The only thing I ask

… is that nobody affiliated with the Georgia defense speaks with the media this week.  I don’t want to hear about coaches’ regrets.  I don’t want to hear players talk about playing like “the real Georgia defense”.  I don’t want to hear about rust.  I don’t want to hear about getting communication problems worked out.  I don’t want to hear about how they’re getting it all figured out this week.

Because it’s all bullshit.


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  1. RoswellDawg

    Preach it.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    I think the problem is that you’ve never been in the arena.

  3. Rebar

    I agree, but maybe we don’t need our missing defense to beat Florida!

  4. Sanford222view

    We couldn’t run the ball on a horrid Kentucky Derby either. Next week is scary.

  5. Tronan

    Is everyone on D red-eyed from the chronic? I just can’t figure out why they look so lethargic.

  6. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Georgia football: Profitable. Honorable. Tolerable.

  7. Careful Brad

    Bend but don’t break, Kevin Ramsey style or was that Gary Gibbs?

  8. Scott

    I’d rather have VanGorder. Maybe we can work a trade.

    • Damn good dawg

      Really?…you obviously haven’t followed VanGorder’s career since leaving UGA and have not watched auburn play this year..I’m not an advocate of grantham’s effort but i am grateful u don’t make the staffing decisions for the dawgs….The game has changed since 2004.

      • The other Doug

        “The game has changed since 2004.”

        See, that’s not lost on us UGA fans.

        • Scott

          It took UGA a full season under VanGorder before the defense really began to improve. The same will happen at Auburn. Auburn’s defense has been improving, but its still his first year and Auburn’s poor offense is keeping the defense on the field too long. VanGorder has been in an NFL DC for the past 4 seasons. He knows what he is doing. The game hasn’t passed him by. He’s a fiery DC and his players will be physical, hit hard and tackle.

  9. shane#1

    There is no need for anyone top speak. UGa defense, poorly prepared, poorly coached. Those guys should have dominated UK. To hell with Bobo, I blame Grantham. He is not worth 850,000. Grantham is using UGa for a stepping stone back to the NFL or a head coaching Job in CFB. I don’t think he has to worry about either. “:i blame Bobo, in Grantham we trust.” Bull, Bobo is saving this team, because they have no defense.

    • Brandon

      Winner winner chicken dinner.

    • cube

      “Bobo is saving this team”

      I’m not a Bobo hater but you are referring to the same offense that we saw in Columbia, right?

    • Bulldog Joe

      #11 saved us last night. On offense and on special teams.

      We will need a lot more next week.

      • Cojones

        #12 wasn’t all that bad. Was that a high for King’s reception yards? Seems Aaron had a record night. Herrera is consistently delivering and ‘Tree got back into the mix second half. But the hero was Connor Norman who surmised the problem and aggressively dove in to get the onside kick after it had been covered by Ken. It had last year’s near disaster at Vandy written all over it.

    • Shane #1. I agree vwith you completely.
      After the UT game I said the Defense Sucks.
      I see nothing to change my mind about the Defense.,
      We may win ten games but it will be because of Richt’s Offense & how well Bobo, Murray, & Co,, do running that Offense..

  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    South Carolina lost by 33 points. This is the ‘Cocks’ second loss in a row. FIRE STEVE SPURRIER!!!!!!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      West Virginia lost by 41 points. This is the Mountaineers’ second loss in a row. FIRE DANA HOLGERSON!!!!!!

    • Why? He beat us three years in a row. He’s getting the job done for the type of program he’s at.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Muckie, it was sarcasm directed at the “Fire Richt” crowd. i don’t really think South Carolina should fire SOS or that West Virginia should fire Dana Holgerson. They are both very good coaches whose teams just had bad games. Kinda like what happened to UGA in Columbia. Get it?

        • McTyre

          Folks who continue to “rebut” criticism of CMR’s near-5-year stretch of galactic underachievement with “would you fire [insert coach with better recent coaching credentials who lost one game recently] seem less likely to “Get it.” 2008, 2011 and 2012-to-date are absolute fools’ gold: nary a quality win amidst the used-to-be-the-standard-for-great 10-win seasons. Throw in the abysmal 2010 season, the 5-year historical number of NFL players coming from the program, and the number of routs and/or 30-40-point by our opponents and it is unmistakable just how poorly UGA is coached. my Dawg friends have historically considered me a Disney Dawg, but I’ve since awoken to the reality of The UGA Football Matrix – we’re told how successful we are by administration and fans with low expectations, but the rest of the CFB world knows better.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            UGA is 6-1 this season and will be ranked in the Top Ten in the BCS Rankings this week. Get a clue.

            • McTyre

              OK. Maybe you can contact McGarity to request the program hang banners and commission trophies trumpeting “At one point this season, UGA was 6-1 and ranked in the Top Ten in the BCS Rankings.” Programs committed to excellence place more value less fleeting achievements.

            • Mr. Mayor, As usual you are correct, & those that disagree are ones that i totally disagree with.

    • cube

      What do you think would have happened if we played 3 tough games in a row? Hell, 2 tough games in a row.

    • TSlick

      Nobody in the league would have a winning record playing those same three games in successive weeks that Carolina just did. You can’t play three like that especially the last two on the road. The SEC office screwed the Cocks, and for that we still have a chance.

  11. The defensive line is softer than a baby’s bottom. They don’t control quarterback running lanes and got beaten all night. At this point, Jacksonville is not going to be pretty unless we can make it an offensive track meet. Oh, yeah, we can’t block anybody who sells out to stop the running game.

  12. Gatriguy

    Senator, that might be the most elegantly beautiful thing you’ve ever posted. No only is the D poorly coached and bad, they are embarrassing as well. Nonstop shit talking and diva behavior. ALL the coaches, starting with Garner, need to fall.

    • BMan

      Absolutely correct. The defense is filled with a bunch of second-down smack talkers. They stop a run on 2nd down for four yards, and if there’s a decent, clean hit, they celebrate like they got a turnover, only to give up a first down on the next play.

      The coaching staff insists on out smarting themselves. They call for high kickoffs in the hopes that we can stop someone before the 25. When the returner is stopped at the 27, the defenders smack talk and start crap with the opponent’s sideline for a personal foul. I’d think just kicking the MFer out of the endzone would be the safe thing to do.

      • cube

        Our head coach has been obsessed for years with attempting to pin the opponent inside the 20 (now the 25) on kickoffs. He doesn’t care if the stats say you’re better off just booming it. He’ll do it his way – thanks for your concern.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      No only is the D poorly coached and bad, they are embarrassing as well. Nonstop shit talking and diva behavior.


