Finally! A dedicated special teams coach

Probably not the guy you were expecting, though.

Better late than never, I suppose.


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  1. Skeptic Dawg

    12 years on the job and the guy is still a day late and a dollar short. The guy will never get it.

    • Keese

      He was just quoted as not knowing the rule book on illegal procedure on the fake punt play during the UK game

    • Gatriguy

      Ease up, he’s been busy getting on the “cutting edge” of football, remember?

    • He gets it.
      He’s from the Bobby Bowden school of coaching, where you do little coaching as HC. You are simply an overseer, a CEO, a figurehead. You recruit players that are exceptional athletes so you don’t need to be bothered with having to further develop them as football players. The result is a group of individuals that are only interested in their stats and probable NFL draft rankings, and the concept of “team” is completely out the window. Most of your players will be there three years tops, and several will not make it that long due to run-ins with the law.
      BB was quite successful utilizing this approach.

      • Hackerdog

        Schultz, is that you? So, you’re still harping on the “emerging from alleys and failing to give your middle name makes you a thug” meme?

        Other than that, you’re spot on. I mean, look how quickly Jones, Rambo, and the other players eligible for the draft declared. Wait, what? They stayed in Athens and turned down NFL bucks? Inconceivable!

        • Thank you. This whole meme that our defensive players are just marking time ’til the NFL Draft and don’t care about winning in college that Schultz put out there and that our fan base has picked up is laughable. The reason we expected the defense to be such a strength this year was that so many of our guys DIDN’T take the money and run. They stayed to fight on. So far, something’s missing, but it’s not a desire and will to win.

        • Lol. I really wasn’t intending to harp on the thug meme at all, but since you keyed in on that, we all know Sanders’ girl probably had it coming to her, right? And IC, well…. ; )

          My original point was that I do see striking similarities between Bowden’s FSU program and UGA under Richt, and it makes sense that would be the case. We can quibble over the supporting evidence, and find the exemptions that buck the general trend, but the similarities still exist.

          I probably shouldn’t admit this but… as an out of state alum, I had to look up who this “Schultz” character is.

      • Peteydawg

        Yeah except richt owned the ole ball sack at Fsu, and BB went to the national championship every year.

  2. Cojones

    This offseason? What the hell kind of plan is that for what we need now? Mark, you keep saying things that make those taking personal shots at you sound like oracles. That should have been said last year and accomplished over this past summer.

    • Bevo

      Correct. In fact – it was said last year and should have been accomplished last summer. If you remember, Richt addressed the special teams issues after the 2011 season and it was supposed to be a major priority during the offseason. I guess we’re still waiting on the fruits of that labor.

  3. cube

    His responses to questions are the types of responses you’d expect from a guy running a hardware store in a small town.

    • MGW

      Are you saying a guy who runs his own hardware store in a small town isn’t a good resource for hardware purposes and you would rather ask someone at, say, a Home Depot in Atlanta? That couldn’t possibly be what you mean.

      • cube

        Good grief. My point isn’t that the small town guy knows less about hardware. My point is that people running businesses in small towns are generally more relaxed and not as concerned with perfection. They don’t have to be. There isn’t as much competition and there aren’t as many customers or demands. That’s all.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        This.^ Christian Hardware is right across the street from Lowes on Lexington Rd. in Athens. How long as Lowes been there? Well Christian Brothers still is and there is this gentleman that is there every day that can answer any question that I come up . And I’m not easy. Besides … have you ever wandered around an “old” hardware store and just marveled at all the stuff you didn’t realize you needed?

  4. Gravidy

    File this one firmly in the “better late than never” column. Some very successful head coaches have taken this approach. I only hope this isn’t more sunshine being pumped up our skirts.

  5. I actually find this to be good news. I think he should have assumed those responsibilities in 2010 when the new defensive staff was brought in.

