Observations from the armchair, UK edition

The tone was set from the very first play from scrimmage last night, as I watched Cornelius Washington lose outside contain on an 11-yard running play.  It continued as I watched Mike Bobo call six runs out of seven total plays on Georgia’s first aborted series, because, after all, he said he was going to reestablish the running game.  And it planted itself for good when Rhett McGowan waved at a punt as it went by and gently settled several yards behind him on Georgia’s three yard line.

Oh sure, they recovered in parts.  Even at 14-7, I never really felt like Georgia was in danger of being upset.  But at that point I didn’t doubt for a moment that it was going to be a struggle all night to put away a Kentucky team that is one of the worst two squads in the conference.

The reality is that these Dawgs have some serious structural problems that aren’t getting better.  In fact, you can argue that at least one of them is getting worse, based on what I saw last night.

On to the bullet points:

  • Defense.  While I put most of the blame for the South Carolina debacle on Grantham, last night’s poor showing rests mainly with the players.  For once, I thought Richt’s halftime critique for the sideline reporter wasn’t a case of throwing the players under the bus.  It was a simple, accurate description of what was happening.  It wasn’t so much a case of Grantham doing a bad coaching job as it was his players doing a bad job of listening.  You don’t think Washington’s had it drilled into him repeatedly how important it is to maintain containment?  How about Damian Swann and the importance of not being fooled by play action when he’s in single coverage, man-to-man?  I expect that John Jenkins knows job one is gap control.  And that Alec Ogletree has had plenty of coaching about not overrunning the play.  Yet all of those problems were repeatedly on display last night.  Grantham had to adjust his gameplan, not because it was flawed, as was the case a week ago, but because the primary assumption he had – that Georgia’s front could control Kentucky’s running game – which was an entirely reasonable one to make based on UK’s season to date, was blown to shreds because of a lack of player discipline.  The thing is, I know the players have been coached better than that.  Exhibit A is the way they defended the option.  It’s the one thing they’ve consistently handled all season.  And Exhibit B is Jordan Jenkins, a true freshman who played the most consistent game of anyone on the defense yesterday.  Too many on the defense look like they play as if they’ve bought into the hype without having to pay the price to earn it.  And that starts with having the discipline to stick to their assignments.  Grantham talks about how they need to let the plays come to them so they can finish.  It ain’t happening, at least not on a reliable basis.
  • Offensive line.  These guys are back to square one.  Whatever progress they were making before Columbia has vanished.  They lack confidence.  Last night, playing in a mausoleum, they had, what, four or five false starts?  They aren’t physical.  Georgia averaged less than two and a half yards per rush; before last night, Kentucky had only held one team (Western Kentucky) to less than four yards per rushing attempt.  They also gave up three sacks and left Murray facing pressure much of the night.
  • Special teams.  Honestly, at this point, I can only sit back and marvel at the weekly train wreck.  The only thing keeping last night’s festivities from turning into a full-blown Hindenburg disaster was Connor Norman’s heads up play on the onside kick.
  • Mike Bobo.  He tests me.  Should I be pissed at the guy for sticking with that establish the run game nonsense for way too long, or give him credit for finally telling the little voice inside his head whispering “balance” to STFU?  Given that Georgia wound up with 500+ yards of offense, but only 29 points, probably a little of both.
  • Aaron Murray.  Big, little or whatever you want to call last night’s game, he’s the reason Georgia won.  Yeah, Kentucky’s pass defense sucks, but given that Murray had to play without a running game, an offensive line that could pass protect consistently and a coordinator who at times stubbornly refused to take what he was being offered, he did alright.  In fact, if you remember the week he was coming off, he did more than alright.  He played under control all game, both emotionally and mechanically (there was a stunning throw he made over the middle to King that Murray couldn’t have dropped in the receiver’s hands any better).  It felt like he had an answer any time his team was challenged and his teammates played like that.
  • Mark Richt.  If you had any doubts about whether he knows or cares about what’s going on with his team’s play, a look at some of his expressions on the sideline last night should have told you all you need to know on that front.  This team frustrates the hell out of him.
  • The officiating. His team wasn’t the only thing that frustrated the hell out of Mark Richt last night.
  • The broadcast team.  They were worse than Georgia’s rush defense.