      • Dawgwood

        I must agree. I was a HUGE Shawn Williams fan before the season, but now the kid needs to STFU after he makes a play. He’s done nothing this year and talks all kinds of shit.

        • Em, King here

          Where have you been? He has done that for a while.

          • Hackerdog

            He was better in coverage last year. This year, he spends his time peeking into the backfield to see if he needs to come up and stop the run. Not that I blame him.

      • Cojones

        Should that give us an idea of how much a player and leader Jarvis Jones is when he is in the game? And what he has done to spare us the nightmare that would have been had he gone to the Pros? I will always consider this as the year that Jarvis made.

        You and I know that the groin hasn’t healed and he will still be in the game next week, hopefully with a pain-killing shot to help. I hope that he will play for himself. His trying to play for others hasn’t worked so well when others take time off from thinking when he’s in the game.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Eight penalties for 70 yards. False start and after the play personal foul stuff.

      The need for discipline is great. The next time the defensive staff gets lectured by the head coach to “tone it down”, we all might lose it!

  13. SCDawg

    Wow that was an ugly win. Line play on offense and defense is just awful especially when it comes to the run.

  14. missionarymark2013

    The blame rests at the top. Two weeks to correct the mistakes that weren’t corrected tonight. At least they had a “fun” scrimmage while on their Fall break.

  15. Agreed. Grantham apparently makes adjustments at halftime but seemingly not until then. He seems to have fallen into the Richt/Bobo method of game prep: come up with a game plan and stick with it no matter what the other team is doing and if it fails blame it on execution.

    I now find it funny how he has his guy hold the towel out when he’s making his “calls”, he doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone lately so maybe he should worry more about making adjustments ingame and less about having his signals stolen.

    • gastr1

      Yeah, it’s a little absurd when you can’t stop an off-tackle run by the worst teams in the conference.

      • Cojones

        Agree with your noting the no corrections while they are happening. Sometimes I wonder what in hell spotters are doing if not sending messages to Grantham about what is happening. And if they are, how long into the game and how many games can we expect this to go on?

    • El Dawgo in El Paso

      I am thinking that the towel is blocking the D from seeing the signals

  16. “You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go.”

  17. Know One Knows You're a Dawg

    Grantham is the best Youtube coach out there.

  18. Cosmic Dawg

    Now I’m mad because they got The Senator all worked up, and he seems like a pretty good guy. You get the reasonable and judicious Senator worked up at you, you know it’s time to hang your ol’ head.

    I am most annoyed at the personal fouls. Now we add quasi-d-baggery and *basic*, self-discipline 101 issues to problems of flatfootedness, uninspiredness, and not-very-smartedness.

    I am going to pose two possible root problems:

    1. Is this D *as a whole* actually worse with the suspended players back? Did the returning players earn their way back to starting roles in practice, or did they just waltz back in without a real apology? Could it be a chemistry issue / sense of annoyance on the part of the players who kept their noses clean in the summer, skipped the draft, and held the line early in the season? It is hard to imagine that Ogletree, for instance, despite being such a positive as an individual, could be in any way bringing the team chemistry down, because we see his impact. But I am not sure to what else you could attribute this *team* malaise.

    2. CMR lost his love for coaching/winning, which caused the slump. Or, if his slump was just a natural ebb that people have in their careers, the nasty fan reaction after he’d done so much for the program may still be sticking in his craw. I have gotten that way at work before. He may just be having a hard time forgiving the fan base and getting his heart behind his job – he is talented enough to go through the motions and win X number of games, but his heart isn’t in it anymore.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If the posters on this blog are a reflection of the real UGA fanbase (and I do not believe that to be so) who can blame CMR if his heart isn’t in it any more? Or any of the players for that matter? You guys are the most disgusting, entitled, self-important group of crybabies in all of college football. The Bammers got nothing on you! The Dawgs won the game for cryin’ out loud! They are 6-1 and play Florida next week for the lead for the SEC East title. Quit bellyaching and get behind the team! It’s mid-season. There will be plenty of time for recriminations when the season is over. In the meantime, suck it up. Pussys. GO DAWGS!!!!

      • gastr1

        Mayor, that Kentucky team is one of the worst teams in D1. You know who else is really bad? Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, and Tennessee.

      • Damn good dawg

        I understand the overall negative disposition of our fanbase but I side with the “mayor”. This story was written in 07, beginning with the massacre in knoxville, building with the narrow escape in Nashville, and climaxing with our romp of the gators at the cocktail party. Let’s man up and get behind our boys!

        • Amen. Remember how bad we looked in Nashville in 2007? Remember how we all wondered what might have been if we had only beaten Tennessee? Well, we beat Tennessee this year and I think we’re going to give Florida all it can handle next week, and if we pull it out…damn, we’re talking about a team very much alive for the MNC. Our good seasons are always going to look like Les Miles’ good seasons. That’s not so bad; make your peace with it.

          • +1. It’s a tragic affair. 118 teams lose the MNC every year. Beat Florida. Next. Is Florida 700x better than uSc? Prolly? Right????? We’re gonna lose 70 to -40. GO DAWGS!

      • Charles

        I like where this is going.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        First of all, the point of the comments section here is to analyze the Georgia Bulldogs. If you can’t bear it when we discuss the problems, then I submit it is you that needs to suck it up. Most of us here are quick to praise this team and reasonably slow to criticize it, and when we do criticize it we are fairly civil about it.

        Second, since I pointed out the fans were unreasonable during CMR’s slump, why do you lump me in with them during your temper tantrum?

        Third. If you will notice, there are not a lot of meanspirited personal attacks on players in these comments when the players simply do not play well. The frustration comes when we see these players acting the fool and getting d-bag personal fouls or showboating. There was quite a bit of that tonight, and frankly that “G” they wear on their helmet is just as much mine as anybody’s, and yes, I expect them to respect it and represent our school well.

        Fourth. If you don’t think there is room for criticism when our #11 team squeaks out a win against a team who has neither an offense or defense in the top 99 in the country, I disagree. Again, if it is good to praise a team when they OVERACHEIVE, I believe it is fine to civilly criticize a team when they UNDERACHEIVE.

        Fifth. Pussies is spelled with an “ies”, not with a “ys”. Now go to bed before I school you some more, you are a mean drunk, Mayor…:)

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I actually thought about that spelling thing before writing that post. In the case of all those to whom the post was intended, the plural of “pussy” is definitely spelled with a “y.”

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            P.S. My post was not directed at you personally CD. I think some of the points you made are accurate, particularly the douchebaggery that appears to have infected the team of late and, more importantly, the fact that the shitty reaction of the “fans” may have caused a lack of motivation in CMR and the players. I know I wouldn’t want to bust my ass for a bunch of whiny bastards.