  6. 69Dawg

    Am I the only one that thinks this is just another bit of CMR BS to get the fans off his back? We have gone through the longest Head Coaching OJT in the history of football. 12 years and he still has to be schooled by the fans and other teams to finally get it. The man is as stubborn as a mule. Please God let the next HC actually have some HC experience before we get him.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Truly…the last 12 years have been unmerciful in the sheer unmitigated pain they have brought to the fan base. Durrr…

      Because no coach in the history of the world has ever taken 12 years to win a MNC or 3 SEC Championships…errr…Vince Dooley had 2 conference championships and 0 MNCs after 12 years…..Anyway, feel free to criticize….please don’t feel free to hyperbolize based on faulty logic and reasoning.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        The last 12 years have not been awful. The past 6 years have been pretty awful. This coach is becoming pretty hard to defend. His numbers over the past 6 years are pretty close to the Donnan years. His teams continue to display the same problems (O-line, ST’s and defense). There are multiple games a season where this guy fails to have his team ready to play (we have seen 2 so far this year and the season is not over! How many more will we see?). So, other than that, yeah, this guy is knocking on the national championship door. GATA!

        • Brian Dawg

          His numbers are not pretty close to Donnan’s-He has lost to Tech ONCE. He has beat UT MORE THAN ONCE. He has beat UF MORE THAN ONCE. Criticize the guy all you want, but at least do it with facts.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Last 6? You have to be kidding me. Let’s assume that by last 6, you aren’t counting this season…in 3 of those 6, the Dawgs have either won their Division, or finished in the top 10 in the nation..INDEFENSIBLE! They’ve been to a bowl every year, and have gone 26-14 in the SEC. INDEFENSIBLE!

          The Dawgs are 11-2 over the past 2 seasons in conference play. INDEFENSIBLE!!!

          Anyway, I’ll be the first to say that we need a win this weekend in the worst way. AND I think it is a fair question to ask if Richt can take the program from elite to uber-elite based on the track record. However, I refuse to engage in this polarization b.s. that says we have to either burn him at the stake or anoint him as king. And we all need to acknowledge that Nick Saban isn’t walking through that door….there is going to be some Lane Kiffin type risk involved in the next hire. Any person who says this is an easy answer or is a ‘clear’ call is fooling himself and isn’t paying attention to reality and facts. That’s my issue.

          Regardless, I’m more interested in the game Saturday than defining the season based upon 2 games. The story for this season is far from written. You say ‘other than that (he) is knocking on the door for a national championship’ as a joke…guess what? The Dawgs win on Saturday and what do you think we are doing? We are sitting with 1 loss, a clear path to Atlanta, and a shot to take out Bama for a place in the national championship game. There are very few teams left that control their own destiny for a conference championship or a chance at the MNC…Georgia is one of those. Appreciate it, Savor it, and GATA.

          • Bevo

            “AND I think it is a fair question to ask if Richt can take the program from elite to uber-elite…”


            We’re elite?

            • Skeptic Dawg

              Bevo, that was my question. Guess we have a different understanding of the word elite.

              As for Mr. Fletcher…”I’m more interested in the game Saturday than defining the season based upon 2 games”. That is the problem. It is not just 2 games this season. We are seeing more and more games like the last 2 over the past 6 years. That is the problem. This program is stuck in 3rd gear and has been for some time now. The same problems exist. Richt makes wonderful statements proclaiming they will be fixed in the upcoming offseason, yet they still remain season after season.

              • Irwin R Fletcher

                I’ve already made the point…every team has games like the ones we had against Kentucky. National Championship teams have those games. The key similarity is that those teams win those games.

                Those games have been part of every program for the last 12 years, last 6 years…the Kentucky game doesn’t bother me. The blowout against Carolina, LSU, Boise…those games bother me. UGA is too talented to ever get spanked like that. To me, that’s a real argument…the blowout losses are indicative of a culture/program that isn’t ready to compete for a national championship. Fine. I concede that point.

                Here’s my counter…LSU was 8-5(3-5) in 2008, 9-4(5-3) in 2009, 11-2(6-2) in 2010, and then went 13-1 with an SEC championship in 2011 and a national championship based upon their body of work (wins over Bama, Oregon, Arky, and West VA is more impressive than Bama’s season). I don’t see any reason why UGA can’t do the same thing under Richt. Are we really claiming Miles is head and shoulders better coach? UGA lost 4 games by a total of 16 points in 2009. They lost to 4 top 10 teams in 2010 with two of those games decided by 3 points. All that means is they weren’t a top 10 team but were darn close…it doesn’t mean they weren’t good.


