What’s that definition of insanity again?

Same song, different verse.

Commings opined that there was a motivation gap between last year and this year.

“I think last year people didn’t expect much from us. I guess that made us want to come out and play harder,” he said. “This year we started out, what, top five, I don’t know what it was. But we started out higher, and then I guess people were like, ‘All right, we’re good.’ I guess people felt like we didn’t have much to prove.”

Good Lord.  Over the past half-dozen years, I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times I’ve heard a Georgia player express himself in similar fashion.  At some point in time, you’d think they’d figure it out.

Maybe they need a shrink instead of a special teams coach.


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  1. Jim

    Maybe we need a head coach that knows how to motivate instead of a shrink or a special teams coach…this has become so predictably ridiculous we should all call ourselves idiots for continuing to fall for it every year.

  2. DC Dawg

    They didn’t really play anyone last year and when they did, they lost. How is it that over the summer they thought somehow they’ve made this huge improvement? Last year, we had a top 10 defense but we didn’t play anyone. LSU put up 40 points on us in a half! If it helps Commings, the defense has sucked but he and everyone else, just didn’t know it.

    It really irritates me when players celebrate after every tackle. It’s the instant gratification, I guess. I love how they all get offended when their “manhood is questioned”. It’s a joke to me. Act like an adult. Do some self reflection and quit the drama.

    I hope that doesn’t come off as too harsh. I’m just tired of these young men behaving like adolescent teenagers.

    • Several of them are adolescent teenagers. And the players aren’t the adults here. The coaches are, and they are the one major common factor in player after player after player saying that at numerous points along the way since 2005.

      • DC Dawg

        My comments were meant for the leaders on the team. The juniors and seniors that mostly comprise of our defense. Sorry about the confusion. Those that Sean Williams called out were upper classmen.

    • Cojones

      Your last two paragraphs were taken to heart, but the omission of holding LSU to zero first downs in the first half should be mentioned along with taking a dump in the second half. It’s just my sense of fairness for what happened on the field.

      • DC Dawg

        You’re right. The team has shown the ability to dominate good teams. However, I don’t think a Saban or even a Spurrier team would get all excited and confident about a half game’s worth of play. Even when a team finishes dominant, Saban-led teams move on to the next one. Maybe that is a testament to coaching. However, I think as kids become adults, responsibility and initiative falls on them. And it’s with that that I think Sean tried to take initiative and check his teammates.

  3. cube

    Agreed Senator. We hear this over and over and over and over and…

  4. Rick

    Don’t worry, next time we’re good it’s gon’ be legit. Then we just relax and let the trophies roll in. Really looking forward to it.

  5. Mike

    What would it take to convince them to remain unmotivated for the WLOCP? Whatever it takes, just send me the bill.

    • Cojones

      The film of last year’s game with the same players will be sent to you and your team soon, Mike. Just so you remember before the game starts. No charge.

      • Cojones

        You have inspired me to roll one in anticipation of a Dawg victory that will be lit on the final gun. Usually I just take a few hits from a pipe in the evening that helps me get to sleep whereas a joint is too much. Course I can save the roach for a victory lap.

        Thanks for thinking of me. “Smoke’em if you got’em” to all of you who do.

  6. Bulldog Joe


    How ’bout extra work on strength and conditioning drills instead of giving players the day off when they lack discipline or commitment?

    How ’bout recruiting enough talented players to take their place?

    How ’bout letting the coaches coach instead of lecturing them on behavior?

  7. Bevo

    Are we also insane for buying into “change” during the preseason or hoping for something to improve despite seeing the same disappointments over and over?

  8. Skeptic Dawg

    This is beyond incredible. I mean what more do you need. This stuff sells itself. It does make me wonder what in the Sam hill Richt and co. do during the offseason and weekend to week during the season. Great job coach!

  9. JG Shellnutt

    I hope they can get motivated for the game and make a showing.

    On to more important things: I just left T-Rays and it is still awesome. Go dawgs.

  10. Ginny

    Don’t be ridiculous y’all. All he is doing is making up some bullsh*t to answer a reporter’s question. Just like they do every year. These kids aren’t media trained. The truth is Commings doesn’t know why the defense is performing poorly. Or maybe he does and doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. This is simply a logical answer that will appease a reporter. You guys are incredibly dramatic.

