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What I tell you three times is true.

How dreaded is a vote of confidence if you give it to yourself?


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The most Tennessee story you’ll read today.

What more do you need to hear than this?

A man who stole $756 worth of goods from Walmart yesterday said he did so to pay off a bet he lost on Saturday’s UT football game.

Too bad for him he’s not a football player.

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Just winging it.

I had to blog and run yesterday afternoon, so I didn’t get to spend time on the real story about next year’s SEC scheduling.  Fortunately, Jon Solomon does a fine job of laying that out here.  What’s striking is how seat-of-the-pants the whole thing comes off as.

Today’s release of the 2013 SEC schedule shows those new “permanent” games aren’t happening next season. And it’s not clear if Arkansas-Missouri and South Carolina-Texas A&M will become permanent starting in 2014 or if that will ever happen.

“That’s possible they’ll be permanent, but not definite,” SEC Executive Associate Commissioner Mark Womack said. “We’ll continue to look at that and see what issues that may create going forward.”

Womack said the change occurred due to the difficulty of finding a quality game for Texas A&M and Missouri on the final weekend. Instead, they’ll play each other Nov. 30, 2013, meaning South Carolina and Arkansas resume their annual cross-divisional game they’ve played since 1992.

“We’re trying not to have a team stuck out there without someone to play on that last weekend,” Womack said. “It’s harder to schedule nonconference games at the end of the schedule.”

Of course, most of what Womack and his cohorts struggle with would cease to be a problem if the conference’s decision makers would get their collective heads out of their asses and adopt a nine-game conference schedule.  But that would make too much sense.  Instead, we’re asked to keep hope alive.

Womack said he hopes this is the last “bridge” schedule before a 12-year schedule shows which teams rotate on and off annually.

For the SEC, that’s a plan.



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“It’s been a snowball effect.”

It’s not always about the coaching.

Perhaps the play that best typifies Georgia’s underachieving season defensively occurred early in the fourth quarter at South Carolina.

With the Gamecocks leading 28-0 and facing a fourth-and-1 at their 20-yard line, they came to the line hoping to draw the Bulldogs offside. All-America outside linebacker Jarvis Jones obliged, extending a drive that concluded with a Connor Shaw touchdown run that made it a five-touchdown game.

“They were never going to snap that ball,” Bulldogs inside linebacker Christian Robinson said this week. “They looked like they were going to do a quarterback sneak, but all of their linemen’s hands were up by their side. You’re not going to do a quarterback sneak when the linemen aren’t down in a stance.

“They go down and score, and we look undisciplined and look like we don’t know what we’re doing.”

It’s not just that you guys looked undisciplined, Christian.  When your best player indulges himself in a boneheaded play – and Robinson explains in detail exactly why that’s the case – it’s a clear sign that you are undisciplined.  And I don’t care that it’s in the latter stages of a game in which you’re being whipped.  That’s what all the practice and training is for, so that you don’t give up the dumb yards.

I’m not going to get all Jeff Schultz on you here.  But it’s clear there’s more going on with Georgia’s defense than just shaking off the rust from the suspensions.  Grantham’s right about one thing when he says, “Our players have to let the plays come to them and do what they’re supposed do.”  Tomorrow night would be a good time to start.


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My baby just wrote me a letter.

This is cold, Vanderbilt.  Very cold.

Breakups can be tricky.  I just hope Vandy used the “it’s not you, it’s me” approach to end things.


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