                • Carolinadawg

                  Irwin- if St. Mark had won 2 MNC’s in the past 3 years I wouldn’t give a tinkers damn what his other stats were. And your statement “I don’t see any reason why UGA can’t do the same thing under Richt” is just laughable. How about he fact that he hasn’t done it? Or the fact that he keeps losing every big game we play? And the goal isn’t to be “good”. It just isn’t.

                  • Irwin R Fletcher

                    What hasn’t he done?

                    Gone 13-1? Nope, he’s done that.
                    Win SEC Championships? Nope. He’s done that.

                    He keeps losing every big game we play? Really? I don’t take anything away from the fact that we lost 4 games to top 10 teams last year, but when you are 3 points away from an undefeated regular season in the SEC, I’m not sure how you can say he loses every big game. Every game in the SEC is a big game (unless we take them for granted…oh wait…just ask a Tennessee or Auburn fan about that)

                    • Carolinadawg

                      He hasn’t done it lately, and the trend is definitely down, admit it or not. Your ability to deny reality is truly amazing.

                    • Irwin R Fletcher

                      Trending down? From when? Because I would assume 6-7, to 10-4, to 5-1 is trending up…but maybe that is my denial of reality.

                      Like I’ve said…we lost 4 games last season to top 10 opponents. 2 of those games were by 3 points. I hate the big losses and I think the troubling thing is how many of those we’ve seen over the past 6 years. But, even having said that, I thought that 2011 was an improvement over 2010, but I guess that is just part of my denial of reality.

                      We were one half away from an SEC Championship…that isn’t to say that the 2nd half of that game wasn’t disheartening, but Richt didn’t fumble the ball at the 5 or drop the passes in the endzone. Last year we were behind Bama, LSU, and Arky. Arky dropped off. Even with the loss to Carolina, you can’t say that they’ve jumped past us as a program when they can’t win the division. The question really is are we still behind LSU and Florida…and that question doesn’t have any answer until we play on Saturday.

                      Anyway, I understand the desire for an instant answer, but that isn’t how college football is made. I just don’t understand how anyone can make a definitive statement that the program is trending down when clearly we don’t have enough evidence this season to make that statement.

                    • Carolinadawg

                      Irwin – from 2002 to 2007 we averaged 1 win shy of 11 wins per year. From 2008 to 2011 we averaged 8.5. We’re 0 -10 against top ten teams during that same period . (and I don’t care what the margin of victory is…this ain’t horseshoes or hand grenades). We’ve lost 2 bowl games in a row, one to a directional school. We’ve lst 3 in a row to SC. Etc, etc, etc. I think if CMR was capable of fixing it, it would have been fixed by now. Perhaps we will win Saturday, and that will be the start of a new golden era. I’m not holding my breath.

              • Bevo

                To me it’s no longer a question or a debate.

                It’s a fact: We are not elite.

                • Irwin R Fletcher

                  I think you summed up your logic tree nicely by concluding that objectively you can put us into a subjective category.

                  And I love the ironic improper use of the colon. IRONY!

                  • Bevo

                    Aww. This is sad, Irwin. Personal attacks?

                    Not going to engage in that on a blog. Thanks though.

                    Oh, and FYI, since you’re into IRONY! and everything:


                    • Irwin R Fletcher

                      How is critiquing your logic a personal attack? You’ve offered no substantive or objective commentary on any of the points being raised other than a nice response on the matter of the colon. None. That’s not a personal attack. That’s a simple observation.

                    • Irwin R Fletcher

                      And I will add in…if you took that as a personal attack, I apologize. I really do.

                      You have your opinion; I have mine. I assume we both want the win on Saturday. That’s all I’ve got for this week.

                    • Bevo

                      Nah, it’s all good. Just giving you some business for the shot at grammar irony.