It could have been worse.  And, again, Georgia was able to pull out a win playing its C-minus game.  There’s also no question I’d rather be where we are this morning than where the South Carolina fan base is.  But if anybody thinks that any of that is going to matter in Jacksonville, they’re deluded.  Georgia is showing weaknesses in the exact areas that Florida is best constructed to take advantage of.  There’s a lot to get fixed this week.  Unfortunately, that’s been the reality facing this team for a while now.  Last night did nothing to suggest they’ve got a handle on that.


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  1. Uncle Tom

    Is it impolite to start speculating on the next coach? If so, wake me when it is.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Our team won a football game. That’s the big picture. But still, I’m surprised you could muster up enough heart to face a keyboard this morning without venting all over the place.

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Murray is gonna need a LOT of ice packs post Ga/Fla confrontation. I am having flashbacks to Donnan’s last game (2000/27-15) against the gnats and the beating Cory Phillips took. I felt those licks in the stands. Could be another record that Murray breaks though. Hoping that is all he breaks.
    Pass Completions – Game
    36 – Cory Phillips vs. Ga. Tech (62 attempts)
    36 – Eric Zeier vs. Florida, 1993 (65 attempts)
    36 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1994 (51 attempts)
    34 – Eric Zeier vs. Auburn, 1993 (53 attempts)
    33 – Quincy Carter vs. Florida, 1998 (49 attempts)
    31 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1993 (47 attempts)
    31 – Eric Zeier vs. S. Carolina, 1994 (51 attempts)

    Phillips might not be the best quarterback to wear the red and black ….. but he was one of the gutsiest!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Well, if we’re going to go old school here, I thought Donnan playing Quincy Carter over Corey Phillips that year (and others even before) was Donnan’s downfall at UGA. Carter was an accident waiting to happen. He had all the physical talent in the world and certainly passed the eye-ball test. But for every good thing he did he would turn around and do something completely stupid the very next play. He personally handed games to the other team. Rule # 1: Don’t have a QB who will beat you himself. That was Carter–a QB who would beat his own team. Corey Phillips had a rocket for an arm and was a good game manager. The UGA team that season would have done better with him at QB. And yes, Phillips got the crap knocked out of him in that game but stood in there and took it. A DGD in my book! P.S. What do Quincy Carter and Oral Roberts have in common? They can both make 100,000 people in a stadium jump up and scream “Jesus!” at the same time.

  4. SouthGa Dawg

    As for the Senator’s first comment – It’s the coaches JOB to coach up the players – period. If coaches can’t do that then they end up selling insurance or long distance service.

    As for the rest of the state of Georgia’s defense, I listened to the first half on the radio. Two great stats that Zeier brought forth – KY had not scored an offensive TD in the first quarter for the past 20 games…until last night. And, KY was last in the SEC at 111 yd.s rushing per game. They eclipsed that number in the first half. That will officially be the last negative comments I make about the Georgia defense. GATA vs UF…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      “If coaches can’t do that then they end up selling insurance or long distance service.”

      If I may, or: analyzing other coaches’ work on tv, in spite of the obvious fact that you cheated everywhere you worked, slobber on your shirt and add nothing substantive to any discussion you participate in.

      • SouthGa Dawg

        You sir obviously don’t remember that when Ray Goff quit coaching, he became a master seller of long distance service. BTW, I think I added two pretty good stats. Surely, I don’t have your wit and candor, but I will keep blogging sir since you enjoy my posts so much.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          He cornered the market on heartwood pine flooring and I bet he sells the heck out of some chicken too.😉
          Interesting that the OBC coined the nickname Ray Goof. I bet he thought of the HoneyBooBoo moniker as well.

