They don’t make ugly wins like they used to.

Thank Gawd for that.

Now excuse me while I go celebrate.


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  1. Debby Balcer

    Yay!!!GO DAWGS!!!! watched with family after the funeral.

  2. Raven

    OK, where’s all the doom and gloom jerks? GO

    • Yeah, no kidding. Because we played a GREAT game, our offense played marvelously, and Bobo did a great job.

      Don’t be an idiot. Lets be happy about and enjoy the win, but don’t start jumping to stupid conclusions.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You’re nothing but a traitor. Why don’t you go be a “fan” of some other team. With “fans” like you the Dawgs don’t need any enemies.

        • Carolinadawg

          Just shut up. Seriously.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            GFY. Traitor. Seriously.

            • Carolinadawg

              What is your problem? We won and I am glad. I assume you are as well?

              You don’t get to decide who is a “fan”. Nor do you get to decide what being a “fan” consists of. You don’t. And you obviously don’t even know what the word traitor means, so you might want to quit using it.

              Oh, and I thought you weren’t going to respond to my posts, ever again? 🙂

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                I know what the word traitor means and so does everybody else on this blog–and it means YOU! You showed your true colors last week. You’ve got a lot of nerve to show up now acting like you were really behind the Dawgs all along when, in reality, you were doing everything you could to undermine the team. I still think that you are a plant from Tech or someplace else.

                • Carolinadawg

                  You are a piece of work. Bless your heart! Your entire sense of self worth seems to be based with your “position” on this blog, and the “support” you get from your cyber friends here. I think counseling is in order.

                  I especially love your use of the term “undermining”, as if the players and coaches read this blog in order to prepare for the game. Neither you nor I are actually part of the team, the team’s preparation for the game, nor do we have any impact on the teams performance. Please do yourself a favor and try to gain a little perspective, and do me a favor and fulfill your previous assertion to refrain from responding to my posts.

                  • Carolina, let me correct some “facts” of yours. First, about the Mayor’s self-worth and position within this blog… Mayor most certainly isn’t what one would consider a Disney Dawg. He walks to his own beat with is own opinions and he doesn’t give a damn what others think of it. But what I’ve come to see from him is that he is a true fan that cares what is best for this team and actually understands prespective within a football season and team, unlike you and others around here. If winning MNC’s were so damn easy then everyone would have them, wouldn’t they?

                    And yes, you and Skeptic and the others do undermine this program. How much you do is impossible to say, but if you don’t think negative thoughts and constant bitching and griping don’t affect anything, then try starting a business surrounded by your types.

                    Feels satisfying to be a Damn Good Dawg today, don’t it Mayor?!

                    • Carolinadawg

                      You have a strange understanding of what constitutes a fact, but so be it. And your business analogy is simply nonsensical…this is a blog, not a business. Posters on this blog aren’t part of a team attempting to complete a task. You seem to suffer the same self delusion as the mayor; you aren’t part of the Georgia football team, you’re a fan. That is all. There is no cause and effect between your thoughts and actions, and the success or failure of the team.

                      But it is great to be a Dawg today!

                    • rugbydawg79

                      +1 Big Ones 3

  3. Rebar


    • gastr1

      I was just relieved to see the defense show up so we could stay in the game. Great win! We need to see the defense play like that the rest of the year.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Another Miracle on Duval Street? 29 for Heisman. All you punk ass whiney bitches who did not believe…..I got two words for you.

    I Blame Mark Richt

    • Big Ones III
      October 27, 2012 at 10:33 PM
      Carolina,cosmic, skeptic dawg…
      This one was for you!!! Chomp Chomp

      Not sure what gives me more pleasure… shuttin up them fing Gaytors or you!!!

      Big Ones III
      October 21, 2012 at 10:41 AM
      Here’s a great idea, why don’t we get behind our team for the WLOCP instead of calling for pitchforks and rushing to set fire to the entire football program? They won the damn game people and it is conceivable that they can beat a GAYtor team that just came off an emotional victory. I know it’s hard for all you “experts” on here to grasp but teams do evolve (and granted, they sometimes devolve) and one week’s performance doesn’t exactly predict the next weeks’ performance. Granted it was Kentucky, but there is a lot of great potential on this team to build on, instead of focusing on just the negative consider a few things that might give hope for next week and the rest of the season… This defense still hasn’t played consecutive games with the same personnel. I personally am very excited about Jordan Jenkins’ play. If he continues his great play and we can get Jarvis Jones back healthy next week then I’m confident this D will show alot better next week. .AM’s performance last night was outstanding! I have to go back to the D Greene days to recall seeing a QB on the field with that much control and accuracy. This is very postive for our prospects in any game and if this Oline jells a little more then he can absolutely carve up any defense. I am also impressed with these receivers, even without Bennett they are the most talented and deep that I’ve ever seen at UGA. I still believe we are just scratching the surface on the weapon we have in Gurshall and Malcome looks like he can thrive in the role of closer when we need to get tough yards for a first down and run the clock out in tight games. Come on people, its the WORLD’s LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY- try to enjoy it!!!! no reason to give in on this game before its played.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Hey Big Ones III – you have obviously not read enough of my posts to call me out, Jack, but since you did, chomp on this:

        **I predicted the Dawgs would “crush” Florida on a post right here on GTP either yesterday or the day before.**

        I come here to try and understand what I’m seeing better and to comment on it in a way that seems truthful and civil at the same time. Showing up here and squeaking “go dawgs!” on Saturday afternoons and never thinking beyond that seems like a colossal waste of time and a very boring idea for a blog. If you take the civil criticism out of the equation, that’s what you’re left with. I’m pretty sure I don’t complain too much about losses here – I only expect our guys to behave like gentlemen, to play to their potential, and to give their all every time out…and our coaches to scheme to their potential, too.

