While we’re throwing names out there…

On of my other hobbies is that I’m a bit of an audiophile.  High-end audio is a small industry, one that tries to appeal to consumers at all points on the price scale.  One thing you’ll hear audio engineers say often is that it’s easier to build cost-no-object gear than it is to build something excellent to a specific price point, but that doing the latter can be more rewarding from a development standpoint because it forces you to design more for less and that’s often an exercise that can payoff even with bigger budget equipment.

The point to my tortured analogy (this is a college football blog, so I’ve got to be heading somewhere with this, right?) is that when SEC schools start shuffling the deck chairs after the season is over, and we hear about the Grudens, the Petrinos and the Tubervilles (don’t laugh, I’ve heard his name being mentioned in connection with the Arkansas job more than once), maybe somebody ought to be talking about Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads.  Here’s what Mike Gundy has to say about Rhoads:

Coming off a win against Iowa State, Gundy expressed his respect for Paul Rhoads while on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, and not just because the Cyclones ended the Cowboys’ national championship hopes last year.

“I have a lot of respect for coaches that are at schools that don’t have the traditions and luxuries that some people have,” Gundy said. “They have work at everything they do. They have to find a way to recruit, they have to find a way to stop people, manufacture points, be smart, special teams, team attitude, all those things. Paul knows this. I told him before the game how much respect I have for what he’s accomplished.

“I know they gave him a 10-year contract. They should give him a 20-year contract because he maximizes the talent that he has, and they play smart football.”

Iowa State is hardly a football glamor spot.  And Rhoads was the guy who got called in when Chizik left the school holding the bag.  He hasn’t exactly played with the strongest hand since he got there.  All things considered, he’s built an impressive resume in less than four seasons.  He’s also got a year’s coaching experience in the SEC, ironically as Chizik’s successor as the Auburn defensive coordinator.

He does the emotion thing pretty well, too.

As Gundy notes, Rhoads has a long-term contract at ISU.  And he seems like a loyal guy.  Kind of a younger version of Jim Grobe.  But if I were an SEC school needing a head coach, I’d at least gauge his interest.  He knows how to build to a price point.


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  1. Paul Rhodes, the next best HC in the SEC. Auburn has plenty of money and so does Tennessee. Loyal smoyal , everyone has a price in CF. I would not mind looking at him for several years cause he is cute.

    • Hackerdog

      Tennessee’s athletic department lost $4 million last year. They may think that paying Dooley $1.8 million/year to not coach for the next three years is the best way to solvency. But, they may not.

      • They have some Alumni just waiting to put up the $$ to bring Tennessee back to the status they are accustomed to. Auburn loves the guy already and there’s enough money there too.

  2. Jim

    would be nice to see some fire like that in our locker room…

  3. BulldogBen

    Senator, I know it’s a football blog but I was hoping you’d go full on audio dork with this. I’m a Sennheiser fanboy. May fave at cheapest price point: the Sennheiser HD 202’s. At around $30 they’re unbeatable in my opinion. For a little more high end, I’ve never needed anything other than the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s. I don’t fly without them.

    • I’ve owned these suckers for 20 years. I’ve never heard anything close to them in terms of neutrality.

      • Chadwick

        You use a dedicated headphone amp? I’ve pondered one for several years, but with all the expensive junk I’ve already got, and three kids, it’s held me back. My wife is currently putting up with Martin Logan CLS’s, so I tread on thin water with any new audio gear. I use the 6i’s for my iPod and for the money they sound great.

        • I don’t now. Way back when portable CD players were the rage, I did. Now I just hook ’em up direct to my iPod.

          I hear you on expense. My wife’s happy because I never told her how much I spent on my rig. (Admittedly, I’ve done a bunch of wheeling and dealing over the years, so my cost basis is lower than you might think.)

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Direct to the ipod….into the headphone jack? Ewwww….the “Apple” plug on the bottom of the Ipod bypasses the headphone jack and volume control…either a dock or a cable with an Apple plug to almost any headphone amp sounds way better….but of course, not as portable.

      • Chadwick

        Just curious, which model do you own?

        • Sorry, lost track here. Which piece of equipment are you asking about?

          • Chadwick

            The Etymotics. What the hell, what’s the rest of your system, too? I have CLS’s, Vandersteen sub, Classe amplification, Audio Research SP-11 (a splurge) and a Meridian player. I’m looking to downsize. Any thoughts on the Naim integrateds and speakerst to pair with them? I was a fan of the Nait 3. If I could get the timing right on a Rowland Concentra that would be my choice, but no luck for now. Open to suggestions. The hi fi scene in Atlanta has fewer choices than in the 90’s. At least it appears that way to me.

            • I’ve got a set of ER-3s.

              Speakers are Quad 988s. Amp/Pre-Amp are Art Audio.

              I haven’t listened to Naim’s stuff in years. What I remember is a very different sound than what you’ve been getting with your current gear.

              Can’t give you much of a current recommendation. I’ve pretty much settled with pleasure on what I’m running now and haven’t been looking around any more.

              You are right about hi-fi retail in Atlanta. The retailer I did business with shut his doors several years ago. To survive, you’ve got to focus on home theater and realize the market for audio is quite small here. Sad.

              • Chadwick

                I’m guessing your Quads have a bigger sweet spot than my ML’s have. My father in law wants my gear and I’m inclined to let him have everything sans the turntables. Moving away from electrostats will be a change, but one I think I can live with. I’d really love to get my gear out of a my basement and up into our first floor. My better half won’t stand for that arrangement with the speakers and gear I have now. Catch-22. What are your listening tastes and where are you buying vinyl?