        • Dawgfan Will

          I think he was adding to your comment, not responding negatively to it.

          • Gravidy

            You are correct, sir.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Gosh, golly gee South Ga, I certainly did not write anything that could be construed as impuning your own postaciousness…I was just trying to add to it, sorry if that, somehow, offended you.

              Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

        • Tomato Picker

          While he was probably the worst sideline coach in the SEC at the time he was head coach of the Dawgs, Ray was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in an elite class when he was out on the recruiting trail. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that if he wanted to, he could sell almost anyone a bucket of s*it for $500, and send them away satisfied.

  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Are they not listening? Sure. And what, exactly, is the price to be paid for that?

    For some people, losing is pain enough to snap them to attention. Let’s call them Group A. For others, losing their playing time snaps them to attention. Let’s call them Group B. For yet another group, losing their spot on the team snaps them to attention. Let’s call them Group C. For the last group, nothing will focus them. Failure is always someone else’s fault. Let’s call them Group F.

    Georgia’s roster:
    Not enough Group As.
    Roster depth limits the coaching staff’s leverage relative to Group B.
    Group C is playing somewhere else.
    Group F got cut somewhere else.

    Georgia’s, Tennessee’s, and Auburn’s rosters all suffer from the same disease, although the severity of it varies. They can’t bench the guys who don’t execute 100% of the time. And the guys who don’t execute 100% of the time know it.

    Is that on the coaches or players?

    I’d say both.

    • WF dawg

      And to us fans who belong in some strata of personal investment in this team above and beyond Group A-level commitment, what we simply cannot comprehend is that a player could fail to care as much as we do. Or even half as much.

  6. Macallanlover

    This where I have been all along about our performance, fans assign too much blame on coaches for every single boo-boo that occurs. The players UGA has recruited must shoulder the majority of the blame for false starts, dropped passes, blow coverage/contain, missed PATs, etc. There is certainly blame for a bad scheme or lack of adjustments but getting motivated,staying focused, and executing what you have already shown you are capable of is strictly on the playeers, aand that is much of what is holding us back.

    I have serious questions about our defense and am puzzled about what has happened since last year. We can all debate the psychological reasons for underperforming but the truth is, none of us know; it is all specualtion and Monday Morning QBing. While I have always had my doubts about our defensive scheme, the 3-4, I know it works elsewhere but I reman unsold about it. I thought I had been proven wrong last year when we had some quality performances after getting Motel 6 and Kwame trained, but now in year 3, I am doubting all over again. It isn’t my nature to call for coaches to fired, or blaming individual players publicly (unless they do something really bad/stupid) but the defense as a whole has some very serious issues in organization/communication/passion/executing. I cannot offer a solution but the problem surfaced in the Buffalo game and has been visible in all games except Vandy. I also don’t want to hear about vanilla plans, players out, players having rust, or players resting for the bounties of the NFL. The unit needs it’s manhood challenged, if I were an NFL team GN I would look at the tape of our games this year before I laid out big money for this group. What happens on the field is a better indicator of what you are getting than any measurables of speed and jumping. You have to have heart, not take plays off, and show that you know your position. If that isn’t there at this point in a player’s development, you have a character issue. Pop Warner players know to play contain, and that safeties have to not let players get behind them because they want to get involved with action that is assigned to other positions. Stay on job one first, that is your primary accountability.

    The Special Teams are a huge problem in several areas and should be addressed immediately. UGA has always had quality performers in this area but we are seeing an unacceptable falloff that cannot just be explained because they are freshmen. Time to get this corrected, even if it means looking into the flag football games on campus.

    None of this is to say our team may not show up and test Florida to the max. Could we win? Absolutely, but it will be a major upset based on what we have seen them do. UGA will need a sky-high performance, similar to what SC showed us because we will need to play over our heads for 60 minutes. Florida is much, much better one defense and STs than us. They are not better than is on offense but the advantages of the other two units will be difficult to overcome, especially since we will be going against their strongest unit. Their punter is simply outstanding.