        So you can take your Nellie Oleson finger-wagging elsewhere. I always support this team and take great pains to show restraint with other commenters, players, and coaches, You hall monitors who feel the need to coach the rest of us on what it means to be a “real fan” are getting pretty tedious.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          No, CD. You don’t “support this team.” You try to undermine this team at every step. And you are the among the ones whose comments are “tedious.”

          • Anon

            An anonymous internet commenter has the power to undermine a whole team? You must really hate Shawn Williams.

            • Carolinadawg


            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Senator, this sure looks like a sock puppet.

              • Cosmic Dawg

                Senator, this sure looks like a hall monitor.

              • Anon

                Sock this, Mayor.

                I’ve been posting as Anon on this and several other boards for quite some time. Makes almost as much sense as “Mayor of Dawgtown.”

                If you can honestly say that you didn’t think that there were top to bottom, fundamental issues affecting this team, I don’t know that we can carry on an adult conversation. And one game in Jacksonville is not going to change that.

                What it can do, however, is be the catalyst for change and help to identify the problems.

                As much as you hate it, we’re actually on the same team. I’m enjoying the hell out of this win over the mighty Gators.

                GATA Georgia Bulldogs.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Find the post where I am not supporting the team, Mayor, and copy and paste it below. Please.

    • Athdawg

      That’s 4

      • CD, its probably wasn’t fair for me to signal out certain commentors on this blog so I do apologize to you for that- I guess the alcohol got the best of me last night. I do understand and sometimes share the emotion of being frustrated and let down by a team that you feverously support, but I can’t understand why supposed fans can’t let the season marinate and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Football season is way too short to try to tear things up before letting it play out, and I’ll never understand (and have a hard time forgiving) why we have so many “fans” that are so negative about our coaches and team while we have major goals still left to play for.
        Anyways, enjoy the moment! Its great to get a victory over the hated enemy and let’s hope our beloved dawgs continue to crush their dreams this season by winning the rest of the way out. Its about damn time we gave it back to those guys! Way to go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!

        • Cosmic Dawg

          So with no snark intended, what, exactly, do you think we should talk about here during the season?

          • Dawgfan Will

            Also with no snark intended: the games themselves, rather than a desire to get rid of a coach that is presently enjoying success.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              I’ve never once recommended firing CMR – not once. But I think if somebody has an argument for that, and they present that argument politely, there is no reason that conversation can’t be within the bounds of what we talk about here, unless we hear differently from The Senator.

              I get angry at the people who are never satisfied with our players and coaches and do nothing but throw bombs. But I get equally annoyed at the thought police who patrol these halls looking to label anyone with a criticism as a “hater”.

              It is extra sad when we lose because the Dismal Dawgs leap upon a single loss as a reason to show up and waggle their antlers at the positive posters. But it is also a little sad when we win the game and can’t enjoy it together because the Disney Dawgs see all previous criticism – much of it still valid, of course – as “hatred”, and think the win is some sort of moral, cosmic justification for their point of view.

              Bottom line – this was a great win for the Dawgs, we could all do a better job controlling the tone we use to criticize the program and *each other*. With the exception of a couple of posters, I’m pretty sure the Dismal Dawgs – and I don’t even count myself in their number – don’t want to see the Dawgs lose to justify their positions, it would be nice to see them get the benefit of the doubt of simply having a different outlook on the state of the program instead of being labeled as traitors, etc.

              • The Lone Stranger

                Huzzah, sir! I am behind your general principles on this thing. And I am curious if UF has ever coughed up the ball 6 times in the past, like, 30 years? The Dawgs nearly gave it back to them, but the overall Toughness shown by the entire squad was what impressed me most.

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  Thanks Lone Stranger – I was impressed by their effort last night, too. I can’t imagine Florida has ever turned the ball over six times in the history of the game, unless it was some crazy night in the rain in 1932. But our D *forced* most of those last night – it wasn’t all missed handoffs or whatever…we didn’t luck into that win, our D made it happen.

              • Dawgfan Will

                The coach-firing portion of my comment was diected more toward the tenor of comments here since the South Carolina game, rather than at you specifically. But I will say that there are a number of posters here who only post positive comments about anything UGA-related when we win. Any loss is enough for them to immediately rehash the same old arguments for why Richt, et al., deserve to be shown the door, or should have been shown the door in 2006, 2007, 2008 etc. While I agree that the tone has gotten too ugly around here lately, I think that the idea that what is said on blogs doesn’t affect the team is laughable. Bloggers are becoming regular commenters and guests on national sports shows, and blog comments are being referred to on the same venues. Prospective recruits and current players do pay attention to the Internet, and airing venom against a coach and players in a public forum (which this most certainly is) is exceptionally counterproductive to our team’s success.

                By the way, none of this is directed at you specifically.

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  I agree there are a few dirtbags who – weirdly – only show up after the Dawgs lose to gloat about being right – that must surely be cold comfort, and I’m not a fan of that crowd, either.

                  But the frustration with the team not being prepared or showing intensity in big games is not statistical cherry-picking or knee-jerk reactions to single games. Although a loss naturally brings both flaws in the team and frustrations to the surface.

                  But I think it’s seriously unfair to hang any recruiting issues on blog posters. That is that tail wagging the dawg, so to speak. The team plays, the coaches coach, and we react to them, not the other way around. If the team wins and all the other program intangibles are positive, they’ll continue to get great recruits. If the team loses and we fall short on the intangibles, we will get fewer recruits. I don’t think blogs comments make ‘Bama what they are, nor Illinois what they are, either.

                  But if you’re right, and folks are following what we say – don’t both negative and positive blog posting help incentivize our coaches and players to improve, and thereby improve our program and improve our recruiting? If we have the power you suggest, shouldn’t we be both carrot and stick, to push the program to greatness? And if we only say happy things, shouldn’t they assume we are 100% happy and continue doing whatever it is they’re doing?

