A fork in the road, or a cul-de-sac?

Did a smiling Mark Richt at the end of the first half bother you as much as it seems to have bothered plenty of Georgia fans?  It bothers Groo.

That’s Coach Richt leaving the field at halftime and sharing a brief moment of levity with his GSP detail. For all I know, it was exasperated bewilderment at the dumb luck of a field goal banked in off the upright. I just know that there wasn’t much worth smiling about going on. I can’t imagine being anything but spitting mad about a such a first half just hours after the team was given new life in the SEC East. I couldn’t crack much of a grin over a kicking game that had already cost the team an important point and nearly saw a short field goal pulled left. I just couldn’t believe that a friendly upright was all that separated Georgia from a halftime deficit to a 28-point underdog.

Maybe you’d prefer a different approach to a disappointing half of football.  Earlier in the day in Gainesville, Steve Spurrier pulled out all the stops in response to a large halftime deficit, including benching his starting quarterback.  And after the game, the OBC didn’t mince words:

The only thing you can hope is that your guys give it their best shot and not just lay the ball down and basically say `Here Florida, we don’t want to win. You guys take this fumble and this fumble and this fumble.’ So it was sad, and on the other side, their defense stuffed us. They stopped our running game and passing game. We didn’t make much, had a few chances here and there. Dylan (Thompson) didn’t have a lot of opportunities there at the end. I thought we had some early in the first quarter. We just over threw, we under threw, it just didn’t work, so we thought we would give Dylan and opportunity, but what we do next week – I’m not sure yet. One thing we must do is find the guys that really want to play for South Carolina. If we have to cover on kickoff (using) D.J. Swearinger, (Jadeveon) Clowney, Chaz Sutton, (we will because) we can’t watch the guys that are playing right now. We can’t watch these guys that are laying on the ground. It could have been a heck of a game for everybody. It was embarrassing for us, very embarrassing the way we played.

Yeah, red meat, for the win!  Except where is that getting South Carolina exactly?  Here’s something Team Speed Killscocknfire observed in passing in his post-game summary:

For Spurrier and the Gamecocks, it’s the end of a two-week stretch that eliminates them from the national championship conversation and leaves their SEC East hopes hanging by such a thin thread that it’s not even worth talking about. The goal now should be the second 11-win season in school history (counting the bowl game) and turning the largest two-year win total in the program’s 120 years into the largest three-year total. None of that is anything to scoff at, particularly since Spurrier has made doing things that have never been done before the animating force behind his tenure in Columbia.

It still raises questions, though, about whether Spurrier has hit something of a ceiling at South Carolina. Granted, nine or more wins a season and an SEC East title every now and then is clearly better than where the Gamecocks were when Spurrier climbed on board. But there was the promise this year of so much more, and every bit of it was destroyed Saturday in the Swamp. And South Carolina was too busy helping the demolition move forward to stop it.

“Hit something of a ceiling”, eh?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sure sounds like a familiar refrain to this Georgia fan.  Don’t misunderstand me – cocknfire’s right about the remarkable job Spurrier has done raising the performance level of the South Carolina program.  He’s done nothing to diminish his standing as the second greatest coach in SEC history, behind Bear Bryant.  But a limit’s a limit, nevertheless.  And right now, it looks like both Georgia and South Carolina may be meeting in the middle as far as that goes.

Unless it’s a schedule thing.


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81 responses to “A fork in the road, or a cul-de-sac?

  1. David

    With a favorable West draw and the Gators at home I have full confidence Spurrier could pull it off in SC.

    • gastr1

      MIght even just take getting LSU at home.

      Florida had both LSU and SC at home and now they have us at a neutral site. Their challenging road game will have been Texas A & M. (Which was pretty tough, actually.)

      • Cojones

        Don’t forget that SC handed them 21 points from the git-go. We didn’t see FU play their game until 2nd half and there were several times that they looked UGA-beatable. If they had had a complete game like that, SC could have beaten them. That game was lost in the first half by SC, not won outright by FU. Not taking away from the fact that their 20 yd score took a little umph, but the other two were gimmes.

        SC then got down because the score became insurmountable and the team psyche downturn part took over just as it did to us in Columbia..

        No fake juice here, just not giving FU the overwhelming hype that the media imparts. They have improved from what we beat last year, but that game score could have been wider at the end last year. I think this game has gone from a sure thing for us to a battle royal due to FU’s improvements all around, but their secondary is still vulnerable and, if we recover to at least the team we had there last year, we can pull victory out of the fan’s jaws of defeat.