    • Cojones

      My serious question about the D is how can we be “regressing to the mean” while all other Ds we face are improving with each exposure. The problem is secret to all fans and won’t come to light until after the season. That puts most of us into no man’s land where you hold your breath with every play. Their swagger has careened off the field and now includes us as collateral victims.

      Good or bad, they are our team. Did I see some individuals playing their heads off last night? Yes indeedy, but most of them were wearing blue.

      Connor Norman deserves our accolades for saving a rag-tag victory. Ain’t that a bitch!

      • Uglydawg

        Everybody recruits the same kid, by and large, yet the Alabamas of the world don’t seem to have this problem…because they are coached up not to make stupid mistakes.They don’t dare mail it in…they are focused…I said after the first week that Alabama was already in mid-season form. Georgia still isn’t. If the players aren’t giving 100 percent, who’s to blame?Georgia has talent. Getting that talent to perform is the coaching staffs job.

        • Macallanlover

          I know this is a common held belief on this blog but my experience is this just isn’t true. High quality/talented athletes are usually driven to excel at an early age and have the work ethic and pride to show up when it is gametime. That is true in football, baseball, golf, swimming, gymnastics, etc., as well as other walks of life. I am not saying there aren’t coaches who can motivate players to perform at their very best more often than others, but the talent level differences of the UGA/UK game doesn’t require every player to have their A game. Some UGA players did, but obviously too many didn’t. I don’t think the coaches took the week off, didn’t remind them of their goals, or warn them of KY’s 1st half effort against SC earlier this year. I am 100% positive they did, they cannot pour a 5 Hour energy drink into each of them before game time. 20 year olds are strange people sometimes. Let’s hope ours come out the gate Saturday like someone put a cattle prod up their rectums. We have to overcome a talent disadvantage this week, just as UK did to us last night.

          • Carolinadawg

            “We have to overcome a talent disadvantage this week…”
            Completely disagree, except perhaps in regard to O-line. The rest of our offense is more talented, and our defenses are equal, with the exception of Purifoy. He is a beast. Coach Boom is simply getting more out of his talent than St. Mark is, which is hardly surprising.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              I hate to agree with this, but there it is.

            • Macallanlover

              What a surprise that you would lay all blame on Richt. Let me dive for my nitroglycerin pills. Why don’t you man up and face that you are so blinded/obsessed about Richt that you can’t pee and hit a washtub. It colors every comment you have made for two weeks; get some new material. Surely you have one single thought about UGA that doesn’t involve blaming everything on Richt, don’t you? You must be involved in the Oh-Barry campaign with your propensity to blame everythin gon one person. Pssst……..accountability, it isn’t just one guy’s responsibility.

              You don’t think both kickers and return men are better than ours? Really? You haven’t seen the defensive ratings of FU versus our unit? And I guess their OL looks up to ours as well? We do have better receivers, better QB, and better RBs, none of which work if we cannot limit penetration of their defensive front (see SC 2 weeks ago). I will say their DBs aren’t any better than ours but they don’t have to be because they get pressure on the QB. It is the one defensive weakness I see, but even there they look better statistically because the opposing QBs have little time. And we do have a better HC.

        • Ugly ,I refer you to “It’s Always Someone Else”s Fault ” post above because he nailed the format for analyzing the difference in UGA and Alabama. Alabama is only slightly better than us talent wise but they are much,much deeper which allows Satan to correct the mistake of the many Group “B” players all teams have by replacing him with equally talented underclassman who will not repeat the same mistakes over and over. The dawgs can’t replace Rambo, with Connor Norman,we’ve seen that already haven’t we? How do you coach up a kid who knows that ,for all practical purposes he is indispensable? Of course you can blame the Coaches for all the early departures but IMHO the departures of Washaun and Crowell were probably necessary and for the best.All our kids can’t be type “A” like JJ. For now pray for Jarvis’s groin(insert joke here), use the pass to set up the run and blitz from places da Gator hasn’t seen before. Be true to your school .