                  I’m actually 90% happy with our program. I’d rather lose with a good fellow like CMR than win with a dirtbag. But I follow GA football and also like to analyze stuff, so the 10% is also very interesting to me. I still think that’s what this comments section is for….

                  • Dawgfan Will

                    I guess when I read some of the incessantly negative comments on here, they strike as being the text equivalent of egging a player’s house: it serves no real purpose other than to make the one who does it feel better, and it reflects poorly on the rest of the fan base. I don’t believe in sunshine-pumping, but I do believe in seeing the good AND the bad, not just the bad. I would much rather both sides be able to engage in intelligent debate, but as I said on another thread, the pro-Richts vs. the anti-Richts are becoming like political parties that don’t leave any middle ground for anyone. And if it comes down to throwing in my lot with one or the other, it will always be with the Disney Dawgs.

                  • Big One III

                    well reasoned stuff from both of you Dawgfan Will and Cosmic Dawg… My condensed version, there is always room for discussion on our team no matter what the subject. The problem lies with the accusations and venom thrown at my alma mater by the flat earth-ers who swear Murray will never win the big game or Richt has lost his fire and wants to go be a missionary in Guatemala or some ignorant crap like that.

                    • Dawgfan Will

                      The people who keep saying that Richt is going to give up coaching to be a missionary are just engaging in wishful thinking (or something). If Richt is fired any time in the next decade or so, he will be coaching at another big school before the ink is dry on a new UGA coach’s contract. His coaching IS his mission and his ministry.

  5. WF dawg

    It’s going to take me awhile to wrap my head around what just happened tonight. I do know this at this point. I’m happy.

  6. ChicagoDawg

    My head is soooo gonna hurt tomorrow, but better tomorrow morning than tonight!

  7. Siskey

    Too Cold Scorpio, I agree 100000000%. This was their Jasper Sanks game and its long overdue.

  8. Whatever you did SJIII and whatever everyone else did… We must keep doing it until the end!!! Bless you all for being DAWG Lovers, no matter what!!! Munson was there in spirit. Could you all feel that?

  9. HVL Dawg

    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!

  10. heyberto

    So much to say, but can’t quite articulate the feeling. Two years in a row was a big milestone for Richt in this game. Jarvis Jones won the game, Shawn Williams saved the season. As ugly as it was, we beat the #2 team in the nation and the Florida Gators. Sweet, sweet, sweet win. I’d say this is Richt’s signature win against Florida because it was the seonc win in a row, and they were ranked so high when he beat them. The ugliness just doesn’t win, and I don’t care if we lose to every other team we play the rest of the season. That sentiment will change tomorrow, but right now I don’t care.

  11. All we need tonight is Munson and Grizzard.

    You ain’t gonna believe what’s on that DVR when you get home, Senator. Double-ugly.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Somehow I managed not to have a heart attack. Thank you, Shawn Williams. And thank you, Jarvis Jones.


  13. collegeparkdawg

    Overwhelmed by pure JOY! Go Dawgs!

  14. And a question:

    Is a healthy JJ to linebackers as Herschel was to running backs?

    I never watched a finer defensive performance in a game by any Bulldog.

  15. Damn good dawg

    Spurrier beats us and we still end up stomping on his heart… sweet….so fuckin sweet!

  16. sniffer

    Ugliest thing of beauty ever!

  17. mwo

    2 in a row, bitch!!

  18. Derek

    If any if those whiny ass, doom and gloom, haters even crack a smile tonight, please knock their damn teeth out. You don’t get to enjoy this. The fans like me who told you we would win tonight are the ones who deserve this.

    • Know One Knows You're a Dawg

      It was a flukey win and only one game. It doesn’t reverse the trend.

      And look at how much Richt and the team had to be called out to for there to be four quarters of 100 percent effort for a change. We should be mad we don’t see that effort every game. It’s happened too rarely over the last 5 years.

  19. Irishdawg

    Because yesterday I said I would do it if the Dawgs won; I just ran around my block in my daughter’s Uga mascot blanket, running shoes, and my underwear. I’m a man of my word.

    GO DAWGS!!!

    • Ty Webb

      Didn’t know you were Irish, Doug.

      Lewis would’ve loved this one.

      /still a tear, 18 years later

      /Daddy should’ve got a better toehold

  20. Lrgk9

    Shawn Williams is now in on the top shelf of UGA memories forevah !

  21. Hey to Goober

    A man must live up to his word.

  22. TCD

    Gators…Gators…How’d you like to bite my ass? GOOOOOOOO DAWWWWWGS!

  23. dudetheplayer

    Good LORD do I love Jarvis Jones. This is one of the sweetest victories I have ever tasted. Ugly game or not, I am destroying some property tonight.

    How ’bout them Dawgs, baby! Defense finally came to play.

  24. Russ

    Wah! Wah! Wah! I don’t give a crap how sloppy it was. All I know is two in a row, bitches!

    • Cojones

      The Dawgs were responsible for FU having a sloppy day. Six turnovers ain’t sloppy; it’s D. Our D played their finest game since last year this time. Good for you, Dawgs!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        A particularly cogent observation there Mr. Cojones.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Murray might have been sloppy for a good deal of the game, but he was the definition of clutch when it counted. Glad Richt and Bobo continued to trust him; my faith was getting a little shaky, I don’t mind admitting.

  25. hassan

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”[

  26. Tronan

    That was the most satisfying ugly win in a long, long time. Damn, but this team kept coming through when it absolutely had to. I didn’t think they had it in them, but couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

  27. SCDawg

    Florida has been on the winning end of so many of those weird ugly games since i started at UGA (1993). Nice the good guys finally got one. Just wow.