  11. Russ

    Lots of angst about nothing. These are kids answering the questions asked of them.

    Just strap it on and GATA!

  12. sniffer

    I blame Grantham. His NFL mindset would be, “ok, we have the talent, experience and game plan. I made the right call, the opponent made a play and won that one. Let’s move on. Success is in winning the majority of plays”.

    He trusts himself (good thing) and trusts his players (not sure). He probably “respects” them when he should be coaching them, IMHO.

    • DC Dawg

      When news first spread of Grantham becoming our DC, the fanbase was thrilled to have an NFL guy. I don’t think we can throw him under the bus for being what we wanted him to be.

      Secondly, I have a hard time seeing Grantham going easy on a guy. As we’ve seen in the past, he’ll get in a player’s face if needed. I don’t think that has changed. I could be wrong.

      • sniffer

        Snark intended for the meme. My point is that Grantham may be taking a professional (NFL) approach with the players. “You get X number of plays, let’s win most of them”. I also think its an advantage having a DC with League experience. Hoping he takes sufficient time to coach as well as scheme. He is, after all, Assistant Head Coach and taking an overall approach to the defense, letting his position coaches teach fundamentals and prep the players for gameday.

  13. Uglydawg

    I think we may be aiming to much criticism towards a guy in his early twentys. These guys look like grown and mature men, but really, how much “wisdom” did you posess at that age? They are interviewed and asked questions and they just revert to “coach speak”. It means little and we should put little meaning on it.
    Yep, it’s the coaches job to motivate these guys. I don’t think any of them are purposly “mailing it in”.
    While I am often critical myself, I have to remember these are kids and not pros.
    So who do we look to for improvement? Georgia has talent, but is very schizo when it comes to expoiting other teams with that talent. I said after the first week that Saban had Alabama in mid-season form. Georgia is still not there. Given CMR’s experience and (what I believe is a) competent coaching staff, it should be a fairly short trip from being a sputtering team with flashes of brilliance, to a workman like team that gets it done week ii and week out. CMR must know this by now. That is his challenge…consistancy at a high level. He’s the head of this team. I think he can deliver.
    The other hinge-pin to sucess is Scorpio choosing the right hat each week.

    • Dawgfan Will

      And this.

      Seriously, y’all, it’s the same thing we’ve heard over and over because it’s the same thing every player on every team says after they lose a game. And while we may be unhappy with the number/quality of losses lately, that doesn’t mean that there is any great insight to be gained from the cliched words of a freaking 20-year-old.

  14. Carolinadawg

    “Given CMR’s experience and (what I believe is a) competent coaching staff, it should be a fairly short trip from being a sputtering team with flashes of brilliance, to a workman like team that gets it done week ii and week out… I think he can deliver.”

    Huh? What about the past 4 and 1/2 years leads you to believe that we have a competant coaching staff or that St. Mark is capable of fixing our problems? if its such a short trip, why hasn’t the trip been made yet? You can’t be serious.

    • Macallanlover

      What an asswipe you are. Please find another program to drag down, and take your cronies with you. You kill us from the inside. Very effective, except that if you win your little obsession, we all suffer. Don’t need public attacks hourly from within the foxhole. This is Georgia/Florida week, why can’t you assume we realize how committed you are to your agenda? To continue your rant ad nauseum says a lot about what your motive is. Go away, at least for a week. There are still many fans who would like to see the Dawgs play up this week and bring home a gator hide.

      • Carolinadawg

        “There are still many fans who would like to see the Dawgs play up this week and bring home a gator hide.”

        And I’m one of them. If my opinion of Mark Richt is “killing you from the inside” then I guess you’re not much of a fan. And I’m hardly the only one with that opinion, nor the only one expressing it. So take you’re immature name calling and stick it.

      • cube

        LOL! Could you be any more dramatic?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Mac, I have read enough written by this clown to believe that he is actually a Techster posing as a Dawg fan. Everything he says is always negative and he always has a ridiculous answer to whatever people may say in response to his posts. Then he finishes by saying “nobody wants the Dawgs to win more” than he does and accuses whoever disagrees with him as being a bad fan/supporter of UGA for disagreeing with him. Best thing to do is ignore him. When you see a post written by him just scroll past it. If everybody on this blog did that after a while he’ll go away. He likes the attention. Apparently he never has had any before. He likely is an unemployed 18 year old kid in his parents’ basement on their computer. I have been wondering if he is the former Thomas Brown under a different handle.

