They can’t blame this on Dragon*Con.

Maybe Schultz and Bradley can interrupt this week’s concern-fest over Georgia’s short-term future to take note of a pathetic development.

Per Georgia’s ticket office,

Dear William C. Hartman Fund members,

Georgia Tech recently returned a limited quantity of tickets priced at $75 each. Contractual agreements stipulate that, for home events, schools may charge visiting teams the ticket price our patrons pay at the visiting team’s stadium. The visiting school may return unsold tickets to the home school. Those tickets are to be sold at the face value that is charged to the visiting team.

The returned tickets that are available will be located in the 600 level of Sanford Stadium.

As a benefit of your membership in The Georgia Bulldog Club, you are offered an opportunity at these tickets before the general public sales begin. Please click on the following link and enter the promo code TGBC to order before the pre-sale deadline of October 23 at 11:59p.m.. Tickets will be assigned based on your cumulative score.

Thank you.

Here’s what the link looks like, in case you don’t believe it.


Please pick from the following events or items:

2012 Football


Event Date: Saturday, November 24, 2012 at time TBA

Shameful.  As bad as the 2009 game looked to be shaping up, I still got my ass down to BDS.  I guess the genius has finally convinced the Tech faithful that this really is just another game.



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40 responses to “They can’t blame this on Dragon*Con.

  1. bfrazier34

    Man. That makes me feel much better about a few weeks of shaky football. No matter what, Tech’s worse!


  2. Irwin R Fletcher

    2009 at BDS was so much fun. I got yelled at after the game by some ‘boosters’ in a club box. I then pantomimed taking a squat and reading the paper in the stands while my buddy yelled ‘Swarm!’ and did a train motion.

    They shut the sliding glass door (What?) and shuffled off into the night….


  3. James Stephenson

    Does the TGBC mean something?


  4. Haywood Jablome

    Do they do they 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes promotion for road games?


  5. Has StingTalk figured out a way to blame this on their difficult academic standards yet? Cause Lord knows Georgia Tech football players all turn out to be rocket scientists and electrical engineers.


    • The984

      They’re too busy studying for finals since they took what would otherwise be their normal weekend break and had on Thanksgiving and that Friday. They gotta get prepared for all those tests and just don’t have time for a game.


  6. Big time.......Not!

    Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes


  7. Derek

    Between the effects of tryptophan and the seemingly endless Black Friday searches for Star Wars action figures at affordable prices, these are some tired nerdlings.


  8. Bubs

    The Tech game will be close. They can’t stop anyone and we can’t stop the run. It would not surprise me in the least if they beat us. Tech fans have a chance to celebrate a win versus Georgia (something they rarely get to do) in Sanford Stadium (something they very rarely get to do).

    This mindset is one of the reasons I’m making the journey to Jax this weekend. Yeah it looks like it could get ugly, but there’s always the chance of an upset.


  9. Raven

    I’m going to the beach.


  10. cube

    I was interested until I read they cost $75. Forget that noise.


    • Cojones

      What? You’re going to pass up the chance to sit among the yellow-mongers? Just think how much fun that will be by bringing up Stingtalk, Stingdoc, and other terrible quoters who could only type the word “Ha” over and over when they won once. And bought rings.

      I’d give a small fortune to sit among’em in the first half such that they would walk out of the stadium. Hell, I’d bring a dried piss-soaked towel to blend in.

      Sorry. Forgot that the youngsters on here no longer possess the history of Good Old-Fashioned Hate. Too bad. No firebrands around with enough cojones to get out of anonymity blogs and confront the posers in their stands.


  11. Raven

    Dang Auburn tix were $85.


  12. Hobnail_Boot


    Unrelated, but will there be a Mumme Poll this year?


  13. DawgPhan

    I dare say the good senator is not going to be pleased with Seth Emerson’s interview with Shawn Williams…I really doubt this team is going to
    rally around him. best hope is that play in spite of him.


  14. The Bee fans have done what their teams do….they’ve quit…….priceless!


  15. Will Trane

    Rush defense in last 3 SEC games. Gave up over 200+ to a basketball school and a team from Carolina who has never been known for running the football [until the Dawgs come calling] and just 3 yards under 200 against Derek Dooley’s squad in Sanford. Surprised Tech would give up that early. Maybe they are sending their AD a message…no financial support, maybe a coaching change on the Flats.
    Dawgs DE have trouble with containment and assignment. How many times are those guys going to understand do not lose leverage on the QB and start chasing. See if that happens with Driskell. QBs that can run create problems for this D.


  16. Will Trane

    Need to read gatorcountry blog. “This is a new gator…a new SEC…Gators are punishers physically and mentally…have the same mindset as Bama and LSU…Carolina is close…Tennessee used to be there…Georgia has never been there”. Only two teams to beat…Georgia and FSU for the 12-0 season and a shot at Bama.
    I’d say Boom and company can not wait to cross the St John’s River and jog up to the Dome to claim the SEC and a BCS title. Just a matter of time for them.
    Apparently they feel very good and confident about themselves.


  17. Will Trane

    Roster management. How did Florida get to where they are today after a 7-6 season. They had 73 scholarship players going into 2011. Sorta like the dawgs in 2012. They had 8 seniors on that roster. 15 juniors. Going into 2012 signing they had 65 players. Could offer the max of 25 for 2012.
    How did they arrive at 2 in the polls and BCS this quickly? Has anybody figured that out by now?


  18. There is happy talk, then there is this:

    Love it… Doesn’t mean it will change a whole helluva lot, but it’s the first time I have heard a challenge like this coming from a UGA player. Shawn has been cleaning up for the front seven all year.


  19. SC DAWG

    Picking one of the few programs worse than ours to make fun of doesn’t make me feel any better about the state of UGA football.


  20. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Should have made the promo code NERD or WRTS (we run this state)


  21. Hackerdog

    I heard on the radio the REAL reason Tech can’t sell their allotment of tickets. UGA has the worst fans in the world. If you come to Sanford stadium, you will be cursed at, spit upon, abused, hit, stabbed, and shot. Everybody knows it.