  2. Billy Mumphrey

    Sometimes you have to laugh not to cry.

  3. Matt

    Boy that quote does sound eerily familar. Question- does the oversigning issue come into play here? If Spurrier can get USC to this point w/oversigning tactics. Where would a UGA head coach get w/the same tactics?

    And a follow up – If Richt gets UGA to this point w/signing classes under 25 for several years in a row. Why isn’t FL in the same boat – since they don’t participate in the oversigning strategy?

    • I think a large part of Georgia’s problems are in the numbers game. If Georgia were under actual scholarship reductions, but was still playing like they are now, I think fans would be a little more optimistic. Since the numbers game is their own doing, fans (myself included) don’t like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think, right now, that is the biggest difference between where Georgia is and where they could be. Hopefully, Richt & Co will get that figured out over the next few recruiting cycles.

    • Otto

      Over signing? I’d be happy if UGA would get up to the scholarship limit.

    • Dubyadee

      I think it’s worth noting that Georgia will be pushing the envelope in recruiting this year. Too little, too late? Perhaps, but it is clearly a problem that has been recognized.

  4. RocketDawg

    To answer the first question, it didn’t bother me that Richt was smiling/laughing as he walked off the field for halftime. I was laughing as well since this “bank shot” thing has become routine. I equate it to telling your kids a million times how to do something and then they just keep screwing it up so you just have to grin about it instead of losing your mind. I also think that contrary to what a lot of you on here believe Richt and the coaching staff are really working these kids in practice and putting in decent game plans (USCe excepted) but the kids (especially on defense) don’t give a shit anymore. I was really happy last year when they all had the press conference and announced that they were staying to try to win a championship. I think in the past we have had more than our share of draft eligible juniors and RSoph leave for the NFL so it was nice to see some guys (allegedly) put their team ahead of their own financial asperations. I am not sure if it was the suspensions, or maybe all of the defensive players that stayed are having regrets but there is something clearly wrong on that side of the ball. For the most part the offense is playing as well as can be expected, we all knew that the O-line would be a work in progress and there have been games where they looked great and others where they looked awful. The defense on the other hand doesn’t have any excuse with 10 of 11 starters returning from last year. If we lose to Florida on Saturday I would have no problem with Grantham benching every last one of them and putting 11 underclassmen out on the field to get some experience for next year.

    Spurrier is an asshat that will always throw his players under the bus when things don’t go well. It’s hard (virtually impossible) to overcome 3 turnovers like they had in the first half. It kind of reminded me of our game against the Chickens. On the other hand did you not think while watching the game “hey this is exactly how we usually play the Gators. Shooting ourselves in the foot and stupid turnovers at the most inopportune times.” Maybe that golden horseshoe will come unlodged from the Gators ass in time for the game this weekend and we will get some luck for a change.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Your last paragraph, especially the last sentence, made me smile.

    • Coastal Dawg

      If you watch the replay, during the timeout right before the FG try CMR walks directly to Morgan and tells him, “relax, you’ve got this. Do it just like you practice” or something to that effect. After missing the PAT wide right Morgan proceeds to bank it off the left upright.

      So yeah if I’m Mark Richt, I look to heavens, laugh at the whole situation and ask the football gods “what the fuck?” Only he jousts looks up and laughs.

  5. Bevo

    “And right now, it looks like both Georgia and South Carolina may be meeting in the middle as far as that goes.”


    The problem, for us, is exactly this trend. For South Carolina this is a compliment. For Georgia, this is either an insult or a sobering dose of reality.

    • gastr1

      You give SC its due, though. They’re better than they’ve been at any time their history. We’re about where we usually are.

  6. Irwin R Fletcher

    I hate war analogies. So let me make sure that I clarify I am NOT comparing leading men into battle with leading men on a football field. However, what I am comparing is personalities in leadership. Eisenhower was calm…steadying…a product of his religion and being raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country. When it comes to ranking Presidents…he never gets the “Washington!” or whatever ranking, but always ends up in the top 10 based on his steady and impressive record while in office.

    Anyway, all that is to say is that getting fired up over demeanor and what not is silly. It’s a man’s body of work that counts. Is it fair to question why we’ve had Walsh last season and now Morgan this season (and even Andy Bailey, I guess) not be able to make adjustments? Sure. Go right ahead. But don’t use some silly red herring like ‘he isn’t intense enough to win’ as a cover for real analysis of the situation.