  28. Texas Baller

    My apologies Mayor

    I’ll never question you dying faith again

  29. TennesseeDawg

    Shawn Williams is now a part of Georgia football lore

    • Damn good dawg

      Put Shawn Williams rant on a plaque and place it in the weight room! I wanna have Jarvis Jones’ baby!!!!…..slap hands! Slap hands!

  30. DawgPhan

    that one felt good. it didnt happen the way I thought it would, but damn if ti didnt happened.

    time to pop the top on that victory beer I stashed in the back of the fridge before the game.

    Mean Old Tom. Maine Beer company Stout aged on Vanilla beans.

  31. Merk

    vegas knew it

  32. Merk

    Murray has never lost to UF in regulation…

  33. TomReagan

    Jarvis Pollack

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Nah….here’s the one we are all thinking but are too soft to say……Herschel Jones!!!!!!!!

  34. NC DAWG

    Awwriiight!! Can it be possible that we had one third-down conversion all game, and it’s the most clutch TD pass of Murray’s life. Ugly but beautiful.

  35. 20 ninjas

    naysayer here to say … when it all clicks for Georgia, it is a beautiful thing. Too many penalties, too many turnovers, but UF couldn’t do a damn thing against our glorious defense. I wish every game was like this.

    Well, maybe not EXACTLY like this …

  36. Hogbody Spradlin

    I felt pretty good after the game. Then I went over to Alligator Alley, not to troll but just to see what they were saying. And as I read the angry rationalizations that we suck and they gave it to us, I felt . . . EVEN BETTER!!

  37. NC DAWG

    Grantham came up big. Jarvis Jones came up gargantuan.

  38. Pumpdawg

    I was fully expecting to be in a pissy mood tonite,and now I don’t know how to act.So I bought a lottery ticket cause obviously anything can fuckin happen.

    • Yes it can. Somebody will win the lottery too, but it won’t be me or you.

      • Pumpdawg

        Such negativity on such a joyous night. Shame on you joyridingdawg.

        • Sorry PD. Just something I always say to people who buy lottery tickets. I am more than joyous this morning. What a great time ahead we’re gonna have on GTP this year.

          On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

          > ** > Pumpdawg commented: “Such negativity on such a joyous night. Shame on > you joyridingdawg.”

  39. BMan

    Jarvis Jones is an amazing player. Jarvis Jones in Jacksonville is other worldly.

  40. Ausdawg85

    Wonder who will Dawggrade UF first. My guess is Herbstreit.

  41. MurphDawg

    My wife is doing the Susan G. Kohmen 3 day walk for the cure this weekend in Tampa so after she walked 20 miles today, we went to a sports bar filled with gator fans to watch the second half. On Driskels run that got called back for an illegal shift, they had all been chanting Tebow Tebow. I don’t know what a graduated player has to do but after the big sack on the next play, I chanted it back to them. They really didn’t appreciate the gator chomp after the final fumble recovery and it was pobably good that my sweet little wife led me to the door as I sang Glory Glory to old Georgia!!!!

    I haven’t been happy with the effort at times but the boys came to play tonight. Bless Shawn Williams for having the courage to speak up and bless the defense for answering the call!

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Somewhere out there Tebow is crying, or more likely broken down and openly sobbing, which makes the victory even more sweet!

      • Dawgfan Will

        What will be hilarious is if, in a year or two, after we have extended our burgeoning streak over the Gators, they bring in Tebow like Tennessee brought in Peyton to lend moral support against Bama on Saturday. Then we will know the worm truly has turned.

  42. Dawgwood

    No point being negative tonight. We won!! Go Dawgs!

  43. Carolinadawg

    Great effort and great win! Go dawgs!!

    • Carolina,cosmic, skeptic dawg…
      This one was for you!!! Chomp Chomp

      Big Ones III
      October 21, 2012 at 10:41 AM
      Here’s a great idea, why don’t we get behind our team for the WLOCP instead of calling for pitchforks and rushing to set fire to the entire football program? They won the damn game people and it is conceivable that they can beat a GAYtor team that just came off an emotional victory. I know it’s hard for all you “experts” on here to grasp but teams do evolve (and granted, they sometimes devolve) and one week’s performance doesn’t exactly predict the next weeks’ performance. Granted it was Kentucky, but there is a lot of great potential on this team to build on, instead of focusing on just the negative consider a few things that might give hope for next week and the rest of the season… This defense still hasn’t played consecutive games with the same personnel. I personally am very excited about Jordan Jenkins’ play. If he continues his great play and we can get Jarvis Jones back healthy next week then I’m confident this D will show alot better next week. .AM’s performance last night was outstanding! I have to go back to the D Greene days to recall seeing a QB on the field with that much control and accuracy. This is very postive for our prospects in any game and if this Oline jells a little more then he can absolutely carve up any defense. I am also impressed with these receivers, even without Bennett they are the most talented and deep that I’ve ever seen at UGA. I still believe we are just scratching the surface on the weapon we have in Gurshall and Malcome looks like he can thrive in the role of closer when we need to get tough yards for a first down and run the clock out in tight games. Come on people, its the WORLD’s LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY- try to enjoy it!!!! no reason to give in on this game before its played.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        See my comment above, but also way to turn Carolinadawg’s positive comment into something negative.

      • Cojones

        With that complete cheer reposted, I don’t blame you. You stuck it out there and went with them whole boat before the game. Good Dawg!

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Look, fellers, some folks are just too soft to be good Dawgs. Them what ain’t too soft have earned the right to stick it up they asses when the opportunity presenteth.