          • charlottedawg

            This. A million times this. I am convinced this is one of the biggest problems with undersigning: a lack of significant competition. Crowell knew nobody had the talent to take his job, Rambo knows Norman can’t take his. We don’t have enough situations where a 4 or 5 star starter knows he’s riding the pine if he screws up.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Agreed. Plus, the fact that CMR won’t take away a scholarship from someone just for sub-par performance, like Saban routinely does, totally eliminates the fear factor. Why worry if you realize that you aren’t good enough to play. Just don’t break any rules, adjust to life on the pines, keep on being a scholarship member of the football team and all the emoluments that brings (i.e. sexy co-eds) and enjoy life. Just show up, shut up and go through the motions. I think we have a faction on the team doing just that.

              • charlottedawg

                you don’t even have to go as far as losing your scholarship, just losing your job should be incentive enough. When a 4 or 5 star starter knows there is a 4 or 5 star 2nd string guy chomping at the bit to take his job. You don’t think the starter busts his hump and doesn’t make stupid mistakes for fear of losing his job? Contrast that with say Rambo. Not saying the guy is intentionally playing B- ball but even if he loafs on a few plays what’s Grantham and Lakatos going to do? Bench him and hurt the D? Everyone KNOWS, KNOWS we don’t a have a safety half as good as Bacari even if bacari’s just mailing it in. Is it any surprise we have players who “can’t” bring their A game and focus every game every down? (Note: i’m not saying not having meaningful depth is the only reason we underachieve, just that it’s a very likely of a host of reasons)

  7. Bevo

    I’m not ruling out the possibility that the coaches right the ship and pull out a successful season. I hope they do, but it’s unlikely.

    In case they don’t, I have to admit that I will be fully indifferent as to Mark Richt’s future in Athens. And I have to admit, I’m already part way there.

  8. 80DAWG

    I just hesitate to comment. I love UGA. I have been watching and going to games since the 60’s. I hate it when I see talent wasted. I just don’t think we moved to the top tier with this staff. Yet, who is out there that is better? Or better said, who out there is better and wants to come to Athens.I just keep seeing TN in my dreams after Fulmer! Talk me off the ledge!

  9. The other Doug

    “The broadcast team. They were worse than Georgia’s rush defense. ”

    They were quite humorous.

    Great write up. You did a terrific job of summing up why so many die hard fans are frustrated with this team.

    • David

      I expected Couch to be a homer but I didn’t think he was bad.

      • The other Doug

        They said somethings that made it appear like they had not done any research on UGA. They were so off it was funny. “Aaron Murray has pro scouts drooling over his ability to throw the strike in big moments” (or something like that) was an example. I love Aaron, but sometimes he craps the bed in big games. You know, like last week.

      • Macallanlover

        I agree, he seemed very bakanced and had some homework. There have been many broadcast teams worse than that one doing UGA games.

    • Chopdawg

      Are we talking about our radio broadcast team?…because I got frustrated with Scott Howard last night. Had no TV, just radio, and Scott will tell you where a player went to high school, who his coach was, how tall he is & how much he weighs, what his dawg’s name is, what kind of truck he drives, which brand of bourbon he drinks…before he’ll mention how many yards were gained on a play.

      • Macallanlover

        +1 He seems to forget the listener probably has no vision of what is occurring so the excitement in his voice is great, but we don’t know why. Very frustrating. I want to know “Malcome shot through a hole at left tackle for five, ten, twelve yards and a first down to the Georgia 39!” before I hear all the ancillary bs. Player, yardage/yardline, result.

  10. rugbydawg79

    +1 Mac—beat fla and all this will go away

    • Macallanlover

      Some will go away for sure. But we haven’t played at a level that indicates this group will do that. Certainly they can, but it will take our A game to beat their B- game, imo. We have too much of a talent shortfall based on the defense and ST’s efforts I have seen…and there is still that OL weakness that can totally negate our advantage at the skill positions.