        • Carolinadawg

          You don’t shit about me. And I’m the one who is constantly being accused of being a bad fan, or not a fan at all, as you just did. The only ridiculousness is you and others personal attacks on me, simply because you don’t agree with my assessment of CMR. Try bringing some actual facts to the table, instead of hurling insults like a little child.

      • +100. This Guy attacks everybody. Asswipe is not a strong enough name for him. He called me a “c__t”. Somebody needs to track him down and whip his sorry ass! It is really hard to believe he is a Dawg fan.

        • Carolinadawg

          What dd you call me Joy?

          • Cojones

            She’s still trying to get the epithets in order.

            • Cojones, I called him a pussy in a Pulpwood Smith kind of way. Since then, I do not read anything he post because he is such a downer. If he had that all important man part, he would not act out this way. Overcompensation, I believe it is called.

              On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

              > ** > Cojones commented: “She’s still trying to get the epithets in order.” >

              • Carolinadawg

                What does it mean to call someone a pussy in a “Pulpwood Smith kind of way”? How does that make it ok? I don’t think Pulpwood means it as a compliment, ya know?

                And seriously, because I think its time for Richt to go that makes me a “downer”? You are the epitome of those To whom I referred in my post below at 2:26 PM. News flash, this isn’t a social club for you and your pretend friends to hang out and cyber-masterbate each other. It’s a blog forum that allows the free exchange between those interested in Georgia football. Bullying and threatening those with who you disagree just makes you look like an ass. As does making moronic comments about my “man part”.

        • Macallanlover

          Joy, I saw that embarrassing exchange during my week’s haitus. I wouldn’t take any of that seriously, there are some very low-life folks among us, and he is one of them. All fanbases have them, and shouldn’t be judged by them. These guys aren’t the ones you would associate with in a public environment but the keyboard gives them a voice they have not earned in real life or they would be handling their concerns in a professional, more effective way. It’s not the way things work in big business, and it isn’t the way winners act.

          Another thing that was said by him today that was wrong: “you don’t know shit about me”. Oh we know you: and you ain’t shit!

          Nothing wrong with having different opinions, ideas, or solutions, but the immature way some of these posters have acted is sad, and inexcusable. These beligerent know-it-alls are splitting the fanbase, and affecting these players and recruits, it is wrong, very wrong. There are civil ways to disagree, and ways to bring about reform without destructive revolution. But it requires bigger thinkers than are being displayed here. Just hope the screaming lunatics are silenced by their friends who care about the program. We may not be where we want to be but we are no where near the desperate position that would justify a revolt. We are teeter-tottering on taking an unnecessary dive driven by some people who lack perspective.

          • Carolinadawg

            Too funny…you refer to me as an “asswipe”, yet dare lecture me about being professional and immature?! Pot, meet kettle. I’m sure you’re right about one thing though; you, joy, mayor and your cronies are not people I would associate with in a public environment, or even a private one!

          • Thank you Mac..It’s called, “spinning around in the dirt with the Devil.” Sometimes when I am weak, I get right down there with them. No more will I participate in that kind of verbal exchange.

    • sniffer

      CD, I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you. If UGa wins Sat., what will your comments be? Will you give Richt any credit for beating the Gators?

      • Carolinadawg

        Of course, why wouldn’t I? The guy or gal at the top of every organization gets credit or blame, as appropriate. Look, nothing would make me happier than beating FL Saturday, except maybe subsequently winning out the regular season, winning the SEC championship and playing for an MNC. I’d love to see Richt coach georgia for many years to come and achieve great success. I just don’t think thats possible, and he’s had multiple years to turn things around. If we win Saturday, but then get clobbered in the SECC game, and lose our bowl game (just like last year), then I’l still feel the same way about him.

        • sniffer

          That’s fair. It seems at times that some want Richt gone, no matter what. I’ve read your previous posts and know that, at a minimum, you are consistent.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Don’t encourage him sniff. See my post above.

            • Carolinadawg

              Wow, now you’re so threatened by me you need to go on a blog and tell other people how they should view me and react to me? Are you serious?