    • cube

      So you don’t subscribe to the belief that teams are a reflection of their head coach?

      As for the Eisenhower analogy, was Washington an intense, in-your-face general? Because if he wasn’t, you’ll need another foil to highlight how Eisenhower was different from others.

      I’m more of the belief that a head football coach needs to be a combination of intensity and calmness. Not completely one or the other. We rarely see any intensity at all from Richt on the sidelines.

    • Carolinadawg

      And what really damning to our coaches is that when Walsh got to the Vikings they immediately noticed some problems with hia mechanics, made a few adjustments, and he’s 16 out of 17 with a long of 55 yards and perfect on his PATs. Seriously? Our coaches couldn’t figure that out?

      • JW

        Well, it’s hard to correct kicking mechanics when you don’t have a special teams coach.

      • RocketDawg

        He was perfect on PAT’s at UGA through his entire career. As far as the blip in his mechanics, it’s hard to critique something that you know nothing about. As far as I know there isn’t anyone on the staff that was a kicker so it doesn’t surprise me that they missed a mechanical flaw. This is where having Kevin Butler as an “analyst” might be helpful!

    • Cojones

      Eisenhower was a great military leader, but a poor political leader. The analogy is understood however and I agree that looking at the minutiae and drawing conclusions about Richt from facetious statements is folly.

      If the media had just written or said “wry” grin or smile, we wouldn’t have this conversation.

  7. cube

    Your last sentence is correct. It’s not a fair comparison at all. Since Spurrier’s team annihilated us, they lost a close game in Death Valley to a now #6 LSU team and got blown out in the Swamp to the #2 team in the country. We had an off week and struggled to beat arguably the worst team in the conference. Saying that we’re even with South Carolina is like saying the SEC Champion and the Big East Champion are equals.

    In any case, Spurrier’s demeanor is not the only alternative to Richt’s demeanor.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Actually, we’re ahead of South Carolina in the standings, which last I checked, is the barometer at the end of the year.

      Florida beat Vandy by 14 points. They needed a 4th quarter fumble to put away Tennessee. They beat A&M by 3 points…the same A&M team that needed a miracle comeback to beat Ole Miss and La Tech….those are the two best wins on A&M’s resume, by the way.

      Last I checked, a season is defined by the body of work. Does anyone remember or care that 2010 Auburn squeaked out a 3 point win in Lexington (or won in OT vs. Clemson or squeaked a 3 point win against MSU)? The 2007 LSU Tigers lost to Kentucky, for crying out loud, and still won the MNC.

      Each season, a team has its ‘prove it’ moments. Those aren’t against Kentucky or Vandy…they are the games like this weekend. Am I optimistic? No…not by a long shot. But I refuse to throw a season out before it is over…frankly, all it takes is one win…beating Florida would be symbolic of overcoming so many bugaboos.

      • Todd

        At what point do you expect Georgia to get better? I see Florida getting better every week. The Pease(sp?) guy is a great coach. Look what he did at Boise with not much talent, just imagine what it is going to be when it clicks with the talent from FLA.
        Wrinkles, or just different noticeable changes on offense would be nice. I watch others play and they do it. Georgia doesn’t. There is nothing new or clever about Georgia.
        Georgia fans are scared of success. Kind of like deer hunting, you can kill a basket rack 6 point and brag about killing a buck, but did you really do anything? Or you can kill the muy grande. The basket rack six point is the outback bowl. If you are content with that knowing that is as good as it gets, well you are in a happy place right now.
        How anybody, I mean ANYBODY could argue that Georgia is a well coached team and has been for the last 5 years is beyond me. This team is bad and has been. 0-10 against good teams is all you need to know.
        Mark Richt doesn’t give shit anymore.
        Take a look at this staff
        Bobo- 5 kids how much time does he have to scheme. Really how many people have tried to hire him.
        Friend- UAB understudy of Calloway
        Lilly- Richt’s friend and how many TEs has he put in the league
        McClendon- where did he coach again? great recruiter but is he going to develop these backs? On what experience?
        Ball- seems to be ok
        Garner- past his prime and he is only around because he can recruit the 5 star black kids. Not much of a DL coach
        Olivadetto of whatever- child has cancer, and I know where my priorities would lie. My family would come first, so I am sure his does too.
        Lakatos- yankee that can’t get 4 seniors to cover worth a shit
        Grantham- “let me show you what we did with DeMarcus Ware”. I don’t see any Ware’s out there. The 3-4 will not work consistantly in college. It is a trend, but you will see the 4-3 come back. Grantham hasn’t had to deal with the “dumbass factor” of college kids. You know, do everything with a football except autograph it type.
        People want Georgia to have players that want to be Georgia Bulldawgs, well recruit in-state then. I watch Theus jump off sides so many times and get beat, but Georgia went to Jacksonville to get him and gave his brother a scholarship. Vadal Alexander blocked Devin Taylor all night. Who is better? Another example is Ray Drew. Drew or Clowney? not even close folks. The ONLY player Georgia has on defense is Jarvis Jones and he has been playing hurt.
        The culture at Georgia is the problem. The kids aren’t doing because they aren’t made too and not coached to do it. So just like all the Richt-ophiles, people hang on. Wait until next year with that schedule.
        What part of 0-10 against ranked teams makes you feel good about the cocktail party? It is WAY past time for a change.