      • roterhalsdawg

        A talent shortfall? Really? Wait till you see how many of them end up in the NFL next year.

        • Macallanlover

          If more than three make it above Round 3 it will be on last year’s reputation, not this season’s performance. I would look real close at why they cannot get it done this season.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    The lid is squarely back on the program.

    We need a few men on defense this week to knock it off.

  12. Wait… that’s what McGowan was supposed to do. Put your foot on the 10 and don’t go behind it. Methinks other punt returners have tried to field punts back there behind the ten and the results have been nothing short of maddening.

    I’d also add a bullet point that King played an amazing game (190 yards!). He is a steady force out there.

    Otherwise I agree with everything you wrote.

  13. Will Trane

    Will Muschamp will annilate the Dawgs. Brent Pease will take Gratham and Gardner to the woodshed. Last night I stopped watching the game at half time and I stopped listening to the radio broadcast of Scott Howard and company. Frankly, I and a few others are simply tired of the level of coaching and playing in the Georgia football program.
    Remember this about CMR and company. “A win is a win” “A win on the road is a big win”. The only thing is the points on the board at the end of the game. What about two weeks ago coach on the road? Many of us did not see much difference in the games except the scoreboard. Well Kentucky is not South Carolina. And South Carolina is by no means a Florida or LSU.
    Well Georgia is just a play or two from being Kentucky. And nobody in Kentucky gives a damn about football. They have a program called basketball. They give a damn about that.
    Apparently no one in Athens give a damn about football. Well, it has spred to fans and supporters. Who wants to spend money on tickets, gas, and time to go to Athens or JAX to see them play as bad as this team does on a consistent basis. Who cares anymore..

    • Macallanlover

      Total, absurd bullshit, as usual. Will Muschamp will not do anything on Saturday to determine if Florida wins the ball game. If anything, he is more likely to do something stupid by losing his immature, little head. Florida is significantly better at defense, STs and OL than UGA and that will probably be the difference because I suspect both teams will come out and play hard. I hope they don’t, but they probably will because it is a title game for both squads. I did like some of the wrinkles their offensive coordinator has added, but the problem we face is being out talented. Only a superior effort and execution will give us any chance. At the beginning of the season I fel we had a slight edge, now I feel we have a big void to overcome. Players on the field will determine the winner, not the coaches, not the location. Stop excusing players not doing their job to advance your own personal agenda.

      • Bevo

        “Will Muschamp will not do anything on Saturday to determine if Florida wins the ball game.”

        No se comprende, amigo.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Weirdly, I disagree with both of you. I do not think the football coaching in Athens is anywhere close to the dumpster fire that WT thinks it is.

        I absolutely do not think Florida has superior talent than we do – in fact, I think our guys may have more talent.

        I think Will Muschamp is in year two at Florida and has decided he wants to keep his job and is going to field a team that will fight you every down, and the players have also decided they want to be national champions.

        I think, bottom line, our games this year *appear* to mean less to our players and coaches than to opposing teams’ players and coaches. I cannot back that up, save I have seen our coaches coach well and our players play well, and they seem to be a little lacking in desire and a lot lacking in preparation, which is also desire.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          FU has superior talent at O-line and (surprise!) D-line. It’s about a wash at DB and LB. We have better talent at the skill positions on offense i.e. RB, QB and receivers. Their STs are better. And it ain’t “who wants it more” that wins. Everybody wants to win. That said, there may be something to the idea that other than Jarvis the guys who think they are going to get drafted aren’t giving 100% because of fear of injury. See AJ Green.

  14. John

    I care, and expect I always will, which is why it is so difficult to see our team underperform consistently. I too expect Florida to route us. And I do hold the coaches responsible…of course players can fail to execute well coached techniques and plans sometimes, but when a pattern persists over years while terrific players (and even coordinators) have come and gone, you must conclude the problem is at the top. Great human, but good not great SEC head coach.