            • charlottedawg

              Mayor, I can’t speak for Carolinadawg, but I can say for myself that I am one of the fans and alumni who would love nothing better than for Richt to win and win big here at Georgia. I am however EXTREMELY doubtful that this will occur going forward. I support my alma mater and always will but that does not mean I will not criticize the leadership when i feel it is warranted. Based on the record of the past 4-5 years of us consistently losing big games and looking unprepared, I feel my criticism is valid.

              • Carolinadawg

                Amen. I agree completely. And why that makes people like the self proclaimed mayor express such unwarranted vitriol towards me (and not others?) is beyond comprehension.

          • Bulldawg165

            Most of the people who want Richt gone would be glad for us to keep him if he shows them the ability to legitimately turn things around. The main issue the anti-Richt crowd has is that us playing up to our potential for one big game doesn’t really undo the 10+ times we haven’t done so for the past few years. If we were to, let’s say, beat Florida, win out the rest of the season and play a lights out, really competitive game against Bama in the SECCG and lose, but then go to a BCS bowl and play lights out again and dominate (or even just beat) another good team, I think they would start to be quiet. If we stopped getting crushed in big games (note the plural there, as in one game wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, undo their opinion) and started to be competitive I think a lot of the anti-richt crowd would calm down as well.

            To be honest, I really wish both sides would acknowledge the ACTUAL arguments of the other side instead of the constant straw man arguments. Richt lovers like to pretend the Richt haters only want him gone after he loses ONE game, while the Richt haters essentially tell the Richt lovers that they accept mediocrity and are ok with being number 6 in the SEC.

            • Bulldawg165

              Woah. Looks like things have taken a turn for the worst since I left the above comment. Consider me out of this conversation now. Geeze.

            • charlottedawg

              I’m really kind of surprised that of all the blogs on Georgia football (given the comments on this one are usually the most educated and reasonable) and for what I consider a pretty reasonable fan base, that this issue has gotten as chippy as it has.

              • Carolinadawg

                I think the reason for that is the fact that there is a small clique of people on here who just want to talk to each other, and who treat this site as their own little playroom, rather than actually listen to opposing viewpoints.

                • cube

                  + 1000

                  You nailed it.

                • Dawgfan Will

                  It is also, at least in part, that new arguments are rarely ever presented by either side, so the same old horses get beaten on a daily bases. On the rare occasion when someone on either side does make a new argument, it does not faze the other side, regardless of the logic or evidence that may support.

                  In other words, it’s become very much like the political “discussions” between my friends that currently dominate my Facebook feed: a pointless exercise that leads to a lot of venting and venom, and everyone gets in a huff until the Senator comes in and lays the hammer down.

                  Senator, any chance you could do that on my Facebook feed?

                • The Bruce

                  It seems like that’s the case on a lot of Georgia fan sites.

            • Otto

              It doesn’t bother me that UGA does have a BCS CG appearance. What does bother me is that Bama, LSU, and UF may slack off for 3 Qtrs to someone like UK but they rarely show up flat to play another Top 10 team. ’07, ’08, ’11, and now ’12 each season had atleast 1 game where UGA had a game that could have changed the season but the team showed up flat not just lost.

              I don’t expect to beat UF every year but .500 is expected. UGA is constantly playing the game of our goals are still wintin reach.

              The others are undersigning, we need more depth on OL and have the room to sign more palyers without oversigning. Misuse of talent (or not putting talent in the best place to make plays by forcing your scheme on the talent you have).

              I also agree with Saban’s model of limiting how much players talk to the media, these are 20 year old kids.

              We’ll see 1 win will not change my mind one way or the other, and we all know barring a complete melt down CMR will be back for ’13.

  15. Gatriguy

    A shrink or a hyper-organized coach that demands accountability from himself, his staff, and his players. You know, whatevs.

  16. heyberto

    As much as I think of Mark Richt, this could be his biggest flaw. Getting these guys to play on the edge. He seems to get these guys over these occasional humps, but doesn’t quite get them to play at that high level consistently. Maddening.

    • DC Dawg

      I can agree with that.

    • DC Dawg

      I know there are books on stuff like – what motivates a leader. This isn’t a rare problem.

    • Cojones

      Well put, heyberto. Fans express themselves to both sides of your statements. It’s frustrating to us all, but when many express that feeling by attacking the coaches midseason and with a 7-1 record, it trips the old “Well, you insensitive bastard(s)!” hammers of many more fans.

