The key to the day

A dedicated Porta Potty for our tailgate site.


Don’t leave home without it.


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  1. With all that Beer, Wine and Bourbon you must not leave home without it. Ask TP is he is, “Drinking wine spodie odie?

  2. Hogbody Spradlin


  3. AusDawg85

    United Potty…don’t leave home without it. Do you get reward points for every “deposit”?

  4. Franklin Tenny Dawg

    That must have been quite a sight on top of the car traveling down I-16.

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Before reading, I just figured this was a visual approximation of your prediction for the game.

  6. GatorHater

    Maybe this will help reverse the trend of Dawgs crapping our pants in Jax

  7. Uglydawg are on..I can’t believe how the refs are screwing Tennessee. They must feel like they’re wearing red helmets…
    I hope this isn’t a preview of Georgia’s treatment by the cheating zebras today.

  8. Uglydawg

    On second thought…yes I can believe it. This is the SEC.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    Heart goes out to Marcus Lattimore. Just devastating.

  10. Uglydawg

    Terrible looking injury. I hope it’s not as bad as it looks.

  11. Carolinadawg

    Great start! We finally look ready for a big game!

  12. Keese

    Coach Richt just pushed the shit out of Grantham to get on sideline. Bout time Richt acts like he wants to win

    • Carolinadawg

      Yes, and he’s actually got the team fired up too. Or at least Shawn Williams did. Either ways good.

  13. TennesseeDawg

    We are getting Murrayed again. At least the defense responded.

  14. Will never win the big game

    Time to burn the red shirt. Hutson Mason please.

  15. Normaltown Mike

    Wtf Murray!

  16. O G Dog

    Maybe our rookie quarterback will be better next year

  17. Turd Ferguson

    So typical of this team. So freakin’ typical. Thank God for Rambo, but jeez.

  18. gastr1

    I think the picture fits all too well for Aaron Murray. Get in there and clean your britches, son.

  19. W Cobb Dawg

    AM singlehandedly killing us. Why is MM bringin KO out – some coach, any coach, tell him all he needs to do is go on a knee and we’d start on the 25. At least D came to play, but they’ve rarely been off the field.

  20. Skeptic Dawg

    I am now certain that Murray is on the take. No possible way he is such a mental midget.

  21. Cosmic Dawg

    This game is a mess on both sides of the ball. All the insanity is almost worth it if it means we get our awesome D back.

    I feel for Murray, I really do, love that kid and think he’s a DGD, but being a DGD doesn’t mean you get automatic playing time. Sometimes you can be a DGD and be #2 on the depth chart.

    As the announcers have indicated, Murray is not even making “good” mistakes, these are head mistakes, inscrutable decision-making under pressure, and time in the SEC and seasoning does not seem to have tempered this. Maybe it could have gone a different way, some turning point last year or something, but even if it were possible, is there any way this kid can mentally leave a half like this behind him and lead this team anywhere meaningful this season? I hope so, but I am doubtful.

    It may not have been before, but at some point this October it has become a legit question to ask if Mason is wired to simply keep a level head back there. He doesn’t have to put up Murray’s numbers against inferior opponents for us to beat them, he just has to maintain in the big games.

    If Mason has shown any ability at all, I’m not sure what more he has to do or what less Murray must do in order for Mason to earn some playing time…and if you’re going to consider burning Mason’s RS, I think the second half of this game has to be a consideration.

    Is that crazy?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      And part of me says, the kid just got some pretty bad news about his dad – maybe part of being “Georgia” instead of some other program is you keep your starting QB in that situation, win or lose, when he’s obviously going through a rough stretch. I don’t know what the right answer is, there.

  22. Turd Ferguson

    It’s hard for me to buy into the “Aaron Murray can’t win big games” line, but the evidence is just getting to be overwhelming. I love the guy, but damn.

    QB rating against SC: 58.6.
    QB rating so far today: 10.7.
    Avg QB rating for the other 6 game: 192.8.

    And the fact that Mitchell is still returning *any* kind of kick tells me that we’ve either got a serious talent problem, or the coaches are seriously incompetent on this point. If he’s not coughing the ball up, he’s *at least* making a terrible decision of some sort. At this point, I’d rather us just have nobody returning kickoffs at all. Just have someone standing at the 5, and if it goes over his head, let it go.

  23. AthensHomerDawg

    2nd half sports fans. 7-6. YEAH BABY….. let’s do this thing!

  24. Cosmic Dawg

    Also, when the O came back after the 3rd INT with 4 minutes left, I DO blame Bobo for the sissyfied playcalling.