            • Turd Ferguson

              If those “whiny bastards” are the main reason that you’re making millions of dollars to coach championship-caliber football, then I frankly don’t give a damn how their whining makes you feel. Get the job done.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                How about the 18, 19, 20 and 21 year old kids who play the game for free? Do you care about how it makes THEM feel?

                • Turd Ferguson

                  First of all, you’re changing the subject. Your point was one about the effect of fan complaints upon Richt’s willingness to do his job. And of course, it was a terrible point. As Mark Richt knows good and well, if you’re not prepared to endure some complaining from the fans after performances like our last two games, then you *definitely* should not be coaching in the SEC.

                  And second, to your *new* point: Do I care what sort of effect some anonymous comment on a sports blog has upon the willingness of Georgia’s football players to give 100%? Of course not. If any of these players are reading these comments and thinking, “Well, some stranger who actually chose the handle ‘Turd Ferguson’ thinks that we looked awful against Kentucky, so I guess I’ll just phone it in against Florida … ’cause that hurts my feelings,” then I think we can safely draw the following two conclusions: (1) they absolutely should not be playing competitive sports of any kind, and (2) this coaching staff has done a shitty job of teaching these boys how to be mentally tough.

                  Fans have every right to complain when their team plays like shit. Especially when those fans have supported this program, emotionally as well as monetarily, for years. Get over it. If it bothers you so much to see fans *daring* to talk about the team’s flaws, then you need to stay the hell away from the comments sections of sports blogs like this one. It’s like sitting in a dive bar and bitching about “all these people getting drunk.”

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    The players not a new point. Reread my post above. I clearly said “and the players.” And if you can’t support the team when the team is playing for the SEC East Championship lead, but prefer to whine and bitch because the team didn’t win by a big enough score to suit you, then you are the one with issues and who needs to quit posting on a UGA fan blog, not me. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Going on a fan blog and bitching and whining about a team that is 6-1 and about to play for the division title is just plain stupid.

                  • The Lone Stranger

                    A salty +1 for the Turdster.

                • Turd Ferguson

                  And I should add: Probably every single player on this team would resent you for implying that he’s just a “kid.” As far as they — and most other people, mind you — are concerned, they’re men.

                  • Cojones

                    Yeah, but you guys aren’t acting like that right now and I’m a fan of all your inputs- Mayor, Cosmic and Turd. For Christ’s sake, you all are beginning to sound like Cojones.

      • For f*ck’s sake, this team lost to Western Kentucky. They are the worst team in the SEC. They gashed us up the middle like a French Wh*re! We could and should cry a little, don’t you think?

      • Amen Brother.. I just need someone to hold and comfort me. Don’t want to go to WLOCP next week. What the hell is wrong with our Defense?

        • Cojones

          Lady, you pack your bags and get your panties off. You’re going!

          • The Lone Stranger

            Lord, that’s lustily beautiful too, Cojo. I want to see you this consistently stirred all through Cocktail Week, ahead of the Dawgs’ most famous victory since ’07!

      • Turd Ferguson

        Ah, the annual “Maybe the reason we’re so terrible is that the fanbase complains about how terrible we are” post. Airtight reasoning at its best.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          You obviously didn’t read my post very carefully – I wasn’t blaming the fanbase for the losses. I suggested that CMR may have just lost his desire to coach OR when the fanbase RIDICULOUSLY turned on him in 2010, it may have extinguished some of that joy for the job that makes a pretty good worker a great worker. You may say the fan criticism was justified, and was carried out in a way that was justified, I was just suggesting one of the natural human responses to thinking you are not valuable to your organization, not trying to say it was a justification for losing. You may have seen some of my other posts – I am not an apologist for our coaches.

          Without making a judgment on it, the fact is that an employee who does not feel appreciated will not work with as much enthusiasm, regardless of his pay grade.

      • ugafidelis

        Let them/us bitch Mayor. It’s just like a relationship with a woman. You don’t go to bar and tell your buddies how great it’s going. It’s supposed be going great. But when she cheats on you, you go to the bar and tell everybody what a bitch she is.

      • I think the only way to sum up your attitude is with a Monty Python reference.

      • Cojones

        Careful Mayor. Some of our Yankee-located fans will accuse you of being a fan’s fan.

        Right now it is Sun and the grumbling should continue until Tues morn. It is cathartic and Bluto-led. We intend to appease the leader because it’s good for it is good. So has he spoken; so shall it be written.

    • cube

      #2 is hilarious

      • cube

        In summary: “The fans hurt the coach’s feelings and he doesn’t try as hard anymore b/c of it.”

        • Cosmic Dawg

          See my post about five above. You of all people I would think could appreciate what a drag it can be when nobody likes you… [:)]

  19. DAWGS are the worse 6-1 team in college football, defense is terrible!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Really? South Carolina was 6-1 going into yesterday and gave up 44 to Florida. Texas Tech is 6-1 and gave up 53 to TCU and still won the game. UGA gave up 24 yesterday. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant.

      • cube

        And don’t let strength of schedule get in the way of a good kool-aid moment.

      • DawgBiscuit

        Florida 7-0, TCU 5-2, Kentucky 1-7

        One of these things is not like the other.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          44, 53 and 24. One of those is not like the others, too.

          • DawgBiscuit

            UK’s scoring in SEC play before last night: 0, 17, 14, 7 (9.5 ppg)

            UK drops 24 on the Dawgs.

            • The Lone Stranger

              And those were ‘real’ points too: Cats engineered scoring marches of 84, 58, 44, and 75 yards.

          • cube

            That 53 was a triple OT game. It was 36 without OT. Playing a much better team than Kentucky.

            16.25, 19.14, and 24.14. One of those is not like the others. Having trouble placing it? That’s the average points per game given up by South Carolina, Texas Tech, and Georgia, respectively.

      • Hackerdog

        SC is #9 in total defense and #15 in scoring defense. UGA is #49 in both. And we’ve played an easier schedule thus far. What was that you were saying about facts?

  20. BR Dawg

    On the flip side, AM is awesome against bad secondaries.

  21. Debby Balcer

    Abry Jones and Jarvis Jones out with injuries. Hopefully they will be back next week.

  22. Joe

    Will anyone remember Aaron Murray’s name 20 years from now? That was the quietest 400+ yard game in history. I can only dream that Chris Clemons’ advisors get to Murray and convince him to leave after this year. I know it’s not all his fault, but he is so emblematic of the pussification of UGA football that I hope he heads out the door with Richt, Bobo, Grantham and the rest. The worst staff money could buy.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Does anyone remember Eric Zeier?