        • Jim

          Sing it brother – and a deer hunting analogy to boot.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Todd, me and my boys will gladly take your tickets. Sounds like it’s not much fun for you anymore.

          • Todd

            It isn’t. I don’t get a kick out of watching Georgia beat Buffalo or Georgia Southern. Beating hell out of Vandy doesn’t do it for me. Hell, it is Vandy they should be beat like that. I want to see a competetive game with the best the country has to offer. Georgia hasn’t fielded a well coached team in 5 years.
            Hold on to your pants because the annual “ankle grabber” in J-ville is coming.
            I’ll say it again, tell me a game that Richt out coached a team that had more talent. The SEC got better and Richt didn’t.
            Going to Athens is expensive, especially when a product like this is run on the field.
            – uninspired
            -countless beatdowns and the inability to put a lesser team away.
            -roster management either low numbers or kickers and long snappers on scholarship.
            -continuing to play not to lose instead of playing to win.

          • Todd

            It isn’t.
            -uninspired football team full of themselves and an entitlement mentality
            -roster management either numbers or kickers and long snappers
            -0-10 and the annual “ankle grabber” is coming this weekend, so hold on to your pants
            Athens and season tickets, parking, gas……is really expensive to go watch such shit as this. The SEC got better and Richt didn’t. Please tell me a team that Mark Richt out coached that had more talent than Georgia.
            Watching Georgia beat Georgia Southern or Buffalo doesn’t do it for me. I want Georgia to at least be competetive with the best in the country. With a profitable athletic dept. and awesome in-state athletes and more within a 5 hr drive. What is the problem? I can list you the problems with Mark Richt, but can you list the positives or things he does right. Other than “good Christian” and citing his reord from ’01-05. Please keep it within the last 5 years.

            • sUGArdaddy

              You and I just come from different worlds. You delight in being proven right in your negativity. I delight in cheering for all things red and black. So we struggled in Lexington. This just in: UGA usually does. We struggled in ’78 with the Wonder Dogs and it was one of Munson’s iconic calls. Dooley lost in Lexington in ’88, costing us the SEC title in his last year. We were trailing at halftime in Lexington in ’02.

              Mark Richt is our coach, so I’m going to cheer my guts out for him and his team on Saturday…because they’re wearing red and black. And guess what? You and I have no idea what’s going to happen. No. idea. I’ll be happy when we get over the hump because I was there for some rough seas. You’ll jump back on the bandwagon then. But we’ll look at ourselves in our old Georgia hats very differently in the mirror.

              • cube

                You really think highly of yourself. Get over it.

                Just because someone criticizes the man who gets paid $3 million dollars a year to run our football program doesn’t mean they love the program or the school any less. And it definitely doesn’t make them any less of a fan. You could actually make the argument that it makes them more of a fan than someone who continues to rejoice in mediocrity. If the entire fanbase did that, we’d never have gotten Richt as our coach in the first place b/c we all would have been happy with Donnan.

              • Todd

                To me supporting everything Georgia because they are Georgia is like having your wife bang every neighbor but you are still committed to the relationship and love her deeply. Call her a slut, and get another one. They make ’em new every day.

                • sUGArdaddy

                  Right, Todd. Thank you for making my point. I guess I’m from the Hosea school of Georgia fans. No matter how bad Georgia is, I’m going to be there. And, my angst isn’t going to affect Greg McGarity in the slightest. So, I might as well go and hope for the best…because they’re my team. And I can’t just ‘find another Georgia.’ I’m married to them for the long haul.