    Anybody that has watched Georgia football over the last few years – including Florida’s coaching staff – knew we were going to tuck our tails and try a couple of half-hearted runs because we are a bunch of fraidy cats and were scared we might make another mistake. And we fooled nobody.

    I think if you were even going to run Murray out there again, let him throw on first and second down while the pressure is low and show some confidence in him right out of the gate. Instead, we ran twice and then again put Murray in a 3rd down situation where he had it all on his shoulders.

    And we followed the exact same pattern on our first two sets of downs in the second half. I get that the only thing that has worked thus far is the run, but it’s not going to keep working unless there is a threat of a pass.

    • Yeah..who didn’t see the classic near the end of the half but still plenty of time left two runs into a stacked line and non converted third and long leaving the other team plenty of time to score coming?

  25. Carolinadawg

    BYU 41-17 over Tech at homecoming! lol

  26. Wow..Think y’all could have locked Murray in that thing at halftime? Florida is trying their f-ing best to give us this game and Murray refuses to take it.

  27. Turd Ferguson

    We’re apparently going to have to find a way to win despite our starting QB.

    • Apparently. At least against USC he had the excuse that Clowney was running thru the turnstile and in his face on every play. This game he’s just choking.

      • Carolinadawg

        In his defense, a couple of the drops were the receivers fault, for sure. That said, he has clearly had a bad game.

  28. Carolinadawg

    If we win this game, Murray’s touchdown to Mitchell will be up there with Lindsay Scott, etc.

  29. I guess we see the difference having a healthy Jarvis back makes.

  30. Carolinadawg

    Jarvis Jones is a certified beast!!

  31. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Looks like it’s over.

    Let me be the first to say, Hey, Will

    Go Dawgs!

  32. Carolinadawg

    Great game, great win! Go Dawgs!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That’s not what you were saying last week, traitor. last week you were wanting to fire the HC because the team was 6-1. Now you are all sweetness and light. What a hypocrite you are!

      • Carolinadawg

        You just can’t leave me alone can you? Strange mancrush you have on me. And FYI, my opinion of Richt can, will and does change. And that has nothing to do with my support for the actual team, and doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Please quit using words you don’t understand the meaning of.

  33. O G Dog

    Glory Glory

  34. PatinDC

    Wow. They did it. AM came thru at the end. Gators look so sad.

  35. Will never win the big game

    Well that handle brought out the SJ III Karmic Bitches.

    Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott

    Aaron Murray to Malcom Mitchell

    Two words: Jarvis Jones.

    I’m getting drunk!!!

  36. Wow…that might be the ugliest game I’ve ever seen but it’s a win and it’s pretty damn sweet!

  37. Love you JJ, Mitchell you redeemed yourself man! What a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AM you may have made a few mistakes, but we love you. Can you imagine what Larry would have said here. Guess he was calling the game with the THE BIG MAN IN HEAVEN.

  38. Raven

    OK loudmouth Murray haters, where are you now?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Oh, that’s right, because any analysis of a player’s shortcomings, regardless of how adamantly, genuinely you say you appreciate their effort in the same post, must be “hate”.

      If your post is meant to suggest that last drive somehow means AM “pulled one out” – I would disagree. We are all happy AM had a great drive at the end, I hope that kid does amazing things the rest of this year and wish him nothing but great things. He is one of my favorite players. ,

      But if you want to force the issue instead of just being relieved for Georgia and AM like the rest of us, then we can open up the floor to talk about the uncomfortable truth: Georgia won this one in spite of Aaron Murray.

      • I’d agree. I like Murray and think he’s a DGD, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t play like crap except for one drive. The way the Defense was turning Florida over this game could have been a blowout if he’d been even minorly competent in the first 3 and a half quarters.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Agree. AM happened to be on the winning team. His performance was awful – particularly when you take into acount he’s a 4th year junior. The kid is smart and has great tools – why he falls apart in big games needs to be addressed. We have a chance to win it ALL. Can’t do it without AM.

  39. AusDawg85

    Was that Spurrier I just saw heading to the golf course?

  40. AusDawg85

    CBS NEWS FLASH>>>>>>

    Property is being destroyed tonight!!