  15. charlottedawg

    to echo what others have said, at a program with the resources of Georgia, a team is a direct reflection of its coaching staff’s abilities. The players aren’t executing is basically saying I’m a bad coach, because you either A)recruited the wrong guys or not enough or B)you can’t communicate what you need them to do, or both. Right now our results say that our coaching staff sucks. And if that offends you, then you need to educate yourself on the principle that it is not heresy to hold a coaching staff accountable for generating results acceptable given the amount of resources entrusted to them.

  16. Debby Balcer

    SC gave FL 21 points via turnovers. Ball security was not an issue for the DAWGS. They need us to believe in them. We need to be at the game loud and proud. Making noise abd doing our part. I will be there and I hope to see the fans supporting our team.

    • Merk

      Tell me about ball security after the 5th sack Murray takes….Once they pound Murray enough he will fumble or throw a pick trying to not get killed.

      • Debby Balcer

        He got sacked three times last night and held onto the ball securely. It is like you guys are Eeyores and expecting the worst from the team.

        • Carolinadawg

          Duh! Have you actually watched the team over the past 5 years? It’s pretty hard not to expect he worst, because that is about all we’ve seen in big games. Not to mention the fact that, let’s see, SC destroyed us and FL destroyed SC. Notice the pattern there?

          All that’s needed to win is for the fans to believe in the team? That’s some great analysis right there! Way to bring it girl! You really have a keen insight into football.

          • Debby Balcer

            I have been to every home game during that time as well as all GA FL games. I was also at the Dome every game. I believe in the team and support them by yelling loudly and being their from before the game until after the game is over. I drive two hours each way. GO DAWGS!!!

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            There you go again. This isn’t about 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010. Most (or for some of those years, all) of those players are gone. So are several of the coaches. This is about playing one game, the WLOCP next week, for the SEC East title. Are you with us or not? It sounds like you want the Dawgs to lose just to prove something about your predictions. If that is true get off this blog immediately and go somewhere else–traitor!

            • Debby Balcer

              I hope you weren’t talking to me I never want the DAWGS to lose.

            • Carolinadawg

              Wow, you just can’t see it can you? You just put your finger directly on the problem, but you can’t bring yourself to face it. And yes, in fact is this absolutely is about 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. It’s also about this season.

              As for the latter part of your post, f**k off. I want nothng more than for the Dawgs to win every game…much more so than you apparently. And by the way, this ain’t your blog so you might want to back off the lame attempt to push people off of it, merely because they have a different opinion than

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Carolinadawg, I have enjoyed many of your posts but this was not your finest moment.

            No need to be nasty to somebody who started a new thread simply trying to get us positive for the big game, buddy…and in any event, why not be a little bit of a gentleman?

            Also, Merk’s doomsday forecast was certainly an Eeyore moment, and Debby’s “football analysis” was spot on correct – Murray has indeed done a great job of ball security all year, and fans making noise can have an effect on a game. She never said our being positive would guarantee a win…

            And as far as “football analysis”, you responded with some snarky transitive they-beat-us-and-the-other-guys-beat-them, which, as we all no, is nothing to bet on.

            ps – This is why girls never come to hang out at our pad…

  17. Mark

    +1000! See you in Jax!

  18. tbia

    My biggest beef last night was the return to the hurry up and line up and then wait offense. Yes, we have set and looked back to the sideline some this season, but not to the level we did last night.

    It is not fair to put a 300 pound guy in a stance and leave him there for 25-30 seconds.

    • This is a style of BOBO(RICHT) that seem not make any sense. He still likes the QB to be dependent on his calls, and not on the mantra that Murray has enough experience to actually his change as he sees the defense.

      I think it also reduces the flow of the offense and cannot take advantage of unprepared defense or to prevent opposing defense to change personnel.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Agreed. If you watch Oregon, for example, they get to the line and snap the ball–no waiting.

