“The NCAA is confident that its position is correct.”

The plaintiffs in the O’Bannon law suit are pulling out all the stops.

About now, Mark Emmert probably wishes he could deal with the judge in the same way he dealt with Penn State.



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4 responses to ““The NCAA is confident that its position is correct.”

  1. Could that article be any longer… Lawyers….word-mongers.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Meh. I enjoy the word-mongering. You really aren’t wired to be an attorney if you don’t like to write. If you have never listened to a couple of law dawgs wrangle over writing a contract you need to. You’re in for a treat. I
      have enjoyed listening to the strategies. Once I was asked if there was anything I thought we should add to a contract to put a single sewer line in for two different developers. I replied. ” No. But please keep in mind one of those two developers has two boats on Lake Lanier. The small one is named “Contract” and the big one is named “Lawsuit”. I don’t want to get caught with my dingus in my fly. And he is gonna try.” They thought it was funny but I was serious. In the end he did try and the wording in the contract was very important. It was all about the word “manhole” vs. “sewer stub”!


      • BTW.. I love to write and have been published twice in The AJC and The B’ham News. Human interest articles and the one in the B’ham News was the first time they had ever allowed one in first person. As far as I know they have not since.


  2. Don’t get me wrong…I have had Lawyer’s who, if not for the word-mongering, our asses would have been cooked. A good friend of mine and the Senators is Published and a long time ago I read one of his Publications. It was so boring, it put me to sleep. I cannot sleep during the day unless, I am sedated. Those days when I have spent time in Courtrooms I have almost gone “postal”.