                      I really think reasonable minds can differ on the issues of whether or not we’re headed in the right direction as a program. I quite like Richt as a person and as a representative of the University, but I think this season is the straw that breaks my back if his team doesn’t outperform from here on out. I’ve gone from fully supportive to mildly supportive to … torn, apathetic but frustrated, I guess. In other words, the slide backwards has gone on long enough for me.

                      And I agree with what your conclusion — even if we understand the situation differently, we all definitely want to see a successful Georgia program.

          • Carolinadawg

            Elite teams don’t go 0-10 against top 10 ranked teams. Elite teams don’t lose to a directional school in lower tier bowl game. Elite teams don’t go lose big game after big game after big game.

            We have elite talent. We have elite facilities. We play in an elite conference. We have an elite bank account. But we’re not an elite program, because we don’t have a coach who can take us there.

            • Bevo

              Sadly accurate.

              • Irwin R Fletcher

                Perspective, gentlemen. Ye have none. The labels really don’t matter. Elite/Uber Elite. Great/Elite. Whatever…you’re splitting hairs.

                The fact of the matter is that Georgia under Richt has been one of the top football programs in the nation.

                Records against Top 10 teams is the barometer? Bama is 2-3 against teams that finished the season in the top 10 over the past 3 years. 5-5 in their last 10 tries…so if the difference based on your rationale between us and Bama is a measly 5 wins…oh…and they lost to Utah in a bowl and lost to ULM in a regular season game over that same span so….

                Anyway, its stupid having conversations like this because folks want to harp in on the ‘stats’ that help them. This isn’t a ‘one stat’ conversation. It’s a body of work conversation. Even Stewart Mandell has the UGA program in that second tier. Call it whatever you want. The point I’m making is I refuse to take advice from people on where we want to go when they have no clue on where we actually are.

                • Skeptic Dawg

                  Not knowing where we are seems to be your major issue. Once you open your eyes and discover that we are not actually where you think we are, then we can talk. Elite. Great/Elite…I will take what the Dawgs are not for $2000.00 Alex.

                  • Irwin R Fletcher

                    It doesn’t matter where I ‘think’ they are. They are where they are. That’s the major point you are missing.

                • cube

                  We’ve been a 2nd tier SEC program much more than a 1st tier program over the last 6 1/2 years. That’s the problem.

                  Hell, there have been times when we weren’t even 2nd tier.

            • sniffer

              Would you listen to yourself? You point out four reasons YOU think we’re elite and then close by saying we’re not elite because blah, blah. Find some self worth someplace else. You, Skeptic, all of ya’ll, Shut The Hell Up.

              • sniffer

                Mama said that wasn’t nice and I have to say I’m sorry.

              • Carolinadawg

                Your reading comprehension skills need some work.

                • sniffer

                  No, I comprehend things just fine. Your ability to coherently express yourself is sometimes muddled.
                  (See above)

                  • Carolinadawg

                    I pointed out reasons we SHOULD be an elite program, not the reasons we are. Sorry you can’t understand the difference. But hopefully St. Mark will put in a good word the man upstairs on your behalf, so you’ve got that going for you.

                    • sniffer

                      Good Lord, are you really this stupid? You very clearly said we were elite, not “should be”.
                      Read your own post.

                    • Carolinadawg

                      Sniffer, here’s what I wrote: “But we’re not an elite program,…”. I am truly mystified by your difficulty in understanding that.

          • Peteydawg


          • G Marmalarde

            No way no how UGA gets to NC game after the national-spotlight debacle in Columbia. Espn will not allow it.

  7. Derek

    Given the limits on the number of coaches a team can have this would probably be the best solution available. First, presumably the kids want to impress the head guy. Second, there’s nothing like direct accountability to focus attention. Third, position coaches can focus on those duties exclusively.

  8. Let’s think about CMR’s comment, maybe I will try to learn enough about special teams this off season to coach them myself, this statement comes from a head coach in the SEC who has been the head coach for 12 years and he finally decides we need a ST coach. My god, where has he been?

    • Ginny

      Most teams, yes, even in the SEC, do not have a special teams coach. Most teams split the duties between multiple coaches. Which is what we were doing.