    • Charles

      “I know it’s not all his fault, but he is so emblematic of the pussification of UGA football that I hope he heads out the door with Richt, Bobo, Grantham and the rest.”

      The guy threw for 400 yards with no turnovers.

      • Damn good dawg

        The one guy that plays perfect football gets thrown under the bus…joe’s post is two weeks to late……30-38 with 4 drops 427 yards 4 Tds ….bitch about o lines run blocking, personal fouls, and the d’s inability to stop the draw on 3rd and long.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      This is a bullshit comment, Murray has stood in there and taken his licks against some of the nastiest dudes in college football (Fairley, Clowney, et al) and has barely missed a snap. He has yet to have an offensive line that is worth a damn, and I include last year line in that assessment. You can say Murray gets rattled, but he’s sure as hell no pussy.

      Take it back.

      • Damn good dawg

        Cosmic dawg is on it…take it back!

        • Cojones

          Agreed. Take it back.

          If I rectomember correctly, Joe hasn’t been on the positive side since 2010. His selective memory and appreciation of Aaron is not in line with the Old Testament.

    • The other Doug

      This guy is either a troll or an idiot.

  23. Will Trane

    When was the last time anyone saw Georgia really look like an LSU, Bama, Mississippi State, or Florida. They look like top quality teams.
    For me they never look like they are prepared. They play like let us do just enough to get by because the coaches will defend us. The coaches do just enough to get by because no one on the Athletic Board has the damn guts to say enough of this. McGarity can fire a volley ball coach but not a football coach. But it gets down to performance. PATs and FGs are a real adventure and CMR just laughts it off when it bangs in for a little 2 point lead. Then your D gets gashed for 200 yards rushing by the worst running team in the SEC. They have 23 guys from this state. Maybe a basketball school can out recruit and out coach us. Tonight those questions clearly came into play.
    Here is my take on Kentucky…Spurrier, or Saban, or Miles, or Muschamp could have taken this Kentucky squad and drilled us.
    We have a huge problem in Athens. Me thinks it is the head football coach. Not sure he has the fire for the arena anymore. His players do not fear or respect him. For damn sure his coaches do not. They all draw big pay chekcs and know they have tenure.
    I stopped watching at half time. Listened at times in second half. And Scott Howard and company…they are like Richt…think it is a laughing matter. I am quickly losing interest in Dawgs football and all their men’s big three sports. Something is very wrong in Athens. What it is, I’m not sure. But what is very plain is that no one, not one in the program gives a damn about the level of play.

  24. Twistification

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Senator this worked up.

  25. OldDawg55

    Any excuse, Senator is, like you say, Bullshit!!! CTG, oliavotti, lakatos, and the old guy at defensive line coach should have a “back to Jesus” meeting among themselves and decide if they are coaches or not. The WLOCP will be a disastor…no time for halftime adjustments. By the by, kudos to Murray, the WRs, Boo Malcome who came to play, a little dab for the line! And Fegurson, I’ve been in the areana!!

    • G Marmalarde

      We see too little of malcome in my opinion. Maybe not a home run threat, but moves the pile for consistent yardage.

  26. Minnesota Dawg

    Thank you. Kentucky is an AWFUL football team with incredible limitations on offense, and we were frequently outplayed by them. Screw the SEC championship, screw the SEC east and all the manipulations that will get you to Atlanta. Just play a complete game of football for a change. This defensive team and staff may be one of the most underachieving, disappointing Georgia units in memory….and that is really saying something.

    • gastr1

      You know, it’s the constant underachieving that drives you nuts.

      Let mention another school: KANSAS STATE. You know how many Division 1 players there are in Kansas, let along 3-, 4-, and 5-star? Not very damn many. Almost all of those players came from other states and/or were not good enough for Texas and Oklahoma. Many of the players are JC transfers. Yet, 70+ year-old Bill Snyder has that team blowing out Oklahoma and West Virginia.

      We have one of the most recruit-rich states in the country and we can barley beat Kentucky and a louse Tennessee team. And never look prepared or tough…and certainly never, ever overachieve.

      They used to say about Dean Smith, U of NC basketball coach, that he didn’t go 17-11 with 27-1 players. How would that translate to Mark Richt?

      • gastr1

        And I’m so irritated my spelling has gone out the window! I’m not even soused. Sucks!

      • Minnesota Dawg

        Absolutely. Million dollar talent…..and a nickel’s worth of preparation, scheming, game-management, motivation, game smarts, mental toughness, and all those other elements that make a team fun to watch a root for. It’s no mystery why we repeatedly and consistently fall apart on those occasions when we face a team with equal (or God-forbid more) talent than we have.

  27. Dawg19

    This game reminded me of the Vandy game last year and from 2007. Let’s see if this team handles the rest of the season the same way.

    Also, Murray may have a bad record against ranked teams but he has saved us from losing to un-ranked teams several times when the defense seemed to be on fall break.

    And…remember, in 2010, Auburn almost lost at Kentucky but kicked a last-second field goal to win 37-34. The SEC is one crazy bitch…

    • cube

      2 weeks prior to that Kentucky game Auburn beat South Carolina by 8. They didn’t lose by 27.

      • Here’s a great idea, why don’t we get behind our team for the WLOCP instead of calling for pitchforks and rushing to set fire to the entire football program? They won the damn game people and it is conceivable that they can beat a GAYtor team that just came off an emotional victory. I know it’s hard for all you “experts” on here to grasp but teams do evolve (and granted, they sometimes devolve) and one week’s performance doesn’t exactly predict the next weeks’ performance. Granted it was Kentucky, but there is a lot of great potential on this team to build on, instead of focusing on just the negative consider a few things that might give hope for next week and the rest of the season… This defense still hasn’t played consecutive games with the same personnel. I personally am very excited about Jordan Jenkins’ play. If he continues his great play and we can get Jarvis Jones back healthy next week then I’m confident this D will show alot better next week. .AM’s performance last night was outstanding! I have to go back to the D Greene days to recall seeing a QB on the field with that much control and accuracy. This is very postive for our prospects in any game and if this Oline jells a little more then he can absolutely carve up any defense. I am also impressed with these receivers, even without Bennett they are the most talented and deep that I’ve ever seen at UGA. I still believe we are just scratching the surface on the weapon we have in Gurshall and Malcome looks like he can thrive in the role of closer when we need to get tough yards for a first down and run the clock out in tight games. Come on people, its the WORLD’s LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY- try to enjoy it!!!! no reason to give in on this game before its played.