        • woof woof

          Makes it so much more sweeter, Cojones, Scorp. I told all them negative nancys yesterday that this team would make them proud and they did. I truly believe we look back at that Kentucky game as our 2007 Vandy game and this team is going to steamroll the rest of this schedule. Sorry Scorp… Letting my emotions get the better of my inner Munson!

  44. In our glee, let’s not forget the humble Tech fans.

    Lost by 24 to a religious school. Managed 157 net yards on offense.

    • To be fair..those Mormons can be tough and they somehow always end up with some huge Samoans or whatever. I’d say their loss to MTSU was worse…though losing on homecoming has gotta

    • Those Jackets are a mess. Let’s not forget Auburn; what a joke.

    • Thanks for adding some perspective to this rant. Tech is indeed worthy of our thoughts and hatred during this time. Life can’t be all fun and game, now can it? I encourage all of you to take two minutes out of this celebration and say ‘tuck fech’ to some random stranger you meet. You’ll feel better and you’ll be helping your fellow man.

      • +1. now that we have this great winning streak against the gators, I guess its hard to call them a rival anymore so we might as well turn our hatred against the closest thing to home. Tuck Fech!😉

  45. Tom

    Shawn Williams-DGD

  46. charlottedawg

    I didn’t think we had a snowball’s chance in hell. Damn happy to be 110% wrong! great game dawgs!

  47. Brian Dawg

    It’s great to be a Gator Hater!

  48. evolveddeepsoutherner

    I love everybody!

  49. JimDawginTexas

    I thank booboo. This is the only reason we won

  50. Rusty

    “I look for fla to win the game rather easily”
    Lou Holtz

    • Pumpdawg

      Consider the source.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard Holtz pick UGA to win any game. I’m really not sure why they keep him around…he just rambles on incoherently and tries to pimp Notre Dame and South Carolina whenever he can. Him and Corso could be sent off to the same retirement home and I’d be fine with it.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown


      • Cojones

        When he was Head Coach at SC, he is the only coach , writer and/or person in the SEC who picked the Dawgs at the beginning of the season. There is no enmity between Holtz and UGA.

        Sure glad he looks like shit with his prediction.

    • Merk

      If you watched Gameday, then you would have realized they acted like they had to draw straws for who would “entertain” the idea UGA could win.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Holtz just assumes Florida cheats, so they will win.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Rusty, to be more accurate I believe holtz said: “I fook for slorida to win the game pather sleashalee”.

  51. JaxDawg

    i was wrong. Lost faith. but had reason for it. richt needed this win more than any other and got it. thank god for jones.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Jax, everybody’s faith is tested from time to time…s’what makes life interesting…I would beg to differ that Mark Richt needed this more than I did, or you did, or any of us….the need was Dawg Nation-wide.

      I would be surprised if Mark Richt feels any deep need to prove anything other than my suggestion above.

      In the spirit of kicking Florida’s ass, welcome back Jax.

  52. Pumpdawg

    Jarvis’ stats: 13 tackles,3 forced fumbles,2 fumble recoveries and 3 sacks. I would give my left nut to hear what Larry woulda said about that.

  53. Dawgwood

    We prepared hard this whole week. I’ve never seen these guys practice like this before. … Everybody thought we were soft. They had more people carted off the field than we did.”

    -Rambo. GATA !

    • Cojones

      Last I saw it was 4-0, FU leading. Who did we have hurt?

      One play we had was a cut block after the whistle (on Nixon). It looked like dirt and he was fortunate that the injury didn’t stop him from returning. I don’t like dirty hits. They show little regard for the other person’s life and fear of their playing abilities. It was deliberate at his lower legs and from the back. It doesn’t prevent the enjoyment of the entire game, but it isn’t the type of individual play that I laud either.

      • ChicagoDawg

        Cojones, the hit on Nixon was a direct result of a cheap shot by his teammate #72 Harrison. He hit the GA player (can’t remember who it was may have been Jordan Jenkins) after the play was over and hit him in the back, which knocked him into Nixon. Gary Danielson called him out on the broadcast as his cheap shot resulted in his own player getting his knew rolled up. So, ironically, the dirty play on that incident was from the Gators.

        • ChicagoDawg

          Yeah, just went back and watched it on the DVR. It was Jordan Jenkins who got blocked from behind by Harrison, after the play was over, into Nixon. It was on the 4th down play where Williams sent Patton #83 off with what appeared to be a separated shoulder or broke collar bone.

      • Dawgfan Will

        I think Merrit Hall went out early on; don’t think he came back, because Zander Ogletree played a lot.

        • The Lone Stranger

          …and had a couple of nifty catches to go with some timely inside blocks! Liked how Z showed.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            And how the unemotional, uninterested head coach spent a few minutes hugging Zander in the aftermath.

            • The Lone Stranger

              Yessiree, he clearly appreciated his focus as he stepped into such a critical settings as the WLOCP. Shoot, kid was listed as the 3rd team FB!

  54. JaxDawg

    Hey Florida – remember 2002? Touche.

  55. Mike not Gator Mike

    Man, what a game. So happy for CMR and the team.

  56. tybeedawg

    Heard a great comment when I got back to our tailgate spot after the game.

    One of the guys nearby had a call from a friend asking if this game was a women, how would he describe her?

    The response: Her face was ugly, but she’s got big tits!

  57. DawgBiscuit

    I think the roles have been reversed in this series. Muschamp wants so badly to beat UGA that the Florida came out tight and were playing not to lose, like we used to against Spurrier and Meyer. The result was a game in which the Gators could not get out of their own way and kept shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers and boneheaded penalties. We could be witnessing the beginning of a glorious run against UF.

    So happy to see the Richt and the Dawgs finally step up and win a game against a favored opponent. Hopefully now that Murray has the “big game” monkey off his back he can settle down and be even better in the future.

