….whatever.

            • Mike

              I like the good Senator’s comments on football. The fact that this is also a UGA blog is only a minor inconvenience. I also follow his political blog. He and I see eye to eye on most things political.

              And given I am now semi-retired, you may be right that I have no life!🙂

          • The other Doug

            Mike’s alright.

      • King Jericho

        He’s a known Florida fan if you weren’t aware.

      • CarolinaDawg

        CarolinaDawg does not equal Carolinadawg. Maclover gave me good advice before the USC game about sharing whiskey with my lady, so I was able to loosen up that prostate soon after the game. Thanks Mac.

  8. Mike

    Spurrier also once again gets the pleasure of facing a Georgia team that will undoubtedly have one or two key players suspended. And UGA fans finally get the pleasure of playing what will probably be two top ten teams, back to back.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Ahhhh….. I get it. You are the nouveau riche Cackalacky fan base here to assert your dominance. You caught lightening in a bottle with SOS.He is just a few slobbering years away from Lou. He will depart uSC one day and leave you with sanctions as well. You will become…. AUBURN 2012.
      just sayin’

      • Mike

        I am a Florida fan Athens. Try and keep up a bit. That said, Darth Visor now has a 4-4 record against UGA while at USCe to go with a gaudy 11-1 record when he was the Head Ball Coach for the Mighty Gators.

        • James Stephenson

          Yes he hates UGA for ruining his Heisman year with that loss.

          However, if UF beats Scar this weekend and UGA somehow beats UF the next week, it will be so damn sweet to kill his sec championship dream. His head might really explode.

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            And if UF beats both SC and GA, Adams and McGarity will cash checks and cluck about institutional integrity.

          • Mike

            If the Visor loses to Florida this week, his SEC East aspirations are likely gone, no matter what happens against in the WLOCP

        • sUGArdaddy

          Mike, he ain’t doing to shabby against your gators since he went to the Palmetto State.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          “Keep up”? You must be high son. I’ve never had to “keep up” with anyone. If I don’t know about your pro gator mantra its because I haven’t noticed you before now. Your rant with the Senator, followed by the slam against the Mayor drew my attention. I thought it was rude. Georgia blog and all. We tolerate poor manners with each other but not with other fan bases. Why should we? You’re obviously here to troll . Now piss off.

    • Bulldog Joe

      We can only hope it is one or two suspended. Our history tells us we will have somewhere between 4 and 9 players suspended for the second game.

  9. Skeeter

    LOL, love the headline reference!

  10. Objective Bama Fan

    Sucks that Bama and Georgia don’t play. Bama picks up Kentucky. Terrible cross-divisional schedule for Bama.

    • AusDawg85

      Saban must be clicking his heels over that schedule. But that’s easy to do given his 5 inch risers.

  11. David

    Do you realize how possible it will be for us to lose at Clemson, SC, LSU and then on the road in Knoxville? This might finally be the schedule that breaks the camel’s back.

    • DawgPhan

      sure you have your fingers crossed.

      • David

        No, I’m just not satisfied winning one of the four, then losing to Florida and finishing 8-4 like it’s extremely likely we’ll do. I’d prefer to see our program going in a direction where it felt like we had a fighter’s chance in these big games. I’d love for Richt to prove me wrong on 10-27. I’ll shut up if he does. I’m just tired of getting let down. It’s not just losing, it’s how we lose.

  12. Navin Johnson

    Nice reference, Senator

  13. TomReagan

    How about the huge frontload of the SEC east schedule? Assuming the champion from the east is one of Florida, Cackalacky, or us–then the east will, for all practical purposes, be sewn up on November 16. Then there’d be a real possibility of the east champ losing out of conference with FSU, Clemson, and Tech remaining.

    Also, Bama heading into College Station on September 14 should be a great one.

  14. Normaltown Mike

    We always dominate SC so September will start off nice.

    Oh right.

  15. Will (the other one)

    I see Bama ducks the “Big 3” in the SEC East yet again…

  16. Scott

    As a UGA fan, we should be rooting for UF over SC, right? I have been tuned out since the our debacle.

  17. Sometimes football schedules are like real life, everything not always fair. Maybe this 2013 SEC DAWG schedule gets CMR’S full attention, or maybe this schedule gets CMR!

  18. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I just got finished watching the first half of the Arizona State-Oregon game. 43-7 Oregon. BTW, Arizona State is 5-1 this season and a pretty good football team. If the Ducks coach wanted to do it they could score 100 in this game. There is not a single team in the SEC that can play with the Ducks (I’m looking at you, Bama.) The smartest thing that McGarity did as AD was to cancel UGA’s home and away series with Oregon. Thank you, McGarity, thank you.

    • Mike

      If Saban has a few week to scheme for Oregon, there is no doubt in my mind that he can find an answer to their attack. Spurrier once famously said “For every offense, there is a good defense to stop it and vise versa.”

      I would put money on a good defensive coordinator with talent against the Ducks. As long as he had plenty of time to prepare.

  19. Carolinadawg

    Just heard on the radio that the rumor is out that Saban is considering leaving Bama for the Cleveland Browns. Please be true!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’ve been wondering how long Saban, a man not exactly known for suffering fools well, could stand the “no-teeth” element in Bama country before (literally) running for the state line. Just wait. When he leaves they’ll bad-mouth him.

  20. Doug

    Wow — our four biggest rivals (Florida, GaTech, Auburn, Tennessee) all away from Athens? Five if you count Clemson? When was the last time that happened, if it ever has?

  21. So… what does this mean for the Tech game? Anything?