    • IveyLeaguer

      [“May fave at cheapest price point: the Sennheiser HD 202′s. At around $30 they’re unbeatable in my opinion.”]

      Better than the Grado SR 80’s?

  4. Great! When does he start? Can he recruit an offensive line in time for the cocktail party this weekend?

  5. Wouldn’t that be nice. Oh no…not me thinking he could be better than CMR.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Paul Rhodes isn’t going anywhere. He was born and grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, 35 miles from Ames. All of his family is right there. He has the ISU program doing better than anyone ever expected it to be and it is improving yearly. They love him there and he loves it there. He gets paid $1.6 Million. In Iowa that’s mega dough. Everybody has a dream job. This is his dream job and he ain’t leaving.

    • Dang…I like looking at him!

    • Way to dampen my Tuesday Mayor. Any chance CMR can play that clip for the Dawgs just before the cocktail party and afterwards say “Yea, what he said”

      • Listen to this Guys….www.youtube.com/watch?v=BThnojqdyA&feature=g-all-u

        On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:50 AM, Get The Picture wrote:

        > ** > twistification commented: “Way to dampen my Tuesday Mayor. Any chance > CMR can play that clip for the Dawgs just before the cocktail party and > afterwards say “Yea, what he said”” >

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Does seem that way, two or three bigger schools have gone after Rhodes, if memory serves….

    • cube

      LOL at your certainty. He went to college in Missouri, got a masters degree in Utah, and has also coached in Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

      The fact of the matter is that you have no idea what he’ll do.

    • Then there’s the whole “UGA will win at least 10 games and Mark Richt ain’t getting fired” thing.

  7. Will Trane

    Mark Bradley’s article in the metro Atlanta mullet wrapper implies the outcome of the game will Florida is going to determine Richt’s future. Many of us agree. Go to Gatorcountry blog and read what they thing of Georgia’s football program. Absolutely no respect. They put the Dawgs in mid level SEC teams.
    I like Mike Gundy. He beat us. He does a good job for the oil and natural gas barron. One of best friends in the Marine Corps while at Qunatico was an OSU Cowboy. He is right about Rhoads and Iowa State. Sorta like Kansas State. Look at KSU’s football record since 1993. One of the best in D1 football. They are a solid playing team.
    Now transition to Athens. What in the hell is going on? Georgia has a talent pool, one of the largest and best stadiums in D1, a money base, a very strong alumni base, strong ticket sales, and etc.
    Now why does a man with Richt’s resume not fully use the assets he has. He wastes resources and talents. How can you preach heart and soul, and leave out wasting time, talent, and resources.
    Then you have the other leg of the men’s big three…basketball. Did you notice they are ranked 8th in a 14 member conference. In the past four to five years these programs have gone nowhere, except tread water in the pool.
    Late last evening I posted the problem “Boom” faced with this roster at Florida in 2011 and going into the 2012 recruiting season. Now the Gators stand just one win away from the SEC East title, the Dome, and a BCS berth.
    Then think what CMR has done lately…a close win at UK and a blowout at Columbia. A defense that is giving up 200 yards rushing in its last three SEC games.
    What would a Rhoads do? Or Dan Mullen? Or McGarrity? But what is it that CMR is not doing….competing in the big games.

    • PatinDC

      No Offense but UGA is also one win away from that same scenario. It is just that the UGA fans are in a hate fest these days for CMR. Go figure. It is always greener elsewhere. Chizik won a MNC two years ago. He was at Iowa Satate and he will be available soon it looks like. Why not hire him?

  8. Ed Kilgore

    I’m a bit of an Iowa State fan via my wife (even have a hilarious T-shirt that shows ISU mascot Cy, who is a red bird of some sort, walking through the Iowa State Fair chomping on a turkey leg in a bit of avian cannibalism). The fans up there have very manageable expectations: just beat the local Overlords (Iowa Hawkeyes) close to half the time, make a bowl every other year, and you’re golden. Rhoads is hitting the mark regularly, and I can’t imagine him trading that for the insanity of the SEC.

  9. rampdawg

    Sansui QRX9001 recapped and repinned with the holy grail adjustment, Rebuilt to the hiltTeac 3440 Similsync R to R, JVC QLA7 TT with a GradoZ1+ cartridge with gold stylus. Powering 2 Klipch KG-4 and 2 Pioneer CS-99As. Sharp Quatron LED flatscreen runs through it on game day. Plus a shitload of classic LPs and R to R tape. Have a Pioneer player for my CDs. The game on late 70s analog quad on gameday is a sound to behold.

    • I wasn’t expecting the names we’d be throwing out would be audio manufacturers.😉

      Hat tip on the reel-to-reel, brother.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Sounds awesome! I think most of my gear left when my sons hit college. Last to leave was the Teac R-1000? R2R. Of course it was “borrowed” for just a little while.😉 Advent speakers/walnut cabs. were aging and turned into a summer project and now are at their place. I don’t mind. I’m pleased they have developed that taste for sound. I don’t like it when tools disappear. My Pronto 12 point metric set is gone. I’m just a car hobby guy. My friends come for an afternoon to tinker with their rides and I have all the hardware to tinker with. Most of the time anyway.

  10. Rampdawg

    Got my eye on a pair of gorgeous La Scalas.

  11. I bet we could get Todd Graham!