      The point today is to start cheering for a victory over FU this weekend and the downer comments throw water on the cheering fan parade. If they can’t at least cheer along then they should hold their comments until after the game or head for the downer blogs which can also be found on gtp. They aren’t adding anything that hasn’t been been breeched before and only pissing off the multitudes.

  17. Ginny

    Um and if you need further proof as to why this is bullsh*t, look no further than other teams’ interviews after they don’t perform well. They say the same exact things.

  18. Derek

    You people make me sick. We are 76.5 hours from giving the gators an epic beat down and all you want to do is whine and bitch and moan and complain. Can you really enjoy this win when you’ve told everybody before hand that we can’t or won’t? The good guys are going to win this one Saturday and it may not be close. So liberally apply your preferred feminine hygiene products so that it does not hurt quite so much and get on board for the big win.

    I just hope we can get our focus on ole miss next week after this.

    • Excellent idea, Derek.

      After reading your post I applied some of the ole ball and chain’s Summer’s Eve products and I feel like a new man.

      Florduh may indeed beat us but it won’t be because Red Blackman isn’t clean and fresh.

  19. ScoutDawg

    Maybe we just need a dick, and no Donnan isn’t available. Maybe after his parole.

  20. Joe Nails

    Honestly, do they just all show up for practice on their scooters and sit in circles indian-style talking about feelings and sipping Mojitos? The persona of the Richt-regime is so SOFT it makes me sick. It’s comments like this year after year that make me realize the mentality is never going to change. —-“AWW SHUCKS!”

  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    Maybe we need a little more of this:

  22. Keese

    Why does Georgia always have some emotional/psychological reason for not playing well?!

    I’m sick of this crap. Just shut up and play some physical football. It’s a game…not some high school soap opera!

  23. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The definition of insanity is calling for the dismissal of the HC of a team the same week that team is 6-1 and playing for the lead in its conference subdivision.

    • 81Dog

      quit clouding the issue with facts, Mayor. For the Carolina Dawgs of the world, trying to reason with them is like trying to explain algebra to your dog. He wont ever get it, and eventually it’s just going to annoy him. So, let him mope or bitch or whatever he wants to do. I’m sure his choice for the next head coach at UGA would go undefeated, unscored on, and keep the roster stocked with the choicest of 5 star recruits.

      heck, we’ll probably never give up a first down again until the sun expands and consumes the solar system. Just like when Erk Russell was the coach. Now, I revere Erk as much as anyone, but his defense gave up the occasional touchdown. Sometimes, it flat out sucked. 74 Tangerine Bowl. 74 Tech game. 77 Kentucky game. 79 Virginia game, to name a few. Has there ever been a guy with more fire than Erk, a better motivator than Erk? And yet, we were decent to mediocre for the most part from 1969 to 1979.
      Sometimes you just have to keep punching..

  24. Uglydawg

    Georgia’s going to play Florida in the WLOCP saturday. Mark Richt will coach Georgia, Bobo will call the offensive plays and Grantham will call the defensive plays. This ain’t going to change. Being negative or even miserable about it won’t change it. I’m going to turn on the TV and pull like hell for the Dawgs to beat the Gamecocks out of the Gators. That’s the only choice I have that I can effect. Be happy! You could have been born the fan of an ACC team, but you weren’t. Be thankful! Some are walking around in plain daylight wearing GT stuff. You aren’t. Georgia could have SOD or PJ as a coach, but they don’t. Get the idea? We’ve got a lot to be positive about. Georgia can still determine their fate in the conference..SC can’t…I just can’t understand the negativism.

    • +100 DAWG NATION unite in positive energy.

      On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

      > ** > Uglydawg commented: “Georgia’s going to play Florida in the WLOCP > saturday. Mark Richt will coach Georgia, Bobo will call the offensive plays > and Grantham will call the defensive plays. This ain’t going to change. > Being negative or even miserable about it won’t change it. I’m” >

    • Cojones

      Nothing ugly about you Dawg. Keep on keepin’ on.