    • Macallanlover

      Agree 100%. Hate the “check with me” offense. I would trust Murray to call his own plays and check out of them if he chose. Send players in, or signal in spcial situation plays. Yoru point about the big players staying in their stances that long seems very valid to me…although I never played in an offnse that operated like that.

  19. section Z alum

    the crew that did the tucker game on tv friday was much, much better than tim couch. i never thought anyone could make jessie palmer sound like churchill in comparison.

  20. 69Dawg

    The Defensive scheme is too complex for our players. They stare at the sidelines until the ball is snapped or they are yelling at their team mates to move because the other guys don’t know what is happening. The time it takes to sort out CTG’s call is all it takes for them to be a step slower to the ball. KISS is the key to college defenses.

  21. Debby Balcer

    There was no tape of their QB and offense to watch in preparation for this game because this guy wasn’t the QB until the last part of KY’s last game. I think that does make a difference in how the D plays them.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Please stop. All you needed to know was that Kentucky averaged 10 completitions a game over the past 4 weeks. They are playing an extremely green QB. Stop the run and it becomes a much easier task for the D. However, we see another example of an unprepared and unmotivated team. That falls on the coaches. Hope and change! I am certainly hoping for change.

      • Debby Balcer

        I won’t stop. I believe in this team. You are so busy wanting Richt gone you don’t see anything but gloom and doom . We are ranked 10 in the BCS.

  22. El Dawgo in El Paso

    The struggles on defense is definitely puzzling, but we ended last year by seeing the D get drubbed in the SECC and against MSU. I think that Boykin was the glue that might have held this D together, especially from a leadership standpoint.

  23. Skeptic Dawg

    I am now of the opinion that what we saw last seaon from this defense was not as great as we once thought. Our defensive “success” was a result of poor competition. I see no other valid reason that this entire D has fallen so far. As for the game last night, the problem was yet another unmotivated team. The players have to take pride in their performance week in and week out. The coaches must instill that pride and properly motivate this team. Neither of those two occurred leading up to the Kentucky game. This program needs new life and blood. It is time for a change.

  24. D.N. Nation

    We suck.

  25. Snake Plisskin

    Like the rest of you, I probably watch way too much football…when I see a QB stand in a pocket and step up into a throw, with all the time in the world, and with great protection, I wonder what goes thru Murray’s mind…his OL certainly looks good against some teams, and Murray surgically picks them apart, but then when UGA gets up against the really good teams, everything goes to crap…less than stellar line play, can’t get the running game going, questionable hard-headed/stubborn play calling by the OC, the defense may, or may not, show up, special teams seem to allow one game breaker, and this is the pattern against the really good teams…no, it’s not always Murray’s fault, the whole team comes out flat…team leaders? CMR? position coaches? When this team goes south, they stay south, they’re all together in a boat adrift…hope they have two TE’s and a blocking back to help establish the running game, and then turn Murray loose…Snake out

  26. Irwin R Fletcher

    Here’s what has me pissed beyond belief…

    Situation: 3rd and 4 or more to go.
    Kentucky was in that situation 14 times on Saturday.
    5 passes…converted 0 times.
    9 runs. 86 yards!!! The only run they had under 6 yards (6!) was the stuffed reverse play for -6. On runs by the QB or RB on 3 and more than 4, they averaged 11.5 yards per carry!!!

    92 of their 206 rushing yards came on those 8 plays. And most of those plays were made possible by simple over pursuit into the backfield for a ‘sack’ or losing gap containment…our ends and LBs shouldn’t be taking routes on 3rd and 14 that put them 6 yards behind the line of scrimmage…. things that disciplined defenses do. It is exactly what made the 2010 defense so maddening and the exact thing they corrected in 2011. Stopping half of those runs is probably the difference b/w winning by 5 and winning by 20.

    This D can get Florida into those situations…what I’ve yet to see is the ability to get off the field on 3rd down.