                  That doesn’t mean I like losing or don’t ever think we need a change in coaches. I’m just not as convinced as you are that Kirby Smart or whoever else will be better. If you can convince me that we’ve got Jim Harbaugh lured away from the Niners, I’m all for it. But, to me, he’s the only surefire success. Can you guarantee me that the next coach will go 8-4 vs. UT in the next 12 years…because that’s what Richt has done. Can you guarantee me that he’ll go 10-1 vs Tech in the next 11, because that’s what Richt has done. Can you guarantee me that we’ll go 7-4 vs. Auburn in the next 11, because that’s what Richt has done. Would I like to beat Florida more often? Yes. But, right now, Mark Richt’s winning percentage vs our 4 biggest rivals is 62.22%. That means that just about every 2 out of 3 times that we play Florida, UT, Tech, and Auburn, we win.

                  He’s also 3-1 vs. Bama and 2-3 vs. Saban. He’s 2-2 vs. Miles. Let me tell you something. There might be a better coach for UGA out there, but there ain’t many. You think you just plug in the next Petersen, Shaw, Smart, Rhodes, or Dantonio and you start going 11-1 every year. It ain’t that easy. Those guys on the other sidelines get paid a lot of money, too, to beat us.

                  If McGarity thinks we need a change one day, I’ll be there the opener the next season. If he doesn’t, I’ll still be there. It’s okay to have opinions, but when you opinions become your leverage for your devotion to the school, then that makes you a front runner fan. I don’t think that’s what you want to be, but that’s what it sounds like.

      • Cojones

        Good post, Fletch.

      • cube

        You went off on a tangent there. Stick to the issue of trying to prove that Georgia is as good of a football team as South Carolina this year. You didn’t do that at all.

        • Cube you and Todd go jump on the Alabama band wagon. If it were as simple as you make it sound you and Todd would both be making 3 mill a year showing us all how stupid the Ga Coaches are by coaching an opposing team to wins over the dawgs.
          Every poll in the land ranks us higher than the little pricks that makes us better. finis…that’s nuf said in latin

  8. Macallanlover

    CMR’s smile was only about the absurdity that we banked another PAT through. He was not smiling or happy at all throughout that game, and shouldn’t have been. Making that observation is simply not representative of his demeanor during the KY game. And SOS’s remarks post game were much different that those when he walked off the field at halftime. Speaking to the CBS sideline reporter he threw specific players under the bus. He has a bad habit about this. Still one of the very best sideline play callers in the history of CFB, but just a shadow of his former self. Has completely sold his integrity to achieve a title in Columbia and has become a whiney, bitter old man as he continues to fall short in the big games.

    • Cojones

      I’ll mention it again: If the media had used the word “wry” just before smile or grin, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • 81Dog

      I dont think Richt was passing out jello shots and cigars at halftime while the team waited for the strippers to arrive.

      He briefly laughed in what appeared to be a wry fashion in an exchange with his GSP escort as they ran off the field seconds after a bank shot FG. Maybe the people who are unhappy about that would have preferred that he go all Woody Hayes on our freshman kicker, who has the most amazing ability to doink the goalposts that I can remember seeing. Maybe he should have told the sideline reporter “This kid sucks. I’m taking his jersey at halftime and giving it to the first UGA student I see in the stands coming out of the locker room.” Maybe he should have been weeping and rending his garments as he ran off the field.

      It’s just my opinion, but the fact that he wasnt losing his shit is reassuring to me. If you ask me, the people who are bitching the most about this ridiculous three second slice of time when the only person in Commonwealth Stadium who could see him smile was his escort are the ones who wanted to fire him last summer, last September, at halftime of the Alabama game. We get it. You’re tired of Mark RIcht, whose personality was considered cool and collected in the Hobnail Boot game. I dont remember him pitching a fit when we almost blew that one by giving up a long distance TD off a crappy screen play with almost no time left on the clock.

      He did the same thing then he did against UK. He got his shit together, and got the team together, and went home with a win.

      If we have people bitching about wins now because they werent pretty enough, or because our head coach doesnt pitch enough fits, I dont know how to help you.