  41. Raven

    Analysis? You better read back upstream. Buncha jerks couldn’t poor piss out of as boot.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      You’re moving the goalposts. Your original post suggested everyone who voiced frustration over AM’s performance was suddenly eating crow. Now, realizing you can’t support that, I guess you have moved on to evaluating our ability to “analyze”. But it doesn’t take much analytical prowess to voice concern over what was obvious to anyone watching the game – Murray had a horrible first half and a mediocre second half.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Whatever, dude. You came on here acting like anybody who ever criticized AM was a hater, and because AM put together one (great!) drive of passing plays that all the previous criticism was unfounded. THAT is bullshit. I love Murray. I root for Murray almost as much as I root for the whole team. But I’m also honest enough to say when he’s effing it up.

  42. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The picture at the beginning of this thread–that’s Carolinadawg’s house, right?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      There is another UGA blog that I stopped going to because they constantly give warning after warning because of supposed infractions of civility. It is exhausting to read and annoying.

      Most of us at GTP used to be pretty good about self-regulating, and we could disagree without getting nasty, but that has really changed over the last few weeks. We seem to have divided firmly into two camps – you’re either a Disney Dawg or a Dismal Dawg, nothing in between, and there is a lot of unnecessary name calling and impoliteness. I hope we can turn it around, because it’s getting to be like the vent on nights like tonight.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        CD, you can turn it around by quitting being ridiculous. Those of you who openly advocated a coaching change the same week that the Dawgs were 6-1 and playing for the lead in the SEC East were not only being outright stupid but were undermining the program as well. Perhaps that was not your intention CD but I sometimes wonder if some of the others are actually plants from other programs like Tech or Florida (I’m looking right at Carolinadawg) trying to stir up insurrection in our ranks.

      • Cojones

        CD, I’ve read some of your posts supporting the Dawgs, but you have to get over yourself concerning Murray. If you don’t know after 3 yrs that Aaron has a down game once in a while, then review to join the rest of Dawg Nation. Continuing to point out his downer game as an indication of overall ability makes you look as if you don’t know Murray like everyone else does. He ain’t perfect, he pulls us through many games that we would lose with someone else in there and his body of work doesn’t need a harangue about one game. It is self-defeating and a downer to read on an upper day.

        The replies you are getting are deserved since you stubbornly keep pushing the anti-Murray button. You aren’t convincing any one of anything, only looking foolishly hardheaded.

        I’ve seen your good stuff and “analysis” on here is used in the place of logic. No one is buying it and you are better than this.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          First, suggesting I have a lot of anti-Murray posts is insane – that’s in your head – I’m not sure I’ve ever given him any real grief on here, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. And I’m almost positive I’ve never brought up Mason before.

          And you missed the point. It’s not that Murray has a down game every once in a while. It’s that Murray does not do well in the bigger games. It doesn’t mean I hate him. It doesn’t mean I devalue his work in games like the KY game or question his manhood or whatever. I’m just curious if Mason would be more even-tempered, and where we might never see a stat-fest like the KY game with Mason, it might be that he would be more workmanlike in the big games. And I posed the question in a very, very nice way.

          That’s all I asked. I don’t think you can say I’m not being a DGD when I am simply talking about personnel possibilities from among QB’s who all wear the G. It’s not like I’m wishing we had some other team’s QB. Good grief.

    • LOL…Just waiting for someone to point that out! Mayor, my cronie love it!

    • Carolinadawg

      Thanks for another unprovoked personal attack mayor. You are the king of that. Let me just follow up to your bullshit by stating that it’s not my house…it’s the whorehouse your mother conceived you in. STFU.

  43. Hogbody Spradlin

    Okay comrades. Warmth, sweetness, light, and harmony to all, as long as you agree with me.

    Murray stank up the joint but came through in the clutch.The first INT was a tip and he probably got that SC feeling. The second was a tip, but it was an off balance throw behind the receiver. The third was a plain old bad throw.

    Our D was as stout as I’ve seen since the beginning of 2005, but we should thank Florida too. They only punted 3 times, so the turnovers helped mightily.

    I was moaning all week that we lack toughness. I stand corrected.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      The D was terrific. You could easily see fu players were stunned we hit so hard and flew to the ball. Fu players came to run their mouths, Dawg players came to smash their mouths!!

      Although AM’s first 2 INT’s were tipped, keep in mind he threw into heavy coverage. This kid has real problems with big games, and CMB & CMR need to put a stop to it.

  44. Raven

    This is analysis.

    1. We are getting Murrayed again.
    2.Will never win the big game. Time to burn the red shirt. Hutson Mason please.
    3. I think the picture fits all too well for Aaron Murray. Get in there and clean your britches, son.
    4. I am now certain that Murray is on the take. No possible way he is such a mental midget.

    I stand by everything I said. Everything.