    Also, the Dawgs are 2-0 against Florida since 2011 (if they can cherry pick arbitrary time periods, why can’t we?)!

  58. I’ve always known that I disliked UF fans, but for some reason felt the need to remind myself so I went to a couple of their forums…and saw some of the whiniest, childish, meanspirited, and stupidest comments I’ve ever seen on any fan forum: and I’ve read most of them one time or another. One douchebag actually posted that he hoped the whole state of GA would get destroyed by tornadoes while another one said that any UF player that offered a hand to help up a UGA player after a play should be benched.

    And of course it is physically and mentally impossible for any of them to give credit to UGA for winning, it’s all because they lost the game. One guy said if they didn’t have the turnovers it would have been a 40 point blowout or some such crap. And UGA is a shitty team…of course they don’t have the brains or logic to realize that makes them an even shittier team, and they hope we lose to Ole Miss or Auburn not to bolster their chances of going to Atlanta, but just out of spite. I guess if UGA loses another game than the Dawgs are even shittier so that somehow makes it better that they lost to them.

    I’m aware this type of crap goes on all over the place with internet tough guys, but like I said, I’ve read the forums/boards of most southern teams at one time or another, and never seen such poor losers as Gator “fans”.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m curious. Did you see any of the Gator fans on those forums calling for Muschamp to be fired because he lost one game? Just askin.’

      • No..they mostly seem to be still drinking the Muschamp koolaid, half of them have some version of “Boom Motherf*cker!” as their avatar. They were mostly throwing Driskell and Reed under the bus.

      • Scott

        The general feeling on the gator boards is that UF beat themselves with 6 turnovers, and that one can’t blame Muschamp for that. There is some feeling that UF’s 1970’s offense won’t work long term. Overall, there is not much credit being given to UGA for the win. They are blaming the loss on turnovers.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Funny thing about those turnovers: somebody caused most of ’em.

          • Exactly. Don’t hear much about Jarvis’ f-ing amazing game on those boards. Nor how a team that made its hay running the ball basically got shut down. Or that they basically beat USC last week due to turnovers.

            • Cojones

              I’m estimating that of Jarvis’s sacks since last year began, fully 1/3 of them have been at FU’s expense. That’s my golden “Glory Hole” out of Jarvis’s career. What a fine Dawg he has been; What a fine Alum he will be.

          • Scott

            I am sure they weren’t blaming their big wins on turnovers. Afterall, they were 9th in turnover ratio going into this game.

      • How about when he goes 0-8 against ranked teams or loses to UCF in a bowl game?

    • 69Dawg

      Hell you should live down here with them. Easy to be a Gayturd hater.

      • MurphDawg

        I live in Tampa and yes, we are surrounding by ’em. Funny enough most of them aren’t almuni and you sure didn’t hear as much out of them last year when things weren’t going so well.

  59. The only good thing ill say about the stinking Gators is that Muschamp really seemed to be giving legit props to Jarvis after the game…more than just the handshake and “good game”. Classier than most of their fans.

  60. DAWGS WIN DAWGS WIN, pass the crow my way, congratulations CMR!!!

  61. Athdawg

    17-9 bitches!!!!!!!!!

  62. Puffdawg

    Great win Dawgs! Jarvis should be inducted into WLOCP HOF immediately. Props to Aaron for making some good throws when we needed him.

    Yo Scorp, when can I start worrying about Ole Miss? We ain’t in Atlanta yet…

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You may speak in jest but Ole Miss is actually a pretty good team. Certainly no walk-over.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Trust me, I was worrying about Ole Miss and Awbun before the confetti stopped falling on Duval Street. Lets not go all soft and fuzzy before we finish the fucking drill. Ole Miss is outmanned, but playing hard for 60 minutes every game…Ole Miss is NOT Florida….oops I meant Kentucky.

      Ok, Ok….just a little more Florida….Muschamp….0-6 against the Dawgs as a coach.

      Florida….O and forever whey they are the higher ranked team.

      Now speak to me, by God, of a fucking hex.

      Ole Miss, Ole Miss, Ole Miss….finish the drill, don’t get soft.

  63. Uglydawg

    Up early…church today…
    Watching the sports-talk baloney this morning. Looks like Notre Dame is the finest team in the history of college football….Georgia with it’s easy schedule, lucked out to beat Florida, who was penalized or would have won the game…one idoit said that “This isn’t supposed to happen, Florida owns this series having won twenty out of the last twenty two”?!?!?….Whatever fits your agenda, I suppose..The truth is that ND STILL hasn’t won a game as big as Georgia did yesterday, and won’t have the chance to until they play in the MNC, which they surely will if the talking idiots have their way.
    Alabama is surely the best team in America.
    I hope ND ends up playing Alabama, or even Florida, LSU or Georgia or SC in a bowl game.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Don’t sweat the ND malarkey — uSC West will derail their dreams, but it won’t be enough to keep the Catholics from a BCS slot, somewhat sadly.

  64. Uglydawg

    The agenda on TV this morning is to deminish Georgia and build up Notre Dame. The idea is that ND must climb as high as possible in the polls so they get their shot at (the percieved) SEC champion, Alabama.
    Bet on this……with Alabama as the only unbeaten SEC team, the mantra is about to become how the SEC is “down” this year.
    I watched a lot of football yesterday. There is NO COMPARISON to the smash mouth and speed displayed in SEC…Not even close. Not even close enough to have an honest debate.
    Williams move to smack down the Florida runner on the sweep, eary in the game was classic, wonderful, SEC defense. I loved the game. Florida is fortunate that Georgia didn’t blow them out.
    Murrray was off, the recievers were a little off…it was a “head” thing.
    Florida’s whole offense was very “off”, but it was a DAWG THING!