      Same thing with the people constantly bitching about Mike Bobo: the offense gains 499 yards, 427 of them in the air. Only a drop and a miss on a couple of wide open deep throws keep us from having 500 yards passing (sure, it’s Kentucky, but that is a pretty decent number). AM gets offensive player of the week. And what do the unhappy campers bitch about? “Bobo cant run the ball. He just kept chucking it deep all night.”

      No kidding, Sherlocks.

      I’ve never seen a fanbase that was 6-1, in the BCS top 10, and in control of its own destiny with such a large number of people who have totally given up on the season. Maybe Florida horesewhips us, but we’re going to play the game regardless. Why not actually consider the remote possiblity that WE MIGHT BEAT FLORIDA LIKE WE DID LAST YEAR? God forbid we win, or worse, win the east. Because that would make it almost impossible to fire Mark Richt.

      Some of you guys amaze me. And not in a good way. Am I concerned? Sure. I’ve been concerned about every Florida game since 1973. But I’m not a defeatist, or a quitter, and win or lose, these guys are my guys at least until the end of the season.

      Lighten up, all you Francises.

      • AusDawg85

        /standing ovation

        We’ll talk a little about Bobo later, maybe.😉

      • Macallanlover

        Knocked it out of the park 81, well done. We may be a small contingent, but we will answer every bell. Damn a bunch of quitters.

      • Todd

        0-10 and counting. Sounds like the fan base has already lightened up.
        It pisses me off that the University that I support and follow stinks it up against teams that are decent. Throw the occasional UCF type deal and you have a bigger problem. It blows my mind that people grab the pom poms and cheer with the red and black goggles on and aren’t mad that Georgia can’t get any respec from ESPN. 0-10 damn it. Why are you people satisfied being the Great Pretender? Why are you people not pssed about about having Willie Martinez, Joe Cox, Joe T. III,, Roster management issues, colossial beatdowns from inferior schools and dominated by better ones, clock manaement and little things that show lack of coaching? Why? Because I am a fan? BULLSHIT.
        Mark Richt coaches like a pussy and that shows in his players. Shawn Williams is spot on.
        You folks act like if you want better or not happy with the state of the program then you are less of a fan. This coaching staff and team plays like their jobs are safe. That ain’t a good thing. It causes complacent tendancies.You people remind me of Clemson fans, get all jacked about beating teams that they should beat and get all giddy about stats. Only to be continually let down when they do what Clemson does..choke. Georgia is no different.
        6-1 and in the BCS top 10…..hang on that shit is gonna change real soon.
        …but hey, “you got you a NICE basket rack 6 pointer”. 2 decent teams and currently 0-1 and this weekend will decideif they go 0-11 against rank teams. Think about that shit….0-11. The Helen Hunt cross dresser has been around way too long..

        • 81Dog

          you sound like the Ike Turner of UGA fans. “I love you so much, baby, that’s why I got to beat your ass like a Salavation Army drum every day!”
          If I had paid more attention in Psych 101, I might be tempted to diagnose your fury as “compensating for having the reproductive organs of a Girl Scout” by latching on to UGA football and then loudly demanding it never fail (unlike, apparently, you). Since I was only half awake in that class, I’m just going out on a limb and suggest that you may be happier if you found another pastime over which to obsess. Like, say, origami. Or walking out in front of speeding buses. Take a deep breath.

          I’d suggest you do like the other frontrunners and jump on the Alabama bandwagon, or the New England Patriots bandwagon, but your frenzed little screeds are actually good for comic relief. So, stick around.

          If not hiking up my skirt and demanding everyone gets fired every week that we dont win by enough to suit the problem gamblers or the compensators in our fan base is “settling for mediocrity,” count me in.

          • Todd

            Is 0-10 successful? I have been in Herschel Walker’s dorm room as a kid and loved Georgia all through the Goff and Donnan years. Followed recruiting and watched track meets when kids committed to Georgia come to town. I have watched a man lose control of his program because players don’t respect him and they are questioning this staff. With good reason, I might add.
            I have said before beating teams that are supposed to be beaten is not that much fun. Georgia is light years away from a top tier program like Alabama or LSU. Dare I say Florida. Because I want Georgia to make an effort to close the gap and be competetive with these schools, that makes me a frontrunner fan?

  9. Debby Balcer

    Spurrier is an ass. Mark Richt wasn’t serenely smiling he was smiling in disbelief.

  10. Bryant Denny

    Wonder if they’ll hang another banner or get rings for another 11 win season?

