Upset alert!

Mark Schlabach goes there.

The funny thing is that he sounds quite rational as he lays out his reasons why.


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36 responses to “Upset alert!

  1. Buddy Arthur

    Personally, I think we can pull it off, but I prefer the negativity over being the chic media upset pick. We never play well when other people think we are good and the team buys in to that. Where’s Pat Dye when you need him?

    • James Stephenson

      Gathering cash for the buyout.

      • PD will get it; you can count on him and his cronies. I saw stuff in Alabama that I could not believe, when it came to those men in the dark rooms that run everything. What is amazing is that Alabama and Auburn alumni come together to make these things happen.

  2. Like their 6-2 upset pick record. GO DAWGS, SIC ‘EM

  3. TennesseeDawg

    There is absolutely no way the Dawgs pull this off. Did anyone watch the last 2 games? Hate to be Skeptic Dawg on this one but CMR’s recent track record gives me little hope.

  4. SCDawg

    I still hope we can win this game, but i don’t have a ton of confidence. The line play has just been so bad the last few weeks.

  5. Cousin Eddie

    If they win I say Shawn Willams for MVP.

  6. They can win. They have the talent. They may even be more talented across the board. It’s whether they have the will to win. They haven’t shown the will to be champions this year. If they want it bad enough, they’ll find a way to win. It’s what champions do. That’s very much a platitude, but I think it holds true to this bunch of hyper-talented, yet-so-far underachievers. Maybe Shawn Williams questioning their manhood and their desire will do some things.

    Whatever Georgia needs to get a victory, I’m all for it. It’s my birthday on Saturday, and I could really use a Georgia win. Just one time, Old Lady Luck. One time.

  7. Gatriguy

    I can’t see a way, but I certainly hope so. 1992, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005. We owe them one big time.

  8. Will Trane

    Passion and loyalty can over rule a lot. No upset. Another lose for the Dawgs. Richt and the coaches have not shown me any abiility to coach up a team, to game plan, to game manage, and to find play makers in a big game. Where is Vince Dooley.
    Georgia – Florida. Two great names always with this game. Coach Erk Russell and Larry Munson. Just maybe these legends and their spirit will visit us in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon. Always think of them at this game. Truly the best of the best.


    It’s nice to try and rationalize but in the end, there is no way in hell we win this game. Richt does not have it in him to win these big SEC games. Forget it.

  10. Russ

    Where’s the kool-aid when you need it? I need a big gulp to keep my hopes up.

  11. Beakerdawg

    Did anyone else notice the UGA book over Shlabach’s left shoulder? It was UGA’s “Football Vault” book.

  12. Beakerdawg

    Sorry I meant his right shoulder. I wish that what he said was true. No way we beat Muscherry and the gators.

  13. Mike

    These are two top ten teams playing this weekend. How can anyone call a win by either team an “upset?”

    Yes, I am aware Florida is favored. But according to the AJC, the line is less than a TD.

  14. DamnGoodDawg

    Stack the box against the run, make them pass. FU’s passing game hasn’t been that great this season. Against TN they had 216 yards (their best showing). Against LSU, 61 yards. Against VANDY 77 yards. Against USCe 94yards. Through my red and black colored glasses, I know we have a chance. They bleed just like us, all you got to do is cut’em.

  15. Alcoholic Genius

    Two weeks ago, you D’heads takin bout how SC was unbeatable. Then, they didn’t show up – badly beaten by a team that had 29 yards offense in the first half. On any given Saturday, it can happen, and thats why we play the game. I hope our team isn’t a reflection of our fan base – – too many pessimistic know-it-all piss ants who give up before the first second ticks off the clock. I recall when we didn’t give up based upon our 20 year record, what the mo fo line was, or what our winning percentage was against teams with four legged mascots, etc. We had the burn our our belly to play the game and went in with passion, hope and the belief that we could beat any body ass if we just tried hard enough. You didn’t hear this crap in ’85 when they were #1 and we whipped they gator tail. I sure hope we got a smaller percentage of cynical know-it-all pussys on the team than we do among the fans. I think we do, and I think they gone win this one for my momma! WHO’S THAT COMING DOWN THE TRACK?

  16. UGA72

    Trey, it’s my birthday, also. A UGA win would be the best present I could ask for.

  17. Pcidoc

    You tellem. One A.G. To another!