    • The Lone Stranger

      All true about the gulf between Southern football and the Rest. I really enjoyed watching the cohesiveness of the defense as a whole. And MM’s gazelle work down the right sideline with that 3rd down TD grab was sweet vindication for him, as he missed last year’s contest.

  65. Bryant Denny

    Congrats, Dawgs.

    College football…you have to love it.

    Nothing better than playing like crap and beating a big rival…well, I guess beating the crap out of them is pretty good too.

    Anyways, enjoy.


  66. They call me "Dances with Cammel Toe"

    Carolina – Mayor – cease fire you two. We just beat the Gaytors! STFU and let me enjoy it.

  67. If we make it to Atlanta that will be how many trips there under Richt?. SIX ?.
    Does anyone out there really expect their Coach or their Team to make it to Atlanta 6 of the next 12 years?.
    Richt, Bobo & Co., Did & that is very impressive to me.

  68. If any of you like to re-watch the game it is in the abbreviated SEC Express if you have Direct TV Ch. 613 (CBS SN).

  69. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here’s the big question to me: Was the play by Jarvis that caused the fumble into the end zone there in Jacksonville by Florida…was that a miracle?

    I have watched the replay of that play there two or three times, it does not look like Mr. Jones was going after the ball, particularly, but just trying to make a tackle, and the ball…it just jumped out of Jordan Reed’s arms…

    It could very well be a miracle, it seems to me.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Reed was pumping that arm pretty hard trying to make the end zone. Who knows what Jarvis was thinking in the heat of battle, or just doing on instinct.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Looked to me like both. He was making the tackle and punched out the ball at the same time.

      • Look to me like a lighting bolt came out of the arm of one Herschel Jones and ripped out the heart of the florida nation… as well as the football. I’m having a hard time thinking of players that I have loved watching at UGA than Jarvis! Herschel, Hearst, Champ, The David’s, and Jarvis. I’m sure I’m overlooking a few but all of them are DGDs!!!

    • Russ

      Jarvis said he was specifically trying to strip him of the ball on the play. What Jarvis wants, Jarvis usually gets.

    • JG Shellnutt

      Hey, SJ III, don’t you see? That stuff don’t matter. You’re judging this the wrong way. I mean, it could be that God caused the fumble, or He changed coke to Pepsi, He found my freaking car keys. You don’t judge stuff like this based on merit. Now, whether

      • JG Shellnutt

        Or not what we experienced was an “according to Hoyle” miracle is insignificant. What is significant is that I felt the touch of God. God got involved. I don’t know why, but I can’t go back to sleep

        • I love it! Pulp Fiction. I know the dialog too. God did get involved and, ” I want you to F_____ acknowledge it.”

          On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 1:27 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

          > ** > JG Shellnutt commented: “Or not what we experienced was an “according > to Hoyle” miracle is insignificant. What is significant is that I felt the > touch of God. God got involved. I don’t know why, but I can’t go back to > sleep” >

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I feel you JG, God knows I do.

    • Bevo

      It almost looked to me like Reed’s right knee helped pop the ball out.

  70. Mike

    Good win guys. Congrats.

  71. Biggus Rickus

    Well, I’ve never been happier to be wrong. I didn’t think Georgia would find a way to win this game. I would say that nothing brings people together like a big win, but I read through this comments section.

  72. CarolinaDawg

    Man it still feels new even after a day! If we keep this fire, we got a good shot at doing big things. And I hope AM overcame the hump last night. Getting it done under pressure after having a horrid beginning.

    • Cojones

      True. It was his saving grace shall we say.

    • Dawgfan Will

      And the cool thing is, he DID get it done, finally. I was tearing my hair out, screaming “WHY? WHY IS IT ALWAYS THIS GAME YOU FALL APART IN? And suddenly he consolidated his feces and started hitting guys on the outside. Jarvis iced the game for us, but Murray came through when he had to (which, come to think of it, is kind of how last year’s Cocktail Party ended too, but with Samuel instead of Jarvis).

  73. Slaw Dawg

    Words fail this Dawg (last night’s bourbon doesn’t help). All I can say is HELL YEAH HOOOWEEEEE GOLDAMMAMIGHTY HOW BOUT DEM DAYUM DAWGGGIEEES!!!!!

    Will worry about Ole Miss some other day.

    Lessee, gotta be some hair o the dog around here somewhere…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Slaw, you gotta start worrying about Ole Miss very soon. Ole Miss could be our worst nightmare…you can’t let up, not a minute, not a second.

      The Dawgs didn’t, and we can’t either….Pick yer hats, boys and girls, the home stretch is a long and winding road.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “In the first quarter of Florida’s 17-9 loss to Georgia, Patton took a handoff toward the left sideline that likely was his last of this season. Bulldogs SS
        Shawn Williams tackled Patton by his neck and the hard landing broke his left arm.

        He will be out indefinitely and most likely is done for the season.”

      • sniffer

        Scorpio, i didnt wear a hat and didnt even have one on standby. BUT, I may have an alternative. I combed my hair, like, 60 times during the game. Should I go buy a new comb, or stick with this one? Need to know..

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Dance with the one you brung…would be my advice, although I admit I have very little experience with combs.

          • Scorp…I did something different and will stick to that every Saturday until we go to the SEC Championship.

            • Uglydawg

              During every commercial, I got a drink of water, walked out in the yard and took a leak (we live in the country), and then looked through the snack cabinet, then back to the man-cave to channel my energy to the Dawgs.

      • Cojones

        Scorp. Sober up! Slap! Slap! Would the person closest to Scorp throw a bucket of water in his booze?

        Scorp- Ole Miss Coach, Hugh Freeze, is being considered for SEC COTY for what he has done in such a small time. They are one-win away from bowl eligibility for the first time in 3 yrs: the players are believing in themselves (you know, like our D did yesterday) ; they are playing 4 qtrs and not giving up.