      • Anon

        But one would think that yes, even in the SEC, that the HEAD FREAKING FOOTBALL COACH would know enough about how to coach special teams that he doesn’t need an entire offseason to take control of the situation.

        A situation, I might add, that has been a consistent throbbing thorn in our ass for quite some time.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        The best team in the SEC hires “analysts” for that duty. Urban Cryer did that job his own self. He had one of the best ST in the country. ST equals hidden yards. We have been in the bottom in the category for a while. Whatever we were doing (along with “most teams”) what we were doing wasn’t working. Still isn’t. Cost us the uSC game last year. Hello? Hello? Is there anyone listening?

  9. Keese

    My stance is firm now on coach Richt. Although he has many redeeming qualities as a man, a coach….etc. …I’m convinced that he just doesn’t have the burning desire to out compete anyone. He doesn’t demand on field excellence from himself, coaching staff or his players

    After the UK game, his comments: “Overall we played good enough to win the ballgame as a team, and I’m pleased with that.”

    WHAT?!! He’s pleased with the team’s effort. It’s that “good enough” attitude that drive me up the wall. And then, as fans….we’re left shaking our heads after big game blowouts? ugh……

  10. opsomath

    IF: no change is made
    -> Complain about lack of changes
    ELSE: complain about the changes being insufficient

    Come on, y’all.

  11. DawgFaithful

    Next year he says… Why not last offseason? Someone send CMR a copy of “Fielding Punts/Kicking Extra Points for Dummies.”

  12. NC Dawg

    yeah. you’re the only one.

  13. Irwin R Fletcher

    Some folks need some marketplace reality…if Mark Richt was available to hire this offseason, there is no doubt he would be in the top 3..for every school with an HC opening. You think Auburn, Tennessee, or Arkansas wouldn’t hire Richt in a heartbeat? So let’s drop the b.s. about how he isn’t a good coach b/c the market (hypothetically) says otherwise.

    So the questions are (a) who’s better? and (b) who could we get? Dan Mullen? Maybe…but that’s the rub, isn’t it? You aren’t getting an established winner to leave his program to come to Georgia because those programs don’t run off guys with .742 winning percentages. So you better be willing to take some lumps and be willing to be underwhelmed for a decade or so until you find the right guy.

    • Carolinadawg

      No way in hell Auburn, Tenn or Ark hires Richt. You need a reality check.

      • Carolinadawg

        And I’ve been underwhelmed for almost 5 years now.

      • HVL Dawg

        You mean none of the schools that hired Chizick, Smith or Dooley would take a a chance on Richt? That’s pretty funny.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Don’t forget Terry Bowden, hiring Tuberville twice, Lane Kiffin, and Houston Nutt. All clearly head and shoulders above Richt and his .742 career winning percentage. Why they wouldn’t even consider him…what was I thinking.

          Pearls meet swine.

          • cube

            This might be my favorite tactic used to defend a coach. “You see, some coaching changes have gone bad! I won’t bring up the ones that went right though, so please don’t ask for that.”

            • Minnesota Dawg

              I know. It’s the fan equivalent of coaching scared. Fans content with regular victories against mediocre to lousy teams and wetting our pants anytime some uses the term “big game.” Fans that use win-loss records from a couple of the weakest schedules in Georgia football history to deceive themselves into thinking that we are an elite program rather than a badly coached collection of talent. To these fans, a magical year is not one in which the team proves itself to be the best by playing to their potential and beating good teams. No, it’s one in which Georgia manages not to play ANY Top 25 teams, and thereby avoid exposing themselves as the over-rated frauds that we have the earned national reputation of being.

              Please prove me and the rest of the football nation wrong, Dawgs.

              • Irwin R Fletcher

                Weighing the pro’s and con’s of a decision is part of good decision making…it’s not ‘playing scared.’ And the fact of the matter is, for every good hire, there is typically 2 or 3 bad hires.