        • HirsuteDawg

          IF we beat the Gators, the haters will just be silent for a little while – allowing their distaste for all things Richt to fester and boil over at the next loss (remember, this is Georgia and we should never lose a game – much less have trouble beating a nobody like Kentucky).

  28. Biggus Rickus

    This was disappointing and all, but if they beat Florida next week nobody is going to care that they played a bad game against Kentucky. Not that I expect them to beat Florida, but it’s not impossible. Someone will eventually score enough on them to force their offense out of its comfort zone. That someone will be Alabama in about a month and a half, but still, it’ll happen.

    • Biggus Dickus

      Call me crazy (you have often enough to the other multiple personalities) but I think the Dawgs match up pretty well against Florida. Florida has a solid defense but no outstanding pass-rushing Defensive Ends like Clowney which would take advantage of Georgia’s real weakness, Offensive Tackle. I like Georgia’s chances, particularly if the game turns into a track meet–which it very well could. Keep the faith Bro.

      • Cojones

        I’m sorry, but who was the big and famous rusher that Ken had? That was only established after they pushed our O line all over the field last night. FU has a better D line than Ken.

        You need to start using smiley faces because we don’t always recognize sarcasm.

  29. Whew and I thought I was the only one disappointed.

  30. Toronto Dawg

    7 games in, this is the football team for this season. I hope I am wrong, but in 2007 the defense hadn’t given up 20 points in regulation, with the exception of the ut game, prior to their run. There was the potential, but we hadn’t put it together. With the exception of he Vanderbilt game we haven’t held an opponent under 20. Not sure we have the potential on defense to go on that sort of run.

  31. Russ

    If things keep going the way they have this year, everyone may get their wishes granted. Namely, Bobo will be gone, and Grantham will stick around.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Why would Bobo be gone? Except for SC, the offense is doing pretty well!

    • Will (the other one)

      Hell, that was the silver lining I was hoping for out a disappointing 10-2 season: Bobo puts up enough 30+ and 40+ point totals that he finally gets hired away and a play caller who, when the other team has a bunch of untested DBs and you were getting 20 yards per pass in the 1st half, doesn’t run the ball 3 times in a row, setting up a punt. Murray either should have been resting by the 4th or flirting with 500 yards passing against UK’s secondary, but Bobo wanted “balance” until late in the 3rd quarter when he realized what even FSN’s idiot announcer realized in the first half.

    • Brandon

      Damn straight can you imagine if if we had LSU’s offense with thus defense?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I think you meant the opposite, didn’t you? Imagine if we had LSU’s defense with this offense.

  32. 20 ninjas

    Why get behind a team who doesn’t even believe in themselves? They make stupid mistakes, they look sloppy, and a team who didn’t score a touchdown in the 1st quarter in the past 20 GAMES managed to score one within the first 3 minutes of the game.

    It’s embarrassing to be a bulldog. I still love this team, but I can’t put my heart and soul into loving and rooting for them because my expectations are just dashed every year. It sucks.

    • Why get behind a team that’s 6-1, controls its own destiny on the last week in October and is ranked number 11 in the country?

      Please review: Doff, Donnan years. Get some perspective, please. There is some really crazy, entitled thinking going around tonight. Winning on the road in the SEC is tough, ANYWHERE.

      • Debby Balcer

        It is sad to me that instead of just having to play the opposing team out players have to do it with the fans not believing in them. Knowing the fans have your back helps the team; knowing that even a win is not enough makes it harder to stay inspired when things aren’t going your way.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          We need to define what “having your back” means. If it means I’m going to clap when you have personal fouls, haven’t studied your assignments, and watch as you continually appear to refuse to rise to the level of your God-given talent – then no, we may be family and I may be rooting for you, but I am not going to shower you with unconditional love and tell you it’s okay that you just showed up, regardless of your behavior.

          If it means I’m going to be behind you, win or lose, as long as you play like a devil until the whistle blows (then help your opponent off the ground), do your best at all times, and try to represent the school well, then yes, I have your back.

          Which of the above teams did you see tonight?

      • Will (the other one)

        In 2004, we went to Lexington and dropped 62 on a better Kentucky team than this one.

        • The Lone Stranger

          And in a game eerily similar to the first half of Saturday’s fiasco. That one was like 20-17, Dawgs at the break — followed by the unceremonious dumptrucking of UK in the 2nd stanza.

  33. Brandon

    Yep, I sincerely hope someone in the athletic department is figuring out how much money the bounds of sanity and finance would allow us to waive in front of John Chavis. I am so tired of us wasting offensive talent with pathetic undisciplined defense.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      We done been there, done done that…did not work, and we really, really tried, too…I don’t blame the sentiment, Ole Chief is pretty good.

  34. Raven

    Does anyone who enjoys sports understand that DESTINY cannot be controlled???

  35. James Stephenson

    I am as big a disney dog as can be. But last night was pathetic. Jeebus, when the opposing team can not throw the ball, and lets be honest there were lots of opportunities for UK to throw the football. How do you let them rack up over 200 yards running the same damn 4 plays.

    If you tell me we got UKs best shot, maybe I can live with it. Afterall I saw a bad Oakland Raiders come East and give Atlanta their best shot, and almost won the game. Maybe last night, homecoming and all that was Kentucky playing up to their potential. Plus 23 players from GA trying to show UGA they made a mistake not recruiting them.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      This is the most intelligent critical comment of the night.

      • gastr1

        Problem is, it’s not critical. It excuses away the poor performance. What were the excuses for SC, scraping by to beat Tennessee, and FAU and Buffalo?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The post was exactly on point. UK ran about 4 different running plays all night long and the UGA defense really never stopped them. Did you watch the game or just hear the score and decide to whine?

          • gastr1

            “Maybe last night, homecoming and all that was Kentucky playing up to their potential. Plus 23 players from GA trying to show UGA they made a mistake not recruiting them”

            Feel free to add your own excuse as necessary.

          • Cojones

            Mayor, puppies whine. Grown Dawgs just moan and take a shit.

      • cube

        Yep, because NFL parity is similar to the differences between the Georgia and Kentucky football programs.

        • James Stephenson

          True that, but kids play on a lot of emotion and early on UK had a lot of emotion. In fact, until that last TD drive, UK had done nothing in the second half. Either way, it was a pathetic job of D last night period.

  36. PTC DAWG

    Well said

  37. David

    Anyone who posts that D is what is wrong with our team and getting rid of Grantham will solve our problems is a fucking idiot. Our whole team is fucked up. We miss PAT’s. We still give up 50 yard kickoff returns. Our program is sick. We aren’t a good team and I don’t care that Murray had a good game. Bad teams have nice performances from their players every weekend. We need a change of culture. We need an entire revamping of our program. Richt is not a bad coach and he might have success somewhere else but 12 years is a long time and sometimes throwing the whole thing away and starting over is what is needed. We’re stale. We’re bored. We’re going through the motions. No offseason revamping of this or that will fix what is wrong with Georgia football now. It’s so depressing to watch the team you love have no heart.