  25. Macallanlover

    Thanks to the good fans that are rallying behind the effort to beat the gators this weekend. It will be a difficult task but our best chance is all march together in our hope and belief that we will play at our best level. It will take that, fu has improved from their slow start on offense and has been solid on defense all year. We have little hope to diminish their ST advantages, just have to believe our defensive and offensive units step their play up.

    I am through with the haters, there is no satisfying them. They are bold faced liars when they say credit wil be given if we upset fu this Saturday. They will simply slink away and wait for anothe rstumble toi come back with a fury. They will update their numbers by one, but sing the same verse. It is like the negatrons who say we cannot compete with fu based in the 1990-2012 numbers, even if you win they simply add a W for UGA and sing the same song again the next year. There is no getting out of the hole for another decade with that ridiculous thought process. You are letting the fu fans dictate when the series began. We lead the series, we went through a horrible 1990’s decade. Period. Frankly GT fans are better than this group, they think they are going to win every year against us, and have much less reason for optimism. These are just negative UGA people who like to make others as miserable as they are. We can win Saturday, we may not. But it will not be because Boom is a better coach, or we are playing in JAX. It will be because of the performance of the players on the field. I wish our players had the solidarity of their fanbase behind them that fu has.

    Anyone who thinks there is a different Richt since 2007, or a different Grantham since last year are foolish. They haven’t forgotten how to coach, and their desire to see these young men succeed in achieving their dreams is no less than it has been in the past. There is way too much emphasis on the coaches’ role here. I don’t believe in throwing players who are playing hard and within the rules under the bus. A few have needed to be called out, but generally speaking I don’t believe in publicly asking for people to be fired, or saying UGA is a place players cannot expect to be coached up, or that their dreams cannot be realized in Athens. But that is exactly. precisely what the haters spew every week if we don’t win, or we don’t win in the fashion they expect. Much of the performance shortfalls we see are on the players not executing, not being focused, or not being available for their own misbehavior. It is a no-win game with this type of fan because they have an agenda to advance so I am hoping the fans who truly wish the program well will ignore their venom. They apparently want attention just like children do. And the amount of ink given to their cause makes it harder to get players who want to play in an environment like they are creating. If you have a beef with mangement, take it to the man in charge. Stop publicly blasting the program, its representatives and its players.

    • So eloquently stated. Bravo!!

    • Carolinadawg

      You way overestimate both your ability to influence events, and mine. We’re a bunch of anonymous posters on an inconsequential blog. Do you really think players, coaches, administrators or recruits are affected by what is posted here? You’re not that important, sorry.

      And in regard to throwing players under the bus, um, you might want to tell that to Shawn Williams?

    • Otto

      I will be pulling for UGA but honestly I don’t expect to be within 2 TDs. UF hasn’t been giving the ball up, and they run the ball very well.

      Has CMR changed? No but I don’t think he was prepared to be the CEO he became. I think he had a very good staff on both sides of the ball when he arrived, and has shown to be too loyal to some promotions/replacements. Some didn’t slink away after the big UT win. 1 win won’t get my hopes up just as 1 loss didn’t get them down.

      I do wish our fan base had the desire to compete like other SEC schools, and took a good hard look at how the teams have performed compared to other top SEC programs. Culture come up on one of the articles I posted on and said UF changed their culture. UF, Auburn, and LSU have no more of a winning history than UGA yet I can’t see their fan base as accepting of being a best of the rest waiting around for a magical year.

      Having a cousin that played on a SECCG winning team, they don’t read this. ESPN posting up records against Top 25 teams will have far more impact on recruits.

      Are some UGA fans pulling for the team to collapse? Probably. I can see why as they believe a large part of the fan base will want CMR as long as he just wins the games he is supposed too. I can see McGarity being slow to make a change, if the hire flops his job could be on the line.

      • Otto

        Also it isn’t just the performance of the players on the field. The player must have the prep and planning for the other team. That includes play calling, begins back in the spring camp and continues in S&C/off field discipline.

  26. Central Time

    I’ll be at Dave & Busters at Walnut Hill and 75 with the rest of the Dallas alumni on Saturday. There won’t be a single person wearing red and black pulling for anyone more than these dogs. Except maybe Tech (Texas ex. Nerds), Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington, and our canine brethren in Miss. I guarantee you one thing, we win, I ain’t gonna listen to any more of this shit around here. GTP?

  27. Central Time

    Senator, that wasn’t directed toward you (just to be clear).