                Just look at Bama after Bryant…Perkins, Curry, Stallings, Dubose, Price, Franchione, Shula, Saban.
                Georgia after Dooley: Goff, Donnan, Glen Mason, Richt.
                Florida after Spurrier: Zook, Meyer, Muschamp
                Auburn after Dye: Bowden, Oliver, Tuberville, Petrino, Tubervile, Chizik, (next?)
                Tennessee after Fulmer: Kiffin…and remember that nasty search where UT was turned down by Cutcliffe, Muschamp, Patterson, Whittingham, T. Calhoun, and Jon Gruden…then Dooley, then …?

                If you aren’t weighing that kind of information into your thought process, then you aren’t using the right process.

                The bottom line is this: Are the odds Mark Richt can lead us to more SEC Championships and a MNC better? OR Are the odds better taking a chance on the hiring process? It’s a debatable question, for sure, with no clear answer. However, I’m still of a mind that we have a better shot at winning a MNC in the next 5 years with Richt than we do through the hiring process. We still have a shot at winning one THIS YEAR! We basically control our own destiny. It’s crazy to me that there are folks calling for a coach when his team can still accomplish every goal on the list.

                That could change as soon as Saturday, but I sure hope it doesn’t.

          • Anon

            It’s not the .742 that’s the issue, it’s the make-up and predictable unpreparedness of the .268

    • Derek

      Don’t you know it ALWAYS gets better when you fire the head coach? And one thing bloggers know more than coaching even is what it means to be an athletic director.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Stop it. Define underwhelmed? Then look at items 1 thru 3. CMR was a good coach. He is now a stubborn average coach. He has wonderful fans that support him. He has obnoxious fans that detract from him. He can maintain the current status quo as long as the schedule allows……. but that favorable schedule is changing. Beating the average with the slightly above average but never the good and very good will last as long as the schedule allows.
      1. From 1995 to 1997, Michigan State finished 6–5–1, 6–6, and 7–5.
      2. 1998-the Spartans finished 6–6, including three last-minute losses featuring turnovers, defensive lapses, and special-teams misplays, and failed to earn a bowl invitation.
      3. 1999 – Saban led the Spartans to a 9–2 season that included wins over Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. However, the two
      losses were routs at the hands of Purdue and Wisconsin.
      4. November 1999, LSU named Nick Saban their 31st head football coach.

    • cube

      You’ve lost your mind.

  14. TXBaller

    His moment of truth!

  15. Will Trane

    We are so glad to hear that coach, just days before the Florida – Georgia game. I’m sure the gators are impressed to hear that. Bet they are spending time on their special teams. Wait, didn’t Muschamp say he put his D players on special teams, coaches up take aways, devotes 25 minutes each practice of special teams.
    All this after their poor play in 2011 and 2012 and getting ripped for it by the press. Some of us would want you to wait another season and re-evaluate the players. We would hope you would be hesitant to pull players from the D based on Shawn Williams comments, your D giving up 200+ yards to each of your last three SEC opponents, and not understanding the rules.
    The bright side, another moment of laughter from the coach, and certainly not any poster board material for the gators.
    Will the AD give CMR an extension or additional compensation for this duty based on past or future performance?

  16. Hobnail_Boot

    I did not find the accompanying “Wheel of Fortune” ad at the end of this blogpost to be comforting.

  17. SCDawg

    Is anyone else worried that the fanbase is starting to turn on itself and eat itself? We’ve got: (1) fire-Richter’s now!!; (2) we cannot get another good coacher’s; and (3) Richt is actually a good coach and you’re all blowing this out of proportioner’s. And each segment practices cognitive dissonance at high levels.

    I am not sure if one portion of the fan base will win out, what the fan base is going to “demand” if it wins out, and what the practical effect of all this will be on the current team, the coaches, and future recruits.

    IMO, the heat is now hotter on Richt than it was when he started last season 0-2.

  18. Will Trane

    Level of play. Roster management. Game plans. Game management. Utilization of personnel. At least the players are becoming vocal about the play. Perhaps, a good sign.
    My coach is at MSU, not at UF…well perhaps Brent Pease. But I’m not alone with that thought. UF had better enjoy what they have, because Pease is bound for another campus very shortly.
    Let’s see if CMR can defeat a BCS 2 like Dooley defeated a number 1 Florida in 1985. Dooley owned the Gamecocks and the Gators, plus the Engineers.