    Have a good day,


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      You do realize that Bama has as many SEC championships since 2005 as Georgia, right?

      I’m not here to tell you that the crystal football beauty contest isn’t great and all or to tell you that Bama isn’t the class of the SEC right now….but trolling a fan-base for ‘banners’ or ‘rings’ when your team backed into the national championship game without winning its division seems a little weak. Troll better, son. I know you’ve got it in you.

      • I think BD’s referring to SC, not Georgia, with that.

      • Todd

        We see what happens when a team backs into the SECC game. The country sees that they had no buisness there to begin with. Bama, took their oppurtunity and came away with a crystal football. One coach says, “we just got whipped.” The other says, “we just got another MNC”. That in a nutshell is the glaring difference in the programs and their respective leaders.

  11. Lrgk9

    Richt & Spurrier are working extremely hard to motivate their players to get emotionally up for the next opponent.

    Saban is working extremely hard to motivate his players to be passionate about playing every play to a high standard.

    We, and USCe, are second tier. Get used to it. Live it. We are not the Alpha leaders of the pack.

  12. DawgVegas

    Interesting thought, about SOS being the second best coach in SEC history. I think you’re right, but wonder if Saban will eventually be regarded that way. Both have had/are having a lot of influence on the rest of the conference.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Saban won’t be in the conference long enough to establish a long-term benchmark.

      • Carolinadawg

        Serious question – this is his 11th season. How many years do you think it takes to establish a long term bencmark?

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Spurrier is not an ass, he’s just Spurrier, he’s always been exactly what he is; what you see is exactly what you get. Spurrier has always been whiney and bitter after a loss.

    Because Mark Richt does not scream and holler on the sidelines to some of our satisfaction does not mean he is emotionless. I see plenty of emotion on his face, he is not, however, a drama queen.

    Hell, I was laughing and shaking my head at the kick, why would any of us expect Richt not to do the same, or any of us who are fathers do the same when one of our kids does it, yet again?

    Since we are into historical analogies, Stonewall Jackson sat on a rail fence and ate lemons while his troops marched by cheering him. He did not scream, he did not holler, but I hope nobody here would dispute that he could motivate his troops.

    Its funny how, just weeks ago, Will Muschamp’s sideline antics were a source of humor here, now they are something to be emulated.

    Boom Mutherfucker, indeed.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “Jackson was standing near the gate, his life in great danger as he tried desperately to rally his shattered line, with sword and scabbard–they were rusted together–raised in one hand and a Confederate battle flag in the
      other. What Confederate worth the name could abandon “Old Jack” in his time of peril? The routed troops of Garnett’s, Taliaferro’s and Early’s brigades began to halt, then rally. Across the area a cheer rose up: “Jackson! Jackson!”

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Think Jackson would have grinned about the freshman kicker’s bank shot?
        Knowing that at the end of the day the field was his?

        Maybe, just maybe if we can keep the Bitches at bay for four quarters someone in the stands will rise and point and yell…
        “There stands John Jenkins….like a stone wall.”

        “God help me…..I do love it so.”

        Clear eyes, full hearts, pick the right hat.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          I think you are gaming me a little. No smiling. Jackson was a big disciplinarian. Had his entire staff up on charges at one time. Including his bro-in law. Brought Hill up for disobeying orders though nothing ever come of it. Hill rescued Ole Jack a time or two. Jackson would have probably got in CTG backside for his run defense. I’m certain by the second half of the Kentucky game Jackson would have been on the sidelines calling the defense himself. If Grantham could smile…. it would be a nervous smile.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            C’mon man….you know the John Jenkins….stone wall, you know that’s a great scene….

            I am well aware of Jackson’s disciplinarian reputation, and a further thought, if Richt is Jackson, which he is in my little play….then in 150 years or so we might find out Richt asked Grantham to step into his office Sunday afternoon and told the aforesaid Grantham…..”Look Fatboy, you better get that darn run defense straightened out about Tuesday….let me remind you GMC is looking for a defensive coordinator.”

            The truth about Hill didn’t come out for a long time…..Just sayin here in the spirit of the discussion. (followed by smiley face, which I can never remember how to do.)

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Other than both being dedicated Christians…. Jackson and RIcht seem dissimilar personalities. JEB Stuart would make a great O coordinator. I can see him running the spread and the pistol . Successfully.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                Mike Leach as James Ewell Brown Stuart? Problem might arise if Mike decided to go on a foray when he was needed elsewhere.