        Scorp, the “get ready for a big practice day” has just gone by and we will all be smilin’ til Wed, but that is the recipe that just downed the #2 team in the country. Get your sorry ass sobered, hatted and kharmiced with bitches-whatever, get your ass in gear.

  74. sniffer

    Great news on M Lattimore. Dislocated knee and will likely come back to play football again. Damn, that’s good news! Feel so bad for that kid.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “A dislocated knee (as opposed to a kneecap) is one of the most challenging sports injuries in terms of recovery”. Loss of arterial flow, possible nerve damage, patella tendon stretched. He isn’t out of the woods yet by a long way. I’m with you and wish this kid the best.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Is that not what happened to Robert Edwards?

        • AthensHomerDawg

          I believe it was. There was some concern that the blood flow was diminished for a period of time post injury. Anytime you jump and come down on one foot before the other foot you run that risk. You are especially vulnerable while on an uneven surface. Robert jumped playing volley ball in the sand. Landing poorly. Lattimore’s second injury happened while he had a defensive man draped across his back (weight) and a second defensive player struck his lower leg from the side. From the one and only time I viewed the video it looked very severe and suggested a spiral fracture of the tibia as well.

          Bennett tearing his ACL while planting and cutting running routes is one thing. Lattimore last year tore his ACL while engaged with a blocker with that blockers weight on his upper body. His was also a twisting injury.

          Edwards was injured a lot. He took a med red shirt at one point. We had a kid on the team from California that dislocated his knee as a freshman. He spent the next 4 or 5 years finishing his degree and trying to get back on the field. I think they gave him a couple snaps before he graduated. His injury also involved some nerve damage. Very scary. The fact that he got back to nearly normal is a tribute both to his courage and UGa. Seriously.

          • BMan

            Just a minor footnote, Edwards was playing a rookie football game in the sand at the Pro Bowl, not a volleyball game. Still, it sucked just the same, as he was doing well in New England.

          • The Lone Stranger

            Albert Hollis was that RB with the knee problem that you reference. He had the looks of a special back too.

  75. BeardDawg

    If I am now asked what time it is in Jax, is it permissable to answer “17 to 9”?

  76. Uglydawg

    Senator, can you put up a pic of Muschamp’s face when he had murder in his eyes for one of his players who had just gotten a penalty for moving before the snap. It is one of the most hilarious scenes ever shown on TV. He looked exactly like Jack Nickelson when he was at his peak demonic in “The Shining”……”Heeeeeeerrrrrr’s Willy!”

  77. Uglydawg

    One of my grandkids wants to be Muschamp on halloween. I told him “no way”… You’ve got to have boundries…limits on how far you let kids go.

  78. Uglydawg

    HELP me with this….I just looked at “Sporting News” link to the polls. They are showing (BCS) Georgia moved up one place from 11 to 10. Florida, now at 7-1 (same as Georgia) stays at number 2 behind Bama…..Notre Dame moved up inside of 5. How in the heck does one team beat the number ten team (ND over OK) and move up while the team that beats number two moves to number 10? Whew…this is getting real smelly. Georgia should absolutley be ranked ahead of Florida…shouldn’t they? Instead Florida is nine spots ahead of Georgia???? Someone straighten me out on all of this. Thanks

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I think you may have been looking at last week – here’s one I think you’re gonna like a little better…🙂

    • Biggus Rickus

      That’s last week’s ranking still. This week’s haven’t been released yet. Georgia is 6th and Florida 8th in both contributing polls, so at best, Florida will be 7th because the computers love them. More likely they’ll be 8th, as they are in the polls.

  79. Uglydawg

    The poll shows Georgia moved up one to tenth with next weeks opponent as Mississippi. It must be screwed up. Probably had Corso and Granny loading the data or something..

    Imagine this…not only does Georgia control it’s own destiny in the SEC East, Georgia now controls it’s own destiny for the National Championship.
    ….I think>>..LSU is ahead of Georgia…If Bama beats LSU,, Georgia moves up real tight. If Oregon or ND or K State lose, things get even better….but after running the rest of the schedule, If UGA could pull the upset over Bama in Atlanta, they would almost certainly be ranked one or two…..After all, Georgia will have then beaten the previously ranked number two team (Gators) and the number one team (Bama)….Long shot? yep, but this team is growing and is going to peak at the end of the season…
    Have a great Monday, everyone! It’ll be fun to go to work tomorrow. The bulk of fans in the west Georgia area are UGA, and AU, followed by GT and Bama. If you don’t bring up “college football”, it probably won’t be mentioned. Wear something red.

    • Russ

      Georgia is 7, right behind LSU. So one of the spots ahead of the Dawgs will clear (probably LSU). ND and Oregon both have to play USC (hate to pull for the Kiffen, but I have to). KState plays OSU. If we win out (including the SECCG, we could possibly make the BCS game.

      However, I’m worried about Ole Miss (very improved), and I just figure Auburn will put their whole season on beating us (they know they won’t touch Bama). So there’s plenty to worry about before the BCS polls.

    • Actually from what I was reading we want Bama to go 12-0 convincingly and then beat them in the SECCG, though supposedly the computers would still be a problem if there’s undefeated teams like Notre Douche around.

  80. Dawgs are in at 6. FU is 7th.

    The rub for me is Cackalackacky at 8. Two losses, including a 33-point ass-whuppin’ by FU. They beat Vandy by 4 and UT by 3. Thass some serious Cock-love by the BCS.

  81. Russ

    BTW – I noticed that Mark May gave the first helmet sticker to a Dawg. He said it was an easy choice to give it to Jarvis Jones, but instead he was giving it to Shawn Williams for calling out the defense and getting them fired up.

  82. Raven

    Destiny cannot be controlled.