    • RocketDawg

      You can have Mullen. Just think if you go buy some MSU gear you can still yell “Go Dawgs!” and not worry about people knowing you are a fraud.

  19. PTC DAWG

    Fans, obviously UGA has very few.

    Beat the Gators!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually, UGA has a lot of fans. They just keep their mouths shut while the haters (and I only count about a half dozen or so on this blog) are loudmouths.

      • Carolinadawg

        Being concerned about the direction of the program, and expressing that concern, is hardly the definition of a “hater”. Unless one s a blind homer, apparently.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I thought you didn’t want me to comment on what you said anymore, Chickenshit. If so, I’ll thank you to STFU about my posts, too. If we are back to commenting on each other’s posts then I’ll continue to talk about what an idiot you are to actually be talking about firing a coach that is 6-1 and about to play for the SEC East Championship.

      • PTC DAWG

        Fight the good fight.

        Me, I am looking forward to the game.

      • Unfortunately, Mayor, the Senator’s constituency represents a tiny slice of dog fans. We are fortunate to have this resource (retreat).

        There are thousands upon thousands who never sound off electronically.

        And then there’s the 173,000 that post on AJC. They are never silent, and about 95% would (and do) say that Richt fiddles while Athens burns.

  20. DW

    I thought Warren Belin did a good job with the Dawgs on ST. Too bad he didn’t stick around longer.

  21. Scott

    I remember him saying the same thing about clock management a decade ago, and Bobo eventually took over those duties.

  22. El Dawgo in El Paso

    Beamer-ball comes to Athens. I think this is a good thing if it actually happens. Whether it occurred sooner or not is irrelevant at this point.

  23. Something I’ve noticed on here and commented on before. As someone above mentioned, you have the blind homers that think Richt could do no wrong, you have the people that like that try to be in the middle and be realistic, and you have the fire Richt tomorrow group. But somehow, if you fall into any category other than the blind homers, you’re not a “real” fan, you’re hurting the program..etc.

    Frankly I find the blind homers that spend just as much time bitching about the anti-Richt people as the anti-Richt crowd spend bitching about Richt to be just as overboard and annoying. If you like Richt and think he’s the answer fine, but that doesn’t make you any more or less of a fan than anyone else that follows the program. Some people on here sound like there are more MR fans than UGA fans and how dare anyone so much as criticize him. This holier than thou attitude causes every bit as much friction as the “fire Richt tomorrow” crowd.

    Neither side has a monopoly on logic, though the “Disney Dawgs” seem to think they do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and with the exception of very few, I think we all want the Dawgs to do well, we just have different ideas of how that’s going to happen. But calling someone an idiot or hater because they disagree with you makes you just as bad as the person you’re criticizing. Noone has the sole privilege of being right…quit acting like you’re Dems and Repubs and making simple disagreements into a battle of right and wrong, and denigrating someone just because they don’t agree with you.

    • For the record, I’m on the fence about Richt…I just get sick of seeing the same old freaking arguments and BS about how if you don’t agree with me you’re not a real fan and how saying anything negative is hurting the program. I’m sorry but if you want everyone to toe the company line and agree all the time, you might want to take a time machine back to Spain, Italy, or Germany in the 30’s. This blog is a very small microcosm of the world at large, and I’d like to see people on both sides be able to say what they want w/o others calling them traitors, bad fans, haters, or whatever. THAT is what hurts the program, this “if you don’t agree with me you’re not as good a fan as me” crap.

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    If the dogs win

  25. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR blowing smoke. Does he even take this ship seriously?! ‘Oh yes sir, we’re gonna fix ‘fill in the blank’ once and for all – I’ll see to it myself this time.’ Another lame excuse/promise from a coach who has lost credibility with the national cfb audience, and hopes such statements placate the fanbase.

    Spare me the promises and excuses. Show everyone you can coach and deserve to be in the sec this Saturday.