    • Turd Ferguson

      I don’t think anyone is saying that the D is the *only* thing wrong with this team. Everyone knew, coming into the season, that the OL and special teams would be problems. But thankfully, we all thought, we’ve got an All-World Defense that will surely be good enough to make up for those other problems. They’ll keep us in the tough games — like a road game against South Carolina, for instance. Right … ?

      That’s the problem. With all the *other* things wrong with this team, we needed this defense to be AT LEAST AS GOOD as it was last season, if not better. And the reality seems to be that they’ve regressed.

    • cube

      Agreed. It’s comical to hear everyone saying, year after year, that we need to field a top 5 defense to be a great football team. Why? Why does the defensive coordinator always have to carry this head coach?

  38. AusDawg85

    Back in August, 10 – 2 and a shot at the SEC East looked doable. We had huge concerns about the OL, running game and ST play, particularly with two freshman kickers. USCe was one of the potential losses, as was Mizzou, FL, or a “hiccup” game, this being the SEC and all. Murray was our bright spot, as was our D despite suspensions. And it’s not a stretch to believe from his interviews prior to the start of the season that CMR agreed with this assessment.

    At 6 – 1 going into JAX, what, exactly is so wildly different? Sure, the D looks worse that WE want it to look, but for the team and coaches, they’ve done the job 6 out of 7 times, and one could even argue (weakly I suppose) that they fought back enough in Columbia to give the O some type of chance that night.

    And who thought the gators would look nearly this good this season? No one. So now as fans, we’re scared, frustrated and twisted-up in knots going into JAX. Gee, that sounds familiar. I just hope the team doesn’t feel this way.

    We have our shot next Saturday. Win it and a lot of fans who want to walk away right now need to do exactly that. Lose…and lose badly…and we’ll know the pre-season assessment was about right on both our weaknesses and failing to see the gators’ strengths.

    Welcome to the SEC.

    • JaxDawg

      Richt needs to win a big game, that’s the problem here. You don’t get much credit for doing what you’re supposed to do, beating who you’re supposed to beat. Every now and then you have to win one against the odds, not losing big time when it’s time to play big-boy ball.

  39. JaxDawg

    I feel your frustration. Two questions:

    1. How are we going to stop Florida’s running game when we couldn’t stop Kentucky’s?
    2. How are we going to run the ball against Florida when we couldn’t run against Kentucky?

    A few thoughts:

    1. We’ve struggled against Kentucky before when we were clearly the demonstrably better team. It was a road game, etc., etc.
    2. Where on earth has our running game gone?
    3. If yesterday’s racking of Carolina was any indication, Florida will not allow us to get a first down. Prepare for absolute physical domination despite the upgraded S&C program, the nutritionist, the new plan, the new AD, the new blah blah blah blah.
    4. With winning the east on the line, I expect a spirited practice in Athens this week. Unfortunately, I expect an unmeasurably spirited practice in Gainesville.
    5. Recruiting only gets you so far.
    6. Teams are often a reflection of their head coach’s personality.
    7. Chronic missed extra points are not a laughing matter.
    8. The 2012 Dawgs remind me of the 2008 version, high on talent, low on passion, chemistry, and results. Again, talent only gets you so far. All that talk about “coming back” and “it’s our time”.
    9. I try hard not to get overly frustrated, but I see a program that has resources beyond nearly every school in the country, too many to list in fact, and yet we continue to see the same problems that have become our trademark. That is, consistently playing below your ability and potential. Just once, I would love to see us overachieve – Underdogs to Wonderdogs. Just one time.
    10. I think #9 explains why so many fans have become either angry or nonplussed with Mark Richt as the head coach.


    • JaxDawg

      I’m not one to say “it could be worse”, but it could be. At least we’re not Auburn. Or Texas.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Or Arkansas. Or Tennessee. Or Kansas. Or Maryland. Or any of the other 120+ D-IA teams that are not ranked in the top 11 teams in the country.

        • Carolinadawg

          I’m so happy for you that you are satisfied with the past 5 or years of Georgia football. I wish I could be as well.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I didn’t say I was happy with the past 5 or so years of Georgia football, although last year UGA did win the SEC East. I am stoked however that UGA is 6-1 and about to play Florida next week for the lead in the SEC East and to likely win that division for a second year in a row. My question to you is this: Why aren’t you?

          • Scott W.

            I wish that you would shut up, you offer nothing but the same comment ad nauseam.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The other thing that pisses me off with you congenital whiners CD is that this is 2012–and we’re playing for the lead in the SEC East next week. You and the other whiners seem to be stuck in a time-warp griping about what happened in 2008 (Damn, we were picked #1 and didn’t win the BCSNC, ain’t it AWFUL), 2009 (Shit, an 8-5 record is just soooo bad) and 2010 ( Sob!!! We had a LOSING season, boo hoo). Get into 2012 please. We’re 6-1, about to be ranked in the Top 10 and if we win the next game we’re likely in the SECCG.

        • JaxDawg

          Gosh Mayor, are you purposely missing the point? I hear you, you’re right. But can’t you acknowledge that GA continually underachieves? Can you honestly say that you cannot grasp the other side of the argument?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            UGA is 6-1 and will play FU for the division lead in 6 days. I want UGA to win that game. Do you? I sure can’t tell that from what you and others are saying on this blog. Glass half-empty, glass half-full. You are a half-empty guy JD. I am a half-full guy. It’s that simple.

            • Texas Baller

              You are unrealistic sir. 0-10 v ranked SEC opponents since 2007. This squad has shown the consistent ability to underperform. You are a wishful supporter. Hold out both hands…I am going to shit in one and you wish for gold in the other….tell me which one fills faster!

            • JaxDawg

              You are not half full, you are completely full. Of shit and denial. I expect more from this program, you and those that agree with you do not. And just so we avoid any ambiguity, I am referring to our record against ranked teams. The facts do not lie, how you choose to interpret (or deny them) is your problem.

  40. Uglydawg

    Consider the fake punt attempt by Georgia….do you think CMR really thought he would have to use it against KY? It was put in for Florida. Now, maybe he ran it out there to give Fl something to see and contemplate…maybe when FL sees it it will go as a pass or a different run…maybe he was “setting the Gators up”.. Either way, it shows where the focus was pre-game. CMR believed Georgia could easily put away Kentucky with their generic game and prepared not for Kentucky proper

    . It almost backfired.

