Everything that’s wrong with America, on one billboard

Overlooking our parking spot this morning…



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28 responses to “Everything that’s wrong with America, on one billboard

  1. Ain’t that the truth!


  2. Joey

    Surely Corinne didn’t put that up or it would have said ‘Go Gatah’.


  3. ChicagoDawg

    Wow, that billboard truly is wrong….on so many levels.


  4. AusDawg85

    Ok, the Senator is settled-in, the bourbon is flowing so it’s…hijack time!

    Dear naysayers, doubters, downers, etc.,

    Let’s have a little truce this morning, shall we? My heart is in Athens (cue REM) and forever will be, and wherever the Dawgs travel. So let’s be very clear about today’s events.

    We already won. We beat Florida. We always have, we always will. Simply because we ARE Georgia. We have the traditions, the beauty, the magic, the miracles. We have Munson, UGA, Trippi, Sinkwich, Tarkenton, Herschell, etc. We have Appleby to Washington, Butler kicking it a mile, Belue to Scott. We Hunker Down, and Hobnail Boot’em.

    Florida has nothing. Sure, they had Spurrier who made a deal with the devil, and lives with it to this day. But where is the OBC today? And who really cares? Old news. The mercenary Meyer won on the back of the GPOOE. Meyer showed his colors and we see what a loyal “family” man he can be. The Tebow kid…nice kid, but how’s that post-gator life working-out? He’s forgotton. A punch-line in football history while Walker is still punching-out foes half his age. Muschamp? Please.

    We are the Georgia Bulldogs. We always will be. We have everything. That pathetic excuse for higher learning (cue Ms. Brown’s speach) in the vast emptiness and wasteland of Florida is not, nor ever will be a “competitor” to what we have. We entertain and amuse them simply because we choose to do so, not from any need to “be” like them. We are not jealous of their football victories. We laugh that they think they somehow justify their sad, sorry, stale, meaningless existence.

    We own the series. We own the WLOCP. We own the traditions, the respect, the admiration of all others. We are Georgia.

    Whether we choose to win by a last second field goal banging through the uprights, or let them tire themselves by running around for a 70 – 0 score against us, it’s our choice. We own them. We always will. They are lowly swamp reptiles. We are Georgia. Be proud…in your heart. GO DAWGS!


  5. Beautiful….We must prepare our hearts and minds. Gentleman, get your hats, lucky charms and whatever makes you feel and know , “We are Georgia a force like no other.” I am putting out the ultimate….my temporary tattoo. It is an expression of what we always have, “HOPE”.


  6. garageflowers

    Hopefully no one minds that I ask this here, but I have a huge deadline on Tuesday and will listen to the game at work. I looked at a few iPhone/iPad apps, but the ones that I saw did not look reliable. Any recommendations on how I can listen through a computer or iPhone?. Last time I had to listen to a game at Work was the 2006 Auburn game. Let’s hope for the same results today. Many thanks


  7. Sashko1943

    Well, considering Obama gave up on Florida because he thought it un-winnable, perhaps we’ll see the Gators do the same thing after the 1st quarter.


  8. ScoutDawg

    ssssssss on them and them gathas.


  9. TomReagan

    If that wasn’t put up by some ingenious Romney staffers, then they should thank whoever did put it up. They should put up some in Georgia with Honey Boo-Boo’s endorsement.


  10. FTWorthDawg

    I yield back the balance of my time, Mr. Speaker !


  11. Cosmic Dawg

    The billboard lacks references to airport security, George Clooney’s artificial attempts at “prankster” hijinks, candy corn, Glee, congress, and sea hags.

    Otherwise it’s spot on.


  12. wwright78

    Damn, You parkin out on I-10? Either that or they moved that billboard since I lived off HERSCHEL Street in Riverside. Wish I was there right about now.


    • Jim from Duluth

      No idea where the Senator was parked, but I saw one of those @#$%^& things on I-95 heading to the stadium area Saturday morning…


  13. HondaDawg

    Time to come back down to Earth. You d-bags didn’t win anything. I love the “We beat the Gayters !” mantra. The sobering truth is that one football team beat another football team because it wasn’t afraid of the other team’s “mystique” or BCS ranking. They actually won because of talent. GA beat UF because it is a known fact that on average, GA holds a slight edge in high school talent. Therefore, it is acceptable to say that if these players ever played up to their ability, then they should win most of these games. The winning team played up to its ability and competed for 60 minutes; which is something they DID NOT do against SCAR for 1 minute. Win or Lose this should be the ONLY thing we ask of these kids to do on the field. Off the field, all they need to do is go to class and be good people in society.
    The end