                I don’t know AHD, there are a lot of similarities between the reported personalities of Richt and Jackson, now that I have had some time to think about it. For the most part, all we know of both is what we read and the respective won-loss records.

                Both Richt and Jackson faced opponents who played by different rules in a lot of cases.

                I wonder if Jackson’s tactics were as widely appreciated at the time they were employed as they are now? Have no idea, other than what other folks said in the history books.

                Gotta wonder if Thomas Jonathon Jackson had been a football coach in the SEC what the blogs would have to say about him. You are probably right about nobody noticing much of a grin on his face about anything.

                I could blabber on, but if you think about it there are similarities, interesting to think about, and a whole hell of a lot more interesting than whining about South Carolina.

              • Uglydawg

                JEB Stuart…To him it was always appropriate to attack. He was a master at getting into the Yank backfield.

                • Scorpio Jones, III

                  Since we got on this….But Stuart also disappeared on a mission of his own creation during the days leading up to Gettysburg and left us without our eyes as the armies were assembling.

                  I spec this would have pissed off even Mark Richt.

    • Todd

      For me, it is not his sidline antics. It is his team that appears to be prepared and plays with emotion. They also seems to get better every week. The smile is the cherry on top. He could laugh his ass off on the sideline if his team was taking care of buisness.

  14. Will Trane

    Richt back to FSU. Spurrier back to UF. Muschamp back to UGA.
    Florida has the players. They have a really, really good coaching staff. Every coach on their team is “tired of eating beans”. Florida has a full roster with a coaching staff that knows where to place them in a scheme. Plus their coaches come across as coaches who know how to prepare for a game. I read Muschamps comments about the Carolina game. What stood out to me was his praise of his staff. More so was that he put his defensive players on special teams and they devote 25 minutes each day to that. I’s say that got a big dividend from that Saturday.
    Now we all know Brent Pease has prepared for Georgia before and gashed us hard in the Dome last year. Do you think Todd Grantham can change his defensive production in a week with two of his key players out. Not a chance. Like I said on this blog site Saturday after the game when the Senator was cranked up about the D, I have cashed out on CMR. He smiles a lot during the game. Saw it last year in the Bowl game right there at the end.
    CMR needs an AD who had him in the AD office this morning along with his staff and asking them how they are doing. The answer, “a win is a win”. If you are the AD what would you do. Then look at the best programs in the SEC. What did their ADs do?

  15. Billy King

    Will a Mark Richt team ever be properly prepared & effectively execute in a big game against a top 10 team? We’re all hopeful, but have no proof that anything will be different in Jacksonville. Crazy Pat Dye might have been right, we have not proven to be “man enough” in the biggest moments when everything is on the line. Coach Richt, his staff & the players have to prove to themselves & to college football that they are worthy to represent the University of Georgia.

    • Cojones

      While I m aware that FU has progressed since last year, I don’t get building them into a superpower in our fan tasy minds. I don’t believe we were too taken aback by FU last year when we played and beat their ass worse than the score indicates even though we had already lost the first two games of the season.

      Your “worthy to represent the University of Georgia” smacks of a cheap shot demonstrating you know nothing of UGA-Richt-Players.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Dude….Clear eyes, full hearts, pick the right hat+1

        • sUGArdaddy

          Dang it, scorp. You’ve got me thinking about which hat now. I had a good one, and I mean a good one, get beat for the first time in Columbia. I want to get some good mojo back in it, but I’m scared. I gotta line ’em all up and really think through this thing.

          It’s Monday. I’ve got some time. I’ll get it figured out, Coach. I promise.

      • 81Dog

        If the answer to your question is “Pat Dye is the benchmark among our unhappy fans for determining who is worthy to represent the University of Georgia,” then someone is asking the wrong question.

        Me, I think an increasingly large portion of our fan base should take a xanax and wait until the end of the season to freak completely out. If you don’t have anything better to complain about than the look on our coach’s face as he trots off the field at halftime, you may be overthinking your approach to the game.

        • Todd

          0-10 against ranked teams does more to me than a smile. THE QUESTION to me is this, What team has Mark Richt beaten that had more talent than his team?

        • Cojones

          Besides, Dye was proven wrong when we won in Tuscaloosa. He has never had any legitimacy calling games.

  16. rugbydawg79

    Mr Fletcher I liked your comment—GO DAWGS—also +1 81Dog