    The good? Now maybe Florida will be taking Georgia too lightly this week, but given Muschamps emotional demeanor….I doubt it.
    I have been wrong in my predictions that CTG would be the emotional sparkplug that has been missing since Erk Russell left. He’s not.
    Somebody better step up and show some fire. That someone is CMR.

  41. Rhymer Dawg

    Since everyone else gets to be critical then so will I.
    Why are we essentially playing defense with 6 people in the box.80% of the time last night we had 6 people in the box and could not stop the run. This has been the scheme for the past 3 games. Additionally, Big John is not being the space eater we need him to be in the 3-4. He is being beaten by the center without the help and support of a double team. This is the why the guards can come up and get on the linebackers and allow UK to rush for 200+ yards.
    I am pissed that the defensive coaches cannot make a decision to commit to anything. Sell out to stop the run or sell out to stop the pass but either way make a decision about your game plan. What I saw and what a I have seen is a defense that has no purpose in-game. They are studs for sure but with no desire to attack either the passing game or the running game. Maybe it is because CTG does not trust the DB’s or whatever but in all honesty I would rather see us get beat on a few long pass plays which will give Rambo the opportunity for INT’s BTW, than just playing a static and basic defense.
    I mean in all honestly we are actually playing a 3-3-5 out there with 3 dlinemen, 3 linebackers and 5 db’s. WTF. No wonder we are getting gashed on the run.
    When it comes to FU Driskell is not the greatest passer but an awesome runner. I beg CTG to sell out and stop the run. Put 7 in the box and blitz the corners constantly. Make Driskell beat you passing ball. But unfortunately since the past is the best predictor of future events we are going to see the same nonsense in Jacksonville by our D and get gashed by the Boise State OC in FU colors… again.
    I am disheartened and need to step away from the ledge.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      RD, you have hit the nail on the head. What makes the 3-4 D work is that the NG is so dominating that the O-line has to double team the NG, freeing up the ILB on the side of the double-team. Sometimes with a really dominating NG the O even has to assign the center and both OGs to TRIPLE team the NG. If the NG can be neutralized by the center alone, then both OGs can get to the ILBs and open really large inside running lanes.That was the problem last night.

      • BMan

        I’ve been frustrated to be sure. I think my frustration has been fairly and sanely expressed, so I’m going to hope I’m not seen as a member of the lunatic fringe, but more the disheartened majority.

        Honest football question coming. Yes, the interior looked weak last night, and has the last few games, which I commented about in earlier posts on another thread. So how is it that the interior was getting gashed when several times Jenkins AND Geathers were in at the same time? That’s 700 pounds to deal with, and still the yards were there for UK.

        Another point, the only major personnel difference in this year’s D is Boykin. Right? To the point about selling out to stop the run or the pass, can his absence be such a huge factor? Maybe his presence allowed Grantham to ignore that side of the secondary, knowing that it was usually in good hands, and one of the safeties didn’t have to be reserved for helping out that side. That safety could help flood the other side in pass protection or come down to blitz the QB or give run support. In short, a shutdown corner, which was Boykin’s role, frees up a lot of shit on a defense.

        All that being said – or speculated – it’s the coaches jobs to figure it all out and deploy the best scheme with what they’ve got.

        • Cojones

          Good post and good food for thought. Someone dares to try and put the finger on the cause, not keep flaying at the problem. We need more of that type of input, not to make us feel better, but to help us at least empathize with our problem.

          I thought we did better with both in the game at the same time. It also told me that something basically was wrong on the D line that we haven’t put our finger on yet.

  42. Heathbar09

    The good news is if we beat Florida and win out, no one outside of Athens will remember that we stuggled with KY. But I haven’t seen anything these past few weeks that would make me think winning out is even a remote possibility.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If we beat Florida and win out nobody in Athens will remember the Kentucky game, either. And if UGA beats FU we WILL win out at least through the regular season.

      • Umm you really think Ole Miss and AU are guaranteed wins? You have a different way of assessing football teams than I do.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If the question is do I think UGA will beat Ole Miss in athen s and Auburn at Auburn this season, the answer is “yes.” Do you think UGA is going to lose those games? If you do, please explain to us why and please tell me the maximum wager you will accept on those 2 games.

          • Cojones

            I thought we would beat SC and FU when the season started. Now, not so much. Other Ds seem to be progressing while wear regressing. It will be a race to see if Ole Miss gets more better while we get more worse on D by the time we play. After last night, I believe that Tech could possiblyend up outscoring us as they did in their only win in the last 10 years.

            • Cojones

              This was supposed to be posted after SJ’s 10:55 AM post. Don’t know what transpired, only that it wouldn’t post.

    • It’s a sad commentary when we hope to win, which is basically what we have done for years now. CMR is 3-8 in Jacksonville. 2-4 in our last six against USCe with 3 straight losses.

      How can Muschamp turn the FU program around so quickly? He has key victories over USCe, LSU, and TAMU. What is our marquee win?

      Buffalo (1-6)
      Mizzou (3-4)
      Florida Atlantic (1-6)
      Vandy (3-4)
      Tennessee (3-4)
      Kentucky (1-7)

      We got crushed by the only good team we have played this year. This doesn’t inspire hope.

      • Heathbar09

        No, my comment wasn’t that hope was inspired by our play. But rather our schedule. I know Ole Piss and Allbarn aren’t guaranteed wins, but I still expect to win those. Somebody mentioned above that Auburn needed a game winning FG to beat KY in 2010.

        I have been very dissapointed in our play and our coaching staff. But, regardless of our lack of a marquee win, we can still win the SEC and perhaps go further. This team can play hard for a game and can beat a lot of teams when they’re at their best. I don’t think we beat Florida, but certainly have a chance to vindicate all of those bad games you pointed out.

  43. Heathbar09

    Aaron Murray after the game:

    “This game gets the bad taste out of our mouths,” Murray said.

    Wow. The taste from USCe must not have been that bad if a 5 point win over Kentucky clears your throat.

    I still think this team feels that barely winning is enough. Sure, a win is a win. But if they can’t notice how poor they played and were nowhere close to how they need to play next week, then next week will be a long game for them.

    • Heathbar09

      In Murray’s defense, 400 yards and 4 TDs should get the bad taste out of his mouth for his performance 2 weeks ago. But still, did you watch the game when your defense was out there?????

  44. Heathbar09

    Btw, Connar Norman with the play of the game. I’m not so sure our D would have been able to stop a game-winning KY drive. He made a hell of a play to pounce on that ball before the kicker did. It seemed like that ball was rolling for an eternity.

  45. Scorpio Jones, III

    I’m gonna take one shot at this, then move on.

    Kentucky always plays Georgia tough in Lexington, no matter what they had done before, no matter what Georgia had done before.


    There are many good reasons for this, not the least of which is that Kentucky’s football team is heavily populated with kids Georgia either did not want at all, or had only some vague interest in coming out of high school.

    There is nothing that tends to focus young minds like a put down.

    As an aside, against South Carolina, which was, until Saturday, the benchmark opponent of Georgia’s season…Kentucky was ahead 17-7 at the half.

    Which is a little better, I seem to remember, than Georgia was doing in Columbia at the half.

    Georgia, on the other hand, had their asses handed to them by South Carolina the week before going to Lexington.

    Despite what the writers may write, and the players may say, getting the shit beat out of you is depressing, discouraging and discombobulating.

    I really find it almost impossible to conceive how anybody who has watched, played or even read about football for any significant length of time is even surprised that Georgia was a bit lackluster in Lexington.

    And yet, here most of us are, including, apparently our fearless leader; whining, bitching, firing coaches and dismissing theirs and their players’ comments as bullshit.

    What I am going to say here is that Georgia is a good, but not great football team with significant problems in exactly the areas that should have worried the studious fan before the season started.

    I have no explanation for the apparent regression of the defense, which one would have thought would be a team strength, but again, Kentucky had South Carolina, which had a defense that was pretty good against Georgia, down 17-7 at the half.

    I think the relevant point here is that it was Kentucky. No matter how many times you tell somebody Kentucky is better than they seem to be, it would take a very special Georgia team, indeed, not to have in the backs of their young minds, that, after all, this is just Kentucky.

    Having said this and all the above, the only thing that matters to me is that we got out of Lexington with a win.

    Hopefully, assuming we still have a coaching staff next week, and that Greg McGarity has not reacted the way most of us here seem to be, we have to get ready to play a really good team.

    I’ll tell you what was bullshit, Senator: what was bullshit was that Urban Meyer left the cupboard bare in Gainesville. The only bare cupboard that was bare in Gainesville was the one in the mind of Urban Meyer.

    Florida is a lot better football team than Georgia…at least they were Saturday.

    But you know what? Weird shit happens during football games, if you don’t believe that, watch the Kentucky- Georgia replay.

    I suspect Georgia will be a little more interested in Florida than they were in Kentucky…whether it will matter… well that remains to be seen, does it not?

    Pick your hats with great care, boys.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Insightful post, SJ,III.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You really don’t want to know what I think about next week, Mayor, and here’s a piece of personal insight about last night….I did not even wear a hat, or a red shirt, and the little charms were not in my pocket.

        I just don’t see how anybody was surprised.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The absence of your hat, red shirt and little charms is probably the real reason that the Dawgs D didn’t play so well last night. Please be sure to wear them for the WLOCP.

          • I saved the special “P_____s” for the WLOCP.. They always work. It is going to be a long week. Will we have JJ back in Jax?

            • Cojones

              Joy, I hope since you’re not spelling “Panties” that you don’t consider past postings as anything but Good old Dawg posting to another Good Ole Dawg. If any of it has been taken as sexist concerning my posts, I apologize. Since we are anonymous, I felt that your Dawg party girl posts were signs of open expression
              that this blog has been known for. I think several of us have enjoyed them for what they add ( a wide open expressive fan post) but if you edit yourself because of replies, that would be atrocious and would sadden me. Someday I’ll tell you the story of how two Georgia women with great school spirit helped to accidentally place me as the ringleader of the only panty raid and riot leader on an undergraduate campus that observed Vespers in the evenings.

              Dawgs be Dawgs, no matter the sex. And wicked humor is more fun than sarcasm.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            I was, I confess, resting them…the hat had a pulled groin from South Carolina.

    • JaxDawg

      Good points and good anecdotal perspective, a good post. I agree with most. Let’s agree to say that we will know what Mark Richt and his proud program are made of next week in my town. I’ll say this though, Richt desperately needs a “signature” win. Badly. The converse, another blowout loss in a major game, would render him unfit for the job in the eyes of most.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Thanks for the compliment, Jax, but if you acknowledge that, I am confused about the idea that this team with all the problems it has is going to somehow represent the zenith of Mark Richt’s tenure at Georgia.

        If the teams were equal I might agree. But, for instance, did you notice Florida’s kicking game?

        Florida, to me, is clearly the better team….clearly.

        Again, if the teams were equal, I might agree, but they simply are not.

        Except, maybe, in the minds of folks who ignore the obvious weaknesses of the Georgia offering, which apparently, is the MOST you mention.

        Don’t get me wrong here, I spent an hour or so observing my hat collection, trying to find one that would be appropriate, and I know in my heart, the South Carolina team Florida beat is not the one that beat Georgia. (For some of the same reasons Georgia struggled with Kentucky.)

        Here’s what I am saying, better said by somebody else:

        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
        Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
        If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

        It is time to Man Up and Hunker down

        • JaxDawg

          God forgive me for wanting Mark Richt to actually pull off the upset. Since that doesn’t happen anymore, we’re all relegated to hoping we don’t get “blown out” in these big games. That’s some set of expectations.

          We can do better.

  46. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yes, that did get posted twice, under different blogposts, I have no idea how that happened, but it could be an omen.

  47. Ginny

    Just reading this thread, you would think this team is 2-5. Wow.

  48. 80DAWG

    I am finally broken. I am ready for a change in our staff. Too much talent to consistently underachieve. Now realistically, who can we get? For real. I have said since the TN game that allowing the men back on the field who left us in the lurch for dope, tail, beer, whatever, was and is a mistake. You ruined the chemistry of the men who kept their nose clean and played their butts off for us. This is being kept quiet in Athens, but this D is loaded with resentment. They are not playing as a unit. Grantham did not become and idiot in one year. This is a culture in Athens that has to change. Look, I am no idiot. I know good and great teams lose. It is the inconsistency that kills me. This D problem is mental. We got the same guy calling the D and many of the same players. Again, we allowed guys who screwed their teammates over with their personal bullshit to walk back on the field. We have killed the team concept with this bullshit.

  49. Uglydawg

    80..that’s an interesting theory and quite possibly true, but do you have any personal knowledge that would back it up? If not, then it’s just one of many possibiities but not necessarily a probability. These guys DID pay their due…a pretty stiff penalty that CMR didn’t waiver from.
    I think the “problem” is softness and can be quickly addressed with the proper demeanor from the coaching staff.

  50. Vinny76

    Regression this, regression that. Does anybody think that maybe the D has never been worth 2 shits? In the last 2 years how many good teams have they shut down?